San Francisco Airport Arrivals SFO

San Francisco International Airport

PO Box 8097, San Francisco,
CA 94128, United States of America

Tel: +1 (0) 650 82- 8211

Airport Codes
IATA code: SFO

SFO Arrivals today

Schedule Time Estimated Time Origin Airline Flight Terminal Status
03:43 PM November-28 Seattle (SEA) Delta Air Lines DL2250 2 scheduled
03:43 PM November-28 03:23 PM Eugene (EUG) United Airlines UA211 3 landed
03:43 PM November-28 Eugene (EUG) United Airlines UA490 3 scheduled
03:43 PM November-28 Fresno (FAT) United Airlines UA5974 3 scheduled
03:44 PM November-28 03:16 PM San Diego (SAN) Alaska SkyWest AS3382 2 landed
03:45 PM November-28 03:39 PM Seattle (SEA) United Airlines UA1896 3 landed
03:45 PM November-28 03:35 PM San Diego (SAN) Southwest Airlines WN1446 1 landed
03:46 PM November-28 04:17 PM Pasco (PSC) United Express UA5594 3 delayed
03:48 PM November-28 03:25 PM Santa Ana (SNA) Alaska SkyWest AS3324 2 landed
03:49 PM November-28 03:26 PM Phoenix (PHX) United Airlines UA1741 3 landed
03:50 PM November-28 03:35 PM Cancun (CUN) United Airlines UA1159 I landed
03:53 PM November-28 04:27 PM Seattle (SEA) Alaska Airlines AS1304 2 delayed
04:00 PM November-28 04:46 PM San Jose del Cabo (SJD) Netjets delayed
04:05 PM November-28 04:04 PM Frankfurt (FRA) United Airlines UA59 I estimated
04:13 PM November-28 03:31 PM Minneapolis (MSP) Sun Country Airlines SY395 I landed
04:15 PM November-28 05:21 PM London (LHR) Virgin Atlantic VS19 I delayed
04:15 PM November-28 04:17 PM Kelowna (YLW) AirSprint ASP820 estimated
04:15 PM November-28 04:32 PM Phoenix (PHX) Southwest Airlines WN1960 1 delayed
04:18 PM November-28 04:00 PM Salt Lake City (SLC) Delta Air Lines DL2443 2 estimated
04:21 PM November-28 03:44 PM Chicago (ORD) American Airlines AA1253 1 estimated
04:22 PM November-28 03:53 PM Charlotte (CLT) American Airlines AA2411 1 estimated
04:31 PM November-28 04:06 PM New York (JFK) Alaska Airlines AS15 2 estimated
04:35 PM November-28 San Diego (SAN) Southwest Airlines WN186 1 scheduled
04:36 PM November-28 04:32 PM Memphis (MEM) DHL K4566 estimated
04:40 PM November-28 04:21 PM Las Vegas (LAS) Frontier (Lewis the Greater Sage-Grouse Livery) F93019 I estimated
04:40 PM November-28 04:21 PM Istanbul (IST) Turkish Airlines TK79 I estimated
04:45 PM November-28 04:15 PM Sydney (SYD) Qantas QF73 I estimated
04:47 PM November-28 Los Angeles (LAX) NetJets EJA638 scheduled
04:50 PM November-28 04:10 PM Mexico City (MEX) United Airlines UA718 I estimated
04:50 PM November-28 Burbank (BUR) Southwest Airlines WN1801 1 scheduled
04:53 PM November-28 04:53 PM Teterboro (TEB) Flexjet LXJ572 estimated
04:54 PM November-28 Chicago (ORD) United Airlines UA1292 3 scheduled
04:55 PM November-28 Los Angeles (LAX) American Eagle AA3193 1 scheduled
04:55 PM November-28 05:29 PM London (LHR) United Airlines UA949 I delayed
04:55 PM November-28 04:36 PM Puerto Vallarta (PVR) United Airlines UA1243 I estimated
04:58 PM November-28 04:33 PM Chicago (ORD) United Airlines UA1367 3 estimated
05:00 PM November-28 04:29 PM Mumbai (BOM) Air India AI179 I estimated
05:00 PM November-28 San Jose del Cabo (SJD) United Airlines UA1931 I scheduled
05:02 PM November-28 Fresno (FAT) REACH Air Medical Services REH50 scheduled
05:05 PM November-28 04:02 PM Delhi (DEL) Air India AI183 I estimated
05:05 PM November-28 05:27 PM Denver (DEN) Southwest Airlines WN985 1 delayed
05:05 PM November-28 04:55 PM Memphis (MEM) FedEx FX700 estimated
05:12 PM November-28 04:57 PM Houston (IAH) United Airlines UA2385 3 estimated
05:13 PM November-28 05:36 PM Chicago (ORD) Alaska Airlines AS331 2 delayed
05:13 PM November-28 04:42 PM Atlanta (ATL) Delta Air Lines DL662 2 estimated
05:16 PM November-28 04:44 PM Honolulu (HNL) United Airlines UA214 3 estimated
05:16 PM November-28 05:01 PM Vancouver (YVR) United Airlines UA1230 3 estimated
05:17 PM November-28 05:01 PM New York (EWR) United Airlines (Star Alliance Livery) UA448 3 estimated
05:17 PM November-28 04:42 PM Boston (BOS) United Airlines UA1187 3 estimated
05:18 PM November-28 05:04 PM Seattle (SEA) United Airlines UA2168 3 estimated
05:19 PM November-28 04:51 PM Austin (AUS) United Airlines UA298 3 estimated
05:20 PM November-28 05:13 PM Albuquerque (ABQ) United Airlines UA1936 3 estimated
05:21 PM November-28 Reno (RNO) United Express UA4779 3 scheduled
05:21 PM November-28 Santa Ana (SNA) United Express UA5712 3 scheduled
05:22 PM November-28 () American Airlines AA2997 1 scheduled
05:27 PM November-28 San Diego (SAN) United Airlines UA2117 3 scheduled
05:31 PM November-28 Los Angeles (LAX) Delta Air Lines DL789 2 scheduled
05:33 PM November-28 Portland (PDX) Alaska SkyWest AS3383 2 scheduled
05:34 PM November-28 Arcata (ACV) United Express UA4654 3 scheduled
05:34 PM November-28 Palm Springs (PSP) United Express UA5617 3 scheduled
05:35 PM November-28 Burbank (BUR) United Express UA5804 3 scheduled
05:40 PM November-28 Los Angeles (LAX) United Airlines UA2611 3 scheduled
05:46 PM November-28 05:23 PM Denver (DEN) United Airlines UA683 3 estimated
05:46 PM November-28 Portland (PDX) United Airlines UA1632 3 scheduled
05:49 PM November-28 05:25 PM Columbus (CMH) United Airlines UA672 3 estimated
05:49 PM November-28 Las Vegas (LAS) United Airlines UA2047 3 scheduled
05:50 PM November-28 05:18 PM Salt Lake City (SLC) United Express UA5286 3 estimated
05:50 PM November-28 Ontario (ONT) United Express UA5407 3 scheduled
06:00 PM November-28 Los Angeles (LAX) Alaska SkyWest AS3478 2 scheduled
06:02 PM November-28 Santa Ana (SNA) Alaska SkyWest AS3396 2 scheduled
06:05 PM November-28 05:40 PM Bozeman (BZN) United Express UA5338 3 estimated
06:09 PM November-28 05:53 PM New York (JFK) JetBlue Airways B61515 1 estimated
06:10 PM November-28 San Diego (SAN) Alaska SkyWest AS3357 2 scheduled
06:15 PM November-28 Las Vegas (LAS) Southwest Airlines WN3010 1 scheduled
06:15 PM November-28 Santa Barbara (SBA) Netjets EJA703 scheduled
06:17 PM November-28 Phoenix (PHX) Frontier (Sammy the Squirrel Livery) F92637 I scheduled
06:18 PM November-28 Monterey (MRY) Netjets EJA429 scheduled
06:19 PM November-28 Seattle (SEA) Alaska Airlines AS1140 2 scheduled
06:20 PM November-28 05:12 PM Shanghai (PVG) United Airlines UA890 I estimated
06:20 PM November-28 Spokane (GEG) United Express UA5356 3 scheduled
06:25 PM November-28 06:10 PM San Jose del Cabo (SJD) United Airlines UA1174 I estimated
06:30 PM November-28 06:08 PM London (LHR) British Airways BA287 I estimated
06:30 PM November-28 San Diego (SAN) Southwest Airlines WN1527 1 scheduled
06:32 PM November-28 05:59 PM Minneapolis (MSP) Delta Air Lines DL1007 2 estimated
06:35 PM November-28 05:55 PM Singapore (SIN) Singapore Airlines SQ34 I estimated
06:37 PM November-28 Santa Ana (SNA) Xo XOJ751 scheduled
06:40 PM November-28 06:12 PM Taipei (TPE) EVA Air BR28 I estimated
06:44 PM November-28 06:35 PM Chicago (ORD) United Airlines UA1755 3 estimated
06:45 PM November-28 07:14 PM Munich (MUC) Lufthansa LH458 I delayed
06:50 PM November-28 06:35 PM Taipei (TPE) China Airlines CI4 I estimated
06:50 PM November-28 07:18 PM Honolulu (HNL) Hawaiian Airlines HA1012 delayed
06:52 PM November-28 Sacramento (SMF) United Express UA5689 3 scheduled
06:53 PM November-28 06:35 PM Detroit (DTW) Delta Air Lines DL963 2 estimated
06:55 PM November-28 06:44 PM Dallas (DFW) American Airlines AA2810 1 estimated
06:55 PM November-28 06:03 PM Hong Kong (HKG) United Airlines UA878 I estimated
06:56 PM November-28 07:35 PM New York (EWR) Alaska Airlines AS293 2 delayed
06:56 PM November-28 Fresno (FAT) United Express UA5349 3 scheduled
06:57 PM November-28 06:44 PM Houston (IAH) United Airlines UA2034 3 estimated
06:58 PM November-28 Palm Springs (PSP) Alaska SkyWest AS3344 2 scheduled
07:03 PM November-28 Phoenix (PHX) American Airlines AA2421 1 scheduled

About San Francisco international airport arrivals

San Francisco International Airport provides SFO airport arrivals for all the major destinations in North America, Europe, and Asia. Located 13 miles south of downtown San Francisco, the SFO is the second busiest airport in California.

This airport covers 5,207 acres of land and it has four runways for SF airport arrivals. These runways are equipped with the most cutting-edge equipment for approved GPS and ILS approaches. About 1230 aircraft land and take-off from the San Francisco International airport every day.

Thousands of passengers use this airport to reach their destinations. Thus, it becomes the 7th busiest airport in the USA. Continue reading to get more information before your San Francisco Airport arrivals.


There are several terminals at the airport. You have terminal 1, 2, 3, and International terminal A and G.

  • Terminal 1: 27 B gates
  • Terminal 2: 10 C gates and 17 D gates
  • Terminal 3: 13 E gates and 23 F gates
  • International terminal: 15 A gates and 14 G gates

Location of most important airlines:

  • United Airlines: terminal 3 and international G
  • American Airlines: terminal 1
  • Southwest Airlines: terminal 1
  • Delta Air Lines: terminal 2
  • Alaska Airlines: terminal 2 and international A
  • British Airways: terminal A
Airport map


  • Air France – KLM Lounge
  • American Airlines Admirals Club
  • American Express – The Centurion Lounge
  • British Airways Lounge
  • China Airlines Dynasty Lounge
  • Delta Sky Club
  • Japan Airlines Sakura Lounge
  • United Polaris Lounge
  • United Club, Terminal 3, Gates F5-F14
  • United Global First Lounge
  • United Club, Terminal 3, Gate E2
  • Alaska Airlines Lounge
Transportation options at San Francisco Airport

Directions to downtown: Head northwest toward US-101 N. Merge onto US-101 N for 11.5 miles. Follow the 2nd lane from the left to keep left at the fork, continue on US-101 N/Central Fwy and follow signs for N Golden Gate Bridge/Ninth St/Civic Ctr. Take exit 433C toward Ninth St/Civic Center. Follow the 3 left lanes to turn left onto 9th St. Continue onto Hayes St. This is the quickest and shortest route to city center.

It won’t be tough to reach your destination after your SFO flight arrivals. You get several means of transportation to travel across the city.

  • Public transit is always a good solution. The BART rapid rail provides an easy commute between SFO and San Mateo County, East Bay, and San Francisco.
  • There are also San Francisco arrivals by bus from San Mateo County, Palo Alto, and San Francisco to the airport.
  • Taxis, pre-arranged vans, limousines, shared-ride vans and chartered bus services are other options to consider. Thus, it’s quite simple to travel to or from SFO.
  • Prefer car rentals if you are looking for a more convenient option. Take the AirTrain Blue Line which is an people mover system. There are stations at every terminal and goes to the BART station, long term parking, West Field Road and the Rental Car Center. For a drop off after the car rental, please drive to the following address: 780 N. McDonnell Road San Francisco, CA 94128.

Domestic Garage or Short Term/Hourly (orange): maximum vehicle height 6’6″. This garage is divided into letters linked to the gate numbers. You can quickly access the terminals via this domestic parking garage. Parking is $8 per hour with a maximum of $36 per 24 hours. ParkFAST is an even quicker solution when you leave from Terminal 3.

International or Daily/Hourly Parking (green): maximum vehicle height 8’2″. park your car here if you have an international flight. It will most likely depart from Gate A or G. From this parking lot you can easily walk to the terminal. Another option is to travel to the terminals with the AirTrain. Park here for $2 per 15 minutes and $36 per day.

Long-Term Parking: this parking location is slightly outside the airport grounds. A good option if you want to park longer. Travel easily with the AirTrain to one of the terminals you depart from and back to the area where the car is parked. The AirTrain arrives at Level 5. There are three options for long-term parking which are Garage 1 (6’10”), Garage 2 (8’2″), and Surface Lot. Please note that there are different heights in the parking garages. If you are taller than 8’2″ you must park on Surface Lot. It costs $25 per 24 hours. The address of this location is as follows: 794 South Airport Boulevard San Francisco, CA 94128.

Cell Phone Waiting Lot: you can use the curbside to pick up passengers at one of the terminals. However, you are not allowed to park here and wait for the passengers to arrive. For that you have to wait at Cell Phone Waiting Lot. This is next to the long term parking area which is only a few minutes away from the airport. You can park here for free for an hour. If you don’t want to experience crowds with all the cars coming and going right in front of the terminal, you can use the Kiss & Fly Drop Off. That is at the Car Rental Center and then you can easily continue with the AirTrain to the desired terminal.

Parking map


Airlines with SFO domestic arrivals

There are San Francisco Airport arrivals since 1927. Many airline brands operate from this airport. Flights are dispatched to both domestic and international routes from this airport.

Some airline brands operate quite frequently from SFO. Qatar Airways, Aeromexico, Air New Zealand, and Delta are the often used airlines for SFO international arrivals. You get around 103 flights weekly to Los Angeles and about 80 flights to New York every week from SFO.

Aeromexico airline 665 is the first flight that takes off from SFO at 12.01 AM. Qatar Airways airline 5129 is the next flight to New York. Thus, the operations begin every day with many San Francisco flight arrivals and dispatch from this airport throughout the day.

Flight routes San Francisco Airport

The main route San Francisco airport arrivals come from Los Angeles Airport in California. This route is frequently flown by American Airlines, United Airlines, Delta, Southwest and Alaska Airlines. There are also many San Francisco arrivals from

There are also many intercontinental flights to destinations around the world. The clear top 3 routes are to London Heathrow Airport, Hong Kong Airport and Taipei Airport in Taiwan. Other busy routes include the following:

How long does it take to clear customs at SFO?

It may take 30-50 minutes to get through customs. You can retrieve your luggage once you have cleared immigration. You may need to wait a bit longer for your luggage after San Francisco international arrivals. It is not possible to clear all the procedures and leave the airport within 10-15 minutes. So, you must be patient after SFO arrivals.

Places to visit near SFO

San Francisco is a beautiful city and it offers many tourist attractions. If you do not have the entire day before the flight, you can visit the following locations to enjoy a day trip.

  • Civic Center: 28 minutes away
  • The Mission District: 25 minutes away
  • Chinatown & North Beach: 20 minutes away

Redwood City, Palo Alto, and San Mateo are some other destinations to enjoy a short halt near SFO. Tourists often visit these destinations when they travel to/from the San Francisco International Airport.


The most used hotel near the airport is Grand Hyatt At SFO. There is no need for a shuttle to the hotel as there is an AirTrain stop that connects the hotel to the terminals quickly and easily. It is a luxury hotel which is ideally located. If you have less need for luxury, you can also choose to stay slightly away from the airport. A few miles away and 5-10 minutes drive you have many more options. Some of these are as following:

  • Sfo Airport Hotel, El Rancho Inn, BW Signature Collection
  • Courtyard by Marriott San Francisco Airport
  • Aloft San Francisco Airport
  • Hampton Inn & Suites San Francisco-Burlingame-Airport South
  • Vagabond Inn Executive – San Francisco Airport Bayfront (SFO)
  • Hyatt Regency San Francisco Airport