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Spokane airport departure times

Address: 9000 W Airport Dr, Spokane, WA 99224, United States
Departments: Spokane International Airport Fire Department
Code: GEG
Height: 727 m
Phone: +1 509-455-6455
Node for: Empire Airlines

The Spokane Airport departures in detail

Most of the people want to know about the Spokane departures and arrival, so that they can make their trip perfectly. It is the right time to explore the important aspects of the Spokane flight departures. For example, Delta Air Lines flight 3515 is scheduled to go to Seattle, WA at 5.30AM at A12 Gate.


Spokane International Airport is a popular commercial airport in Washington. This primary airport successfully serves the Inland Northwest which includes thirty counties especially areas like the Tri-Cities, Spokane, Coeur d’ Alene in North Idaho, and Eastern Washington. GEG is the code of this airport and derived from the namesake of its airfield Major Geiger. This airport gets the 70th rank in a list of the business airports in the United States based on the passenger Spokane airport flight departures. This airport is served by a dozen airlines with non-stop service to 15-25 other airports.



Spokane International Airport is located at Spokane, Washington, United States. The mailing address of this airport is as follows.

  • Spokane International Airport
  • 9000 W. Airport Dr., Suite 204
  • Spokane, WA 99224
Transportation get/from

Spokane International Airport includes different categories of ground transportation facilities to let all passengers to travel to and from their location. For example, passengers can use the rental car agencies, hotel shuttles, regional, Spokane transit authority, taxi companies to get the appropriate transport services.

There are Spokane airport departures times 24/7 by taxis.  There are 8 rental car agencies to serve passengers on the road. The are often Spokane departures by hotel shuttles which are helpful to everyone to travel to and from their hotel. The regional transportation facilities available at the airport are bus, shuttle, and limousine services. Spokane Transit Authority provides the best bus services from Spokane International to the transportation plaza located in the downtown Spokane. Passengers can use the taxi companies’ travel facilities located in the Curbside Taxi Service terminal.


There are two runways in the Spokane International Airport for GEG departures.

  • Runway 3/21
  • Runway 8/26

Spokane International Airport includes a single traveler’s terminal which split in 3 concourses as follows.

  • Concourse A (Southwest and Frontier)
  • Concourse B (Delta and United)
  • Concourse C (Alaska and American)

These 3 structures are adjacent and connected. However, concourse C and concourses A-B have separate security checkpoints. Not mentioned airlines are at one of these three concourses.

Airlines that use that airport often

Two cargo carriers servicing Spokane Airport are FedEX and United Parcel Service. The seven passenger airlines are haven Spokane flight departures:

  • Alaska Air – Concourse C
  • Alaska Airlines – Concourse A
  • American Airlines – Concourse C
  • Delta Air Lines – Concourse B
  • Southwest Airlines– Concourse A
  • United Airlines– Concourse B
  • Frontier Airlines– Concourse A
Destinations from that airport

Some of the main destinations with Spokane airport departures are as follows.

Although there are Spokane international airport departures, there aren’t many. Most international departures will route via Seattle.

Passenger statistics

The total numbers of passengers served by the Spokane International Airport 12 months ending December 2019 are 4,112,784. There is a 50% decrease in passengers in 2020 because of the pandemic. There were just under 2 million passengers in 2020.