New York LaGuardia Airport Arrivals LGA

Address: La Guardia Airport, Queens, NY 11371, United States
Tel: +1 (1) 718 5333400
Owner: Port Authority of New York & New Jersey

Airport Codes
IATA code: LGA

LGA Arrivals today

Schedule Time Estimated Time Origin Airline Flight Terminal Status
11:08 AM June-5 10:44 AM Richmond (RIC) Delta Connection DL5349 C landed
11:12 AM June-5 10:53 AM Charlotte (CLT) American Airlines AA1150 B landed
11:14 AM June-5 10:41 AM Des Moines (DSM) Delta Connection DL4932 C landed
11:21 AM June-5 10:47 AM Chicago (ORD) United Airlines UA2200 B landed
11:25 AM June-5 11:05 AM Boston (BOS) Delta Connection DL5713 C estimated
11:26 AM June-5 11:14 AM Chicago (ORD) American Airlines AA2824 B estimated
11:27 AM June-5 11:05 AM Omaha (OMA) Delta Connection DL3700 C estimated
11:29 AM June-5 11:14 AM Raleigh-Durham (RDU) American Eagle AA4475 B estimated
11:30 AM June-5 10:56 AM Pittsburgh (PIT) Delta Connection DL4854 C landed
11:30 AM June-5 11:07 AM Columbus (CMH) Spirit Airlines NK2022 A estimated
11:32 AM June-5 11:12 AM Houston (IAH) United Airlines UA2199 B estimated
11:34 AM June-5 Montreal (YUL) Delta Connection DL5067 C scheduled
11:35 AM June-5 11:25 AM Philadelphia (PHL) American Eagle AA4374 B estimated
11:35 AM June-5 11:09 AM Buffalo (BUF) Delta Connection DL5252 C estimated
11:36 AM June-5 11:27 AM Charlotte (CLT) Frontier (Crystal the Florida Manatee Livery) F93134 B estimated
11:45 AM June-5 11:17 AM St. Louis (STL) Southwest Airlines WN862 B estimated
11:46 AM June-5 11:15 AM Atlanta (ATL) Delta Air Lines DL927 C estimated
11:53 AM June-5 11:45 AM Detroit (DTW) Delta Air Lines DL1357 C estimated
11:59 AM June-5 11:15 AM Miami (MIA) American Airlines AA2310 B estimated
11:59 AM June-5 11:25 AM Chicago (ORD) Delta Air Lines DL1416 C estimated
11:59 AM June-5 11:19 AM Toronto (YYZ) Delta Connection DL5030 C estimated
12:00 PM June-5 Dallas (DFW) American Airlines AA2103 B scheduled
12:00 PM June-5 11:36 AM Oklahoma City (OKC) American Eagle AA4535 B estimated
12:00 PM June-5 11:32 AM Detroit (DTW) Spirit Airlines NK381 A estimated
12:00 PM June-5 11:37 AM Denver (DEN) Southwest Airlines WN900 B estimated
12:08 PM June-5 11:49 AM Montreal (YUL) American Eagle AA4403 B estimated
12:09 PM June-5 Cincinnati (CVG) Delta Connection DL5365 C scheduled
12:10 PM June-5 11:55 AM Greensboro (GSO) American Eagle AA4631 B estimated
12:13 PM June-5 11:23 AM Detroit (DTW) American Eagle AA4339 B estimated
12:13 PM June-5 Washington (DCA) Delta Connection DL5787 C scheduled
12:14 PM June-5 11:57 AM Buffalo (BUF) American Eagle AA4738 B estimated
12:16 PM June-5 Charleston (CHS) Delta Connection DL5015 C scheduled
12:18 PM June-5 Oklahoma City (OKC) Delta Connection DL3786 C scheduled
12:19 PM June-5 11:51 AM Chicago (ORD) United Airlines UA2661 B estimated
12:22 PM June-5 Boston (BOS) Delta Connection DL5814 C scheduled
12:25 PM June-5 12:41 PM Chicago (MDW) Southwest Airlines WN2449 B delayed
12:29 PM June-5 Raleigh-Durham (RDU) Delta Connection DL5133 C scheduled
12:30 PM June-5 Toronto (YYZ) American Eagle AA4347 B scheduled
12:31 PM June-5 12:21 PM Orlando (MCO) JetBlue Airways B6698 B estimated
12:36 PM June-5 12:53 PM Houston (IAH) United Airlines UA1144 B delayed
12:40 PM June-5 Norfolk (ORF) Delta Connection DL4992 C scheduled
12:43 PM June-5 12:19 PM Greenville-Spartanburg (GSP) Delta Connection DL5002 C estimated
12:44 PM June-5 Burlington (BTV) Delta Connection DL5270 C scheduled
12:47 PM June-5 12:57 PM Atlanta (ATL) Delta Air Lines DL468 C estimated
12:47 PM June-5 Columbus (CMH) Delta Connection DL5620 C scheduled
12:50 PM June-5 Boston (BOS) American Eagle AA4470 B scheduled
12:51 PM June-5 Washington (DCA) American Airlines AA2922 B scheduled
12:53 PM June-5 Boston (BOS) JetBlue Airways B6431 B scheduled
12:55 PM June-5 Nashville (BNA) American Eagle AA4460 B scheduled
12:55 PM June-5 Greensboro (GSO) Delta Connection DL5069 C scheduled
12:56 PM June-5 Nashville (BNA) Delta Connection DL5216 C scheduled
12:57 PM June-5 12:34 PM Denver (DEN) Delta Air Lines DL317 C estimated
12:59 PM June-5 Portland (PWM) American Eagle AA4571 B scheduled
01:00 PM June-5 12:38 PM Nashville (BNA) Spirit Airlines NK3384 A estimated
01:00 PM June-5 12:49 PM Houston (HOU) Southwest Airlines WN3745 B estimated
01:00 PM June-5 Syracuse (SYR) Delta Connection DL5290 C scheduled
01:04 PM June-5 12:32 PM West Palm Beach (PBI) JetBlue Airways B642 B estimated
01:04 PM June-5 12:26 PM Miami (MIA) American Airlines AA9783 B estimated
01:05 PM June-5 Dallas (DAL) Southwest Airlines WN1590 B scheduled
01:11 PM June-5 12:34 PM Minneapolis (MSP) American Eagle AA4524 B estimated
01:14 PM June-5 Asheville (AVL) Delta Connection DL4982 C scheduled
01:14 PM June-5 Portland (PWM) Delta Connection DL5190 C scheduled
01:19 PM June-5 Miami (MIA) Hop-A-Jet HPJ350 canceled
01:20 PM June-5 Chicago (ORD) American Airlines AA1602 B scheduled
01:20 PM June-5 Boston (BOS) Delta Air Lines DL1706 C scheduled
01:20 PM June-5 Rochester (ROC) Delta Connection DL4941 C scheduled
01:20 PM June-5 Nantucket (ACK) Delta Connection DL5852 C scheduled
01:21 PM June-5 Toronto (YYZ) Air Canada AC708 B scheduled
01:23 PM June-5 Chicago (ORD) United Airlines UA411 B scheduled
01:24 PM June-5 Atlanta (ATL) JetBlue Airways B62813 B scheduled
01:25 PM June-5 Nashville (BNA) Southwest Airlines WN863 B scheduled
01:27 PM June-5 Chicago (ORD) Delta Air Lines DL998 C scheduled
01:29 PM June-5 Wilmington (ILM) American Eagle AA4717 B scheduled
01:30 PM June-5 Charlottesville (CHO) Delta Connection DL4966 C scheduled
01:33 PM June-5 01:06 PM Denver (DEN) United Airlines UA1442 B estimated
01:40 PM June-5 Cleveland (CLE) Delta Connection DL5042 C scheduled
01:43 PM June-5 Atlanta (ATL) Delta Air Lines DL835 C scheduled
01:45 PM June-5 Norfolk (ORF) American Eagle AA4619 B scheduled
01:45 PM June-5 Martha’s Vineyard (MVY) Delta Connection DL5703 C scheduled
01:47 PM June-5 Charlotte (CLT) Delta Connection DL5153 C scheduled
01:49 PM June-5 Grand Rapids (GRR) American Eagle AA4498 B scheduled
01:50 PM June-5 Indianapolis (IND) Delta Connection DL4997 C scheduled
01:50 PM June-5 Charleston (CHS) Volato TMB529 canceled
01:52 PM June-5 Tampa (TPA) Delta Air Lines DL1443 C scheduled
01:55 PM June-5 Charlotte (CLT) American Airlines AA1164 B scheduled
01:55 PM June-5 West Palm Beach (PBI) Delta Air Lines DL1009 C scheduled
01:56 PM June-5 Columbus (CMH) NetJets EJA214 scheduled
01:57 PM June-5 Dallas (DFW) American Airlines AA434 B canceled
01:57 PM June-5 Kansas City (MCI) Delta Connection DL4905 C scheduled
01:59 PM June-5 Indianapolis (IND) American Eagle AA4351 B scheduled
01:59 PM June-5 Hyannis (HYA) American Eagle AA4601 B scheduled
01:59 PM June-5 Milwaukee (MKE) Delta Connection DL3702 C scheduled
01:59 PM June-5 Knoxville (TYS) Delta Connection DL5210 C scheduled
01:59 PM June-5 08:56 AM Traverse City (TVC) Delta Connection DL5044 C landed
02:04 PM June-5 Washington (IAD) United Express UA3542 B scheduled
02:05 PM June-5 Dallas (DFW) Delta Air Lines DL680 C scheduled
02:05 PM June-5 Detroit (DTW) Delta Air Lines DL1278 C scheduled
02:12 PM June-5 Miami (MIA) Delta Air Lines DL2792 C scheduled
02:13 PM June-5 Fort Lauderdale (FLL) JetBlue Airways B6272 B scheduled
02:15 PM June-5 Raleigh-Durham (RDU) Delta Connection DL5141 C scheduled

Discover LaGuardia International Airport Arrivals

Located at East Elmhurst, Queens, New York City, LaGuardia airport is the third busiest airport in the city after Newark and JFK. Besides, it holds the twentieth position in the list of the busiest airports in the United States of America with 31,084,894 passenger New York LaGuardia Airport arrivals in 2019. Because of the pandemic in 2020  there have been a drop in passengers to just 8 million that year but luckily back to 16 million in 2021. This article shows how the LaGuardia arrivals system of this well-known airport works. Keep reading and get to know about all that’s involved!

This airport’s current name, i.e. LaGuardia is in use since 1953, when it was built. It’s named after the contemporary mayor of the city, Fiorello La Guardia. This airport can be better defined as a hub for the Delta Airlines and American Airlines who have most LGA arrivals.

The airport follows a strict rule of prohibiting most non-stop flights to or from points beyond 1,500 miles. However, LaGuardia flight arrivals on Saturdays and flights from Denver are one of the exceptions to the rule.

Flying into LaGuardia

When you have LGA flight arrivals, you can enjoy amazing views of the harbor and the Penta-boroughs of the New York City. It’s a busy and crowded airport in New York.  It’s always better to guess how to pick your seat in advance.

To give you an idea, probably, you are going to grab a window seat at the left-hand side and enjoy the city view in case you make the approach to runway 04 from the southwest. On the other hand, a roundabout approach of landing at LGA from the northeast or northwest will allow you to witness the picturesque view of river Hudson and the Manhattan city. LaGuardia arrivals will give you a good view in any case.

Flight routes

Several airlines use this airport for La Guardia arrivals. Since this post focuses on the arrival section, the next part of it talks about the source destinations for all the LaGuardia Airport arrivals.

AirlinesCity (Source)
American AirlinesBoston, Chicago, Washington Ronald Reagan, Miami, Dallas, Charlotte Douglas, Tampa, Key West
British AirwaysChicago ORD, Miami
Delta AirlinesBoston logan, Atlanta, Myrtle Beach, Columbus, Raleigh/Durham, Charlotte CLT, Orlando, Nashville, West Palm Beach, Fort Lauderdale, Miami MIA, Hilton head, Chicago O Hare, Tampa, Norfolk, Sarasota, Key West, New Orleans Louis Armstrong
West JetNew Orleans MSY, Boston BOS, Nashville BNA, ATL Atlanta, Myrtle Beach MYR, Fort Lauderdale FLL, John Glenn Columbus, Charlotte CLT, Orlando, West palm Beach PBI, Miami MIA, ORD Chicago, Tampa, Norfolk ORF, Sarasota
SouthwestChicago Midway MDW, Dallas Love Field
United AirlinesDulles Washington, (YYZ) Toronto, (YUL) Montreal, (IAH) Houston

Apart from the ones mentioned in the chart, a few of the following flights also use LaGuardia airport flight arrivals:

  • American Shuttle
  • Spirit Airlines
  • JetBlue Airways
  • Frontier Airlines
  • Air Canada
  • Delta Shuttle
LaGuardia Airport terminals

Airlines processing flights at the specific available terminals:

  • Terminal A: Frontier and Spirit
  • Terminal B: Air Canada, AA, JetBlue, Southwest, and United
  • Terminal C (include area of former terminal D): Delta and WestJet

Airport Shuttle Bus: this bus runs between the terminals, rental car facility and the parking lots. This bus is free of use and departs every 15 minutes and more often during peak hours.

LGA airport arrivals terminal map:


Transportation – get into the city after arriving At LaGuardia
  • The terminals have the bus (one of the best modes of transportation) map at the information booths which you can use after you have La Guardia airport arrivals. They show almost every point of interest as well as the streets of the city very clearly. However, apart from the bus maps, there are subway maps (for pedestrians) as well, but in actuality, they’re quite schematic. In case, you don’t find a bus map at the terminal, you can always get the assistance of the station manager at the information booth after LaGuardia airport arrivals. A quick tip is, buying an MTA pass will help you save a lot! The 7-day pass is  the most popular among travelers. So, don’t hesitate to go for the same! Most buses drive to Queens but some of them to other areas too like Long Island and Manhattan. If you want to go to the popular Manhattan area then you should take the LaGuardia Link Q70 which drives to Midtown/Sout of 59 st and the other one is the M60 SBS which goes to North of 59 st and the Bronx. During the stops in the center you could get out to travel further by subway and train as well.
  • Apart from bus, you can also use app-based ride share and taxi for transportation. If you’re planning to take a car or use app-operated ride, then you need to reach level 2 of the Terminal B Parking Garage. Taxis will be waiting on the curbside when walking out of the arrivals hall. Price to the center of Manhattan is around $30-38.
  • Car rental: the car rental companies are at different locations around the airport. There is a Rental Car Transfer Point at Terminal A. Free shuttles run to the organizations from here. The agencies available around are as follows: Hertz, Budget, Sixt, Alamo, National, Avis, Thrifty, Payless, Enterprise and Dollar.

You can park in one of the three available garages in front of the terminals. There is also a free shuttle bus service available from all these locations that can take you to your desired terminal. These run approximately every 10 minutes. For every half hour you pay $5-6 for the first 3 hours. Then it becomes $10-12 with a maximum of $55 at Terminal A, $60 at Terminal B and $70 at Terminal C. Discounts are regularly given when you book online. Terminal B and C also offer EV charging stations. Choose the P7 Prepaid Economy for long term parking. This is near Terminal A.

Have a great and safe journey to LaGuardia, one of the contributing airports of the busiest air transport system in the United States of America.


There are many hotels from cheap to very expensive in every corner of New York but many of them in Manhattan. If for some reason it is convenient to stay close to the airport of LaGuardia, then there are some good options. Then choose one of the following hotels:

  • Avion Inn Near LGA Airport, Ascend Hotel Collection
  • Aloft New York LaGuardia Airport
  • New York LaGuardia Airport Marriott
  • Corona Hotel
  • The LaGuardia Hotel