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Seattle–Tacoma International Airport

Street Address: 17801 International Blvd, Seattle, WA 98158, United States
Phone: (206) 787-5388 | 1 (800) 544-1965
IATA airport code: SEA
ICAO Airport code: KSEA
Alias: Sea-Tac Airport

SEA Arrivals Today

About Seattle international airport arrivals

Seattle-Tacoma International Airport (IATA abbreviation: SEA) is one of the busiest airports in America. The passenger number is over 51 million passengers a year. The Seattle arrivals kept rising over the years until the pandemic.  The airport is also known as Sea-Tac Airport, and is actually located in Tacoma, a neighboring town directly south of Seattle. It is home to Alaska Airlines and its subsidiaries, Horizon Air which you find in Concourse C of the terminal. The airport is located on a piece of land of almost 4 square miles. This is certainly not one of the largest airports in the US, but it is well appointed. There is 1 large terminal which is then subdivided with Concourse A to D and there is a North and South Satellite building to process flights. Three runways are available.

Busiest flight routes

The Port of Seattle is a government agency that had the airport built in 1944. The reason for this was that Boeing Field, an airport south of Seattle, was used by the military during the WW2. The first scheduled flights finally took place in the year 1947. These Seattle arrivals came from the carriers Northwest and Trans-Canada. In the years that followed, more and more airlines came from Boeing Field to Seattle Tacoma Airport. They started with 4 runways that were extended over time, improved and adapted to eventually 3 runways. Seattle Tacoma arrivals continued to increase with more airlines such as Western and Pan Am as well as Alaska and Pacific Norther. About 10 years after the first scheduled flights, there were already more than 200 arrivals in the week.

The first direct flight from Europe came with Scandinavian Airlines and Pan Am. Concourses were built at the current terminal to allow more aircraft to connect to the terminal. In the meantime, there were already dozens of gates with connections to the aircraft with a footbridge. This mainly happened in the 1960’s. The main terminal itself was also expanded, increasing the surface area by four times. Since the maximum space had been reached, 2 new satellite terminals were built in the early 1970’s. These could be reached from the main terminal with an underground train.

The final third runway as it is today was not opened until 2008. It has the facilities to even have arrivals with low visibility. As Delta Air Lines expanded in 2014 to use Seattle as a transpacific hub, flights increased rapidly.

Ground transportation Seattle Airport

The distance from Seattle-Tacoma Airport to Downtown Seattle is about 14 miles. It takes 30 to 40 minutes by car. Downtown Seattle is located between Pike Place Market and Pioneer Square. The Seattle Center and Space Needle events complex are located north of the city center. The travel time from Seattle-Tacoma Airport to downtown Tacoma (Convention Center) is 35 to 45 minutes with a distance of 25 miles.


  • Travel by Link Light Rail: it departs from SeaTac/Airport Link Station in the direction of University of Washington Station. The airport station can be reached by following the signs to Link Light Rail in the Seattle airport arrivals hall. Then you walk to the station via Skybridge 6. If you want to go to Downtown Seattle, it is best to get off at University Street Station. If your final destination is not Seattle, but Everett, Tacoma or Bellevue, you can travel to International District / Chinatown Station. From there you can transfer to the Commuter Rail train to Everett and Tacoma or by bus to Bellevue.
  • Travel by bus to Tacoma: Tacoma does not have a direct Light Rail connection to the airport. There is a direct bus service between the airport and Tacoma Dome Station which is south of the city center. You can use bus number 574 in the direction of Lakewood. The bus departs from SeaTac Airport Bus Station Bay 2, close to Concourse A. The bus leaves once or twice an hour between 4:30 AM and 11:30 PM. Bellevue can be reached by bus line 560 from the airport.
  • Travel by taxi: A taxi from Seattle-Tacoma Airport to downtown Seattle will cost you $45-50. A taxi to Tacoma will cost approximately $75. The Sea-Tac Airport taxi rank is located directly in front of the Main Terminal.
Sea-Tac arrivals terminal

Seattle-Tacoma International Airport has one main building with attached four piers, called concourses. There are also two remote terminals which are connected to an underground transport system, these are the South-North-Terminal and the Terminal to have also Seattle Tacoma airport arrivals.


Main Terminal:

  • Level 10: Pedestrian Walkway
  • Level 7: International Corridor
  • Level 6: Mezzanine
  • Level 5: Concourses / Check-in
  • Level 4: Skybridge / Light Rail Station / Parking
  • Level 3: Baggage Claim / Ground Transportation
  • Level 2: SEA Underground Platform to North or South Terminal


North Satellite terminal:

  • Level 6: Mezzannine
  • Level 5: Concourse
  • Level 2: SEA Underground Platform

South Satellite terminal:

  • Level 5: Concourse
  • Level 4: International Arrivals
  • Level 3: Immigration
  • Level 2: SEA Underground Platform

There are 3 runways from 8,500 to 11,900 feet for all the Seattle Tacoma arrivals that yearly process around 450 thousand aircraft.

Routes at Seattle Tacoma airport

The airport is a major forward hub to Seoul-Incheon, Taipei and Tokyo Narita and Haneda Airport.

There are also many Seattle Tacoma international airport arrivals from Canada such as Vancouver and Victoria. More destinations like Kelowna, Calgary, and Toronto are offered by different airlines.

Especially now due to the pandemic most flights are domestic. Many SEA airport arrivals come from the following US cities:

This of course includes the well-known American airlines American, Delta, United, Alaska, Southwest, Frontier and Spirit.

Other frequently seen airlines during normal circumstances with Sea-Tac airport arrivals are the followng:

  • Aeromexico
  • Air Canada
  • Air France
  • All Nippon Airways
  • British Airways
  • Emirates
  • EVA Air
  • JetBlue
  • Japan Airlines
  • Korean Air
  • Lufthansa


International flight routes: