Tulsa Airport Arrivals TUL

Tulsa International Airport

PO Box 581838, Tulsa,
OK 74158, United States of America

Tel: +1 (1) 918 8385000
Fax: +1 (1) 918 8385199
Web: tulsaairports.com

Airport Codes
IATA code: TUL

TUL Arrivals today

Guide for Tulsa international airport arrivals

Tulsa International Airport is a civil-military airport located five miles northeast of the County of Tulsa, Oklahoma. When the city was acquired in 1929, it was renamed Tulsa Municipal Airport and received its current name “Tulsa International Airport” in 1963.


It is the smallest international airport among overseas airports in the United States. They cover over 4300 acres of land with three paved runways which are from Concrete (10,000 ft × 200 ft), Asphalt (6,101 ft × 150 ft), Concrete (7,376 ft × 150 ft). They have only a single-level entry section of the airport for Tulsa flight arrivals. Still, they provide separate departure and Tulsa arrivals curbs.

Top destinations:
Terminal at Tusla airport

Tulsa International Airport has 5 different package carousels centered between the two driveways for Tulsa airport arrivals. The inner curb is for people with a departure and the outer curbs for Tulsa flight arrivals. The airport has a diminutive regional terminal with an incipiently updated Concourse.


Concourse A has 11 arrival gates, which houses Allegiant, American Airlines, and Delta; Concourses are A1 through A11, but at present only 7 of those are in use for Tulsa arrivals.

The airport expanded its terminals and Concourse B was opened in 2012 that has 10 gates for TUL arrivals. But only 7 have jet bridges which house Southwest and United Airlines use Concourse B.

Simple to follow Arrival Guidelines:

Booking Flight:

Once you know when you want to go, you can start searching for flights to book your ticket. Passengers arriving at Tulsa International Airport including U.S. citizens are required to have negative COVID-19 test results 1-3 days before travel. Else documentation of recovery from COVID-19 past 3 months before your trip. If you are fully vaccinated you do not get tested before Tulsa airport arrivals in the United States.

Customs and immigration
  • After landing the plane, proceed to the immigration after Tulsa flight arrivals. Present the immigration agent with your passport, J-1 visa, and DS-2019 form.
  • The immigration agent will ask you a variety of questions about the purpose and duration of your stay and your address while in the U.S. Visa holders are required to submit a digital photo and digital finger scans.
  • After completing immigration, follow the signs for requesting baggage. Check the display board about your flight number and associated luggage carousel. Collect luggage and proceed to U.S. Customs.
  • At U.S. Customs and Border Protection to investigate your belongings. This search purports to find any object that is precluded in the U.S.
  • Finally, you must present Form 6059B Customs Declaration to the customs official that you received this form on your flight to the U.S. Be sure to fill it out before landing.
After travel Precaution:

After your travel get tested with a viral test within 3-5 days. Self-monitor for symptoms and isolate yourself after TUL arrivals. Get tested if you have any developed symptoms. If you are fully vaccinated before your travel. You do not need self-quarantine after you arrive in the United States.

Other Amenities:
  • Airport shops offer a variety of eating, coffee shops, travel necessities, and luxury items.
  • Chair massage services are located on both concourse A and B.
  • AT&T Wi-Fi and ATM’s are available free throughout the terminal.
  • Snack and beverage vending machines are spotted in the waiting areas at each concourse for Tulsa international airport arrivals.
  • Pets are allowed in the terminal as they are in a kennel or on a leash.
  • Payphones are located throughout the terminal.
  • Public Transportation: Taxis are located curbside. Bus service is available through Tulsa Transit

Tulsa International Airport has a Line of accommodations including a hair salon, shoe shinning station, and massage chairs. TIA is a facile access airport and carries passengers across the country.