Portland Airport Arrivals (PDX)

Portland International Airport

Address: 7000 NE Airport Way Portland, OR 97218, USA
Tel: +1 (0) 503 4604040
Web: flypdx.com
Airport Codes
IATA code: PDX

PDX Arrivals today

Schedule Time Estimated Time Origin Airline Flight Status
06:50 AM May-22 Pendleton (PDT) Boutique Air 4B351 scheduled
07:14 AM May-22 07:13 AM Seattle (SEA) Delta Connection DL3730 estimated
07:14 AM May-22 Redmond (RDM) Ameriflight A81918 scheduled
07:20 AM May-22 07:15 AM Spokane (GEG) Alaska Horizon AS2351 estimated
07:25 AM May-22 07:19 AM Sacramento (SMF) Southwest Airlines WN2310 estimated
07:39 AM May-22 Seattle (SEA) Alaska Horizon AS2122 scheduled
07:50 AM May-22 Boise (BOI) Alaska SkyWest AS3465 scheduled
07:58 AM May-22 Medford (MFR) Alaska Horizon AS2098 scheduled
08:07 AM May-22 San Jose (SJC) Alaska Horizon AS2011 scheduled
08:10 AM May-22 Oakland (OAK) Southwest Airlines WN5119 scheduled
08:29 AM May-22 Reno (RNO) Alaska Horizon AS2294 scheduled
08:33 AM May-22 08:23 AM Los Angeles (LAX) Alaska SkyWest AS3351 estimated
08:39 AM May-22 Seattle (SEA) Alaska Horizon AS2115 scheduled
08:48 AM May-22 San Francisco (SFO) Alaska Airlines AS1164 scheduled
08:51 AM May-22 Hermiston (HES) Ameriflight A83164 scheduled
09:00 AM May-22 Salt Lake City (SLC) Alaska SkyWest AS3497 scheduled
09:00 AM May-22 Salt Lake City (SLC) Delta Air Lines DL2532 scheduled
09:12 AM May-22 Seattle (BFI) NetJets EJA347 scheduled
09:23 AM May-22 San Diego (SAN) Alaska Airlines AS1177 scheduled
09:23 AM May-22 Las Vegas (LAS) Alaska SkyWest AS3370 scheduled
09:24 AM May-22 Santa Ana (SNA) Alaska Horizon AS2101 scheduled
09:26 AM May-22 09:23 AM Dallas (DFW) Alaska Airlines AS327 estimated
09:31 AM May-22 Los Angeles (LAX) Delta Air Lines DL2975 scheduled
09:32 AM May-22 Denver (DEN) United Airlines UA1247 scheduled
09:33 AM May-22 Ontario (ONT) Alaska SkyWest AS3499 scheduled
09:39 AM May-22 Seattle (SEA) Alaska Horizon AS2184 scheduled
09:40 AM May-22 Vancouver (YVR) Air Canada Express AC8650 scheduled
09:45 AM May-22 Las Vegas (LAS) Southwest Airlines WN5943 scheduled
09:46 AM May-22 Phoenix (PHX) Alaska SkyWest AS3325 scheduled
09:48 AM May-22 Burbank (BUR) Alaska Airlines (Honoring Those Who Serve Livery) AS1057 scheduled
09:55 AM May-22 Fresno (FAT) Alaska SkyWest AS3348 scheduled
10:02 AM May-22 San Francisco (SFO) United Airlines UA1707 scheduled
10:09 AM May-22 09:57 AM Boston (BOS) Alaska Airlines AS317 estimated
10:14 AM May-22 09:57 AM Detroit (DTW) Delta Air Lines DL675 estimated
10:15 AM May-22 Denver (DEN) Southwest Airlines WN6122 scheduled
10:20 AM May-22 09:59 AM Chicago (ORD) Alaska Airlines AS325 estimated
10:20 AM May-22 Boise (BOI) Alaska SkyWest AS3483 scheduled
10:20 AM May-22 San Jose (SJC) Southwest Airlines WN1333 scheduled
10:20 AM May-22 Pendleton (PDT) Boutique Air 4B353 scheduled
10:24 AM May-22 San Jose (SJC) NetJets EJA942 scheduled
10:28 AM May-22 Phoenix (PHX) American Airlines AA2405 scheduled
10:29 AM May-22 10:23 AM Atlanta (ATL) Delta Air Lines DL786 estimated
10:34 AM May-22 Seattle (SEA) Delta Air Lines DL958 scheduled
10:42 AM May-22 San Jose (SJC) Alaska Horizon AS2022 scheduled
10:44 AM May-22 Sacramento (SMF) Alaska Horizon AS2388 scheduled
10:52 AM May-22 Scottsdale (SCF) scheduled
10:54 AM May-22 Seattle (SEA) Alaska Horizon AS2183 scheduled
10:59 AM May-22 Dallas (DFW) American Airlines AA2655 scheduled
11:05 AM May-22 Las Vegas (LAS) Spirit Airlines NK426 scheduled
11:24 AM May-22 Minneapolis (MSP) Delta Air Lines DL2296 scheduled
11:24 AM May-22 Las Vegas (LAS) Alaska Horizon AS9986 scheduled
11:28 AM May-22 11:27 AM New York (JFK) Delta Air Lines DL546 estimated
11:32 AM May-22 11:31 AM Orlando (MCO) Alaska Airlines AS483 estimated
11:38 AM May-22 Chicago (ORD) United Airlines UA628 scheduled
11:40 AM May-22 Spokane (GEG) Alaska Horizon AS2408 scheduled
11:43 AM May-22 Boise (BOI) Alaska Horizon AS2313 scheduled
11:55 AM May-22 11:35 AM Amsterdam (AMS) Delta Air Lines DL179 estimated
11:55 AM May-22 Phoenix (PHX) Southwest Airlines WN747 scheduled
11:59 AM May-22 Los Angeles (LAX) Alaska Airlines AS1148 scheduled
12:08 PM May-22 Houston (IAH) United Airlines UA740 scheduled
12:14 PM May-22 Reno (RNO) Alaska Horizon AS2138 scheduled
12:15 PM May-22 Santa Ana (SNA) Alaska Airlines AS1299 scheduled
12:15 PM May-22 Salt Lake City (SLC) Delta Air Lines DL2458 scheduled
12:15 PM May-22 Baltimore (BWI) Spirit Airlines NK288 scheduled
12:15 PM May-22 Los Angeles (LAX) Delta Air Lines DL2616 scheduled
12:23 PM May-22 Seattle (SEA) Alaska Airlines AS1039 scheduled
12:35 PM May-22 Sacramento (SMF) Southwest Airlines WN5450 scheduled
12:39 PM May-22 San Francisco (SFO) Alaska SkyWest AS3482 scheduled
12:49 PM May-22 Atlanta (ATL) Delta Air Lines DL954 scheduled
12:52 PM May-22 Dallas (DFW) American Airlines AA2496 scheduled
01:10 PM May-22 Calgary (YYC) WestJet WS3628 scheduled
01:15 PM May-22 Salt Lake City (SLC) Alaska SkyWest AS3453 scheduled
01:17 PM May-22 Denver (DEN) United Airlines UA644 scheduled
01:21 PM May-22 Oakland (OAK) Alaska SkyWest AS3415 scheduled
01:23 PM May-22 San Diego (SAN) Alaska Airlines AS1073 scheduled
01:23 PM May-22 Ontario (ONT) Alaska Horizon AS2333 scheduled
01:28 PM May-22 Vancouver (YVR) Alaska Horizon AS2146 scheduled
01:30 PM May-22 Oakland (OAK) Southwest Airlines WN367 scheduled
01:31 PM May-22 Santa Rosa (STS) Alaska Horizon AS2095 scheduled
01:33 PM May-22 Seattle (SEA) Delta Connection DL3802 scheduled
01:38 PM May-22 Boise (BOI) Alaska SkyWest AS3427 scheduled
01:42 PM May-22 Phoenix (PHX) Alaska Airlines AS797 scheduled
01:55 PM May-22 Denver (DEN) Southwest Airlines WN2739 scheduled
01:59 PM May-22 Las Vegas (LAS) Alaska Airlines AS707 scheduled
02:24 PM May-22 Seattle (SEA) Alaska Horizon AS2354 scheduled
02:27 PM May-22 Los Angeles (LAX) Alaska Airlines AS1315 scheduled
02:35 PM May-22 Billings (BIL) Alaska Horizon AS2173 scheduled
02:35 PM May-22 Seattle (SEA) Delta Connection DL4065 scheduled
02:37 PM May-22 Las Vegas (LAS) Spirit Airlines NK430 scheduled
02:39 PM May-22 New York (JFK) Alaska Airlines AS19 scheduled
02:40 PM May-22 San Jose (SJC) Alaska SkyWest AS3350 scheduled
02:42 PM May-22 Ontario (ONT) UPS 5X2972 scheduled
02:45 PM May-22 Vancouver (YVR) Air Canada Express AC8652 scheduled
02:45 PM May-22 San Jose (SJC) Southwest Airlines WN725 scheduled
02:52 PM May-22 San Francisco (SFO) United Airlines UA2309 scheduled
03:08 PM May-22 Burbank (BUR) Alaska SkyWest AS3451 scheduled
03:13 PM May-22 Spokane (GEG) Alaska SkyWest AS3493 scheduled
03:17 PM May-22 Chicago (ORD) United Airlines (Retro Livery) UA1946 scheduled
03:19 PM May-22 San Francisco (SFO) Frontier (Yellow-Headed Amazon Livery) F93362 scheduled
03:46 PM May-22 Seattle (SEA) Alaska Horizon AS2124 scheduled

Find out Portland international airport arrivals

If you want to spend a vacation in the state of Oregon, you will have to get to the Portland airport. These air facilities are one of the most important for the state because you can have PDX flight arrivals from any other area in the USA and even outside the country. Portland Airport is about to be in operation for a century, is very safe, and has many commercial Portland arrivals available.

You can have PDX airport arrivals from Japan, Mexico, or Canada if you wish. It is a very good airport for business trips, and that is why you should know a little about its infrastructure.

Top routes from PDX

Portland International Airport has a civil-military infrastructure that you can find to the northwest of the city. This facility was built in 1936 as an airfield but later became an airport with PDX international arrivals. At least 9 out of 10 people arriving in the United States with connecting flights arrive at the Portland airport.

The airport has to offer you the best airline for business Portland flight arrivals, undoubtedly according Conde Nast Traveler.

The airport is located less than 12 miles from the city of Portland in the State of Oregon. The airport zone borders the Columbia River in Multnomah County.

Transportation at Portland Airport

Directions: which ever way you drive from, head to the I-205 and take the Airport Way exit. To travel further at Portland airport and travel throughout the state of Oregon, you can use these means of transportation:

  • There are Portland Oregon airport arrivals by light rail. You can take the Max Red Line light rail that will take you to the airport from downtown Portland in less than 1 hour.
  • You can take the C-Tran Route 67 bus that will take you to Fisher’s Landing Transit Center in Vancouver, WA.
  • Taxi and limo service: get out of the baggage claim area and cross the street to short term garage 1. At the third island is the taxi and limo stand.
  • Ride shares: you can use an app based ride share. For example, this could be Lyft, Wingz or Uber. When you come out of the terminal on the lower level, make sure you walk to Island 2. There you will see the different ride share areas.
  • There are also car rental options after Portland airport arrivals. Look for the pick-up and drop-off at the rental car center on the map. When you are in the terminal you can follow the signs after you come from baggage claim. The car drop off is on the lower roadway. Some options to choose from: Dollar Car Rental, Hertz, National, Avis and Sixt.

pdx arrivals rental car center

  • Short term parking P1: this garage is located directly in front of the terminal. There is a connection to the terminal via skybridges and tunnels. It is a few minutes walk. Vehicle clearance is 8 feet. There are EV charging stations on levels 3 and 4. Parking is $3 for an hour and maximum $27 per day.
  • Long-Term parking P2 and P3: also for $3 but slightly cheaper per day at $24. It is located behind P1 and the terminal can be reached via the North and South tunnels. Here too, an 8 feet height clearance with ev charging stations on level 2.
  • Economy parking: the location is near I-205 off of Airport Way. There are free shuttle buses that run between this parking location and the terminal. The journey takes about 8 minutes. It is the cheapest option to park with up to $12 per day.
    The location of cell phone lot is at N.E. Airport Way and N.E. 82nd avenue. It is approximately a 4-5 minute drive to the terminal. You can park there for free for 30 minutes.

You can see that in the Portland airport infrastructure, there are three runways for PDX flights arrivals, and they are:

  • Runway 10R – 28L measuring 11,000 feet long.
  • Runway 10L – 28R measuring 9,825 feet long.
  • Runway 21 – 3, which is 6,000 feet long for smaller planes that have PDX arrivals.
Portland Airport Terminals

Portland Airport is recognized as the largest airport area in the State of Oregon. The airport terminal is divided into two sections for PDX airport arrivals, south and north, in which there are three main lobbies:

  • In the North Terminal, Concourse D has 15 gates, and Concourse E, which has 12 gates.
  • In the South Terminal, there is hall B with two gates and hall C with 23 gates for Portland flight arrivals.

You will have free Wi-Fi in these lobbies, a playground, commercial premises, postal services, and cargo services.

Terminal map

portland airport arrivals pdx terminal check-in & baggage claim


With the Portland airport, you will have Portland arrivals at your disposal several airlines such as:

  • American Airlines, American Eagle, Boutique Air, Air Canada Express, Alaska Airlines, Air Canada Rouge, Allegiant Air, Delta Airlines, Condor, Frontier Airlines, Hawaiian Airlines, Volaris, United Airlines, Sun Country Airlines, WestJetEncore, Icelandair, JetBlue, Southwest Airlines, Spirit Airlines
Destinations at Portland Airport

For domestic Portland airport arrivals, you can take the following flights:

If you want to go abroad from the Portland airport, you can take flights to:

You can visit the official website of the airport to have more information about the international Portland Oregon airport arrivals available.


There are several options for a hotel near the airport that also offer free shuttle service. Some of these are:

  • Sheraton Portland Airport Hotel
  • Embassy Suites by Hilton Portland Airport
  • Residence Inn by Marriott Portland Airport at Cascade Station
  • Aloft Portland Airport at Cascade Station
  • Country Inn & Suites by Radisson, Portland International Airport, OR
  • Home2 Suites by Hilton Portland Airport OR