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Airport: Memphis International
IATA code: MEM

Memphis International Airport Departures: One Of The Largest Cargo Super Hub Airport

Memphis International Airport is spread across 3900 acres and is only  7 miles from Shelby County, Tennessee. It is a passenger airport but is mostly known as the FedEx super hub who offers many Memphis departures. It is one of the largest cargo hubs in the western hemisphere and the second-largest in the world. Other than this, the Memphis International Airport has also military MEM airport departures with its airbase for Tennessee national air guard.

Runaways and terminals at Memphis International Airport

The Memphis International Airport has one terminal and three different concourses for all Memphis flight departures. Course A has nine gates, B has 23 and C has 18 gates. There are Memphis airport departures at 4 runways made of concrete. There are in total 12 restaurants and cafes in three concourses. Also, there are 7 shops including all three concourses.


Parking at Memphis International Airport

The Memphis International Airport has a well-developed and well-lit parking area. Part of the parking area is covered and provide 24×7 assistance to the travelers in parking and finding the car as well.

There is different parking lot type with different ticket price you can choose before MEM departures:

– Economy parking- 4542 spaces

– Long term parking- 2225 spaces

– Oversize vehicle parking- 180 spaces

– Short term parking- 487 spaces

The airport also provides long-term parking for around 30 days. But one will have to call the desk to get a spot reserved beforehand.

Transportation to Memphis International Airport

The passengers can be dropped off at the airport by bus, shuttles, shared cabs, etc to start Memphis departures at the airport. One can take the MATA bus from anywhere in the city to reach the airport at terminal C. Also, the MEM airport departures are through the upper-level drive. One can follow the sign of ticketing along the way to reach the departure desks.

Airlines running from Memphis International Airport

There are a large number of airlines that offer Memphis flight departures. These airlines cover most of the in-country locations. The popular airlines that cover the Memphis airport departures are:

– Frontier airlines

– Delta airlines

– Delta connection

– American eagle

– American airlines

– Allegiant air

– United express

– United airlines

– Southern airways express

– Volaris

Destinations from Memphis International Airport

Memphis International Airport is one of the most busy airports in Tennessee. One can take MEM departures to various destinations from this airport. The airport runs Memphis departures to regular destinations and seasonal destinations. In addition, the flights connect to some of the busiest airports and locations of the country.

Some of the regular MEM airport departures where the flights fly to are Fort Lauderdale, LA, Las Vegas, Austin, Punta Gorda, St. Petersburg, Charlotte, Washington national, Phoenix Sky Harbour, New York la Guardia, Miami, Chicago O’Hare, Denver, Atlanta, Orlando, Boston, Houston, Newark, etc.

The busiest Memphis flight departures as per data from the last 5 years are Dallas, Atlanta, Denver and Charlotte Douglas Airport.

Cargo flights from Memphis International Airport

Memphis International Airport is one of the biggest cargo hubs. It is a global hub of FedEx express called Superhub. The airport is the hub from where most of the companies’ national and international cargo leaves. Till 2009, it was the busiest cargo airport in the world and now is the second-largest cargo hub right after Hong Kong.

Some of the cargo airlines that run Memphis airport departures are:

  • FedEx express
  • UPS airlines
  • Atlas air
  • Kalitta air
  • FedEx feeder
  • DHL aviation

Some of the destinations with MEM departures where the cargo flights fly off to from the airport are LA, Washington, Canada, European countries, South Korea, Taiwan, Dubai, etc