Kauai Island Lihue Airport Arrivals LIH

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Kauai Island Lihue Airport
3901 Mokulele Loop, # 6, Lihue, Kauai,

Tel: +1 (0) 808 2461400
Website: airports.hawaii.gov/lih/

Airport Codes
IATA code: LIH

Learn About The Qualities Of The Famous Kauai Island Lihue Airport On One Of The Hawaiian Islands

The Hawaii district of about 300 different islands gives priority to Linue Island. To reach this destination, you will need to take a flight to the Linue airport in the town. But before you start the trip, you can learn about the aerial installation, its history, and its characteristics when having Lihue arrivals.

Find out in which area the airport is located so you can get there from the city center in no time after Kauai airport arrivals. Know what type of airlines and destinations are available in the air unit for you to contact immediately.


Lihue Airport was opened in 1949 with the first Lihue flight arrivals and served several islands in the district of Hawaii. It is a small airport, but it has a good number of commercial Kauai flight arrivals. You may be drawn to the aerial facility that currently accommodates 2 million people.

In 1992 the terminal was collapsed by Hurricane Iniki that passed through the area, causing much damage. However, with the support of the citizens and their company, the airport was rebuilt to receive LIH airport arrivals again.

Location for Lihue airport arrivals

The aerial facility is located in the Lihue region located in Kauai County in the State of Hawaii. The airport serves the entire island of Lihue for you to travel on your next vacation.


At this airport, you can use the means of transport certified by the air authority such as:

• Route 70 corresponds to the public bus that is available outside the airport after the LIH arrivals hall. You have to wait every half hour to catch the bus service that will take you anywhere.

• Have Lihue arrivals and rent a car. Car rental services are present at the airport for you to make the contract. These cars can be off-road or sports cars; they are affordable and fit for operation.



At the airport, you can have two runways for Kauai airport arrivals with similar measures, but they are shown with these addresses:

• Track 21-3

• Track 17-35

Both runways are 1,981 feet long by 150 feet wide, making them suitable for light aircraft arrivals. There is also a 64-foot diameter helipad at the aerial facility.


The air terminal occupies 4,800 square feet in its construction, so it is quite large for the area to have Lihue flight arrivals. This terminal displays various offices for the ticket office, baggage carousels, security system, passport stamping, etc. The entire roof of the terminal is new, so you will have a spectacular design to admire.


The Lihue airport terminal is capable of 2 million passengers per year and up to 100,000 Kauai flight arrivals. It is a terminal categorized as one of the busiest in Hawaii and more so when the tourist season is high.

Airlines with LIH airport arrivals

In the aerial installation, you will have several companies at your disposal, but among the most relevant are:

• Southwest Airlines

• United Airlines

• WestJet

• Delta Airlines

• Alaska Airlines

• American Airlines

• Hawaiian Airlines


At the airport, you can take some national and international Lihue airport arrivals such as:

  • Los Angeles, Calgary YYC, San Diego, Honolulu, Denver, Phoenix, Seattle, Portland, Vancouver, San Francisco, San José, Kahului, Oakland, among other destinations.

If you want to go to more distant places, you will have to take Lihue arrivals by scale to fulfill your objective. These commercial flights are low-cost and depart daily, so you can fly at any time. You can book your flight from the official Lihue airport website.