Louisville Airport Arrivals SDF

Louisville Muhammad Ali International Airport

Alias: Louisville Standiford Field Airport
PO Box 9129, Louisville,
KY 40209-0129, USA

Tel: +1 (0) 502 3674636
Website: flylouisville.com

Airport Codes
IATA code: SDF

SDF Arrivals today

Schedule Time Estimated Time Origin Airline Flight Status
08:04 AM April-17 07:55 AM Boston (BOS) UPS 5X9810 landed
08:34 AM April-17 08:24 AM Columbia (CAE) UPS 5X9740 estimated
09:06 AM April-17 09:05 AM New York (SWF) UPS 5X2259 estimated
09:18 AM April-17 09:05 AM Kansas City (MCI) UPS 5X5565 estimated
09:28 AM April-17 09:37 AM Cologne (CGN) UPS 5X216 estimated
09:30 AM April-17 09:17 AM Orlando (MCO) Southwest Airlines WN1394 estimated
09:31 AM April-17 Atlanta (ATL) Delta Air Lines DL2937 scheduled
09:37 AM April-17 Pittsburgh (PIT) UPS 5X5539 scheduled
09:48 AM April-17 Minneapolis (MSP) UPS 5X2557 scheduled
09:49 AM April-17 Detroit (DTW) UPS 5X5543 scheduled
09:53 AM April-17 09:15 AM New York (JFK) UPS 5X2111 estimated
09:53 AM April-17 09:13 AM Orlando (MCO) UPS 5X2325 estimated
09:54 AM April-17 Chicago (ORD) UPS 5X5501 scheduled
09:55 AM April-17 Syracuse (SYR) Altius Aviation STY543 scheduled
09:56 AM April-17 Manchester (MHT) UPS 5X2049 scheduled
09:59 AM April-17 Detroit (DTW) SkyWest Airlines DL3997 scheduled
10:00 AM April-17 Minneapolis (MSP) Delta Connection DL4610 canceled
10:04 AM April-17 Atlanta (ATL) UPS 5X5541 scheduled
10:11 AM April-17 09:22 AM Windsor Locks (BDL) UPS 5X2061 estimated
10:13 AM April-17 09:56 AM Boston (BOS) UPS 5X2013 estimated
10:15 AM April-17 Dallas (DFW) American Eagle AA3565 scheduled
10:15 AM April-17 Baltimore (BWI) Southwest Airlines WN4244 scheduled
10:16 AM April-17 Chicago (ORD) American Eagle AA6015 scheduled
10:24 AM April-17 Tampa (TPA) UPS 5X5505 scheduled
10:25 AM April-17 Syracuse (SYR) UPS 5X2133 scheduled
10:27 AM April-17 Miami (MIA) UPS 5X2331 scheduled
10:30 AM April-17 Tampa (TPA) Southwest Airlines WN4258 scheduled
10:35 AM April-17 Bangor (BGR) UPS 5X9733 scheduled
10:36 AM April-17 New York (EWR) UPS 5X2075 scheduled
10:36 AM April-17 Philadelphia (PHL) UPS 5X5521 scheduled
10:46 AM April-17 Washington (DCA) American Eagle AA4667 scheduled
10:48 AM April-17 Charlotte (CLT) American Eagle AA5053 scheduled
10:53 AM April-17 San Antonio (SAT) UPS 5X2787 scheduled
10:58 AM April-17 Philadelphia (PHL) American Eagle AA5744 scheduled
10:58 AM April-17 Salt Lake City (SLC) UPS 5X2845 scheduled
10:58 AM April-17 New York (JFK) UPS 5X9701 scheduled
11:03 AM April-17 09:56 AM Fort Lauderdale (FLL) UPS 5X5515 estimated
11:03 AM April-17 Omaha (OMA) UPS 5X2585 scheduled
11:04 AM April-17 Anchorage (ANC) UPS 5X71 scheduled
11:06 AM April-17 Denver (DEN) UPS 5X2807 scheduled
11:08 AM April-17 Philadelphia (PHL) UPS 5X2215 scheduled
11:09 AM April-17 Charlotte (CLT) UPS 5X5535 scheduled
11:14 AM April-17 11:10 AM Oakland (OAK) UPS 5X2941 estimated
11:17 AM April-17 Denver (DEN) UPS 5X5581 scheduled
11:22 AM April-17 Detroit (DTW) Delta Connection DL5764 scheduled
11:24 AM April-17 Washington (IAD) United Express UA6138 scheduled
11:24 AM April-17 Los Angeles (LAX) UPS 5X5525 scheduled
11:27 AM April-17 Atlanta (ATL) Delta Air Lines DL2348 scheduled
11:27 AM April-17 Dallas (DFW) UPS 5X2751 scheduled
11:29 AM April-17 Houston (IAH) UPS 5X2773 scheduled
11:34 AM April-17 Phoenix (PHX) UPS 5X5529 scheduled
11:42 AM April-17 New York (EWR) United Express UA3678 scheduled
11:44 AM April-17 Chicago (ORD) United Express UA3600 scheduled
11:50 AM April-17 Chicago (MDW) Southwest Airlines WN5791 scheduled
11:56 AM April-17 New York (EWR) UPS 5X2079 scheduled
11:58 AM April-17 Salt Lake City (SLC) UPS 5X2843 scheduled
12:06 PM April-17 Dallas (DFW) UPS 5X2785 scheduled
12:07 PM April-17 Orlando (MCO) UPS 5X2327 scheduled
12:10 PM April-17 New York (LGA) Delta Connection DL5618 scheduled
12:17 PM April-17 Phoenix (PHX) UPS 5X2855 scheduled
12:36 PM April-17 Ontario (ONT) UPS 5X2909 scheduled
12:39 PM April-17 Seattle (BFI) UPS 5X5519 scheduled
12:40 PM April-17 Philadelphia (PHL) UPS 5X208 scheduled
12:44 PM April-17 Los Angeles (LAX) UPS 5X2903 scheduled
12:47 PM April-17 Las Vegas (LAS) UPS 5X2893 scheduled
12:53 PM April-17 Minneapolis (MSP) Delta Connection DL4063 scheduled
01:04 PM April-17 Ontario (ONT) UPS 5X2915 scheduled
01:09 PM April-17 Dallas (DFW) American Airlines AA1321 scheduled
01:15 PM April-17 El Paso (ELP) UPS 5X2867 scheduled
01:17 PM April-17 Oakland (OAK) UPS 5X2945 scheduled
01:17 PM April-17 Portland (PDX) UPS 5X2973 scheduled
01:17 PM April-17 Sacramento (MHR) UPS 5X2957 scheduled
01:20 PM April-17 Ontario (ONT) UPS 5X5513 scheduled
01:21 PM April-17 San Diego (SAN) UPS 5X2921 scheduled
01:23 PM April-17 Seattle (BFI) UPS 5X2981 scheduled
01:24 PM April-17 Philadelphia (PHL) UPS 5X2195 scheduled
01:27 PM April-17 New York (LGA) American Eagle AA4654 scheduled
01:29 PM April-17 Portland (PDX) UPS 5X2971 scheduled
01:32 PM April-17 Reno (RNO) UPS 5X2895 scheduled
01:36 PM April-17 Jackson (HKS) NetJets EJA358 scheduled
01:52 PM April-17 Sioux City (SUX) scheduled
01:54 PM April-17 Chicago (MDW) NetJets EJA685 canceled
02:00 PM April-17 Boston (BOS) Delta Connection DL5616 scheduled
02:06 PM April-17 Atlanta (ATL) Delta Air Lines DL2448 scheduled
02:13 PM April-17 San Juan (SJU) UPS 5X327 scheduled
02:34 PM April-17 Denver (DEN) United Airlines UA500 scheduled
02:45 PM April-17 Chicago (MDW) Southwest Airlines WN3226 scheduled
02:46 PM April-17 Chicago (ORD) American Eagle AA4856 scheduled
02:55 PM April-17 Charlotte (CLT) American Airlines AA2149 scheduled
03:03 PM April-17 New York (LGA) Delta Connection DL4046 scheduled
03:22 PM April-17 Houston (IAH) Mesa Airlines UA6167 scheduled
03:45 PM April-17 Minneapolis (MSP) Delta Connection DL3945 scheduled
03:55 PM April-17 Washington (DCA) American Eagle AA5186 scheduled
04:06 PM April-17 Baton Rouge (BTR) scheduled
04:21 PM April-17 Atlanta (ATL) Delta Air Lines DL1126 scheduled
04:40 PM April-17 Houston (HOU) Southwest Airlines WN3271 scheduled
04:41 PM April-17 Boston (BOS) American Eagle AA4786 scheduled
04:54 PM April-17 Chicago (ORD) United Express UA5443 scheduled
05:00 PM April-17 Phoenix (PHX) Southwest Airlines WN449 scheduled
05:22 PM April-17 Detroit (DTW) Delta Connection DL3957 scheduled

Louisville international airport arrivals (Muhammad Ali)

Muhammad Ali International Airport is a civil-military airport located in Louisville, Kentucky, and it covers a total of 1500 acres. There are a total of three runways for SDF airport arrivals . In 2019, the airport served over 4.2 million passengers and 5.7 billion pounds (2.89 million tonnes) of cargo. It is also the second busiest cargo airport in the United States.

Airlines and destinations

Airlines that fly through this airport with Muhammad Ali airport arrivals include the following:

  • Allegiant Air
  • American Airlines
  • Delta Air Lines
  • Southwest Airlines
  • Mesa Airlines

There are quite some cargo flights as well. The carrier UPS Airlines organize most flights but also FedEx Express, Air Cargo Carriers, and United Express offer flights.

Most Louisville flight arrivals come from the city of Atlanta, Georgia. This route is mostly flown through Delta and Southwest. Other major aircraft routes are as following:

Flight tracker

Louisville Airport terminal

The Jerry E. Abramson Terminal is the only commercial terminal at the airport for Louisville arrivals. Ground transportation and baggage claim facilities are located on the first floor, while ticketing, passenger drop-off, and concourse entry are located on the second floor.


The two concourses have a total of 23 gates for all SDF arrivals. A rotunda and conduit connect the concourses, and a centralized security checkpoint is in the main portion of the terminal.

  • There are 12 gates on Concourse A
  • There are 11 gates on Concourse B

How early to arrive? It is recommended to arrive 1.5 hours before the flight departs. This gives you enough time to check in if you haven’t already done so online, go through security and for boarding.

There are different shopping and food places before and after security. If you want to grab some food you could go to KFC, Starbucks, Coals Pizza, Smashburger and some other options.


There are three concrete runways at Louisville Muhammad Ali International Airport, two of which are parallel and one crosswind to process all Louisville airport arrivals. With a length of 11,887 feet, the westernmost runway (17R/35L) is the largest of the three. It was expanded in 2007 to handle larger aircraft traveling nonstop to destinations as far away as the Pacific Rim and Asia.

Cargo hub

The Louisville Muhammad Ali International Airport serves as the worldwide hub for UPS (United Parcel Service). Even though UPS has had SDF airport arrivals in Louisville since 1980, the word “hub” was not publicly coined until 2002, after a 1 billion dollars, five-year extension. The project was formerly known as Hub 2000. The building is currently 5.2 million square feet in size and can process 115 parcels per second, or 416,000 per hour. UPS announced in May 2006 that it increases its Worldport center for the third time in seven years, with a 1 billion dollars budget.

The second extension was finished in April 2010, giving the facility a total area of 5,200,000 square feet (480,000 m2) and a 7.2-mile radius (11.6 km) to expand and increase cargo Muhammad Ali airport arrivals. The plan provided more than 1,000,000 square feet (93,000 m2) to its current building. And the expansion of another 334,500 square feet (31,080 m2) of space with modern technologies and facilities. The processing capability of Worldport increase from 300,000 to 416,000 packages per hour.

Transportation at Louisville Airport

It is an airport located near the center in the south. It is easily accessible. There are many roads that lead to the airport. The main road leading to the airport is Route 264. You can use various means of transport to continue your journey after arrival. Some of these include Limos, Cabs, Courtesy Vans, Rental Cars, Buses and Ride Sharing Services.

  • There are several choices at Louisville Muhammad Ali International Airport to make your visit as easy as possible. The Upper Level is perfect for drop-off and is next to the airlines’ ticket counters, whether you’re arriving or leaving.
  • The Lower Level is next to the baggage claim and handy for pick-up after Louisville flight arrivals.Louisville-Muhammad-Ali-Airport-arrivals-SDF-lower-level
  • Rental cars: There are several rental car companies in the arrivals hall. Those are Budget, Hertz, Avis, National, Dollar, Thrifty, Enterprise and Alamo.

We suggest parking in our open, short-term Cell Phone Observation Waiting Area off Crittenden Drive if you want to sit in your car before your guests arrive and dial your mobile phone. It’s also a great place to go plane-spotting. There are several parking options. There is a multi-storey car park just in front of the terminal. This costs up to $78 per week. A spot next door is the Surface Parking Lot. This one is cheaper ($54 per week) and not covered. There is also a car park next to the terminal. This is called Premium Parking Lot. This one is $60 a week. The Express Shuttle Parking Lot is a little further away at Cell Phone waiting area. It is temporarily closed. Parking layout:louisville airport arrivals for parking


There are no hotels in the terminal itself, but there are opposite the airport on the other side of the highway. Shuttle services are available. Some Popular Hotels:

  • Crowne Plaza Louisville Airport Expo Ctr, an IHG Hotel
  • Courtyard by Marriott Louisville Airport
  • SpringHill Suites by Marriott Louisville Airport
  • Tru by Hilton Louisville Airport
  • Hampton Inn Louisville-Airport