Washington Dulles Airport Arrivals

IAD Arrivals today

Washington Dulles international airport arrivals

Washington Dulles International Airport (IATA: IAD) is the most important or used one out of the three airports around Washington, D.C. It has most Washington Dulles arrivals of the area.

With almost 24 million passengers in 2010, is a medium sized airport. It still is with almost 25 million passenger Dulles Airport arrivals.

Terminal Dulles Airport

The airport consists of three parts. Main Terminal where you check in.


IAD Airport has a large main terminal that is connected to 4 different piers (A, B, C and D). In total there are even 123 gates for all IAD airport arrivals.

  • Pier A mainly serves United Express, Air China, Copa Airlines and Ethiopian Airlines.
  • Pier B is mainly used by Aer Lingus, Air India, ANA, Austrian, Avianca, Brussels Airlines, Scandinavian Airlines, South Agrican Airways, Tap Air Portugal and Turkisch Airlines. Air France / KLM, British Airways, Etihad Airways, Lufthansa and Virgin Atlantic use Pier A or B.
  • Pier C and D are only used by United Airlines to act as a hub for IAD arrivals. United Airlines carries the most passengers at Washington Dulles Airport with a market share of about 50%!

For departure you have to go to the top floor for check-in counters. The bottom floor is the hall for Dulles Airport arrivals where there is baggage claim and you are able to go through customs and continue your journey.


Flight routes

Most of the domestic Dulles Airport arrivals come from Denver, Colorado through Frontier, Southwest and United airlines. Los Angeles, San Francisco and Atlanta airport arrivals are far behind. If we look at most international IAD arrivals then, as with most US airports, London Heathrow comes to place 1 with 800,000 passenger Dulles flight arrivals. London is followed by Frankfurt Airport (600,000), Paris-Charles de Gaulle (450,000), Amsterdam Schiphol (300,000) and Tokyo Haneda (290,000).