Ontario Airport Arrivals ONT

Ontario International Airport

Address: 2500 E Airport Dr, Ontario, CA 91761, United States
Airport code: ONT
Elevation: 945 ft
Phone: +1 909-544-5300
Web: flyontario.com
Owner: Ontario International Airport Authority
Passengers: 5,583,732

ONT Arrivals today

Schedule Time Estimated Time Origin Airline Flight Status
07:02 AM June-5 06:42 AM Denver (DEN) Frontier (Courtney the Cougar Livery) F91261 landed
07:08 AM June-5 06:51 AM San Francisco (SFO) Frontier (Nevada the Red Fox Livery) F92678 landed
07:09 AM June-5 07:07 AM Sacramento (MHR) UPS 5X9821 estimated
07:30 AM June-5 07:33 AM Spokane (GEG) UPS 5X2991 estimated
07:32 AM June-5 Bakersfield (BFL) West Air PCM8730 scheduled
07:40 AM June-5 07:26 AM Sacramento (SMF) Southwest Airlines WN2068 estimated
07:44 AM June-5 Oakland (OAK) UPS 5X2949 scheduled
07:49 AM June-5 07:45 AM Portland (PDX) UPS 5X2975 estimated
08:05 AM June-5 07:53 AM Seattle (BFI) UPS 5X2983 estimated
08:10 AM June-5 Phoenix (PHX) Southwest Airlines WN4105 scheduled
08:25 AM June-5 Oakland (OAK) Southwest Airlines WN3850 scheduled
08:34 AM June-5 Las Vegas (LAS) NetJets EJA363 scheduled
08:47 AM June-5 Phoenix (PHX) American Eagle AA4865 scheduled
08:50 AM June-5 Las Vegas (LAS) Southwest Airlines WN2870 scheduled
09:05 AM June-5 08:45 AM Seattle (SEA) Alaska Airlines AS1234 estimated
09:07 AM June-5 Fresno (FAT) AirSmart XSM25 scheduled
09:10 AM June-5 Denver (DEN) Southwest Airlines WN1827 scheduled
09:25 AM June-5 San Jose (SJC) Southwest Airlines WN1528 scheduled
09:29 AM June-5 Las Vegas (LAS) Frontier (Sierra the Bighorn Sheep Livery) F91283 scheduled
09:43 AM June-5 Inyokern (IYK) West Air PCM8683 scheduled
09:58 AM June-5 Santa Barbara (SBA) scheduled
10:03 AM June-5 Dallas (DFW) American Airlines AA1820 scheduled
10:03 AM June-5 Seattle (SEA) Delta Connection DL3881 scheduled
10:05 AM June-5 Sacramento (SMF) Southwest Airlines WN2676 scheduled
10:20 AM June-5 Portland (PDX) Alaska Horizon AS2333 scheduled
11:10 AM June-5 Houston (HOU) Southwest Airlines WN2559 scheduled
11:25 AM June-5 Las Vegas (LAS) Southwest Airlines WN3336 scheduled
11:40 AM June-5 Atlanta (ATL) Delta Air Lines DL323 scheduled
11:54 AM June-5 Dallas (DFW) American Airlines AA532 scheduled
12:13 PM June-5 Salt Lake City (SLC) Delta Air Lines DL2024 scheduled
12:25 PM June-5 Oakland (OAK) Southwest Airlines (Nevada One Livery) WN2022 scheduled
12:30 PM June-5 San Jose (SJC) Southwest Airlines WN5091 scheduled
12:33 PM June-5 Denver (DEN) United Airlines UA746 scheduled
12:45 PM June-5 San Francisco (SFO) United Airlines UA1720 scheduled
01:10 PM June-5 Phoenix (PHX) Southwest Airlines WN649 scheduled
01:15 PM June-5 Las Vegas (LAS) Frontier (America’s Green Airline Livery) F91357 scheduled
01:33 PM June-5 Seattle (SEA) Delta Connection DL3946 scheduled
01:48 PM June-5 Dallas (DFW) American Airlines AA2635 scheduled
01:49 PM June-5 El Paso (ELP) Frontier (Elrey the Elk Livery) F93113 scheduled
02:46 PM June-5 Fort Worth (AFW) Atlas Air 5Y3731 scheduled
02:57 PM June-5 Louisville (SDF) UPS 5X5932 scheduled
03:00 PM June-5 Sacramento (SMF) Southwest Airlines WN2406 scheduled
03:05 PM June-5 Denver (DEN) Southwest Airlines (Missouri One Livery) WN485 scheduled
03:15 PM June-5 Las Vegas (LAS) Southwest Airlines WN4 scheduled
03:26 PM June-5 Seattle (SEA) Alaska Airlines AS1097 scheduled
03:45 PM June-5 Dallas (DAL) Southwest Airlines WN4689 scheduled
03:50 PM June-5 Salt Lake City (SLC) Frontier (Sunny the Collared Lizard Livery) F93343 scheduled
03:51 PM June-5 Phoenix (PHX) American Eagle AA4881 scheduled
03:57 PM June-5 Louisville (SDF) UPS 5X2908 scheduled
04:22 PM June-5 Louisville (SDF) UPS 5X5920 scheduled
04:25 PM June-5 Nashville (BNA) Southwest Airlines WN1461 scheduled
04:31 PM June-5 Scottsdale (SCF) STAjets KFB7 scheduled
04:34 PM June-5 Chicago (RFD) UPS 5X2628 scheduled
04:36 PM June-5 Salt Lake City (SLC) Delta Connection DL3933 scheduled
04:37 PM June-5 Phoenix (PHX) Frontier (Al the Roadrunner Livery) F91625 scheduled
04:40 PM June-5 Chicago (MDW) Southwest Airlines WN2746 scheduled
04:47 PM June-5 Dallas (DFW) UPS 5X2918 scheduled
04:57 PM June-5 Louisville (SDF) UPS 5X5910 scheduled
05:06 PM June-5 Seattle (SEA) Frontier (Sierra the Bighorn Sheep Livery) F93163 scheduled
05:11 PM June-5 Memphis (MEM) FedEx FX917 scheduled
05:19 PM June-5 New York (EWR) FedEx FX3951 scheduled
05:26 PM June-5 Louisville (SDF) UPS 5X2964 scheduled
05:28 PM June-5 Denver (DEN) United Airlines UA1083 scheduled
05:41 PM June-5 Indianapolis (IND) FedEx FX3734 scheduled
05:48 PM June-5 Las Vegas (LAS) Frontier (Kari the Fisher Livery) F92231 scheduled
05:55 PM June-5 Sacramento (SMF) Southwest Airlines WN3208 scheduled
05:55 PM June-5 Bakersfield (BFL) West Air PCM7653 scheduled
05:58 PM June-5 Santa Maria (SMX) West Air PCM7683 scheduled
05:59 PM June-5 Inyokern (IYK) West Air PCM7654 scheduled
06:00 PM June-5 San Jose (SJC) Southwest Airlines WN4496 scheduled
06:01 PM June-5 Seattle (SEA) Delta Connection DL3728 scheduled
06:05 PM June-5 05:44 PM Taipei (TPE) China Airlines CI24 estimated
06:05 PM June-5 Santa Maria (SMX) West Air PCM7682 scheduled
06:12 PM June-5 San Luis Obispo (SBP) West Air PCM7694 scheduled
06:15 PM June-5 Phoenix (PHX) Southwest Airlines WN4336 scheduled
06:20 PM June-5 Bakersfield (BFL) West Air PCM7652 scheduled
06:24 PM June-5 San Luis Obispo (SBP) West Air PCM7688 scheduled
06:25 PM June-5 Oakland (OAK) Southwest Airlines WN1418 scheduled
06:27 PM June-5 Santa Maria (SMX) West Air PCM7681 scheduled
06:37 PM June-5 Phoenix (PHX) American Airlines AA1933 scheduled
06:57 PM June-5 Dallas (DFW) American Airlines AA810 scheduled
07:11 PM June-5 Dallas (DFW) Frontier (Piper the White Pelican Livery) F91405 scheduled
07:14 PM June-5 Seattle (SEA) Alaska Airlines AS1086 scheduled
07:40 PM June-5 Portland (PDX) Alaska SkyWest AS3450 scheduled
07:55 PM June-5 Portland (PDX) Frontier (America’s Green Airline Livery) F93336 scheduled
08:00 PM June-5 Guadalajara (GDL) Volaris Y41862 scheduled
08:05 PM June-5 Las Vegas (LAS) Southwest Airlines WN2417 scheduled
08:06 PM June-5 Atlanta (ATL) Delta Air Lines DL2205 scheduled
08:09 PM June-5 Boise (BOI) UPS 5X833 scheduled
08:10 PM June-5 Denver (DEN) Southwest Airlines WN1452 scheduled
08:20 PM June-5 Austin (AUS) Southwest Airlines WN4909 scheduled
08:48 PM June-5 Denver (DEN) United Airlines UA2411 scheduled
08:56 PM June-5 Houston (IAH) Frontier (Juan the Puerto Rican Parrot Livery) F93131 scheduled
08:58 PM June-5 El Paso (ELP) UPS 5X785 scheduled
09:05 PM June-5 Sacramento (SMF) Southwest Airlines WN2381 scheduled
09:09 PM June-5 Salt Lake City (SLC) UPS 5X841 scheduled
09:14 PM June-5 Houston (IAH) United Airlines UA2078 scheduled
09:15 PM June-5 Phoenix (PHX) UPS 5X849 scheduled
09:18 PM June-5 Albuquerque (ABQ) UPS 5X881 scheduled
09:24 PM June-5 Anchorage (ANC) UPS 5X59 scheduled

Find out Ontario international airport arrivals

You have to know about the exclusive facilities offered by the Ontario International Airport in California. The airport offers several commercial Ontario arrivals for you from almost any state in North America. You can get to Las Vegas from Ontario Airport and have an amazing bachelor party with your friends.

For your travel experience from Ontario Airport to be great, you must know a little about the Ontario flight arrivals. You can know which provide operations and the destinations you will find.

Busiest flight routes Ontario

The Ontario airport opened in 1923 for ONT airport arrivals as an airfield called “Latimer Field” for the entire state of California. By 1929 the airfield was expanded and became a municipal airport with some commercial Ontario airport flight arrivals available. More than a decade later, the municipal airport increased the number of domestic flights it offered.

One airline that boosted Ontario airport arrivals was Western Airlines. But the airport has also had relationships with international airlines such as Avianca El Salvador, Alaska Airlines, etc.

Location of Ontario Airport

You can find Ontario International Airport in San Bernandino County, Ontario, California. The airport borders Los Angeles to the east and San Bernandino to the west. From Los Angeles, you must drive over 38 miles to have ONT arrivals.

Ontario Airport ground transportation

How you can get to the Ontario International Airport are:

  • To leave the airport, you can take the Ontario Highway or the Pomona Highway to take you to the city center. This tour can be less than an hour.
  • To take public transport to accomplish Ontario arrivals you can wait for bus route 61 or 80, which will be available in the center of San Bernandino.
  • You can also take Metrolink at the Ontario – East station to exit the airport.
  • There are many travel options with companies like Greyhound, Amtrak, Omnitrans, SunLine Transit Agency and many others as well.
  • Use the ONT Connect shuttle to go to Cucamonga Station and travel further from there.
  • Rental Car Center: this place is where you pick up your car. So it is best if you make a booking in advance. You walk out of the terminal after the baggage claim. Then there are free shuttle buses ready that drive to the Rental Car Center. It’s within a mile so you’ll be there in no time. There is also a possibility to walk.
  • Ride Apps, Taxis & Limos: use one of the Ride-Share Apps such as Uber, Opoli, Lyft or Wingz. Travel from the airport to Downtown Ontario for $15-20. The Riverside is a bit more expensive at $30-35. If you want to drive all the way to Los Angels you can expect a price of about $90.

If you want to park at the airport, you can do so at different locations. They are all located close to the terminal. If you have an arrival at Terminal 2 (Alaska, United, JetBlue, Delta and Frontier) it is best to park at Lot 2 (hourly – $6) or 3 (daily – $16). If you have an arrival at Terminal 4, it is best to park again at Lot 4 (Hourly) or Lot 3 and 5 (daily – $13). The hourly lots also have a section of premium parking which is directly opposite the terminal. This is $8 an hour. For a pick-up you can also first park at the Cell Phone Waiting Lot. This is located next to terminal 4 and close to Lot 5 and Rental Car Facility.

Parking map



At the Ontario airport, you can have two runways available for Ontario flight arrivals that differ in size:

  • Runway 8L / 26R: measures 12,197 feet
  • Runway 8R / 26L: measures 10,200 feet
Terminals at Ontario Airport

Ontario Airport divides its terminal into two sections for Ontario airport flight arrivals where you can see:

  • Terminal 2 and terminal 4 measure approximately 24,600 square meters.
  • Each terminal has its boarding gates, waiting rooms, and commercial Ontario airport arrivals it offers.
  • Terminal 2 is unique for international flights; it has only two entry gates where Customs and border protection are located.

Within the Ontario airport, you will have several airlines available for ONT arrivals, and among the most popular you can appreciate:

  • Alaska Airlines
  • Frontier Airlines
  • Hawaiian Airlines
  • Southwest Airlines
  • United Airlines
  • Volaris
  • JetBlue
  • Delta Connection
  • Avianca El Salvador
  • American Airlines
  • China Airlines

But you will also have cargo services to receive packages from:

Ontario Airport destinations

You can take international Ontario arrivals at the Ontario airport from destinations such as:

You can also take the flights by stopover if your destination to the interior or exterior of the country is not available. You can have the best vacation by departing from Ontario International Airport.


The following places offer a courtesy airport shuttle service:

  • Best Western Ontario Airport
  • Ayres Inn & Suites/Ontario Mills Pkwy.
  • Doubletree by Hilton
  • Folk Inn
  • Doubletree by HiltonSheraton Ontario Airport Hotel