Orlando Airport Departures MCO

Orlando International Airport

Address: 1 Jeff Fuqua Blvd, Orlando, FL 32827, United States
Airport code: MCO
Elevation: 95 ft
Phone: +1 407-825-2001

MCO Departures today

Schedule Time Estimated Time Destination Airline Flight Terminal Status
10:55 PM June-22 11:55 PM Houston (HOU) Southwest Airlines WN1315 A estimated
10:55 PM June-22 11:59 PM Chicago (MDW) Southwest Airlines WN1713 A estimated
10:55 PM June-22 11:48 PM St. Louis (STL) Southwest Airlines WN3740 A estimated
10:57 PM June-22 01:56 AM Houston (IAH) Spirit Airlines NK199 A estimated
11:00 PM June-22 11:13 PM San Juan (SJU) Frontier (Kenai the Beluga Whale Livery) F94842 A estimated
11:00 PM June-22 11:02 PM Atlanta (ATL) Delta Air Lines DL1873 estimated
11:04 PM June-22 11:04 PM Las Vegas (LAS) Frontier (Trixie the Fox Livery) F91105 A estimated
11:08 PM June-22 11:22 PM San Juan (SJU) Spirit Airlines NK1049 A estimated
11:15 PM June-22 11:34 PM San Juan (SJU) JetBlue Airways B62133 C estimated
11:50 PM June-22 12:05 AM Sao Paulo (GRU) LATAM Airlines LA8127 B estimated
03:25 AM June-23 03:25 AM Tallahassee (TLH) Mountain Air Cargo MTN8522 estimated
05:00 AM June-23 05:00 AM Atlanta (ATL) Delta Air Lines DL357 B estimated
05:00 AM June-23 05:09 AM Detroit (DTW) Spirit Airlines NK1615 estimated
05:01 AM June-23 05:01 AM Aguadilla (BQN) JetBlue Airways B6630 C estimated
05:01 AM June-23 05:01 AM Santo Domingo (SDQ) JetBlue Airways B61405 C estimated
05:14 AM June-23 05:14 AM Charlotte (CLT) American Airlines AA2786 B estimated
05:15 AM June-23 New York (LGA) Spirit Airlines NK316 canceled
05:50 AM June-23 05:50 AM Dallas (DFW) American Airlines AA2677 B estimated
06:00 AM June-23 06:00 AM Washington (DCA) JetBlue Airways B62024 C estimated
06:00 AM June-23 06:00 AM Atlanta (ATL) Delta Air Lines DL2065 B estimated
06:00 AM June-23 06:00 AM New York (JFK) Delta Air Lines DL2743 B estimated
06:00 AM June-23 06:10 AM Atlanta (ATL) Frontier (Betty the Bluebird Livery) F91011 estimated
06:00 AM June-23 06:13 AM Detroit (DTW) Frontier (Luna and Lilly the Wolves Livery) F91070 estimated
06:00 AM June-23 06:00 AM New York (EWR) United Airlines UA1297 B estimated
06:01 AM June-23 06:01 AM Boston (BOS) JetBlue Airways B652 C estimated
06:05 AM June-23 07:45 AM Detroit (DTW) Delta Air Lines DL1321 B estimated
06:05 AM June-23 06:05 AM San Juan (SJU) Southwest Airlines WN1736 A estimated
06:10 AM June-23 06:10 AM San Juan (SJU) JetBlue Airways B61233 C estimated
06:10 AM June-23 06:10 AM Indianapolis (IND) Spirit Airlines NK1365 A estimated
06:10 AM June-23 06:10 AM Denver (DEN) Southwest Airlines WN2996 A estimated
06:15 AM June-23 06:15 AM New York (JFK) JetBlue Airways B61184 C estimated
06:15 AM June-23 06:15 AM San Antonio (SAT) Frontier (Francie the Piping Plover Livery) F91199 estimated
06:15 AM June-23 06:15 AM Chicago (ORD) Spirit Airlines NK322 estimated
06:15 AM June-23 06:15 AM Baltimore (BWI) Southwest Airlines WN3016 A estimated
06:20 AM June-23 06:20 AM Miami (MIA) American Airlines AA2894 B estimated
06:20 AM June-23 06:41 AM San Juan (SJU) Frontier (America’s Green Airline Livery) F94844 estimated
06:20 AM June-23 06:20 AM Rochester (ROC) Spirit Airlines NK2079 A estimated
06:20 AM June-23 06:31 AM Houston (HOU) Southwest Airlines WN3111 A estimated
06:23 AM June-23 06:47 AM Philadelphia (PHL) American Airlines AA629 B estimated
06:25 AM June-23 06:25 AM Columbus (CMH) Spirit Airlines NK320 A estimated
06:25 AM June-23 06:25 AM Atlanta (ATL) Spirit Airlines NK1210 estimated
06:25 AM June-23 06:25 AM Dallas (DAL) Southwest Airlines WN2915 A estimated
06:26 AM June-23 06:26 AM New York (LGA) JetBlue Airways B6598 C estimated
06:28 AM June-23 08:49 AM Charlotte (CLT) American Airlines AA1896 B estimated
06:28 AM June-23 06:28 AM Cleveland (CLE) Spirit Airlines NK530 estimated
06:30 AM June-23 06:30 AM Greensboro (GSO) estimated
06:35 AM June-23 06:35 AM Atlanta (ATL) Southwest Airlines WN1676 A estimated
06:40 AM June-23 06:40 AM Miami (MIA) Delta Air Lines DL2587 B estimated
06:40 AM June-23 06:40 AM Chicago (MDW) Southwest Airlines WN2942 A estimated
06:43 AM June-23 06:43 AM Windsor Locks (BDL) Frontier (Sombra the Jaguar Livery) F91206 estimated
06:45 AM June-23 06:45 AM St. Louis (STL) Southwest Airlines WN1740 A estimated
06:46 AM June-23 06:46 AM Atlantic City (ACY) Spirit Airlines NK355 A estimated
06:50 AM June-23 Montreal (YUL) Air Canada Rouge AC1641 B scheduled
06:50 AM June-23 06:50 AM Minneapolis (MSP) Delta Air Lines DL1466 B estimated
06:50 AM June-23 06:50 AM Columbus (CMH) Southwest Airlines WN3222 A estimated
06:55 AM June-23 06:55 AM Raleigh-Durham (RDU) Southwest Airlines WN3678 A estimated
06:57 AM June-23 06:57 AM Philadelphia (PHL) Frontier (Kenai the Beluga Whale Livery) F91162 estimated
07:00 AM June-23 07:00 AM Washington (DCA) American Airlines AA511 B estimated
07:00 AM June-23 07:00 AM Phoenix (PHX) American Airlines AA2015 B estimated
07:00 AM June-23 09:21 AM Chicago (ORD) American Airlines AA2721 B estimated
07:00 AM June-23 08:09 AM Seattle (SEA) Alaska Airlines AS404 B estimated
07:00 AM June-23 08:10 AM New York (LGA) Delta Air Lines DL940 B estimated
07:00 AM June-23 08:40 AM Atlanta (ATL) Delta Air Lines DL1131 B estimated
07:00 AM June-23 07:00 AM Boston (BOS) Delta Air Lines DL1668 B estimated
07:00 AM June-23 07:00 AM Houston (IAH) Spirit Airlines NK134 A estimated
07:00 AM June-23 07:00 AM Indianapolis (IND) Southwest Airlines WN1701 A estimated
07:00 AM June-23 Charlottesville (CHO) Avelo Airlines XP744 A scheduled
07:05 AM June-23 07:05 AM Baltimore (BWI) Southwest Airlines WN1688 A estimated
07:10 AM June-23 Toronto (YYZ) Air Canada Rouge AC1671 B scheduled
07:10 AM June-23 07:10 AM Los Angeles (LAX) Delta Air Lines DL997 B estimated
07:10 AM June-23 07:10 AM Providence (PVD) Southwest Airlines WN3712 A estimated
07:11 AM June-23 07:11 AM New York (EWR) Spirit Airlines NK59 A estimated
07:11 AM June-23 07:11 AM San Antonio (SAT) Spirit Airlines NK1717 estimated
07:15 AM June-23 07:15 AM New York (JFK) JetBlue Airways (Boston Bruins Livery) B61584 C estimated
07:15 AM June-23 07:15 AM New York (EWR) United Airlines UA1827 B estimated
07:15 AM June-23 Manchester (MHT) Southwest Airlines WN3705 A scheduled
07:16 AM June-23 07:16 AM Houston (IAH) United Airlines UA782 B estimated
07:17 AM June-23 09:52 AM Philadelphia (PHL) American Airlines AA632 B estimated
07:20 AM June-23 07:20 AM Cancun (CUN) Spirit Airlines NK3642 estimated
07:20 AM June-23 07:20 AM Chicago (ORD) United Airlines UA638 B estimated
07:20 AM June-23 07:20 AM Austin (AUS) Southwest Airlines WN2989 A estimated
07:21 AM June-23 07:21 AM Buffalo (BUF) Frontier (Hops the Rabbit Livery) F91038 estimated
07:25 AM June-23 07:25 AM Montego Bay (MBJ) JetBlue Airways B62321 C estimated
07:30 AM June-23 07:30 AM Dallas (DFW) American Airlines (Stand up to Cancer Livery) AA599 B estimated
07:30 AM June-23 07:30 AM Pittsburgh (PIT) Southwest Airlines WN1718 A estimated
07:30 AM June-23 07:43 AM Louisville (SDF) UPS 5X2327 estimated
07:35 AM June-23 07:35 AM Los Angeles (LAX) American Airlines AA880 B estimated
07:35 AM June-23 Salt Lake City (SLC) Delta Air Lines DL1427 B canceled
07:35 AM June-23 07:35 AM Fort Lauderdale (FLL) Spirit Airlines NK195 A estimated
07:35 AM June-23 07:46 AM Nashville (BNA) Southwest Airlines WN3279 A estimated
07:40 AM June-23 07:40 AM Cancun (CUN) JetBlue Airways B6113 C estimated
07:40 AM June-23 07:40 AM Windsor Locks (BDL) JetBlue Airways B6438 C estimated
07:40 AM June-23 08:15 AM Chicago (ORD) Frontier (America’s Green Airline Livery) F944 estimated
07:40 AM June-23 07:40 AM Cincinnati (CVG) Frontier F91060 estimated
07:50 AM June-23 07:50 AM Miami (MIA) American Airlines AA2125 B estimated
07:50 AM June-23 07:50 AM Norfolk (ORF) Spirit Airlines NK3051 estimated
07:50 AM June-23 07:50 AM San Antonio (SAT) Southwest Airlines WN1729 A estimated
07:55 AM June-23 07:55 AM New Orleans (MSY) Southwest Airlines WN3559 A estimated
08:00 AM June-23 08:00 AM New York (JFK) Delta Air Lines DL1700 B estimated
08:00 AM June-23 08:00 AM Atlanta (ATL) Delta Air Lines DL2025 B estimated

Easy and comfortable Orlando Departures

Orlando international airport is a main public airport that is around 6 miles from the city. The airport premises location is southeast of the main city Orlando, Florida. This airport has a code that is called MCO. This code has a reference to the airport’s previous name, McCoy Air Force Base, Strategic Air Command installation. In 1975, it was closed as the section of the general military draw down after the end of the Vietnam War. Now the international airport runs regular MCO airport departures, including domestic as well as Orlando International airport departures.

The airport covers around 12,600 acres of land. This makes MCO among the largest commercial airports when talking about the land area in the US. The international airport is also home to United Airlines for maintenance.

Orlando Airport terminals

There are 4 runways available for all departures. All are in the range of 9,000 to 12,000 ft. There are two terminal buildings. One is Terminal C and the other one is the main building with terminal A and B.

  • Terminal A and B: the airport consists of 1 large multi-storey terminal building consisting of two terminals: terminal A and terminal B. There are 4 concourses for Orlando airport departures. You go from the terminal to the concourses with the APM (automated people movers). Terminal A is located to the north and provides access to concourses 1 and 2 and terminal b to 3 and 4. The floors consist of First, Second and Third Level. First level is the baggage claim 8A is established. In addition, the transportation come together here such as car rentals, buses, taxis, etc. On Second Level all other baggage claim carousels are. Third level is where check-in is and access to gates for boarding and final Orlando departures.


  • Terminal c: this is south of a short distance from the other terminal. You can use the Terminal Link to travel from one terminal to another. This terminal is completely new and will start for the first time with departures at the end of September 2022. There are various levels. On Level 1 you can find Ground Transportation. At Level 2, the journey really starts to take shape with Departures. Here is ticketing or also check-in where you then have to go through a Security Checkpoint to arrive at the Gates for boarding. Via Level 4 you have gone to the new train station and the Terminal Link, but also Parking Garage C. On Level 6 you can see the Baggage Claim handling. Several airlines are moving here. The main one for the local market is JetBlue Airways. Others include international carriers such as British Airways, Caribbean Airlines, GOL, Lufthansa, and a few others.

In 2019, Orlando international airport handled over 50 million passengers and 450 thousand Orlando airport departures times (total aircraft landing and taking off). This report made Orlando international airport the busiest and most popular airport in Florida and the 10th most popular and busiest airport in the US.

Orlando Airport flight routes

The international airport serves Silver Airways. It also serves as an operating base for:

  • JetBlue
  • Spirit airlines
  • Frontier
  • Southwest Airlines

Southwest is considered to be Orlando international airport biggest carrier in terms of passengers with over 24% market share followed by Delta and American Airlines. This airport is said to be a primary international gateway for the center of the Florida region. There are more than 400 daily Orlando international flight departures and serves around 44 airlines. It serves 135 destinations, including domestic and international Orlando MCO departures.

Most of the domestic MCO flight departures head to the following airports:

The major airlines that use the airport are:

  • British Airways
  • Copa airlines
  • Aeromexico
  • Volaris
  • WestJet
  • Air Transit
  • Air Canada
  • Virgin Atlantic
  • Bahamasair
  • Emirates, and many other domestic and international carriers.

These Orlando flight departures go to international destinations including the following:

About Orlando international airport Departures

Orlando international airport offers one of the best services to the passengers travelling. There will be ground staff present at the airport for MCO departures and will be there to assist anyone who is taking a flight from the airport. The airport also offers a parking facility for the people who are departing from the airport. The parking facility will be accessible 24/7. There is also a complimentary service that allows passengers to have their luggage checked in before Orlando airport departures and receive the boarding pass before they even reach the terminal.

The airport also has many cab and taxi services and companies that offer easy pickup and drop facilities to the people departing from the airport. One can also board a train or local bus to reach the airport on time. All the passengers are requested to arrive at least 2-3 hours before their Orlando departures time for domestic and international flights.

It is important to follow all the airline’s guidelines and not carry any sharp objects such as knives on board. Passengers should always check in with their respective airlines. There will be a shuttle service available at the airport for passengers convenience and comfort. While boarding a flight out of the Orlando international airport, it is advised to wear comfortable clothing to have a comfortable flight during Orlando flight departures.

Ground transportation
  • There are several options to travel with local transport. One of these that is widely used is a Hotel Shuttle. You can select online for hotels that offer hotel shuttles. In most cases these are also free.
  • Another cheap option is the bus. The local bus costs only $2 no matter which station you get off at. There are destinations to Downtown Orlando, Florida Mall, SeaWorld, Premium Outlets and a few others. Check the website golynx.com for all routes and destinations.
  • Another option is Ride Sharing. Many passengers use this instead of the taxi. You can also arrange a quick drop off or pick up in this way. Prices depending on the type of Ride Share comparable to the taxi (so can be cheaper but with more luxurious option also more expensive).
  • Taxi Cabs: These are available at the Ground Transportation Curb on Level 1 near Terminal A and B. At Terminal C it is on Level 6. Some sample fares are to Downtown Orlando Area $38-$45 and Disney Resorts Area $52-$68.
  • Shuttle Vans: a good option if you travel alone because you pay per person in the car. As a result, it can save half the money compared to a taxi. If you are traveling for two people or more, you should consider a taxi.
  • Train: the train station is opposite the new terminal C. The Terminal Link (automated people mover) is also located in this building. Various destinations are offered by train, such as Miami and Fort Lauderdale through the SunRail and Brightline organizations.
  • Rental cars: there may not be many different car rental agencies at the airport, but the most important and largest are available to rent a car to you. The agencies can be found on Level 1 of the main terminal. Orlando International Airport offers airline check-in services on level “R1” of the parking garages (A and B) where rental cars are returned. Well at the airport, but the cars are waiting outside the airport from many other agencies. Some examples are Bandago, Easirent, Global Car Rental, Flex, Inbocars, Roam of Orlando, Zezgo Orlando etc.

There is a parking garage right in front of each terminal. These all have free parking for the first 20 minutes. After that it slowly rises to daily prices of $17 to $19. This makes it both a short term parking option and a long term parking option. Parking at Orlando Airport is not expensive anyway due to the many options and parking spaces.

Terminal Top Parking is another parking location where you can quickly reach ticketing. This is in the terminal, but on the top floors. You can also park there via the hotel Hyatt.

Then there are also 3 locations to park even cheaper. These are called Economy parking. Both north and south of the main terminal is a parking lot and a little further away called West Park Place Economy Lot. All these locations offer a free shuttle bus service. You can park here for $10 a day. If you only want to pick someone up from the airport, you can also use the free Cell Phone Waiting Lots.


There is 1 hotel directly accessible at the airport and that is Hyatt Regency Orlando International Airport. It is even located in the main terminal. Many passengers take advantage of this if they have a late arrival or early departure. You can also use it for a long transfer or if it is only for a few hours to rest. You can also park at this hotel and this is also cheaper as a guest. Furthermore, it offers nice rooms, a swimming pool, fitness, restaurant with a very good breakfast.

You can also choose to stay in a nearby hotel. There are many options that also offer hotel shuttle service. Some options:

  • DoubleTree by Hilton Orlando Airport
  • Hyatt Place Orlando Airport
  • Courtyard by Marriott Orlando Airport
  • Hampton Inn & Suites Orlando Airport @ Gateway Village
  • Sheraton Suites Orlando Airport
  • Staybridge Suites Orlando Airport South, an IHG Hotel
  • Residence Inn by Marriott Orlando Airport