Sacramento Airport Departures SMF

SMF Departures

Address: 6900 Airport Blvd, Sacramento, CA 95837, United States
Code: SMF
Height: 8.2 m
Area: 24 km²
Phone: +1 916-929-5411
Owner: Sacramento County

Sacramento International airport was opened in 1967 as Sacramento metropolitan airport but this airport renamed Sacramento international airport in 1998. This airport offers excellent facilities for all business and casual passengers. In 2019 airport serves a total of 13 million passengers. In 2020, there were 91.625 Sacramento departures and arrivals (aircraft operations) with total annual passengers of 5.5 million.

Sacramento international airport history

Sacramento airport opened in 1967 as Sacramento metropolitan airport. This airport has initially had five airlines, Pacific airlines, Pacific southwest airlines, United airlines, Western airlines, West coast airlines that have Sacramento Airport departures.

After the opening of the new terminal, the airport renamed Sacramento international airport, the airport not received any international flights until 2002.


This airport has two terminals for the SMF departures, terminal A has 13 gates and terminal B has 19 gates. You get all essential services including free WiFi in the whole airport’s building. Terminal B is designed in 1967 and terminal A is designed in 1998.


A Hyatt Place hotel is planned between these 2 terminals. All two-terminal provide excellent customer services. There are all the facilities including restaurants, shops are available in this airport.

Airlines with Sacramento Airport departures

  • Air Canada express
  • Alaska airlines
  • American airlines
  • American eagle
  • Boutique air
  • Delta airlines
  • Delta connection
  • Jet blue
  • United airlines

Top destinations

Sacramento International airport serves millions of passengers in a year. In 2019 a total of 13 million passengers. In 2020 the graph is going down because of covid-19 people are less comfortable with traveling. So in 2020, only 5.5 million passengers are using Sacramento international airport. To serve those 5.5 million there were 91,625 Sacramento flight departures & arrivals needed, mostly to the following cities.

1San Diego, California272,000
2Las Vegas, Nevada271,000
3Denver Colorado250,000
4Phoenix- sky Harbor, Arizona248,000
5Seattle-Tacoma, Washington217,000
6Los angles, California217,000
7Portland, Oregon129,000

How to get to Sacramento international airport

You can easily get Sacramento international airport by-

  • By road

Sacramento international airport is easily accessible by road by airport Blvd on the interstate 5, exit 528.

  • By public transport

The Yolo bus number 42 connects the airport to the local area of Sacramento. And the Sacramento regional transport is another good option in public transport but construction is yet to be complete.

Sacramento regional transit and extended green link project completed by 2018.

Sacramento parking

Before Sacramento Airport departures there are some options to park your car in front of the terminal. All parking option in this airport are affordable and come under first come first serve. Here you get several parking packages like:

  • SMF hourly parking cost you around 2$ for every half hour and 29$ maximum for a day.
  • You also use the economy package where 2$ is charged for every half hour and 10$ maximum for 24 hours.