Omaha Eppley Airfield Airport Departures OMA

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Address: 4501 Abbott Dr, Omaha, NE 68110, United States
Code: OMA
Height: 300 m
Phone: +1 402-661-8017
Owner / Operator: Omaha Airport Authority

Discover Omaha airport departures

If you want to leave Nebraska for other places in the United States as soon as possible, you must travel from the Omaha Eppley airport. This airport away from Nebraska offers many commercial Omaha departures that you cannot miss for anything. You can head to Denver, New York, Chicago, or even Los Angeles from the airport.

Take a look at the Omaha airport facilities, where exactly it is located, and how you can get there. You could also find out which airlines are available at the domestic airport for Omaha flight departures.


About Eppley airport departures

Eppley Airfield began operations in 1925 with an extension of Levi Carter Park near East Omaha for its first Eppley departures. By 1927 the airfield became independent and became one of the busiest domestic airports in Nebraska with OMA airport departures. The Omaha Airport Authority owns this airport.

With almost a century in operation, the airport has undergone a series of renovations to its facilities. In 1961 a new terminal was inaugurated at the airport to increase the Omaha Eppley departures, and after that year, a new runway was built.

Location for Eppley airfield departures

You can locate Omaha Eppley Airfield Airport 5 kilometers from downtown Omaha, specifically to the northwest. It is a fairly large airport on the Missouri River banks located in Douglas County.


It will be easy for you to get out of the airport using one of the three main roads: Interstate 29, Interstate 680, or Interstate 80 with offer Omaha departures. Just outside the airport, you will have a Metro Transit service in which line 16 operates. From the state of Nebraska to the city or the North Omaha Transit Center.

As the last means of transportation that you will have outside the airport, you can take the car rental for OMA departures. In less than 10 minutes, you will be in downtown Omaha.


Eppley Omaha Airport is comprised of three runways within 4.1 square miles of land to process all Omaha airport departures. Runway 14R / 32L measures 9,502 ft, runway 14L / 32R measures 8,500 ft and runway 18/36 measures 8,150 feet. Two of the three available runways are asphalt and concrete. They are trained for all airplanes.


As Omaha’s Eppley Airport is one of the largest in Nebraska, its terminal stands out because it is divided for Omaha flight departures into:

• South Terminal, where you can find lobby A, boarding gates A1 to A10, and baggage claim service 1-3. You will find Allegiant Air, Delta Airlines, American Airlines, Frontier Airlines, and Alaska Airlines having Eppley airport departures in this terminal.

• North Terminal, where you can find lobby B, boarding gates B11 to B20, and baggage claim service 4-6. You will find airlines such as Allegiant Air, United Airlines, and Southwest Airlines in this terminal for Eppley departures.



You can book your OMA airport departures from Eppley Airport in Omaha with the following airlines:

· American Eagle

· American Airlines

· Allegiant Air

· Alaska Airlines

· Delta Airlines

· Frontier Airlines

· United Airlines

· Southwest Airlines

· United Express

You can request the service from companies such as UPS Airlines, DHL Aviation, Ameriflight, FedEx Express, and AirNet Express on cargo flights. These cargo flights can have destinations like St Louis, Kearney, Ontario, Reno, North Platte, Grand Island, etc.


Among the most frequented Omaha Eppley departures from the airport, you will have:

  • Phoenix – Arizona, Las Vegas – Nevada, Charlotte – North Carolina, Dallas – Texas, Denver – Colorado, Minneapolis – Minnesota, Chicago – Illinois, Atlanta – Georgia, St Louis – Missouri.

You can also take flights to:


• Houston


• Los Angeles

• Punta Gorga

St Petersburg

• Tampa

• Nashville

• Newark

• San Francisco