Miami Airport Arrivals MIA

Miami International Airport

PO Box 025504, Miami,
Florida 33102-5504, USA

Tel: +1 (0) 305 8767000

IATA code: MIA

MIA Arrivals today

Schedule Time Estimated Time Origin Airline Flight Terminal Status
06:40 PM June-22 07:04 PM Comayagua (XPL) American Airlines AA2580 N delayed
06:44 PM June-22 Vieux Fort (UVF) American Airlines AA2295 N canceled
06:45 PM June-22 06:56 PM San Juan (SJU) American Airlines AA2421 N estimated
06:45 PM June-22 08:00 PM Managua (MGA) American Airlines AA2852 N delayed
06:45 PM June-22 06:53 PM Madrid (MAD) Air Europa UX97 C estimated
06:47 PM June-22 06:38 PM Point Salines (GND) American Airlines AA1546 N landed
06:47 PM June-22 08:14 PM Louisville (SDF) UPS 5X2332 delayed
06:47 PM June-22 06:46 PM Memphis (MEM) FedEx FX398 estimated
06:48 PM June-22 Orlando (MCO) American Airlines AA457 C scheduled
06:48 PM June-22 08:27 PM Washington (DCA) American Airlines AA1606 N delayed
06:48 PM June-22 06:25 PM Los Angeles (LAX) JetBlue Airways B62885 C landed
06:50 PM June-22 08:29 PM Chicago (ORD) American Airlines AA685 C delayed
06:50 PM June-22 06:50 PM Luxembourg (LUX) Cargolux CV6944 estimated
06:51 PM June-22 07:06 PM Nashville (BNA) American Eagle AA3841 N estimated
06:52 PM June-22 08:32 PM Guayaquil (GYE) American Airlines AA448 N delayed
06:54 PM June-22 Destin (DSI) Netjets EJA701 scheduled
06:55 PM June-22 06:27 PM George Town (GGT) American Eagle AA3951 N landed
06:58 PM June-22 07:51 PM Kingstown (SVD) American Airlines AA1427 N delayed
06:58 PM June-22 07:53 PM Boston (BOS) Delta Air Lines DL716 S delayed
06:59 PM June-22 Orlando (MCO) Delta Air Lines (SkyTeam Livery) DL2513 S scheduled
07:01 PM June-22 06:59 PM Panama City (PTY) American Airlines AA2454 N estimated
07:04 PM June-22 Atlanta (ATL) American Airlines AA241 N scheduled
07:05 PM June-22 06:42 PM Mexico City (MEX) Aeromexico AM422 S estimated
07:05 PM June-22 07:04 PM Cartagena (CTG) Avianca AV146 S estimated
07:05 PM June-22 07:28 PM Austin (AUS) Southwest Airlines WN3099 C delayed
07:06 PM June-22 06:52 PM London (LHR) American Airlines AA57 N estimated
07:06 PM June-22 07:30 PM Bogota (BOG) American Airlines AA916 N delayed
07:08 PM June-22 07:30 PM Pereira (PEI) American Airlines AA1134 N delayed
07:09 PM June-22 06:39 PM Los Angeles (LAX) American Airlines AA1991 N estimated
07:10 PM June-22 08:27 PM Houston (HOU) Southwest Airlines WN1551 C delayed
07:11 PM June-22 06:52 PM Liberia (LIR) American Airlines AA594 N estimated
07:12 PM June-22 06:36 PM Montego Bay (MBJ) American Airlines AA2763 C landed
07:14 PM June-22 07:19 PM Willemstad (CUR) American Airlines AA572 N estimated
07:14 PM June-22 07:06 PM Cali (CLO) American Airlines AA920 N estimated
07:15 PM June-22 07:01 PM Bridgetown (BGI) American Airlines AA1380 N estimated
07:16 PM June-22 Havana (HAV) American Airlines AA838 N scheduled
07:17 PM June-22 06:52 PM Punta Cana (PUJ) American Airlines AA1250 N estimated
07:17 PM June-22 06:58 PM Port of Spain (POS) American Airlines AA2703 N estimated
07:19 PM June-22 08:36 PM Las Vegas (LAS) Spirit Airlines NK3167 C delayed
07:20 PM June-22 Merida (MID) American Airlines AA2132 N scheduled
07:20 PM June-22 09:50 PM Paris (ORY) Air Caraïbes BF742 C delayed
07:20 PM June-22 07:25 PM New York (LGA) Delta Air Lines DL823 S estimated
07:20 PM June-22 New York (JFK) Delta Air Lines DL2238 S scheduled
07:20 PM June-22 07:08 PM Anchorage (ANC) Atlas Air 5Y8030 estimated
07:22 PM June-22 07:32 PM Cartagena (CTG) American Airlines AA914 N estimated
07:25 PM June-22 07:25 PM Istanbul (IST) Turkish Airlines TK77 S estimated
07:29 PM June-22 10:12 PM Ontario (ONT) UPS 5X2310 delayed
07:35 PM June-22 07:53 PM Oranjestad (AUA) American Airlines AA1028 N delayed
07:35 PM June-22 07:36 PM New York (JFK) American Airlines AA2622 N estimated
07:37 PM June-22 07:04 PM Nassau (NAS) American Airlines AA1206 N estimated
07:40 PM June-22 07:15 PM Santiago (SCL) LATAM Airlines LA502 S estimated
07:48 PM June-22 Chicago (ORD) Spirit Airlines NK3165 C scheduled
07:55 PM June-22 07:49 PM New York (LGA) American Airlines AA1356 N estimated
07:55 PM June-22 08:40 PM San Jose (SJO) American Airlines AA2106 C delayed
07:55 PM June-22 08:49 PM Pointe-a-Pitre (PTP) Air France AF616 S delayed
07:55 PM June-22 07:53 PM Santiago (SCL) LATAM Cargo UC1515 estimated
07:56 PM June-22 Nassau (NAS) Mountain Air Cargo MTN7121 scheduled
07:57 PM June-22 Charlotte (CLT) Spirit Airlines NK3146 C scheduled
07:59 PM June-22 Indianapolis (IND) American Eagle AA3629 N scheduled
07:59 PM June-22 07:57 PM San Pedro Sula (SAP) Cargojet Airways W85236 estimated
08:00 PM June-22 07:53 PM Boston (BOS) JetBlue Airways B61319 C estimated
08:00 PM June-22 07:34 PM Madrid (MAD) Iberia IB6117 C estimated
08:00 PM June-22 07:29 PM Raleigh-Durham (RDU) Netjets EJA453 estimated
08:01 PM June-22 08:38 PM Las Vegas (LAS) American Airlines AA1865 N delayed
08:02 PM June-22 07:36 PM St. Thomas (STT) American Airlines AA1391 N estimated
08:03 PM June-22 Washington (DCA) American Airlines AA575 N scheduled
08:05 PM June-22 Atlanta (ATL) American Airlines AA1368 N scheduled
08:05 PM June-22 07:19 PM Kingston (KIN) Amerijet International M68410 estimated
08:06 PM June-22 08:14 PM Montego Bay (MBJ) IBC Airways II504 estimated
08:07 PM June-22 09:14 PM Phoenix (PHX) American Airlines AA1147 N delayed
08:13 PM June-22 07:34 PM Los Angeles (LAX) American Airlines AA1959 N estimated
08:16 PM June-22 Key West (EYW) American Eagle AA3576 N scheduled
08:19 PM June-22 Charlotte (CLT) American Airlines AA2178 N scheduled
08:19 PM June-22 New Orleans (MSY) American Eagle AA3545 N scheduled
08:20 PM June-22 08:29 PM Chicago (ORD) American Airlines AA791 N estimated
08:20 PM June-22 Orlando (MCO) American Airlines AA1411 C scheduled
08:22 PM June-22 08:40 PM San Juan (SJU) American Airlines AA2219 N delayed
08:23 PM June-22 Philadelphia (PHL) SDU1316 scheduled
08:25 PM June-22 Philadelphia (PHL) American Airlines AA442 N scheduled
08:26 PM June-22 08:19 PM Quito (UIO) UPS 5X411 estimated
08:29 PM June-22 08:27 PM New York (JFK) JetBlue Airways B62093 C estimated
08:30 PM June-22 Dallas (DFW) American Airlines AA1261 N scheduled
08:30 PM June-22 Kingston (KIN) Caribbean Airlines BW8039 scheduled
08:31 PM June-22 Santo Domingo (SDQ) UPS 5X403 scheduled
08:33 PM June-22 08:19 PM San Pedro Sula (SAP) UPS 5X379 estimated
08:34 PM June-22 08:59 PM San Jose (SJO) American Airlines AA1248 delayed
08:35 PM June-22 Baltimore (BWI) Spirit Airlines NK1831 C canceled
08:38 PM June-22 Cancun (CUN) American Airlines AA1723 N scheduled
08:40 PM June-22 08:27 PM New York (JFK) American Airlines AA419 N estimated
08:40 PM June-22 Key West (EYW) Air Cargo Carriers 2Q8705 scheduled
08:41 PM June-22 Jacksonville (JAX) American Airlines AA836 N scheduled
08:41 PM June-22 Raleigh-Durham (RDU) American Airlines AA1891 N scheduled
08:41 PM June-22 Philadelphia (PHL) Frontier (Rocket the Hammerhead Shark Livery) F92327 C scheduled
08:42 PM June-22 Punta Cana (PUJ) American Airlines AA2634 N scheduled
08:42 PM June-22 San Jose (SJO) UPS 5X391 scheduled
08:44 PM June-22 Cancun (CUN) Frontier (Austin the Northern Mockingbird Livery) F9202 S scheduled
08:49 PM June-22 Guatemala City (GUA) American Airlines AA1774 N scheduled
08:50 PM June-22 08:23 PM Mexico City (MEX) American Airlines AA505 N estimated
08:50 PM June-22 Houston (IAH) Spirit Airlines NK735 C scheduled
08:55 PM June-22 Atlanta (ATL) Delta Air Lines DL1588 S scheduled

About Miami International Airport Arrivals

MIA, Miami International Airport, is considered the primary airport for Miami, Florida. MIA has been in business since 1928 and offers flights for the Caribbean and Latin America more than any other airport in the United States. It ranks third in terms of handling international arrivals. The airport manages MIA flight arrivals for over 80 airlines to more than 150 destinations worldwide. No doubt, it is one of the busiest airports in the world.

Terminal map


Terminals at Miami Airport

MIA consists of three terminals, named North Terminal, Central Terminal and South Terminal. There are multiple concourses within the terminals. It’s easy to travel between the terminals with the people mover which is situated on level 3.  Level 2 is for ticketing and access to the concourses for boarding.  Level 1 is for MIA airport arrivals because of the baggage claim. Of course arriving with the plain will be at level 2 first.

Baggage claim map


There are a lot of parking possibilities, in front of the terminals af your Miami airport flight arrivals but also on parts of  level 3.

Airlines and destinations

Most popular airlines you can use to travel around the world:

  • American Airlines
  • Delta
  • Frontier
  • Southwest
  • United Airlines

These airlines off most domestic but also many international flights. When flying overseas other carriers will offer flight routes as well. Some of these are the following:

  • Aviance, Jetblue, Lufthansa, Eastern Airlines, AeroMexico, and Swiftair have many Miami arrivals.

The top airlines with Miami international airport arrivals are:

  • Virgin Atlantic
  • Copa Airlines
  • British Airways
  • Iberia

MIA is a crucial hub when it comes to cargo operations and passenger traffic for LATAM, Frontier, and Avianca.

Three of the most popular flights before the arrival of the corona virus pandemic were the following:

Most of these Miami airport arrivals will be served by American Airlines who has a market share of almost 67%.

Many of the previous busy international flights are stagnated with cancellations on beforehand. Think about countries like Brazil that have trouble to control the pandemic. More and more routes are starting to pick up again, especially to the Caribbean. It has important destinations for a holiday. Some of these are:

Also al lot of MIA arrivals from Central America: San Salvador, Cancun, Mexico City, Guatemala City, Tegucigalpa (also some of South America like Quito, Medellin, Cartagena, Bogota).

Passenger statistics

Before the beginning of the COVID-19 crisis, MIA handled more than 1000 Miami flight arrivals daily, connecting to 167 domestic and international destinations. Numbers dropped drastically during 2020 but reached 677,400 passengers in January 2021.

The airport handled about 720 flights during each weekend in February this year. Percentage-wise, this number happens to be 25 percent down compared to the same weekend during the last year. MIA recently made it in the headlines as it handled 89,415 passengers MIA airport arrivals on March 14. The rise in traffic attracted a lot of attention as it was the highest since March 2020.

Another vital positive sign was the launch of the Miami to Asunción, Paraguay (South America) flight from Eastern Airlines recently. The airline has also declared its intention to launch a flight to Montevideo from MIA. Especially the southern part of South America was harder to reach because lack of Miami flight arrivals.

The increasing number of Miami arrivals at the airport indicates that South Florida is slowly but surely attracting more tourists. Both new and existing airlines are adding flights from MIA due to the strong passenger demand. However, these numbers are far below the figures from the pre-pandemic era.

Ample safety measures

Passengers who look at the Miami Airport arrivals list may feel as if the pandemic has ended. But, unfortunately, that’s not the case.

MIA has been taking aggressive steps to ensure the safety of employees, visitors, and passengers. Protective plexi-glass screens have been installed at TSA checkpoint lines, information counters, boarding gates, and check-in-counters. Using a facial covering is a must, and so is maintaining physical distancing at the airport during the flight but also after the Miami airport flight arrivals at the airport.


Since January 26 2020, travelers entering the US airspace need to carry a corona virus test report with them, of course before Miami airport arrivals it need to be negative. Similarly, before leaving for the airport, every individual should ensure they are well-aware of restrictions, document requirements, or quarantine rules applicable to travelers in the country or state that they plan to visit. Airlines may prefer not to allow individuals without proper documents to board the flight. The same goes when it comes to face coverings.

Ground transportation

Taxis & Ride App: you can choose metered fares or flat rates that are determined in zones. Keep in mind the following target prices:

  • Area hotels $17
  • Key Biscayne $44
  • Seaport $27
  • Downtown hotels $21.70
  • North 79th street $26.50
  • Miami Beach Lincoln Road $35
  • Miami Beach Bal Harbor $46
  • Sunny Isles $55
  • Miami Springs $15.60
  • Kendall $43
  • Homestead North $67
  • Hollywood $57.84
  • Fort Lauderdale Downtown $76.56
  • Port Everglades $74.88
Car rental

Rental Cars: There is a Rental Car Center. This can be reached with the MIA Mover. This is present on Level 3 between the garages of Flamingo and Dolphin. After a few minutes you will arrive at the MIA Rental Car Center. There are numerous agencies such as ACE, Advantage, Budget, Enterprise, National, Royal, and Sixt in the building. However, there are more options where you can be picked up at the center. These are slightly lesser known such as Colusa, JC Car, Easirent etc.


You can park at Dolphin or Flamingo Garage. Dolphin Garage is located north and is mainly for Terminal North and part of Terminal Central. The American and JetBlue airlines operate most terminals here. Flamingo Garage is in front of Terminal Central and South. Keep in mind that your car may not be left for more than 45 days. Next to the Flamingo Garage there is a parking lot for over-height vehicles. Parking is available for $2 per 20 minutes with a maximum of $17.00 per day.


The most used hotel at or near the airport is Miami International Airport Hotel. It even gets thousands of good reviews online so it is definitely recommended. Ideal if you have a stopover or an early or late flight.

Some other options nearby:

  • Holiday Inn Express & Suites Miami Airport East, an IHG Hotel
  • Hyatt Place Miami Airport-East
  • EB Hotel Miami
  • Hampton Inn Miami Airport East