Miami Airport Departures MIA

Miami International Airport

Address: 2100 NW 42nd Ave, Miami, United States FL 33126
Phone: +1 305-876-7000
Airport code: MIA
Elevation: 10 ft
Junction for: 21 Air, ABX Air, American Airlines
Serves: Miami Metropolitan Area
Opened: 1928

MIA Departures today

Schedule Time Estimated Time Destination Airline Flight Terminal Status
10:45 PM June-22 11:07 PM Orlando (MCO) American Airlines AA2803 N estimated
10:49 PM June-22 11:12 PM Rio de Janeiro (GIG) American Airlines AA905 N estimated
10:52 PM June-22 11:00 PM Pensacola (PNS) American Eagle AA3674 N estimated
10:55 PM June-22 11:05 PM Barranquilla (BAQ) LATAM Cargo Colombia L72551 estimated
11:00 PM June-22 11:10 PM Santa Cruz (VVI) Boliviana de Aviacion OB767 C estimated
11:00 PM June-22 11:10 PM Santa Cruz (VVI) estimated
11:00 PM June-22 11:00 PM Cincinnati (CVG) ABX Air GB183 estimated
11:01 PM June-22 11:21 PM Sao Paulo (GRU) American Airlines AA995 N estimated
11:12 PM June-22 11:32 PM Buenos Aires (EZE) American Airlines AA907 N estimated
11:15 PM June-22 11:25 PM Brussels (BRU) LATAM Cargo UC1515 estimated
11:30 PM June-22 11:42 PM Lima (LIM) ABX Air GB1507 estimated
11:35 PM June-22 11:35 PM Memphis (MEM) FedEx FX105 estimated
11:35 PM June-22 11:45 PM Bogota (BOG) Avianca Cargo QT4287 estimated
11:42 PM June-22 11:42 PM Santiago (SCL) American Airlines AA957 N estimated
11:45 PM June-22 Bogota (BOG) Avianca Cargo QT4141 scheduled
12:01 AM June-23 12:11 AM San Jose (SJO) DHL Aero Expreso D5231 estimated
12:01 AM June-23 01:30 AM Bogota (BOG) Atlas Air 5Y75 estimated
12:01 AM June-23 12:11 AM Bogota (BOG) Skybus IOS75 estimated
12:05 AM June-23 12:15 AM Amsterdam (AMS) LATAM Cargo (Avion Solidario Livery) UC1505 estimated
12:15 AM June-23 12:25 AM Amsterdam (AMS) Atlas Air 5Y8209 estimated
12:30 AM June-23 San Juan (SJU) Amerijet International M68543 scheduled
01:10 AM June-23 Guatemala City (GUA) Avianca Cargo QT430 scheduled
01:30 AM June-23 01:30 AM Lima (LIM) LATAM Airlines LA2699 S estimated
01:30 AM June-23 01:48 AM San Juan (SJU) Amerijet International M68541 estimated
01:30 AM June-23 Norfolk (NGU) Amerijet International M6523 scheduled
02:00 AM June-23 02:10 AM Managua (MGA) Amerijet International M6849 estimated
02:15 AM June-23 Quito (UIO) Avianca Cargo QT4231 scheduled
03:00 AM June-23 03:10 AM Bridgetown (BGI) Caribbean Airlines BW791 estimated
03:50 AM June-23 04:00 AM New York (JFK) Korean Air Cargo KE251 estimated
04:30 AM June-23 Sint Maarten (SXM) Amerijet International M68511 scheduled
05:00 AM June-23 Lima (LIM) Avianca Cargo QT601 scheduled
05:00 AM June-23 Santo Domingo (SDQ) Sky Cana RD6314 scheduled
05:00 AM June-23 05:10 AM Santo Domingo (SDQ) estimated
05:10 AM June-23 Atlanta (ATL) Southwest Airlines WN1912 C scheduled
05:25 AM June-23 05:25 AM Dallas (DFW) American Airlines AA1226 N estimated
05:30 AM June-23 05:30 AM Baltimore (BWI) Spirit Airlines NK1830 C estimated
05:30 AM June-23 05:40 AM Houston (HOU) Southwest Airlines WN4122 C estimated
05:35 AM June-23 05:46 AM Quito (UIO) Air Canada AC7255 estimated
05:45 AM June-23 05:45 AM Denver (DEN) Spirit Airlines NK3138 S estimated
06:00 AM June-23 06:00 AM Atlanta (ATL) Delta Air Lines DL1404 S estimated
06:00 AM June-23 06:00 AM Chicago (MDW) Frontier (Ichabod the Whooping Crane Livery) F94830 C estimated
06:00 AM June-23 06:00 AM Baltimore (BWI) Southwest Airlines WN3484 C estimated
06:00 AM June-23 San Jose (SJO) Sky Cana RD456 scheduled
06:10 AM June-23 06:10 AM Guatemala City (GUA) Frontier (Crockett the Raccoon Livery) F919 C estimated
06:10 AM June-23 06:17 AM Boston (BOS) Spirit Airlines NK3121 C estimated
06:12 AM June-23 06:12 AM Mexico City (MEX) Aeromexico AM429 S estimated
06:15 AM June-23 Bogota (BOG) Avianca Cargo QT4131 scheduled
06:20 AM June-23 07:00 AM Chicago (MDW) Southwest Airlines WN3420 C estimated
06:24 AM June-23 06:24 AM Panama City (PTY) Copa Airlines CM173 S estimated
06:27 AM June-23 06:27 AM Washington (DCA) American Airlines AA378 N estimated
06:30 AM June-23 Georgetown (GEO) Amerijet International M6855 scheduled
06:35 AM June-23 06:35 AM Chicago (ORD) American Airlines AA1642 N estimated
06:35 AM June-23 06:45 AM Houston (IAH) Cathay Pacific CX71 estimated
06:37 AM June-23 06:37 AM Atlanta (ATL) Spirit Airlines NK3100 C estimated
06:45 AM June-23 06:45 AM Houston (IAH) United Airlines UA2311 S estimated
06:45 AM June-23 06:55 AM Miami (OPF) Gulf and Caribbean Cargo IF371 estimated
06:55 AM June-23 06:55 AM Phoenix (PHX) American Airlines AA1983 C estimated
06:56 AM June-23 06:56 AM Los Angeles (LAX) JetBlue Airways B62986 C estimated
06:59 AM June-23 06:59 AM New York (LGA) American Airlines AA2025 N estimated
07:00 AM June-23 07:00 AM Philadelphia (PHL) American Airlines AA2987 N estimated
07:00 AM June-23 08:45 AM Toronto (YYZ) Air Canada Rouge AC1643 S estimated
07:00 AM June-23 07:00 AM Atlanta (ATL) Delta Air Lines DL1101 S estimated
07:00 AM June-23 07:10 AM New York (JFK) Delta Air Lines DL1493 S estimated
07:00 AM June-23 Sint Maarten (SXM) Amerijet International M68511 scheduled
07:04 AM June-23 07:04 AM Havana (HAV) American Airlines AA17 N estimated
07:05 AM June-23 07:05 AM Los Angeles (LAX) American Airlines AA1991 C estimated
07:05 AM June-23 07:05 AM New York (LGA) Delta Air Lines DL419 S estimated
07:10 AM June-23 Luxembourg (LUX) Cargolux CV5795 scheduled
07:15 AM June-23 07:15 AM San Juan (SJU) Spirit Airlines NK3148 C estimated
07:20 AM June-23 07:20 AM Dallas (DFW) American Airlines AA1562 N estimated
07:20 AM June-23 07:20 AM Minneapolis (MSP) Delta Air Lines DL1377 S estimated
07:22 AM June-23 07:22 AM New York (EWR) United Airlines UA1773 S estimated
07:25 AM June-23 07:25 AM Denver (DEN) Frontier (Lone Star the Longhorn Steer Livery) F9615 C estimated
07:27 AM June-23 07:27 AM Orlando (MCO) American Airlines AA1852 N estimated
07:30 AM June-23 Panama City (PTY) Avianca Cargo QT800 scheduled
07:33 AM June-23 07:36 AM Washington (IAD) NetJets EJA241 estimated
07:45 AM June-23 07:45 AM Denver (DEN) United Airlines UA663 S estimated
07:50 AM June-23 07:50 AM New York (JFK) American Airlines AA315 N estimated
07:50 AM June-23 Key West (EYW) Air Cargo Carriers 2Q8706 scheduled
07:55 AM June-23 Amsterdam (AMS) Atlas Air MP6142 scheduled
07:55 AM June-23 07:55 AM Nashville (BNA) Southwest Airlines WN1916 C estimated
07:56 AM June-23 07:56 AM Mexico City (MEX) American Airlines AA264 N estimated
08:00 AM June-23 08:00 AM Bogota (BOG) Avianca AV5 S estimated
08:00 AM June-23 La Romana (LRM) Red Air L53997 scheduled
08:00 AM June-23 Nassau (NAS) YH1186 scheduled
08:00 AM June-23 08:44 AM La Romana (LRM) RED Air L5200 C estimated
08:00 AM June-23 08:10 AM La Romana (LRM) CHC Helikopter Service HKS3997 estimated
08:00 AM June-23 08:06 AM Asheville (AVL) NetJets EJA244 estimated
08:00 AM June-23 West Palm Beach (PBI) NetJets EJA807 scheduled
08:00 AM June-23 Birmingham (BHM) AirShare XSR359 scheduled
08:04 AM June-23 08:04 AM Atlanta (ATL) Delta Air Lines DL1327 S estimated
08:07 AM June-23 08:07 AM Fort Lauderdale (FLL) FedEx FX1707 estimated
08:09 AM June-23 08:09 AM Charlotte (CLT) American Airlines AA1155 N estimated
08:10 AM June-23 Montreal (YUL) Air Canada AC1207 S scheduled
08:14 AM June-23 08:14 AM Havana (HAV) American Airlines AA242 N estimated
08:15 AM June-23 08:15 AM Detroit (DTW) Delta Air Lines DL1346 S estimated
08:24 AM June-23 08:30 AM West Palm Beach (PBI) NetJets EJA392 estimated
08:29 AM June-23 08:29 AM Houston (IAH) American Airlines AA1465 N estimated
08:29 AM June-23 08:29 AM Cleveland (CLE) American Eagle AA3352 N estimated
08:30 AM June-23 08:30 AM Philadelphia (PHL) American Airlines AA551 C estimated

Discover Miami International Airport departures

MIA, Miami International Airport does not need much of an introduction. Constructed in 1928, the airport is the first choice of travelers for international and domestic Miami flight departures to Miami, Florida. Several airlines operate from the airport’s three terminals and the 4 runways. MIA is spread across 3,230 acres of land and happens to be the third-largest hub for American Airlines. The famous Miami Beach is 18 minutes drive from the airport. Passengers can avail town car, shuttle, taxi, or bus to reach various tourist attractions from the airport.

Top routes from MIA
Terminal at Miami Airport

Park & Ride is in front of the central terminal part. There are 6 concourses divided by the north, central and south terminal. For Miami airport departures you go to Level 2. There will be check-in, security pass and boarding area. Level 1 is for baggage claim and on level 3 is rental car center and parking options. On this floor you can also use the people mover system to travel between the terminals.^

Terminal map


It remain having many Miami airport flight departures

MIA makes it on the list of the world’s busiest airports. Earlier (Pre-COVID-19 era), it offered flights to more than 150 destinations worldwide with 80 airlines. Currently, the airport has MIA airport departures to almost 150 cities; out of these, most are in the US, a dozen in South America, and Central America, the Caribbean and Bahamas, and Europe, as well. Miami departures are among the most popular ones are the earlier mentioned top routes.

The airport handled 677,400 passengers in January 2021, whereas in January 2020, roughly 1,997,208 travelers had used the airport. Put simply; there was a 66.08 drop MIA flight departures due to the pandemic. Miami International Airport attracted a lot of attention recently as it managed to handle 89,415 travelers on March 14. The airport touched this number for the first time after March 2020. Airlines are resuming services to various routes; while on the other hand, some are also being canceled. So, it’s always better to keep an eye on Miami Airport departures.

New routes are a new ray of hope

Eastern Airlines recently launched their Miami to Asunción, Paraguay (South America) flight. The weekly service has been available since January. The airline plans to launch MIA departures to Montevideo from June this year (2021). Eastern Airlines, headquartered in Wayne, Pennsylvania, has successfully managed to carry on with their plan that aims at improving connectivity to Latin American expansion from MIA.

Frontier Airlines is all set to introduce six new MIA airport departures this year. The carrier plans to introduce flights to:

Some of these have already been introduced.

The most busiest domestic MIA departures are a few of the earlier mentioned but also:

All will be flown by US based airlines.

Measures to stop the spread of COVID-19 infection

The frequency of flights at MIA is such that a person visiting these premises won’t believe anything like corona virus infection still exists. That’s because airport authorities and airlines have the best possible safety measures in place. TSA checkpoints, restrooms, and other high traffic areas are deep cleaned frequently to ensure safe Miami international airport departures.

Failing to follow the mask mandate can prove to be an open invitation for trouble at the airport. People can also purchase gloves, hand sanitizer, and face coverings at various terminals.

Passengers arriving from overseas at MIA need to carry a negative coronavirus test report. Likewise, some countries require people coming from the US to have test results or a vaccination certificate. It is always best to visit the airline website for more info about flight schedule updates and entry requirements for the selected destination.

Frequent Miami airport departures from international destinations:

During the activity of the corona virus many flights are cancelled, especially to the destinations in South America. Especially flights to the Caribbean (and somewhat central america) are starting to pick up again. Think about:

Ground transportation
  • Taxi: you can choose a flat rate or metered. Some estimated cost routes:
    • Downtown $21.70
    • Miami Beach South and Central $35
    • Miami Beach North $40-46
    • Sunny Isles $55
    • Hialeah South $23
    • Doral Country Club Area $33
    • Homestead South $88
    • Hollywood $58
    • Fort Lauderdale $72-77
  • Miami Beach Bus: departures every 30 minutes during the day from the Metrorail Station (next to the MIA mover at the Car Rental Facility) to 41st Street/South Pointe Drive.
  • Tri-Rail: from Miami Central Station. you easily travel to West Palm Beach and Ft. Lauderdale.
  • Metrobus: there are many different bus routes. You need a EASY Card for that. They are at the Central Station.
  • Metrorail: also departs every 30 minutes and during peak hours even more. There are two lines you can take. The Greeen Line goes to Palmetto, Hialeah, Northside, Brownsville stations. The Orange Line goes to Dadeland, South Miami, University, Vizcaya, Goverment Center, Culmer, Santa Clara and Earlington heigths stations.
Car rental

There are no car rental companies in the terminal. These are located in the MIA Rental Car Center. This can be reached with the MIA Mover which is located between the two garages on Level 3. There are many agencies available in the Rental Car Center. If the person you have already reserved a car online is not listed, you will be picked up and brought to the relevant location.


Where you park also depends on which terminal you have to check in at. Ticketing for American Airlines, JetBlue, British Airways, and Qatar Airways is at Concourse D North Terminal. It makes sense to park at Dolphin Parking. It would also possibly make sense when departing from Concourse E in Central Terminal. For the southern terminals and concourse you can park at Flamingo Parking or South Parking. Flamingo South parking is for over height vehicles.


The most used hotel is Miami International Airport Hotel. This is also most useful for various reasons such as a late arrival or early departure as well as a long stopover time. If you want convenience, then choose this. However, there are also plenty of options within a short distance of the airport, ranging from budget to luxury. Some good options:

  • Sheraton Miami Airport Hotel & Executive Meeting Center
  • EVEN Hotel Miami – Airport, an IHG Hotel
  • Element Miami International Airport
  • Miami Airport Marriott
  • Courtyard by Marriott Miami Airport