Long Beach Airport Departures LGB

Daugherty Field

Address: 4100 Donald Douglas Dr, Long Beach, CA 90808, United States
Airport code: LGB
Elevation: 58 ft
Phone: +1 562-570-2600
Web: longbeach.gov
Owner: Long Beach
Location: Long Beach, California
Serves: Los Angeles County, Orange County

LGB Departures today and tomorrow

Schedule Time Estimated Time Destination Airline Flight Status
06:50 AM April-17 06:50 AM Sacramento (SMF) Southwest Airlines WN4488 estimated
06:55 AM April-17 06:55 AM Las Vegas (LAS) Southwest Airlines WN2432 estimated
07:00 AM April-17 07:00 AM Denver (DEN) Southwest Airlines WN1678 estimated
07:10 AM April-17 07:10 AM Salt Lake City (SLC) Delta Connection DL3744 estimated
07:15 AM April-17 07:27 AM Oakland (OAK) Southwest Airlines WN3462 estimated
07:50 AM April-17 07:58 AM Honolulu (HNL) Southwest Airlines WN5177 estimated
07:55 AM April-17 08:07 AM San Jose (SJC) Southwest Airlines WN4347 estimated
08:00 AM April-17 08:12 AM Dallas (DAL) Southwest Airlines WN4330 estimated
08:00 AM April-17 08:06 AM Denver (APA) NetJets EJA680 estimated
08:00 AM April-17 08:16 AM King City (KIC) estimated
08:05 AM April-17 08:10 AM Kahului (OGG) Hawaiian Airlines HA71 estimated
08:10 AM April-17 08:12 AM Chicago (MDW) Southwest Airlines WN3144 estimated
08:40 AM April-17 08:49 AM Nashville (BNA) Southwest Airlines WN2098 estimated
08:55 AM April-17 09:07 AM Austin (AUS) Southwest Airlines WN4897 estimated
09:00 AM April-17 09:10 AM Houston (HOU) Southwest Airlines WN2142 estimated
09:05 AM April-17 09:13 AM Honolulu (HNL) Hawaiian Airlines HA69 estimated
09:10 AM April-17 09:22 AM Phoenix (PHX) Southwest Airlines WN3803 estimated
09:40 AM April-17 09:50 AM Lake Ozark (AIZ) Jet Linx Aviation JL538 estimated
09:50 AM April-17 10:02 AM Las Vegas (LAS) Southwest Airlines WN2766 estimated
10:10 AM April-17 10:22 AM Sacramento (SMF) Southwest Airlines WN5349 estimated
10:55 AM April-17 11:07 AM Oakland (OAK) Southwest Airlines WN1036 estimated
11:00 AM April-17 11:12 AM St. Louis (STL) Southwest Airlines WN4670 estimated
11:20 AM April-17 11:32 AM Denver (DEN) Southwest Airlines WN2585 estimated
11:25 AM April-17 11:37 AM Las Vegas (LAS) Southwest Airlines WN1089 estimated
11:50 AM April-17 12:02 PM Colorado Springs (COS) Southwest Airlines WN2857 estimated
12:05 PM April-17 12:17 PM Chicago (MDW) Southwest Airlines WN3145 estimated
12:15 PM April-17 12:27 PM Reno (RNO) Southwest Airlines WN5184 estimated
12:30 PM April-17 12:42 PM Sacramento (SMF) Southwest Airlines WN4490 estimated
12:30 PM April-17 12:40 PM Scottsdale (SCF) Alante Air Charter SVL22 estimated
12:50 PM April-17 01:02 PM Phoenix (PHX) Southwest Airlines WN2844 estimated
01:05 PM April-17 01:35 PM Dallas (DAL) Southwest Airlines WN2199 estimated
01:20 PM April-17 01:32 PM Houston (HOU) Southwest Airlines WN1974 estimated
01:45 PM April-17 01:55 PM Salt Lake City (SLC) Delta Air Lines DL1204 estimated
01:50 PM April-17 02:02 PM Albuquerque (ABQ) Southwest Airlines WN2038 estimated
01:55 PM April-17 02:07 PM Oakland (OAK) Southwest Airlines WN142 estimated
02:05 PM April-17 02:17 PM Kansas City (MCI) Southwest Airlines WN1225 estimated
02:10 PM April-17 02:22 PM Las Vegas (LAS) Southwest Airlines WN469 estimated
02:30 PM April-17 02:42 PM El Paso (ELP) Southwest Airlines WN2776 estimated
02:50 PM April-17 03:02 PM Austin (AUS) Southwest Airlines WN5962 estimated
02:55 PM April-17 03:07 PM Sacramento (SMF) Southwest Airlines WN3182 estimated
03:00 PM April-17 03:14 PM Santa Barbara (SBA) estimated
03:30 PM April-17 03:42 PM San Jose (SJC) Southwest Airlines WN4348 estimated
03:50 PM April-17 04:02 PM Salt Lake City (SLC) Southwest Airlines WN6131 estimated
04:05 PM April-17 04:17 PM Denver (DEN) Southwest Airlines WN2714 estimated
04:35 PM April-17 04:47 PM Phoenix (PHX) Southwest Airlines WN4243 estimated
05:00 PM April-17 05:12 PM Las Vegas (LAS) Southwest Airlines WN2437 estimated
05:10 PM April-17 05:22 PM Oakland (OAK) Southwest Airlines WN3465 estimated
05:14 PM April-17 05:14 PM Salt Lake City (SLC) Delta Connection DL3793 estimated
05:15 PM April-17 05:25 PM Sacramento (SMF) Southwest Airlines WN4492 estimated
06:05 PM April-17 06:17 PM Phoenix (PHX) Southwest Airlines WN4132 estimated
06:50 PM April-17 07:02 PM San Jose (SJC) Southwest Airlines WN5200 estimated
06:55 PM April-17 07:07 PM Reno (RNO) Southwest Airlines WN5839 estimated
07:00 PM April-17 07:12 PM Sacramento (SMF) Southwest Airlines WN5852 estimated
07:25 PM April-17 07:37 PM Las Vegas (LAS) Southwest Airlines WN6196 estimated
07:25 PM April-17 07:34 PM Louisville (SDF) UPS 5X905 estimated
07:30 PM April-17 07:42 PM Oakland (OAK) Southwest Airlines WN5933 estimated
06:50 AM April-18 Sacramento (SMF) Southwest Airlines WN4488 scheduled
06:55 AM April-18 Oakland (OAK) Southwest Airlines WN3462 scheduled
07:10 AM April-18 Salt Lake City (SLC) Delta Connection DL3744 scheduled
07:10 AM April-18 San Jose (SJC) Southwest Airlines WN4347 scheduled
07:25 AM April-18 Phoenix (PHX) Southwest Airlines WN3803 scheduled
07:40 AM April-18 Denver (DEN) Southwest Airlines WN1678 scheduled
07:50 AM April-18 Honolulu (HNL) Southwest Airlines WN5177 scheduled
08:05 AM April-18 Las Vegas (LAS) Southwest Airlines WN2432 scheduled
08:05 AM April-18 Kahului (OGG) Hawaiian Airlines HA71 scheduled
08:20 AM April-18 Austin (AUS) Southwest Airlines WN4897 scheduled
08:40 AM April-18 Nashville (BNA) Southwest Airlines WN2098 scheduled
08:50 AM April-18 Chicago (MDW) Southwest Airlines WN3144 scheduled
09:05 AM April-18 Honolulu (HNL) Hawaiian Airlines HA69 scheduled
09:10 AM April-18 Las Vegas (LAS) Southwest Airlines WN1089 scheduled
09:15 AM April-18 Dallas (DAL) Southwest Airlines WN4330 scheduled
09:30 AM April-18 Sacramento (SMF) Southwest Airlines WN5349 scheduled
10:10 AM April-18 San Jose (SJC) Southwest Airlines WN4348 scheduled
10:15 AM April-18 Houston (HOU) Southwest Airlines WN2142 scheduled
10:20 AM April-18 El Paso (ELP) Southwest Airlines WN2772 scheduled
10:30 AM April-18 Las Vegas (LAS) Southwest Airlines WN1199 scheduled
11:05 AM April-18 Salt Lake City (SLC) Southwest Airlines WN4429 scheduled
11:10 AM April-18 Reno (RNO) Southwest Airlines WN2762 scheduled
11:15 AM April-18 Oakland (OAK) Southwest Airlines WN3463 scheduled
11:20 AM April-18 Colorado Springs (COS) Southwest Airlines WN5677 scheduled
11:55 AM April-18 St. Louis (STL) Southwest Airlines WN4670 scheduled
12:15 PM April-18 Sacramento (SMF) Southwest Airlines WN4490 scheduled
12:25 PM April-18 Albuquerque (ABQ) Southwest Airlines WN140 scheduled
12:30 PM April-18 Chicago (MDW) Southwest Airlines WN3145 scheduled
12:35 PM April-18 Phoenix (PHX) Southwest Airlines WN2844 scheduled
01:10 PM April-18 Denver (DEN) Southwest Airlines WN2585 scheduled
01:25 PM April-18 Houston (HOU) Southwest Airlines WN1974 scheduled
01:40 PM April-18 Las Vegas (LAS) Southwest Airlines WN469 scheduled
01:45 PM April-18 Salt Lake City (SLC) Delta Air Lines DL1204 scheduled
01:55 PM April-18 Sacramento (SMF) Southwest Airlines WN142 scheduled
02:30 PM April-18 Kansas City (MCI) Southwest Airlines WN184 scheduled
02:35 PM April-18 Oakland (OAK) Southwest Airlines WN4937 scheduled
02:40 PM April-18 Dallas (DAL) Southwest Airlines WN2199 scheduled
03:30 PM April-18 Las Vegas (LAS) Southwest Airlines WN2743 scheduled
03:50 PM April-18 San Jose (SJC) Southwest Airlines WN2249 scheduled
04:10 PM April-18 Austin (AUS) Southwest Airlines WN5881 scheduled
04:40 PM April-18 Oakland (OAK) Southwest Airlines WN3465 scheduled
04:45 PM April-18 Denver (DEN) Southwest Airlines WN1680 scheduled
04:55 PM April-18 Sacramento (SMF) Southwest Airlines WN4492 scheduled

Discover Long Beach Airport LBA departures

Are you making a plan for arrival in a Long Beach city? There are tons of opportunities to spend time over there. If you are here for travel purposes you must-see beaches, Catalina island, and many more. Long Beach departures are mostly with Southwest airlines.

Things to know

With LGB departures you can enjoy the amazing view of beautiful beaches. So it is a very good idea to have a window seat and enjoy all the beautiful moments.

In 2019 Long beach airport has annual traffic of 3.5 million passengers but there have been an decrease in Long Beach flight departures after. And for 2020 during Covid-19, a total of 1 million passengers uses services of the airport.

Long Beach airport is used for military purposes as well.

Airlines that fly to a long beach airport

It’s a small airport in the US and it mainly serves domestic LGB airport departures. Often the international ones are cargo freight. The passenger flights are most of the times flown by the airlines:

  • Delta Air Lines
  • Hawaiian airlines
  • Southwest airlines
  • American Airlines
  • Alaska Airlines
  • The airline with most Long Beach Airport departures is Southwest
Top destinations at Long Beach Airport

California is the most important and busiest travel destination of Long Beach Airport. Most LGB departures go to Oakland Airport, San Jose and Sacramento Airport.

Rank City Passengers
1 Oakland, California 98000
2 Salt lake city, Utah 94000
3 Sacramento, California 92000
4 Las Vegas, Nevada 81000
5 San Jose, California 56000
6 Phoenix sky harbor, Arizona 44000


Some other options are:


There are 3 asphalt runways at long beach airport for Long Beach flight departures. One runway of this airport is 10000 by 200 ft. The runways directions 8L/26R and 8R/26L are a lot shorter (6200 and 3900 feet) and only have Long Beach Airport departures with smaller airplanes.

There are 6 helipads in long beach airport. All these helipads measurement is 50 by 50 ft.

Long Beach Airport ground transportation

Long Beach airport departure for ground transportation services and direction:

  • You can reach the 405 freeway from the airport by Lakewood boulevard. This Lakewood road runs from the airport to Los Angeles country. Long Beach airport is the second closest airport to Disneyland
  • By bus: there are Long Beach departures of the transit blue bus route 102, 104 and 111. The bus fare is 1.25$ for all routes.
  • By taxi: you can pick up the ground transportation area of the airport’s terminal. Almost all taxi services are available for 24 hours. The cab fare from Wardlow station to the airport is 13.35$.
  • There is a car rental option available at the ground transportation center of the airport. You can get here many car rental agencies including Avis, budget, enterprise, hertz, etc.

If you need a parking facility at the airport, the parking rates of the long beach are affordable. There are many lots like LOT A, LOT B, VALET. The hourly rate for all lots is 2 USD. And the daily rate for LOT A is 19 USD, and for LOT B is 17 USD, for LOT C is 24 USD.

Airport terminal

The airport has 1 terminal that was built in the 1940s. A major renovation was completed in 2021 to improve various processes. There is also a new large parking lot. In the future, work will continue to improve the terminal. A plan has already been approved whereby a new check-in building will be built. The rental car area will be moved to the old ticketing building. The baggage claim will be upgraded along with a new meet-and-greet. It should be completed in 2022.

The current ticketing is past the old historic terminal on the left. After checking in, walk through the TSA check point and enter the departures area. This is divided into north (gates 5-11) and south (gates 1-4).

There are a few shops in the terminal, mainly for something to eat or drink. You can drink coffee at Boathouse on the Bay, Sheldrake or George’s Greek and you can eat at Burger Bar, Sweet Jill’s Bakery, and Taxo Beach Cantina. You could go for a little shopping at CNBC Gifts and News in the south concourse and in the north concourse at 562 Experience.