Knoxville McGhee Tyson Airport Departures TYS

Knoxville Airport

Address: 2055 Alcoa Hwy, Alcoa, TN 37701, United States
Airport code: TYS
Elevation: 930 ft
Phone: +1 865-342-3000
Focus city for: Allegiant Air

TYS Departures today

Schedule Time Estimated Time Destination Airline Flight Status
10:39 PM June-22 10:29 PM Memphis (MEM) FedEx FX1285 estimated
11:19 PM June-22 11:19 PM Indianapolis (IND) FedEx FX1619 estimated
05:25 AM June-23 05:25 AM Charlotte (CLT) American Airlines AA778 estimated
05:35 AM June-23 05:35 AM Atlanta (ATL) Delta Air Lines DL2704 estimated
05:44 AM June-23 05:44 AM Dallas (DFW) American Airlines AA1049 estimated
06:06 AM June-23 06:06 AM Washington (DCA) American Eagle AA5149 estimated
06:20 AM June-23 06:20 AM New York (LGA) Delta Connection DL5239 estimated
06:45 AM June-23 08:13 AM Miami (MIA) American Eagle AA4213 estimated
06:54 AM June-23 06:54 AM Atlanta (ATL) Delta Connection DL5234 estimated
07:00 AM June-23 07:05 AM Orlando (SFB) Allegiant Air G43038 estimated
07:01 AM June-23 07:01 AM Chicago (ORD) SkyWest Airlines UA4680 estimated
07:04 AM June-23 07:06 AM Charlotte (CLT) American Airlines AA5182 estimated
07:15 AM June-23 07:15 AM Houston (IAH) United Airlines UA4913 estimated
07:25 AM June-23 07:25 AM Detroit (DTW) Delta Connection DL5222 estimated
07:52 AM June-23 07:52 AM Philadelphia (PHL) American Eagle AA5620 estimated
08:00 AM June-23 Punta Gorda (PGD) Allegiant Air G43049 scheduled
08:08 AM June-23 08:08 AM Memphis (MEM) FedEx FX623 estimated
08:59 AM June-23 Columbus (CMH) NetJets EJA597 scheduled
09:08 AM June-23 09:25 AM Charlotte (CLT) American Airlines AA5344 estimated
09:10 AM June-23 09:20 AM New York (EWR) Allegiant Air G41401 estimated
09:12 AM June-23 09:15 AM Atlanta (ATL) Delta Connection DL4977 estimated
09:12 AM June-23 09:12 AM Denver (DEN) United Express UA5772 estimated
09:30 AM June-23 09:30 AM Houston (IAH) United Airlines UA4841 estimated
09:40 AM June-23 09:50 AM St. Petersburg (PIE) Allegiant Air G42621 estimated
09:51 AM June-23 09:51 AM Washington (IAD) United Airlines UA4369 estimated
10:00 AM June-23 10:06 AM Cincinnati (LUK) NetJets EJA314 estimated
10:15 AM June-23 10:15 AM Atlanta (ATL) Delta Connection DL5478 estimated
10:33 AM June-23 10:39 AM Columbus (CMH) NetJets EJA545 estimated
11:01 AM June-23 11:06 AM Philadelphia (PHL) American Airlines AA5913 estimated
11:08 AM June-23 11:08 AM Washington (DCA) American Airlines AA5197 estimated
11:11 AM June-23 11:28 AM Charlotte (CLT) American Airlines AA5580 estimated
11:50 AM June-23 11:50 AM New York (LGA) Delta Connection DL5280 estimated
12:00 PM June-23 12:00 PM Atlanta (ATL) Delta Air Lines DL2700 estimated
12:18 PM June-23 11:36 AM Columbus (CMH) NetJets EJA686 estimated
12:30 PM June-23 12:30 PM Chicago (ORD) American Eagle AA6176 estimated
12:36 PM June-23 12:46 PM Austin (AUS) Allegiant Air G43129 estimated
12:53 PM June-23 12:57 PM Chicago (MDW) Allegiant Air G43035 estimated
01:00 PM June-23 01:14 PM Jackson (JAN) estimated
01:30 PM June-23 01:40 PM Kissimmee (ISM) VeriJet WSP35 estimated
02:01 PM June-23 02:01 PM Chicago (ORD) United Express UA5514 estimated
02:09 PM June-23 02:20 PM Las Vegas (LAS) Allegiant Air G494 estimated
02:10 PM June-23 02:20 PM Denver (DEN) Frontier (Virginia the Wolf Livery) F9589 estimated
02:20 PM June-23 02:20 PM Washington (IAD) United Express UA4848 estimated
02:22 PM June-23 02:22 PM Dallas (DFW) American Airlines AA2544 estimated
02:30 PM June-23 02:50 PM Gaithersburg (GAI) estimated
02:45 PM June-23 02:56 PM Fort Lauderdale (FLL) Allegiant Air G41440 estimated
03:19 PM June-23 03:19 PM Atlanta (ATL) Delta Air Lines DL2622 estimated
03:23 PM June-23 Houston (HOU) Allegiant Air G4993 scheduled
04:15 PM June-23 04:15 PM Atlanta (ATL) Delta Air Lines DL2306 estimated
04:17 PM June-23 04:33 PM Charlotte (CLT) American Airlines AA5260 estimated
04:29 PM June-23 04:29 PM Denver (DEN) United Express UA5733 estimated
05:01 PM June-23 05:18 PM Washington (DCA) American Eagle AA3906 estimated
05:31 PM June-23 05:31 PM Chicago (ORD) United Express UA5305 estimated
05:45 PM June-23 05:45 PM New York (LGA) Delta Connection DL5085 estimated
05:55 PM June-23 05:59 PM Philadelphia (PHL) American Airlines AA6073 estimated
05:56 PM June-23 05:56 PM Chicago (ORD) American Eagle AA6274 estimated
06:22 PM June-23 06:22 PM Dallas (DFW) American Airlines AA2542 estimated
06:27 PM June-23 06:27 PM Charlotte (CLT) American Airlines AA5525 estimated
06:58 PM June-23 07:03 PM New York (LGA) American Airlines AA4761 estimated
07:19 PM June-23 07:29 PM Orlando (SFB) Allegiant Air G41425 estimated
07:30 PM June-23 07:30 PM Atlanta (ATL) Delta Air Lines DL2800 estimated
08:15 PM June-23 08:34 PM Charlotte (CLT) American Airlines AA1913 estimated
09:13 PM June-23 09:23 PM St. Petersburg (PIE) Allegiant Air G41080 estimated
10:10 PM June-23 Lawrenceville (LZU) Quest Diagnostics LBQ782 scheduled
05:25 AM June-24 05:25 AM Charlotte (CLT) American Airlines AA778 estimated
05:35 AM June-24 Atlanta (ATL) Delta Air Lines DL2704 scheduled
05:44 AM June-24 05:44 AM Dallas (DFW) American Airlines AA1049 estimated
06:06 AM June-24 06:06 AM Washington (DCA) American Airlines AA5149 estimated
06:23 AM June-24 Destin Fort Walton Beach (VPS) Allegiant Air G41430 scheduled
06:45 AM June-24 06:45 AM Miami (MIA) American Eagle AA4213 estimated
06:54 AM June-24 Atlanta (ATL) Delta Air Lines DL5234 scheduled
07:01 AM June-24 07:01 AM Chicago (ORD) United Express UA4680 estimated
07:05 AM June-24 St. Petersburg (PIE) Allegiant Air G43047 scheduled
07:06 AM June-24 07:06 AM Charlotte (CLT) American Airlines AA5182 estimated
07:15 AM June-24 07:15 AM Houston (IAH) United Airlines UA4913 estimated
07:40 AM June-24 Detroit (DTW) Delta Air Lines DL5222 scheduled
07:52 AM June-24 07:52 AM Philadelphia (PHL) American Airlines AA5620 estimated
08:30 AM June-24 Boston (BOS) Allegiant Air G41398 scheduled
09:12 AM June-24 Atlanta (ATL) Delta Connection DL4977 scheduled
09:12 AM June-24 09:12 AM Denver (DEN) United Express UA5772 estimated
09:30 AM June-24 09:30 AM Houston (IAH) United Airlines UA4841 estimated
09:51 AM June-24 09:51 AM Washington (IAD) United Airlines UA4369 estimated
10:23 AM June-24 10:23 AM Chicago (ORD) United Express UA5300 estimated

Discover Tyson McGhee airport departures

McGhee Tyson Airport is a commercial airport located in the United States of America. It is a public and military airport located 12 miles to the south of Knoxville, situated in Alcoa, Blount County, Tennessee. This public airport is named after the US Navy pilot called Charles McGhee Tyson. He was killed in World War, and the airport was named after him in his honor.

Busiest flight routes
Operations at Knoxville Airport

The airport is owned and operated by Metropolitan Knoxville Airport Authority. The airport is serves many McGhee Tyson departures in the US. Around 2,700 employees are working at the airport. This airport is almost 30 minutes away from the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. McGhee Tyson Airport is situated in a 2,250-acre land and on an elevation of around 979 feet. The airport has parallel runways for its Knoxville airport departures.

The fixed-base operator at McGhee Tyson Airport is Truman-Arnold Company. In the year 2017, the airport witnessed more than 106,584 aircraft operations (Knoxville departures). This airport is also home to the maintenance base for Endeavor Air. It also has crew bases for two major Airlines who offer most TYS airport departures: Allegiant Airlines along PSA Airlines.

The Hilton Knoxville Airport hotel is diagonally opposite the terminal, a 10-minute walk away. An ideal hotel if you have a late arrival or early departure. This way you can also calmly arrange the car rental. Many have a departure to the Smoky Mountains. This is a national park that many people come to. Gatlinburg is a nice place an hour’s drive from the airport as a base.

Knoxville Airport Terminals

McGhee Tyson Airport serves the passengers with two levels. You can access the top part through the curbside and a parking garage to start your TYS flight departures. You can find ticket counters, security check posts, gates, stores, restaurants and shops at the terminal. The design of the terminal is like a smoky mountain with some beautiful faux waterfalls, wood carvings, and smoke. The lower level is mainly utilized for car and car rental counters (Dollar, Enterprise, Budget etc.), baggage claims, offices, and airport authority offices. At the airport, there are a total of 12 gates for McGhee Tyson airport departures to board.


Airlines and destinations at Knoxville Airport

The airport serves the following airlines for TYS departures:

  • Allegiant Airlines
  • Delta Airlines
  • American Airlines
  • Frontier Airlines
  • United Aurlines, etc.

In addition, some of the major destinations covered by the McGhee Tyson Airport are:

Tyson McGhee airport departures

All the passengers having McGhee Tyson departures are requested to check their flight timings before reaching the airport. If any delays happen, the passengers shall be notified beforehand. In addition, you can check the status of the flight above or on the official website.

When taking Knoxville airport departures, you should arrive at the airport at least two hours ahead if you are taking a domestic flight and three hours ahead if you are taking international Knoxville departures. The airport ticket checks in and security check will take some time which is why you must timely arrive at the airport. The easiest way to reach the airport is by cab service, train, or bus. There will be a shuttle service available at the airport premises.

All the passengers are requested to carry their identity proof and flight tickets when you have TYS airport departures. Children under age 18 shall not require carrying identity proof. If you are travelling internationally, make sure to carry your passport and any other required documents. For not travel with any prohibited items such as sharp objects.