Oakland Airport Arrivals OAK

Oakland Metropolitan Oak Airport

1 Airport Drive, Box 45, Oakland,
CA 94621, United States of America

Tel: +1 (0) 510 5633300
Website: oaklandairport.com

IATA code: OAK

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Oakland international airport arrivals

If you want to know California, you will have to enter from the Oakland airport to visit it completely. From this airport, you can start your adventure to discover the luxurious areas of California. OAK is an airport that has been working for more than 100 years, giving you the best service and commercial Oakland flight arrivals that you deserve.

You can take a look at the airport’s operation from its available airlines, terminals, and destinations. You can learn a little about the airport’s history and about Oakland arrivals from California, among other things.

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About Oakland Airport

Oakland International Airport, or OAK for its acronym, was opened in 1925 as a municipal airfield for OAK airport arrivals. By September 17, 1925, Charles Lindbergh, a professional aviator, announced that OAK was lending his operations.

The airport has been rebuilt over the years, mostly because it was destroyed in WWII. By 2009 many airlines were linked with Oakland airport flight arrivals, such as Allegiant Air, Volaris, and other major companies. The airport has also been recognized for having the most on-time flights in 2009.

Oakland Airport Location

You can find the airport if you head south of Oakland in the State of California. The airport is very close to San Francisco Bay, so it will not be a problem for you to access its facilities.

Transport Oakland Airport

If you want to get to or from the Oakland airport, you can take Interstate 880 for Oakland airport arrivals, 1,5 miles from the city. When you leave the airport by renting a car, take Hegenberger Road west and Converge Street to get to the interstate.


The airport is operating with four runways for OAK arrivals that have the following dimensions:

  • Runway 10R / 28L: measures 6,213 x 150 feet wide.
  • Track 10L / 28R: measures 5,458 x 150 feet wide.
  • Runway 15/33: measures 3,376 x 23 feet wide.
  • Track 12/30: measures 10,520 x 150 feet wide. It is used for cargo Oakland flight arrivals.

The Oakland airport terminal is large enough for you to walk around before catching a flight:

  • It is divided into two terminals for Oakland arrivals in which you can locate 32 access doors.
  • For international OAK airport arrivals, you must be located at terminal # 1.
  • The parking lot is located southwest of the airport.



In OAK, you will have a series of airlines so that you can take Oakland airport flight arrivals within or outside the country:

  • Hawaiian Airlines
  • JSX
  • Southwest Airlines
  • Frontier Airlines
  • Contour Airlines
  • Volaris
  • Delta Airlines
  • Alaska Airlines
  • Alaska Airlines
  • Spirit Airlines
  • Allegiant Air

If you want to request Cargo services within the Oakland airport, you can contact companies such as:

  • FedEx Express
  • UPS Airlines

These Oakland airport arrivals with loads can come from Tokyo, San Diego, Portland, Columbia, and other places that the company has.

Oakland Airport Destinations

The airport is renowned for its variety of domestic OAK arrivals for you to go to:

If you want to take international Oakland flight arrivals from the Oakland airport, you can take among the favorites:

These overseas flights are in high demand at OAK, so you should make a reservation weeks before your trip. You can accumulate traveler miles from the Oakland airport to receive future travel discounts. The airport could expand its international flights in the coming months.