Kahului Airport Departures OGG

Address: 1 Keolani Pl, Kahului, HI 96732, United States
Airport code: OGG
Elevation: 16 m
Phone: +1 808-872-3830
Node for: Hawaiian Airlines

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About Kahului Airport Departures

There are many favorite holiday spots worldwide, and Hawaii stands in the list of top vacation locations, of course. OGG flight departures at Kahului Airport, Hawaii, is easy. All you need to understand the boarding procedure and the airlines it allows. This article will act as a road map for the passengers traveling from Hawaii state on the Maui island. The airport is categorized as one of the medium hubs for serving commercial activities primarily. Here is what you won’t like to miss about it.

Airlines and destinations to be noted

Passengers do enough research related to the airlines that are available from this airport. The airport with OGG departures are airlines such as Delta, American, Air Canada, Mokulele Airlines, Alaska Airlines, Hawaiian airlines, united, Virgin America, etc.

Some of the other common Kahului airport departures go to destinations like:

The location of Kahului Airport

Kahului Airport is located in Hawaii, US. Maui airport departures follow a heavily trafficked route that is the Honolulu corridor. The airport covers almost 1,391 acres provided with an elevation of 54 feet or 16 m. Since the airport is used for commercial OGG airport departures and public traveling purposes; there is a runway defined for each of these! Mostly, the commercial flights make use of runway 02/20. For the destinations that lie in east or west, flights take runway number 05/23 for Maui Kahului departures. Because of its open design architecture, travelers love it. More than 7000 passengers are noted to take Hawaii Kahului departures from this airport each day.


Apart from this the Kahului Airport is rich in amenities such as cafes, coffee shops, ATM’s, snack wagon and jewelry shops as well. There are a total of 6 gates from A-F, where the main area for the passenger is partitioned into two parts- north and south for OGG flight departures. While traveling to the airport you can opt for different transports. Car rental facilities are always available. A bus facility is also available. So a passenger can opt for any of these that facilitates him or her.


Security guidance at airport Kahului Airport

When it comes to safety and security, this airport is best at offering safety services to passengers. Recently, the rule for safe travel has become mandatory. The digital application is present to collect all the required health information and travelling information from the passengers to ensure the safety of other passengers and visitors during the journey in this Covid era. For emergencies, an ambulance facility is also available for the people. The recent focus is on the goal to make this airport an international one.

People with disabilities can also take a journey to Kahului Airport. Thanks to the porter services that are allowed here at the request of the passengers. To keep it hassle-free, parking slots are present. Therefore, people who are looking forward to traveling with their pets need not have to worry about the procedure. They can do that easily and quickly. However, to complete all the formalities on time before the flight leaves, travelers need to reach an hour or two before Maui airport departures.