Louisville Airport Departures SDF

Louisville Muhammad Ali International Airport

Address: 600 Terminal Dr, Louisville, KY 40209, United States
Airport code: SDF
Elevation: 502 ft
Phone: +1 502-367-4636
Node for: UPS Airlines

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Louisville International Airport departures (Muhammad Ali)

Louisville Muhammad Ali International Airport is a civil-military airport in Louisville, Kentucky, and it is in Jefferson County. The airport in Louisville is 1,500 acres in size and has three runways for Muhammad Ali airport departures. The Louisville Regional Airport Authority owns and operates SDF (LRAA).

Airlines and destinations

In addition to the aforementioned airlines, there are also SDF airport departures with Spirit Airlines, Mesa Airlines and Breeze Airways. Republic Airways is also active that provides flights for Delta Connection, United Express and American Eagle.

Most Louisville flight departures go to Atlanta, Georgia. This airport is also seen as a hub for flights to destinations all over the world. There are also many Louisville departures to the following cities as well:

Top routes from SDF

Most routes remain in the region and head to the south and east coasts. The only international flights scheduled are from UPS Cargo to Puerto Rico and Mexico.

Check-in procedures

Before Louisville flight departures, we need our passengers to sign in. You will be asked some predominant security questions about the items you are bringing onboard our plane at this stage.

You will be asked some security questions about the items you are bringing on board our plane at this stage. These options exist for checking in:

  • Check-in through the website.
  • Using the self-service booths of the airport.
  • By visiting one of the check-in desks in the terminal.

Check-in ends 40 minutes before the Louisville departures of your flight. How early to arrive? We strongly advise that you arrive at the airport 90 minutes before your SDF departures. Through our website, you can log in online. You will receive an email from the airport when online check-in becomes available, which will be 24 hours before your flight.

Checked-in luggage

If you have chosen to travel with a checked suitcase, you must hand it at the time of check-in. Your luggage will be labeled with a tag to mark it, and it will then be screened at the airport to ensure that it is safe to be transported onto an airplane. If you check-in online or at a self-service counter, you can skip the line and go straight to the bag drop.

  • Make sure your luggage meets the proper size and weight requirements. It does not weigh more than 44 pounds and does not exceed the maximum measurements of the airline you fly with.
  • Make sure you don’t have any hazardous materials in your baggage.
  • Make sure you don’t have any valuables in your checked luggage, such as currency, jewels, costly perfumes, or personal electronics.
  • Using a lock on your luggage is a good idea.
  • It is a good idea to get your luggage covered at the airport to prevent scratching.
  • Check the validity of your passport; it should be valid at all times. Have an appointment for a visa. Some countries do not need students to secure a visa. However, you must pay the SEVIS I-901 fee and fly with a DS-2019, SEVIS I-901 receipt, and proof of financials.
  • On your trip to the United States, keep the following papers with you at all times: your passport, visa, and DS-2019. Keep a copy of your records in a safe place. In case your baggage is missing or missed by the airlines, you can also include a change of clothes in your carry-on.
  • Make on-campus or off-campus housing arrangements. Make plans for airport pickup (Information below).
  • With a copy of your doctor’s order, you can get any prescription drugs you may require.
  • In your carry-on luggage, place your DS-2019, I-901 SEVIS receipt charge, financial records, passport, and ISSS Handbook.
Terminal at Louisville Airport

There are Louisville airport departures through the Abramson terminal which offer 23 gates to depart. Those departure gates are divided by two Concourses (A and B). The airlines Southwest, Frontier, Delta, American Airlines, Allegiant and United Airlines have their own ticketing counter:


From left to right, the ticket counters are as follows:

  • Southwest
  • Breeze
  • Frontier
  • Delta
  • American
  • Allegiant
  • United
  • Spirit


As you can see, there are several options for shopping and food/drink before going through security to the gates. Once through security, there are still a few options.

Louisville Airport passengers statistics

The airport provides flights for around 3-4 million passengers a year.

Ground transportation

Driving directions: 600 Terminal Dr. Louisville, KY 40209

Getting to and from the airport through different options:

  • Parking: the cheapest place to park your car is the Express Shuttle Lot which is located at the Cell Phone waiting area. However, this car park is temporarily closed. The ‘Surface Parking Lot’ is recommended for long-term parking. If you want to park closer, you can choose the ‘Premier Parking Lot’ next to the terminal or the slightly more expensive ‘Parking Garage’ which is covered.louisville-departures-directions
  • Pickup and Drop-off: This can be used if you are only stationary for a few minutes with the car to pick up or drop someone off. For a drop-off you have to drive to Upper Level where the ticket counters are located. The Lower Level is for a pickup where passengers come after the baggage claim area.
  • Rental cars: you can also travel further by car by renting a car. There are several car rental companies that have a counter at baggage claim to rent a car.
  • Courtesy Vans: There are many hotels that offer this service. There are also some near the terminal if you have a long stopover or the like.
  • Cabs, limos, Ride Sharing: various quality options for a quick journey to your final destination.
  • busses; the bus can be used for passengers with a lower budget. Bus route ‘Second Street’ runs from the airport to the university of Louisville and downtown. You can also choose to take the route the other way around to JB Speed Art Museum and Kentucky Fair and Exposition Center.
Top places to visit
  • Old Forester
  • Belle of Louisville
  • Louisville Slugger Museum
  • Brown Hotel
  • Churchill Downs
  • 4th Street Live
  • 21c Hotel
  • Copper & Kings
  • Muhammad Ali Center
  • Angel’s Envy