Ted Stevens Anchorage Airport Arrivals ANC

Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport

Address: 5000 W International Airport Rd, Anchorage, AK 99502, United States
Airport code: ANC
Elevation: 150 ft
Phone: +1 907-266-2526
Hub for: Passenger: Alaska Airlines; Cargo: Atlas Air; FedEx Express; UPS Airlines

ANC Arrivals today

Schedule Time Estimated Time Origin Airline Flight Terminal Status
05:26 AM April-17 Kenai (ENA) Kenai Aviation KNW105 scheduled
05:27 AM April-17 05:31 AM Hong Kong (HKG) Atlas Air 5Y8052 estimated
05:31 AM April-17 Seoul (ICN) Skybus IOS8938 canceled
05:35 AM April-17 Kenai (ENA) Grant Aviation GV605 S scheduled
05:48 AM April-17 Barrow (BRW) scheduled
05:59 AM April-17 Louisville (SDF) UPS 5X64 scheduled
06:00 AM April-17 06:32 AM Ontario (ONT) UPS 5X80 delayed
06:06 AM April-17 06:09 AM Memphis (MEM) FedEx FX169 estimated
06:08 AM April-17 06:11 AM Louisville (SDF) UPS 5X62 estimated
06:11 AM April-17 06:30 AM Oakland (OAK) FedEx FX37 delayed
06:15 AM April-17 Kenai (ENA) Grant Aviation GV6051 S scheduled
06:21 AM April-17 Kenai (ENA) Grant Aviation GV6030 scheduled
06:27 AM April-17 07:08 AM Honolulu (HNL) Alaska Airlines AS828 S delayed
06:30 AM April-17 Taipei (TPE) China Airlines CI5322 scheduled
06:30 AM April-17 07:02 AM Hong Kong (HKG) Air Canada AC2329 delayed
06:33 AM April-17 Kenai (ENA) Kenai Aviation KNW106 scheduled
06:40 AM April-17 Fairbanks (FAI) Alaska Airlines AS90 S scheduled
06:43 AM April-17 07:21 AM Louisville (SDF) UPS 5X104 delayed
06:47 AM April-17 06:38 AM Hong Kong (HKG) Kalitta Air K4643 estimated
06:49 AM April-17 07:00 AM Indianapolis (IND) FedEx FX29 estimated
06:51 AM April-17 Kenai (ENA) Grant Aviation GV6040 scheduled
06:58 AM April-17 07:55 AM Guangzhou (CAN) China Southern Cargo CSG2539 delayed
07:00 AM April-17 07:36 AM Tokyo (NRT) Nippon Cargo Airlines KZ4 delayed
07:05 AM April-17 Kodiak (ADQ) Alaska Central Express KO145 scheduled
07:05 AM April-17 06:45 AM Seoul (ICN) Atlas Air 5Y8938 estimated
07:10 AM April-17 07:30 AM Memphis (MEM) FedEx FX194 delayed
07:15 AM April-17 Kenai (ENA) Grant Aviation GV606 S scheduled
07:16 AM April-17 Cincinnati (CVG) Skybus IOS947 canceled
07:27 AM April-17 Kenai (ENA) Kenai Aviation KNW107 scheduled
07:30 AM April-17 Hong Kong (HKG) Cathay Pacific Cargo CX3294 scheduled
07:30 AM April-17 Osaka (KIX) China Airlines CI5148 scheduled
07:30 AM April-17 Taipei (TPE) China Airlines CI5384 scheduled
07:36 AM April-17 07:10 AM Hong Kong (HKG) UPS 5X67 estimated
07:39 AM April-17 07:34 AM Cincinnati (CVG) DHL PO947 estimated
07:45 AM April-17 Bethel (BET) Lynden Air Cargo L2121 scheduled
07:46 AM April-17 07:23 AM Hong Kong (HKG) Western Global Airlines KD413 estimated
07:57 AM April-17 Miami (MIA) Skybus IOS9963 canceled
07:59 AM April-17 Hong Kong (HKG) Atlas Air 5Y8692 canceled
08:00 AM April-17 Cordova (CDV) Alaska Central Express KO42 scheduled
08:01 AM April-17 New York (JFK) Skybus IOS8545 canceled
08:07 AM April-17 Barrow (BRW) scheduled
08:15 AM April-17 Hong Kong (HKG) Cathay Pacific CX94 scheduled
08:16 AM April-17 09:50 AM Chengdu (CTU) Atlas Air 5Y8196 delayed
08:17 AM April-17 Kodiak (ADQ) Alaska Airlines AS196 S scheduled
08:25 AM April-17 King Salmon (AKN) Alaska Central Express KO31 scheduled
08:30 AM April-17 Bethel (BET) Everts Air Alaska 5V871 scheduled
08:38 AM April-17 Seattle (SEA) Alaska Airlines AS173 S scheduled
08:48 AM April-17 Fairbanks (FAI) Alaska Horizon AS2378 S scheduled
08:53 AM April-17 09:08 AM Guangzhou (CAN) China Southern Cargo CSG2543 estimated
08:55 AM April-17 08:34 AM Hong Kong (HKG) Cathay Pacific Cargo CX90 estimated
09:12 AM April-17 Juneau (JNU) Alaska Airlines AS73 S scheduled
09:15 AM April-17 Kenai (ENA) Grant Aviation GV608 S scheduled
09:30 AM April-17 Dillingham (DLG) Alaska Central Express KO52 scheduled
09:38 AM April-17 Seattle (SEA) Alaska Airlines AS85 S scheduled
09:40 AM April-17 Atlanta (ATL) Cathay Pacific CX2091 scheduled
09:41 AM April-17 Portland (PDX) Alaska Horizon AS2042 S scheduled
09:45 AM April-17 Fairbanks (FAI) Alaska Horizon (Honoring Those Who Serve Livery) AS2324 S scheduled
09:51 AM April-17 10:54 AM Chicago (ORD) UPS 5X1934 delayed
10:01 AM April-17 Deadhorse (SCC) Alaska Airlines AS55 S scheduled
10:04 AM April-17 Hong Kong (HKG) National Airlines N8504 scheduled
10:10 AM April-17 Valdez (VDZ) New Pacific Airlines 7H2307 S scheduled
10:10 AM April-17 Petersburg (PSG) Alaska Central Express KO43 scheduled
10:10 AM April-17 Valdez (VDZ) New Pacific Airlines 7H2303 S canceled
10:15 AM April-17 Kenai (ENA) Grant Aviation GV609 S scheduled
10:35 AM April-17 Hong Kong (HKG) Singapore Airlines SQ7972 scheduled
10:38 AM April-17 Seattle (SEA) Alaska Airlines AS59 S scheduled
10:41 AM April-17 Shanghai (PVG) China Southern Airlines CZ437 scheduled
10:45 AM April-17 Hong Kong (HKG) Polar Air Cargo PO948 scheduled
10:45 AM April-17 Tokyo (NRT) Nippon Cargo Airlines KZ7160 scheduled
10:50 AM April-17 Kodiak (ADQ) DesertAir Alaska DAZ15 scheduled
11:10 AM April-17 Tokyo (NRT) Nippon Cargo Airlines KZ168 scheduled
11:15 AM April-17 Kenai (ENA) Grant Aviation GV610 S scheduled
11:21 AM April-17 Deadhorse (SCC) Alaska Airlines AS9660 S scheduled
11:35 AM April-17 Taipei (TPE) China Airlines CI5256 scheduled
11:38 AM April-17 Tokyo (NRT) Atlas Air 5Y7134 scheduled
11:40 AM April-17 Nome (OME) Alaska Horizon AS2002 S scheduled
11:43 AM April-17 Tokyo (NRT) UPS 5X109 scheduled
11:43 AM April-17 Halifax (YHZ) Skybus IOS551 canceled
11:45 AM April-17 Nome (OME) Northern Air Cargo NC721 scheduled
11:45 AM April-17 Nome (OME) Northern Air Cargo NC720 scheduled
11:50 AM April-17 Homer (HOM) New Pacific Airlines 7H507 S canceled
12:00 PM April-17 07:38 AM Komatsu (KMQ) Cargolux (Not without my mask Livery) CV5483 estimated
12:00 PM April-17 Kotzebue (OTZ) Northern Air Cargo NC723 scheduled
12:00 PM April-17 Kotzebue (OTZ) Northern Air Cargo NC722 scheduled
12:00 PM April-17 Iliamna (ILI) Atran V8704 S scheduled
12:03 PM April-17 Fairbanks (FAI) Alaska Airlines AS279 S scheduled
12:05 PM April-17 Seoul (ICN) Polar Air Cargo PO238 scheduled
12:15 PM April-17 Kenai (ENA) Grant Aviation GV611 S scheduled
12:20 PM April-17 Shanghai (PVG) Polar Air Cargo PO998 scheduled
12:23 PM April-17 12:03 PM Taipei (TPE) China Airlines Cargo CI5266 estimated
12:33 PM April-17 Hong Kong (HKG) Carson Air CRN4956 scheduled
12:35 PM April-17 Shanghai (PVG) Skybus IOS998 scheduled
12:36 PM April-17 Seattle (SEA) Delta Air Lines DL829 S scheduled
12:37 PM April-17 12:20 PM Seoul (ICN) UPS 5X99 estimated
12:43 PM April-17 12:16 PM Hong Kong (HKG) UPS 5X63 estimated
12:45 PM April-17 Juneau (JNU) Alaska Central Express KO47 scheduled
12:45 PM April-17 Hong Kong (HKG) Cargolux CV5163 scheduled
12:48 PM April-17 Osaka (KIX) UPS 5X105 scheduled
12:52 PM April-17 Kotzebue (OTZ) Alaska Airlines AS137 S scheduled
12:54 PM April-17 12:33 PM Taipei (TPE) UPS 5X61 estimated

Find out Ted Stevens international airport arrivals

Have you all been traveling in and around the largest city of Alaska- Anchorage? If so, then you might have been wondering what means of transport you choose to arrive there quickly and smoothly so that you get that extra day to cover the whole city. Before having Ted Stevens arrivals, it would be good to read and learn about the Ted Stevens Anchorage Airport where you will be arriving.

First, it’s one of the major airports in the United States state of Alaska and the Anchorage flight arrivals are located 5 miles southwest of Anchorage center. After Ted Stevens, a United States senator from Alaska itself, this airport was renamed in service from 1968 – 2009.

Ground transportation Ted Stevens Anchorage Airport

Directions to downtown: within 15 minutes you can be in Anchorage Downtown by car. It is a 6-7 mile drive to the center. Head east on Old International Airport Rd, toward S Aircraft Dr for 1.2 miles. Take the W International Airport Rd and A St to the B St for 5.1 miles and continue on the B St to your destination.

When having Ted Stevens airport arrivals, it would be nice and comfortable for you if you’re aware of things beforehand on where you can opt for the transportation services to get to your destination once you arrive at the airport. Thus, the transportation facilities include the following:

  • Shuttle Bus Airport: the free shuttle bus takes travelers between the Domestic (South) Terminal, Rental Facility & Parking Lot every with every 10-15 min ANC airport arrivals. The Shuttle facility from the International (North) Terminal is also available on that on-demand basis.
  • Off-Airport Conveyance: the Mover Bus of Municipality of Anchorage People stops every 25 – 30 min Anchorage airport arrivals at several Airport areas, and alternates between center and Dimond Center addresses from around 6:00 am till 11:00 pm.
  • Motel/Hotel Courtesy Car/Van Service: free pickup service at the airport is given for guests via many local motels and hotels. Arrange the needed services through telephone info board in the luggage claim areas or via email beforehand to get free Anchorage arrivals at your hotel.
  • Car rentals: there is a Rental Car Center diagonally across from the South Terminal. There is a free shuttle service that will take you to this location. It is also just walk.
  • Taxi Cabs/Rideshare: For the Rideshare Services such as Lyft and Uber, you must be ready on Level 2, for Ticketing, upon arrival. Taxis are available on Level 1 when you exit the baggage claim area from door 3. At North Terminal, taxis are available from door 2.


You can park right in front of both terminals, North and South. This is called short term parking. At these locations you are the fastest in the terminal to check in. If you want to park for more than a few hours or days, we recommend the long term parking area. From South Terminal, this is behind Short Term Parking Garage and Rental Car Center.

Parking map


Terminals and runways Anchorage Airport

The terminal structure at the Airport has a couple of terminals: North and South. And, it has three runways:

  • 7L/25R which is 10,600 x 150 feet with the asphalt covering;
  • 7R/25L which is 12,400 x 200 ft with a concrete/asphalt surface;
  • 15b/33 is about 10,865 x 200 ft with a concrete/asphalt surface.

All these runways have Ted Stevens flight arrivals evenly in use. This airport even has an asphalt helipad about 100 x 100 feet.

Map Terminal North


Smoking: smoking in the building is not allowed. You can only smoke in the designated locations outside the North and South Terminal.

Eat & Shop: there are places in both terminals where you can shop, eat and drink. Some options: Cabin Chill, Cream, Alaska Mercantile, Doghaus, Hudson News, Euro Cafe, McDonalds, Starbucks, etc.

Ted Stevens Anchorage Airport flight routes

Around 37 destinations are accessible roughly from this airport via direct or non-stop flights, including 15 US-states destinations alongside Ted Stevens airport arrivals from Mexico, Canada, and Asia.

The foreign carriers run seasonal charters and seasonal flights to Canada, Europe, and Asia. Due to Russia’s proximity, the city Anchorage is the only one in the U.S. outside of Los Angeles, New York JFK, and Miami to have direct flights with Anchorage airport arrivals to Russia. Also, it’s the only airport to possess flights to a city other than Moscow.

Alaska Airlines have by far most flights departing from this airport with a share of 75%. Others are:

  • Delta
  • American Airlines
  • United Airlines
  • Grant Aviation
  • Ravn Alaska
  • Sun Country

The busiest route is to Seattle/Tacoma with half a million passengers in 2020. Other frequent Anchorage Ted Stevens arrivals are from


If you are looking for a hotel near the airport you will have to stay a few miles away. Then there are several options available near Lake Spenard such as the following:

  • Coast Inn at Lake Hood
  • The Lakefront Anchorage
  • Holiday Inn Express Anchorage, an IHG Hotel
  • Comfort Suites Anchorage International Airport