Memphis Airport Arrivals MEM

Memphis international airport

Address: 2491 Winchester Rd, Memphis, TN 38116, United States
IATA airport code: MEM
Elevation: 341 ft
Phone: +1 901-922-8000
Serves: Memphis
Node for: FedEx Express, Southern Airways Express

MEM arrivals today

Schedule Time Estimated Time Origin Airline Flight Status
12:42 AM September-27 01:09 AM Aguadilla (BQN) FedEx FX58 delayed
12:44 AM September-27 12:37 AM Seattle (SEA) FedEx FX1223 landed
12:46 AM September-27 12:24 AM Columbus (CSG) FedEx Feeder BVN7518 landed
12:48 AM September-27 12:29 AM San Bernardino (SBD) FedEx FX1359 landed
12:51 AM September-27 12:44 AM Anchorage (ANC) FedEx FX14 estimated
12:51 AM September-27 12:39 AM Oakland (OAK) FedEx FX1268 estimated
12:52 AM September-27 12:46 AM Ontario (ONT) FedEx FX1215 estimated
12:53 AM September-27 12:38 AM Anchorage (ANC) FedEx FX108 landed
12:54 AM September-27 12:20 AM Thief River Falls (TVF) IFL Group IF7567 landed
12:57 AM September-27 11:36 PM Wichita (ICT) FedEx FX1305 landed
02:26 AM September-27 02:17 AM Mexico City (MEX) FedEx FX9131 estimated
04:20 AM September-27 Louisville (SDF) UPS 5X1384 scheduled
04:31 AM September-27 Chicago (RFD) UPS 5X1382 scheduled
05:09 AM September-27 Kansas City (MKC) Quest Diagnostics LBQ612 scheduled
06:31 AM September-27 Little Rock (LIT) UPS 5X9749 scheduled
07:06 AM September-27 Tallahassee (TLH) Mountain Air Cargo MTN8385 scheduled
07:29 AM September-27 Austin (AUS) FedEx FX615 scheduled
07:34 AM September-27 Huntington (HTS) FedEx FX826 scheduled
07:51 AM September-27 Houston (IAH) FedEx FX608 scheduled
08:02 AM September-27 Knoxville (TYS) FedEx FX623 scheduled
08:04 AM September-27 Orlando (MCO) FedEx FX646 scheduled
08:06 AM September-27 Grand Rapids (GRR) FedEx FX651 scheduled
08:06 AM September-27 Atlanta (ATL) FedEx FX800 scheduled
08:10 AM September-27 Cleveland (CLE) FedEx FX427 scheduled
08:15 AM September-27 Dallas (DFW) FedEx FX472 scheduled
08:22 AM September-27 Shreveport (SHV) FedEx FX643 scheduled
08:30 AM September-27 Charlotte (CLT) FedEx FX816 scheduled
08:30 AM September-27 Raleigh-Durham (RDU) FedEx FX476 scheduled
08:33 AM September-27 Houston (IAH) FedEx FX408 scheduled
08:35 AM September-27 New Orleans (MSY) FedEx FX861 scheduled
08:38 AM September-27 Washington (IAD) FedEx FX401 scheduled
08:39 AM September-27 San Antonio (SAT) FedEx FX464 scheduled
08:43 AM September-27 Austin (AUS) FedEx FX621 scheduled
08:46 AM September-27 Louisville (SDF) FedEx FX407 scheduled
08:47 AM September-27 Charlotte (CLT) American Airlines AA1790 scheduled
08:52 AM September-27 Detroit (DTW) FedEx FX846 scheduled
08:57 AM September-27 Baltimore (BWI) FedEx FX694 scheduled
08:58 AM September-27 Richmond (RIC) FedEx FX811 scheduled
08:58 AM September-27 Wichita (ICT) FedEx FX422 scheduled
08:59 AM September-27 Philadelphia (PHL) FedEx FX447 scheduled
09:00 AM September-27 Greensboro (GSO) FedEx FX808 scheduled
09:01 AM September-27 Sioux Falls (FSD) FedEx FX854 scheduled
09:02 AM September-27 Norfolk (ORF) FedEx FX409 scheduled
09:05 AM September-27 Atlanta (ATL) Southwest Airlines WN854 scheduled
09:06 AM September-27 Rochester (ROC) FedEx FX684 scheduled
09:12 AM September-27 Atlanta (ATL) Delta Air Lines DL2424 scheduled
09:12 AM September-27 Chicago (ORD) FedEx FX650 scheduled
09:15 AM September-27 Tampa (TPA) FedEx FX692 scheduled
09:18 AM September-27 Des Moines (DSM) FedEx FX697 scheduled
09:19 AM September-27 Minneapolis (MSP) FedEx FX420 scheduled
09:20 AM September-27 Kansas City (MCI) FedEx FX632 scheduled
09:22 AM September-27 Fort Lauderdale (FLL) FedEx FX693 scheduled
09:22 AM September-27 Jacksonville (JAX) FedEx FX825 scheduled
09:33 AM September-27 Orlando (MCO) FedEx FX830 scheduled
09:37 AM September-27 Windsor Locks (BDL) FedEx FX657 scheduled
09:41 AM September-27 Columbus (LCK) FedEx FX437 scheduled
09:43 AM September-27 Lubbock (LBB) FedEx FX474 scheduled
09:46 AM September-27 Indianapolis (IND) FedEx FX653 scheduled
09:51 AM September-27 Tulsa (TUL) FedEx FX413 scheduled
09:54 AM September-27 New York (EWR) FedEx FX421 scheduled
09:55 AM September-27 Manchester (MHT) FedEx FX872 scheduled
09:55 AM September-27 Miami (MIA) FedEx FX619 scheduled
10:00 AM September-27 Washington (DCA) American Eagle AA4331 scheduled
10:00 AM September-27 Los Angeles (LAX) FedEx FX451 scheduled
10:04 AM September-27 New York (JFK) FedEx FX628 scheduled
10:06 AM September-27 Dallas (DFW) American Airlines AA2559 scheduled
10:07 AM September-27 Mobile (BFM) FedEx FX860 scheduled
10:08 AM September-27 Boston (BOS) FedEx FX416 scheduled
10:15 AM September-27 Honolulu (HNL) FedEx FX457 scheduled
10:15 AM September-27 Anchorage (ANC) FedEx FX9014 scheduled
10:15 AM September-27 Albuquerque (ABQ) FedEx FX629 scheduled
10:19 AM September-27 Charlotte (CLT) American Airlines AA2286 scheduled
10:32 AM September-27 Philadelphia (PHL) FedEx FX851 scheduled
10:35 AM September-27 Fargo (FAR) FedEx FX639 scheduled
10:37 AM September-27 Boston (BOS) FedEx FX822 scheduled
10:37 AM September-27 Toronto (YYZ) FedEx FX247 scheduled
10:38 AM September-27 Chicago (ORD) United Express UA3409 scheduled
10:40 AM September-27 New York (JFK) FedEx FX442 scheduled
10:43 AM September-27 El Paso (ELP) FedEx FX613 scheduled
10:50 AM September-27 Philadelphia (PHL) American Eagle AA4291 scheduled
10:51 AM September-27 11:23 AM Osaka (KIX) FedEx FX9019 delayed
10:54 AM September-27 Rogers (ROG) NetJets EJA331 scheduled
10:55 AM September-27 Baltimore (BWI) Southwest Airlines WN4170 scheduled
10:56 AM September-27 Seattle (SEA) FedEx FX630 scheduled
10:56 AM September-27 New York (EWR) FedEx FX835 scheduled
11:00 AM September-27 Portland (PWM) FedEx FX491 scheduled
11:00 AM September-27 Phoenix (PHX) FedEx FX428 scheduled
11:01 AM September-27 Milwaukee (MKE) FedEx FX459 scheduled
11:02 AM September-27 Liege (LGG) FedEx FX25 scheduled
11:04 AM September-27 Anchorage (ANC) FedEx FX167 scheduled
11:04 AM September-27 Salt Lake City (SLC) FedEx FX876 scheduled
11:10 AM September-27 Houston (IAH) Mesa Airlines UA6153 scheduled
11:10 AM September-27 Denver (DEN) FedEx FX853 scheduled
11:13 AM September-27 Boston (BOS) FedEx FX647 scheduled
11:17 AM September-27 Allentown (ABE) FedEx FX468 scheduled
11:24 AM September-27 Minneapolis (MSP) Delta Connection DL3756 scheduled
11:29 AM September-27 New York (EWR) FedEx FX432 scheduled
11:32 AM September-27 Anchorage (ANC) FedEx FX6010 scheduled
11:33 AM September-27 Seattle (SEA) FedEx FX637 scheduled
11:35 AM September-27 Atlanta (ATL) Delta Air Lines DL2042 scheduled

Some things about Memphis international airport arrivals

Memphis International Airport is one of the busiest cargo airports in the United States, and it is a civil cum military airport that handles many Memphis arrivals of American Airlines. Thousands of passengers come and go using this airport. It is located 7 miles from the city and is easily accessible by car or public transport. It sits on a 3,900 acres piece of land. There is 1 passenger terminal with several concourses to which aircraft can connect. There are even 4 runways available.

Most popular flight routes
Location of Memphis Airport

The civil cum military airport is located about seven miles southeast of downtown Memphis in Shelby County, Tennessee. It covers about 3900 acres of land. It is a hub for FedEx Express and Southern Airways Express that have many MEM airport arrivals, making it one of the busiest cargo airports. There are multiple good spotting places around the area as well.

Memphis Airport ground transportation

Like any other airport, Memphis International Airport provides ground transportation for passengers with Memphis flight arrivals and people that depart. The airport has the service by taxi and shuttle bus. You can find public transport according to your traveling schedule. Whether it is from the airport after Memphis airport arrivals, the transportation is not very difficult to avail.

  • If you are opting for a taxi, you can locate it on the ground level outside the northwest airline baggage claim after MEM arrivals hall to go downtown. Some companies operate these taxis, and it is better if you contact the taxi starters in the taxi booth. A few services you can contact at the airport are advantage cab, checker cab, city-wide cab, metro cab, and yellow cab. Some taxi rates:
    • Arlington: $90
    • West Memphis: $55
    • Hernando: $48
    • Batesville: $146
  • If you have Memphis arrivals and booked a hotel then you may use their shuttle service You can contact your shuttle service through the phone services available in the baggage claim areas A, B and C. There are overhead signs that give you information about the shuttle bus stops near the airport.
  • The Memphis area transport authority or MATA provides shuttle services for passengers who want to reach their particular hotels.
  • There are also shared rides by yellow cab for people with MEM airport arrivals, where people going to the same destination can share a ride. Other popular shared ride services are  Lyft and Uber.
  • There are also public bus services operate to and from the airport by MATA.
  • Car rental. There are a handful of car rental companies at Memphis airport. These are located at the Ground Transportation Center. That is at Terminal B at Lower Level. Some include Alamo Car Rental, Enterprise, Thrifty, Hertz and Payless Car Rental.

There are quite a few hotels in the area and downtown. Not everyone offers an airport shuttle service and many do not get a good rating on Some that do get good ratings and offer shuttle service include the following hotels near Memphis Airport:

  • Courtyard by Marriott Memphis Southaven
  • The Guest House at Graceland
  • Holiday Inn Express & Suites Memphis Arpt Elvis Presley Blv, an IHG Hotel
  • Courtyard by Marriott Memphis Airport
Runways and terminal at Memphis Airport

There are four runways for all it’s Memphis flight arrivals It covers a large area of 3900 acres. It has a single terminal and three concourses with a total number of 50 gates to have Memphis airport arrivals. The airlines and that uses this airport are given below:

  • Delta airlines – concourse A
  • Southwest airlines – concourse A
  • Allegiant – concourse C
  • Frontier airlines – concourse C
  • American airlines – concourse C
  • Air Canada airlines – concourse C
  • United airlines – concourse C


There is also a concourse B which closed for construction at the moment.

Memphis airport flight routes

The airport will help the passengers to have domestic MEM arrivals from the following destinations:

Memphis airport serves international destinations as well. There are international Memphis arrivals from the following destinations outside of the US:

FedEx flies to different locations in Mexico and Canada as well as Puerto Rico.

The passenger traffic at Memphis Airport

Statistics show that The Memphis Shelby county international airport handled about 4.5 million arriving and departing passengers in 2019. With a decrease of MEM airport arrivals in 2020 there are some numbers that are increasing again in 2021. The stats show that the airport has one of the largest cargo operations in the world. The airport deals with almost 80 passenger flights.

Though the airport is small, it handles every Memphis flight arrivals like any other international airport in the United States. Therefore, the information given in this article will help any passenger get precise knowledge about the airport and its services for the passengers.