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About John F. Kennedy International Airport Arrivals

John F. Kennedy International Airport is New York’s busiest and largest airport. The other airports in New York are Newark and LaGuardia. JFK airport is located southeast of Manhattan. There are 6 terminals at this large airport with 128 gates where JFK arrivals take place. The terminal names run up to Terminal 8 because some were demolished in the past. At most terminals, the arrivals hall is at lower level and the departure hall and gates at upper level. The terminals are connected to each other via an AirTrain.


How to get to the airport
  • You could travel by train to the airport. All New York John F. Kennedy arrivals arrive at the AirTrain which is at Long Island Rail Road. The AirTrain will then take you to the terminal where you need to be.
  • A similar way is to travel by subway which also arrives at the AirTrain to travel further to the terminal. This option of travel is the cheapest (USD 8) and takes 60-90 minutes. You can reach a connection of the AirTrain with A subway line or E, J and Z subway lines.
  • There are also many bus connections. New York John F. Kennedy airport arrivals are at Terminal 5. Bus options: B15 (Brooklyn), Q3 (Queens), Q10 (Kew Gardens and Ozone Parks), Q6 (Jamaica), Q7 (East New York).
  • The taxi is a simple and fast (unless traffic) way to arrive at the airport. The price will be approximately USD 50 from downtown Manhattan. If you need to get from one New York airport to another, there is a special shuttle bus or taxis for that.
  • There are also Cell Phone Lots to drop off or pick up friends or family. These are located on the Van Wyck expressway and JFK expressway.
  • There are also Kiss & Fly JFK airport arrivals at JFK Howard Beach Station where the AirTrain is located.
  • Another option is to rent a car after JFK flight arrivals. There are many rental car counters after baggage claim in JFK arrivals hall of each terminal. The car can be picked up after ordering at Federal Circle Station, which is easily accessible by AirTrain.

New York John F. Kennedy airport arrivals kiss and fly airtrain

Available runways

There are 4 runways of different lengths in the Cat. 1, 2, and 3. The longest is 14,500 feet and the shortest is 8,400 feet. At the longest runway, the JFK airport arrivals can take place by the largest aircraft in the world like the Airbus A380.

Passenger statistics and routes

There were 456,060 John F. Kennedy arrivals in the past year. This ensured that 62,551,072 passengers made use of the airport. There is also 1.4 tons of cargo and mail every year. Due to corona, the market share of domestic flights is largest. Airlines such as American Airlines, Delta Air Lines, Alaska Airlines and JetBlue together provide 89 percent of all flights. In addition, most JFK Arrivals are from Los Angeles, San Francisco, Orlando, Fort Lauderdale, Miami and Atlanta-Hartsfield.


Looking at the figures for international flights, London-Heathrow is head and shoulders above the rest. There were many arrivals with American, British Airways, Virgin Atlantic and Delta with a total of 3 million passengers in 2019. Other frequent routes are Paris-CDG, Mexico City, Santo Domino, Santiago de los Caballeros, Amsterdam, Milan, Madrid, Frankfurt and Seoul.


Due to corona, the fall in passengers who use the airport every year is big. From more than 62 million back to 16 million passengers in 2020. This will hopefully increase again in 2021, with many international routes returning to JFK Airport.