Ted Stevens Anchorage Airport Departures ANC

Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport

Airport Codes:

PO Box 196960 (mailing)
5000 W International Airport Rd (South Terminal)
Anchorage, AK 99519-6960

ANC Departures today

Schedule Time Estimated Time Destination Airline Flight Terminal Status
11:47 PM November-27 01:53 AM Memphis (MEM) FedEx FX9054 estimated
11:50 PM November-27 12:04 AM Cincinnati (CVG) Polar Air Cargo PO752 estimated
11:51 PM November-27 11:51 PM Denver (DEN) United Airlines UA1959 S estimated
12:01 AM November-28 12:11 AM Chicago (ORD) Air China CA1017 estimated
12:15 AM November-28 12:27 AM Hong Kong (HKG) Kalitta Air K4702 estimated
12:20 AM November-28 12:30 AM Chicago (ORD) Air China CA8443 estimated
12:25 AM November-28 12:42 AM Seattle (SEA) Alaska Airlines AS118 S estimated
12:25 AM November-28 12:25 AM Los Angeles (LAX) Cathay Pacific Cargo CX2082 estimated
12:25 AM November-28 Cincinnati (CVG) Polar Air Cargo PO7640 scheduled
12:28 AM November-28 12:42 AM Louisville (SDF) UPS 5X71 estimated
12:30 AM November-28 12:40 AM Atlanta (ATL) China Cargo Airlines CK233 estimated
12:40 AM November-28 12:50 AM New York (JFK) Air China CA1013 estimated
12:45 AM November-28 12:57 AM Chicago (ORD) estimated
12:50 AM November-28 Los Angeles (LAX) China Southern Airlines CZ2537 scheduled
12:50 AM November-28 12:50 AM Memphis (MEM) FedEx FX167 estimated
12:55 AM November-28 12:55 AM Los Angeles (LAX) Alaska Airlines AS192 S estimated
12:59 AM November-28 12:59 AM Seattle (SEA) Delta Air Lines DL925 S estimated
01:05 AM November-28 01:15 AM Atlanta (ATL) China Airlines CI5254 estimated
01:10 AM November-28 01:24 AM Hong Kong (HKG) Kalitta Air K4252 estimated
01:20 AM November-28 01:30 AM Chicago (ORD) EVA Air BR652 estimated
01:25 AM November-28 01:25 AM Seattle (SEA) Alaska Airlines AS162 S estimated
01:25 AM November-28 Atlanta (ATL) Korean Air KE8255 scheduled
01:25 AM November-28 01:37 AM Chicago (ORD) Korean Air KE8225 estimated
01:30 AM November-28 01:40 AM Columbus (LCK) Cathay Pacific CX80 estimated
01:35 AM November-28 01:35 AM Portland (PDX) Alaska Airlines AS198 S estimated
01:35 AM November-28 01:45 AM Dallas (DFW) EVA Air BR698 estimated
01:45 AM November-28 02:08 AM Juneau (JNU) Alaska Central Express KO41 estimated
01:45 AM November-28 01:55 AM Los Angeles (LAX) Western Global Airlines KD6266 estimated
01:55 AM November-28 02:06 AM Miami (MIA) Kalitta Air K4251 estimated
01:57 AM November-28 02:00 AM Indianapolis (IND) FedEx FX6014 estimated
02:00 AM November-28 02:10 AM Chicago (ORD) estimated
02:07 AM November-28 02:07 AM Oakland (OAK) FedEx FX5920 estimated
02:15 AM November-28 02:10 AM Chicago (ORD) China Cargo Airlines CK227 estimated
02:27 AM November-28 02:37 AM New York (JFK) Kalitta Air K4813 estimated
02:50 AM November-28 03:00 AM Osan (OSN) National Airlines N8424 estimated
02:55 AM November-28 02:55 AM Seattle (SEA) Alaska Airlines AS108 S estimated
03:05 AM November-28 03:15 AM Cincinnati (CVG) Polar Air Cargo PO786 estimated
03:30 AM November-28 03:41 AM Seoul (ICN) Korean Air KE8252 estimated
03:36 AM November-28 03:50 AM Hong Kong (HKG) Kalitta Air K4614 estimated
03:45 AM November-28 Bethel (BET) Lynden Air Cargo L2120 scheduled
03:45 AM November-28 03:55 AM Chicago (ORD) Atlas Air 5Y8472 estimated
03:55 AM November-28 03:55 AM Seattle (SEA) Alaska Airlines AS48 S estimated
04:00 AM November-28 05:13 AM Cordova (CDV) Alaska Central Express KO42 estimated
04:00 AM November-28 Nanjing (NKG) Suparna Airlines Y87454 scheduled
04:20 AM November-28 Chicago (ORD) EVA Air BR660 scheduled
04:25 AM November-28 Shanghai (PVG) Air China CA8418 scheduled
04:30 AM November-28 04:51 AM Kodiak (ADQ) Alaska Central Express KO145 estimated
04:30 AM November-28 Shanghai (PVG) Air China CA8414 scheduled
04:30 AM November-28 04:40 AM New York (JFK) Beijing Airlines BJN99 estimated
04:32 AM November-28 04:32 AM Juneau (JNU) Alaska Air Cargo AS7005 estimated
05:00 AM November-28 05:00 AM Seattle (SEA) Alaska Airlines AS94 S estimated
05:15 AM November-28 Homer (HOM) Aerostan KW705 S scheduled
05:20 AM November-28 05:30 AM Shanghai (PVG) Air China CA8412 estimated
05:25 AM November-28 05:35 AM King Salmon (AKN) Alaska Central Express KO31 estimated
05:30 AM November-28 Kotzebue (OTZ) Northern Air Cargo NC722 scheduled
05:43 AM November-28 05:43 AM Deadhorse (SCC) Alaska Airlines AS72 S estimated
05:45 AM November-28 Kenai (ENA) Grant Aviation GV505 S scheduled
06:00 AM November-28 06:00 AM Seattle (SEA) Alaska Airlines AS82 S estimated
06:00 AM November-28 06:00 AM Fairbanks (FAI) Alaska Horizon AS2101 S estimated
06:00 AM November-28 06:00 AM Seattle (SEA) Delta Air Lines DL853 S estimated
06:00 AM November-28 06:00 AM Unalaska (DUT) Ravn Alaska 7H2 S estimated
06:10 AM November-28 06:26 AM Dillingham (DLG) Alaska Central Express KO52 estimated
06:30 AM November-28 Nome (OME) Northern Air Cargo NC720 scheduled
06:45 AM November-28 Kenai (ENA) Grant Aviation GV506 S scheduled
07:00 AM November-28 07:00 AM Seattle (SEA) Alaska Airlines AS188 S estimated
07:00 AM November-28 07:00 AM Barrow (BRW) Alaska Horizon (Horizon Retro Livery) AS2085 S estimated
07:00 AM November-28 07:13 AM Tokyo (NRT) Nippon Cargo Airlines KZ133 estimated
07:00 AM November-28 07:12 AM Homer (HOM) Sterling Airways VC1401 S estimated
07:00 AM November-28 07:00 AM Homer (HOM) Ravn Alaska 7H500 S estimated
07:05 AM November-28 Kenai (ENA) Aerostan KW207 S scheduled
07:30 AM November-28 07:51 AM Unalaska (DUT) Sterling Airways VC1101 S estimated
07:40 AM November-28 07:40 AM Juneau (JNU) Alaska Airlines AS62 S estimated
07:40 AM November-28 07:40 AM Nome (OME) Alaska Horizon AS2002 S estimated
07:50 AM November-28 Kenai (ENA) Grant Aviation GV507 S scheduled
08:00 AM November-28 08:14 AM Sand Point (SDP) Alaska Central Express KO65 estimated
08:00 AM November-28 08:11 AM Nome (OME) Northern Air Cargo NC720 estimated
08:00 AM November-28 07:40 AM Cold Bay (CDB) Ravn Alaska 7H100 S estimated
08:05 AM November-28 Kenai (ENA) Aerostan KW208 S scheduled
08:15 AM November-28 08:28 AM Kotzebue (OTZ) Northern Air Cargo NC722 estimated
08:25 AM November-28 08:37 AM New York (JFK) Cathay Pacific CX84 estimated
08:26 AM November-28 08:26 AM Osaka (KIX) FedEx FX9051 estimated
08:30 AM November-28 08:58 AM Seoul (ICN) UPS 5X64 estimated
08:30 AM November-28 08:43 AM Seattle (BFI) estimated
08:31 AM November-28 08:47 AM Shanghai (PVG) UPS 5X80 estimated
08:35 AM November-28 09:26 AM Louisville (SDF) UPS 5X67 estimated
08:45 AM November-28 Kenai (ENA) Grant Aviation GV508 S scheduled
08:47 AM November-28 09:08 AM Osaka (KIX) UPS 5X104 estimated
08:55 AM November-28 09:05 AM Hong Kong (HKG) Polar Air Cargo PO947 estimated
09:00 AM November-28 09:00 AM Seattle (SEA) Alaska Airlines AS56 S estimated
09:00 AM November-28 09:00 AM Barrow (BRW) Alaska Airlines AS7015 estimated
09:00 AM November-28 09:10 AM Beijing (PEK) Air China CA1020 estimated
09:00 AM November-28 Amsterdam (AMS) Nippon Cargo Airlines KZ4 scheduled
09:15 AM November-28 09:15 AM Juneau (JNU) Alaska Air Cargo AS7001 estimated
09:25 AM November-28 09:25 AM Osaka (KIX) FedEx FX19 estimated
09:30 AM November-28 Homer (HOM) Aerostan KW709 S scheduled
09:30 AM November-28 09:36 AM Las Vegas (LAS) Netjets estimated
09:30 AM November-28 09:45 AM Kotzebue (OTZ) Everts Air Alaska 5V880 estimated
09:35 AM November-28 09:45 AM Sand Point (SDP) Sterling Airways VC1201 S estimated
09:35 AM November-28 09:00 AM Homer (HOM) Ravn Alaska 7H506 S estimated
09:45 AM November-28 Kenai (ENA) Grant Aviation GV509 S scheduled

Discover Ted Stevens international airport departures

Ted Stevens Anchorage Airport is truly the doorway to Alaska, assisting a viable number of international and national airlines. Generally, 5 Million travelers travel through the airport every year, which’s a home of a Lake Hood Base Seaplane – one of the largest seaplane bases around the world! This airport is conveniently positioned just fifteen min from the city of Anchorage. To get to the city center there are Ted Stevens departures served via the taxis, local bus roads, and ride shares, alongside shuttles to the downtown motels, hotels, and several other locations.

Top routes from ANC
Transportation Services Ted Stevens Anchorage Airport

The transportation services for travelers include the following:

  • Shuttle bus services
  • Driving directions: Head east on Old International Airport Rd, toward S Aircraft Dr for 1.2 miles. Take W International Airport Rd and Minnesota Dr/Walter J. Hickel Pkwy to B St for 5.1 miles. Follow the B St to your destination.
  • Parking services (short term parking in front of the terminals North and South and also long term parking)
  • Rental cars (available at the Rental Car Facility which is accessible for a walk but also shuttle bus service is there)
  • Taxi and Rideshare service
Parking map


Ted Stevens Airport Terminals

The Domestic Terminal (south) serves Ted Stevens flight departures  of Alaska Airlines, Air Canada, Allegiant Air, Condor, American Airlines, Sun Country, United Airlines, & Delta Air Lines. All the regional interstate Anchorage departures will use this South Terminal. Simultaneously, the South (domestic) terminal has three concourses: A, B, and Concourse C.

South Terminal map


The International (north) Terminal serves ANC airport departures of Condor, Korean Air, Japan Airlines, Yakutia Airlines with international seasonal flights and charters.

Flight routes Ted Stevens Anchorage Airport

Anchorage is one of Alaska’s major transportation hubs and provides the most comprehensive range of Ted Stevens airport departures within Alaska and beyond. And because of this very reason, the majority of Alaska’s vacation packages begin in Anchorage. It’s also the main airport assisting Alaska’s cruise travelers ending or beginning the trips in Whittier and Seward.

The major airlines flying to Anchorage’s airport are Delta, Alaska Airlines, United, Sun Country (seasonal only) and American Airlines. Some of the international airlines include EVA Air, Air China, Air Canada, and Cathay Pacific. Some of the direct flights that are available:

A few of these nonstop Anchorage airport departures can be operated just during the summers. However, there is no direct flight for anyone to Alaska right from the east coast.

Consider the below-mentioned pointers before departing from Ted Stevens Anchorage Airport.

  • Like most busy days at any airport, here as well, weekends are usually crowded.
  • One must arrive in time at the airport, which’s about a couple of hours are the scheduled Anchorage flight departures if you are to travel by domestic flight and in case of international Ted Stevens airport departures it’s 3 hrs.
  • Take a look at the terminals and gate no. in advance that will help you at the time of check-in.
  • One can use the Navigate Anchorage intl airport map to find the way to the airport.
Recent Stats

Since the initial quarter of 2020, this airport dived from the 38th busiest airport in the U.S. to the 8th busiest, based on the aircraft operations. However, passenger numbers dropped 70%. In 2021 the Ted Stevens departures start to climb again.


Head east on Old International Airport Rd, toward S Aircraft Dr for 1.2 miles. Take W International Airport Rd and Minnesota Dr/Walter J. Hickel Pkwy to B St for 5.1 miles. Follow the B St to your destination.

  • Lakeshore Inn and Suites
  • Courtyard by Marriott Anchorage Airport
  • Alex Hotel & Suites Anchorage Airport