Orlando Sanford Airport Arrivals SFB

Orlando Sanford International Airport

c / o TBI Airport Management Inc, Three Red Clevelend Blvd,
Suite 3212, Sanford, FL 32773,
United States of America

Tel: +1 (0) 407 5854000
Owner: Sanford Airport Authority & TBI Airport Management
Internet: flysfb.com

Airport Codes:
IATA code: SFB

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Learn about Orlando Sanford International Airport Arrivals

If you want to roam the streets of Florida for your next vacation, you might consider landing at Orlando airport with Orlando Sanford arrivals. You will have one of the largest commercial airports in the city of Florida for you to take without problems. The Sanford International Airport near Orlando has many new features that you shouldn’t miss out on.

Busiest routes:

This airport has a very long number of destinations for Sanford airport arrivals as well as commercial airlines that you could take. You could know the airport facilities before reaching your destination. Most flights are operated by Allegiant Airlines. There are escape routes to many of the major cities in the US. However, most planes go to other smaller airports in the country as mentioned above. There are 4 runways at Sanford Airport of which only 1 can be used for the large aircraft. This one is 11,000 ft. There is 1 passenger terminal. Some 1-3 million passengers have used the airport in the last two decades. The record year is in 2019 with almost 3.3 million.

About some history

Sanford International Airport began as a military airbase in the 1950s  for Sanford arrivals but became independent in 1969. This airport serves as a base for Allegiant Air who offer most Sanford flight arrivals. It is located very close to the busy destinations in Orlando, Florida. You may be drawn to the airport because it is in the top 30 of the most busiest in the United States.

This airport has a broken record in domestic SFB airport arrivals and was awarded recognition in 2008 for it. The airport belongs to the Sanford Airport Authority, GAS, and ADC, which collaborate in its administration.

Location for Orlando Sanford Airport arrivals

You can find Orlando Sanford Airport in Sanford, located in Seminole County in Orlando, Florida. It is a very large and famous airport in Seminole County for you to easily locate.

Transportation at Orlando Sanford Airport

When you have SFB arrivals at this busy airport in Orlando, you will have to adapt to its means of urban transport. You can take a taxi to the Orlando attractions center that is less than 10 miles away. On the other hand, after Orlando Sanford arrivals you can take a bus to go to the hotel where you will stay.

If you want to guide your destination in Orlando, you have to rent a car before having Sanford airport arrivals to ensure the car you want to rent. There are many car rental companies in the city for you to contact the most convenient one.



At this airport, you will have four runways for Sanford arrivals that are characterized by their unique dimensions:

  • Runway 9L / 27C measures 3,578 feet long by 75 feet wide.
  • Runway 9L / 27R measures 9,600 feet long by 150 feet wide for most SFB airport arrivals.
  • Runway 9R / 27L measures 3,500 feet long by 75 feet wide.
  • Runway 18/36 measuring 6,002 feet long by 150 feet wide.
Orlando Sanford Airport Terminal

Since its inauguration, the airport works with an old terminal that was restored in 1990 to improve the Sanford flight arrivals. It is a unique terminal in which you can have several national and international destinations at your disposal. The Orlando Sanford terminal is capable of accommodating 1,500,000 passengers per year.


Airlines that have Orlando Sanford airport arrivals

If you want to travel from Orlando Sanford International Airport, you will have to contact the following airlines:

  • Allegiant Air, Flair Airlines, NetJets Aviation, and Swoop.

You could also take one of these airlines for stopover SFB arrivals if it doesn’t offer your desired destination in the first place, with six priority airlines at the airport for you to contact and book the destination you long to visit.


Among the most sought-after destinations that you can have with Orlando Sanford arrivals are: