Reno/Tahoe Airport Arrivals RNO

RNO Arrivals today

Reno / Tahoe Airport
PO Box 12490, Reno,

Tel: +1 (0) 775 3286870

Owner: Airport Authority of Washoe County

Airport codes
IATA code: RNO

Know Reno Tahoe international airport arrivals

For you to have a crazy night in Las Vegas, you will have Reno arrivals because of its proximity. This is one of the most used airports to take you to the city that never sleeps and where the bets dominate. You can know in-depth the airport facilities because it is so famous and the Reno flight arrivals it offers you.

About Reno airport arrivals

The Reno / Tahoe airport was opened in 1929 for its first Reno Tahoe arrivals, built by Boeing Transport Inc. It is a very large airport that adapts perfectly to the Las Vegas environment. This would be the second most important aerial zone of Reno in Nevada after McCarran Airport.

The airport stands out for its variety of national and international Reno Tahoe flight arrivals that you will have every day. It is an airport that never rests and meets the demand that McCarran International Airport cannot.

Location for RNO airport arrivals

The Reno / Tahoe IATA is located 6 km southwest of the beautiful city of Reno on the Nevada border. It is located in Washoe County, which is renowned for its proximity to Las Vegas.



As the airport is very busy, you will have available the most important means of transport such as:

• Ferries: You can take advantage of the ferry services after Reno Tahoe airport arrivals that many hotels in Las Vegas have. To have this free transport from the airport, you must make a prior reservation before arriving in Reno. You must exit through gate D on the airport’s north side to take one of these special buses.

•Car rentals: You can order a rental car before or after your RNO arrivals in less than 30 minutes at the airport. These services are also open for limousines if you want to travel in style.

• Buses: Ultimately you can take public transportation just outside the air terminal.. RTC Ride provides its services around the clock for you to go to Downtown 4th Street, Meadowood Mall, Villanova Street, or nearby areas when you have Reno arrivals.


The Reno / Tahoe airport has three runways for Reno flight arrivals that you can distinguish by their dimensions:

• Runway 16R / 34L: Measures 11,001 feet long for most Reno airport arrivals.

• Runway 16L / 34R: Measures 9,000 feet long.

• Runway 25/7: measures 6,102 feet long


The facilities at the Reno/Tahoe airport are admirable and are divided into two types of the lobby:

  • In lobby B, you can find 12 boarding gates, a baggage claim area for Reno Tahoe arrivals, and car rental services.
  • In Lobby C, you can have 11 boarding gates, baggage carousels for Reno Tahoe flight arrivals, waiting areas, a food court, etc.



You can travel to the Reno / Tahoe airport with the most distinguished airlines in the United States who offer RNO airport arrivals, such as:

  • Alaska Airlines, Delta Connection, JetBlue, JSX, United Express, Allegiant Air, Southwest Airlines, Frontier Airlines, American Express, Volaris, United Airlines, etc.

If you want to enjoy cargo Reno Tahoe airport arrivals, you can choose between UPS Airlines, FedEx Express, and DHL Aviation Airlines. You can receive or send packages from Philadelphia, Denver, Sacramento, Oakland, and Seattle.


You can continue your North American vacation from the Reno – Tahoe airport facilities. Among the most sought-after RNO arrivals that you will have from the airport are:

Phoenix, Arizona

• Portland, Oregon

Salt Lake City, Utah

• Dallas, Texas

• Denver, Colorado

Los Angeles California

San Francisco California

• Seattle, Washington

San Diego, California

You can take international flights by stopover. You have to check with the airline that has it.