New York LaGuardia Airport Departures LGA

Address: Queens, NY 11371, United States
IATA airport code: LGA
Elevation: 20 ft
Phone: +1 718-533-3400
Hub for: American Airlines; Delta Air Lines

LGA Departures

Find out LaGuardia International airport departures

One of the well-known airports in the United States of America, LaGuardia, has managed to hold a place in the list of the busiest airport in the country. This airport witness approximately 3,73,356 flight operations and 31,084,894 passengers every year. This post talks about the details of how the LGA departures work in LaGuardia.

Most popular destinations
A brief history of LaGuardia airport

The city authority dedicated LaGuardia as the New York Municipal Airport in the year of 1939. It started the business operation on 2nd December in the same year. Before, it was nothing but a tiny north beach airport. However, the authority later invested around $23 million and turned it into a giant 550-acre air harbor that features all up-to-date facilities for LaGuardia flight departures. As per TIME, this airport is “the most pretentious land and seaplane base in the world”.

LaGuardia airport terminals

LaGuardia houses a total of four terminals – A, B, C, and D.

  • Terminal A, LaGuardia, better known as Marine Air Terminal, was previously dedicated to overseas LaGuardia departures. The authority designed it to serve the flying boats of Pan American Airways. However, presently, Frontier and Spirit are the only tenants of this terminal and from 28th March 2021, Spirit Airlines is going to use the terminal for their Fort Lauderdale flights.
  • Terminal B: named as Central Terminal Building. Terminal B serves almost every airline that uses LaGuardia. However, the king of terminal B is American Airlines for LGA flight departures. It houses two concourses –western and eastern. The eastern concourse has recently added a total of 11 gates, whereas, the western one got a total of seven new gates. As per the latest updates, Gates D1- D10 and 24-30, the western concourse is assigned to the American Airlines, Gates 49, 51, and 52, the eastern concourse is allotted to Air Canada, From 53-55, Eastern concourse is for Southwest and 43-48 is used by the United Airlines. Others that use this terminal are Air Canada, Southwest, JetBlue and United Airlines.
  • Terminal C: Delta Air Lines and WestJet use this terminal for LaGuardia airport flight departures. They mostly use gates C28-32, C37, C39, and C42.
  • Terminal D: opened in 1983, this terminal was designed to accommodate Delta’s new Boeing 757 & 767 aircraft. Presently,it is closed for LGA departures.


Ground transportation

The ground transportation services of LaGuardia involve Bus Services. The list of the active La Guardia airport departures by bus services in the airport looks like the following.

  • Q72 – All terminals excluding terminal A.
  • M60 Select Bus Services – Serves each terminal
  • Q 70 “LaGuardia link Select bus Services” – All Terminals except A
  • Q 47- Exclusively terminal A.

Apart from the stated ones, there are ample private buses from Manhattan, Hudson River, and other areas that can help you to reach the terminal for a LGA airport departures. In case you’re not comfortable enough with bus services, you always have the alternative of reaching LaGuardia departures using app-based rides or car rentals.

The pre-La Guardia departures checks in the airport are quite convenient. It takes around 17 minutes to complete all the checks. However, on Mondays, Tuesdays or Saturdays, (more specifically, 10-11 am), the wait time can take a bit longer than usual. This is because of the super busy operational hours of the airport.

  • There is an Airport Shuttle that runs between the terminals and the parking locations. It is free and departs approximately every 10 minutes. It runs the following route:

LGA Departures Airport Shuttle Bus

  • Metro/subway: you can travel into Manhattan relatively easily with the subway. The most used option for the tourist is a 7 day Metrocard. This allows you to travel unlimited. From LaGuardia Airport, travel first on the LaGuardia Link Q70 SBS to 61 St-Woodside Station. From here you can take the Purple Line to 34 St-Hudson Yards Station with major stops at Grand Central and Times Square.
  • Car Rental: you can also travel further with a rental car from the airport. Every car rental company has its own location near the airport. There are car rental shuttles for a pick up but also after returning for a drop off at Terminal A.
  • Taxi: this is a good option if you want more flexibility to or from your destination. Take into account taxi prices from Bronx ($30-40), Queens ($15-40), Brooklyn ($30-70), Staten Island ($60-95) and Manhattan ($25-45).
  • Parking: if you drive to the airport by car and then leave, you can park the car at one of the three terminals in the garage. This way you are quickly in the building at ticketing to be able to check in. This is mainly a short term parking option. It costs $5-6 per half hour with a maximum of $55-70 per day, depending on the garage. If you plan to travel longer, it pays to travel by taxi or public transport.

If you have an early departure, it can be useful to stay close to the airport the night before the flight. New York can be very busy and traffic delays can happen quickly. Therefore, stay the night before in one of the following hotels close to LaGuardia Airport:

  • Hampton Inn New York – LaGuardia Airport
  • LaGuardia Plaza Hotel
  • Airway Inn at LaGuardia
  • Fairfield Inn by Marriott New York LaGuardia Airport/Astoria
  • SpringHill Suites by Marriott New York LaGuardia Airport