Hollywood Burbank Airport Departures BUR

Address: 2627 N Hollywood Way, Burbank, CA 91505, United States
Departments: Burbank Bob Hope Airport Fire Department
IATA airport code: BUR
Phone: +1 818-840-8840
Web: hollywoodburbankairport.com

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The airport is formerly and legally marketed as the Bob Hope Airport. This public airport is located in Los Angeles, California, United States and owned by Burbank-Glendale-Pasadena Airport Authority. This airport serves the northern Greater Los Angeles and Downtown Los Angeles area like the San Fernando Valley, Glendale and Pasadena. This airport has Burbank departures by train. It is the only airport in this region with a direct rail connection to Downtown Los Angeles. This facility is very helpful to all residents for the safe, convenient, and quick travel. You can focus on the Hollywood Burbank flight departures and enhance your travel as per needs.

About Hollywood Airport

Hollywood Burbank Airport is a public airport and located 3 miles northwest of downtown Burbank in Los Angeles. Non-stop Bob Hope airport departures in this airport mainly serve cities in the western United States. However, JetBlue has everyday flights to Boston and New York. Delta Air Lines in this airport has Burbank airport flight departures daily to Atlanta.

The north end of the Runway 15/33 is available in both Burbank city limits and the city of Los Angeles. This airport is successfully controlled by the governments of those cities. Commercial Burbank airport departures in this airport are scheduled between 7:00 am and 10:00 pm because of the noise abatement. The overall Burbank departures flights in this airport take off to the south on runway 15. However, the runway 8 is used for all arriving flights to land on.

Location of Hollywood Burbank Airport

An exact location of the Hollywood Burbank Airport is Burbank, California, United States. Every passenger can reach this airport without difficulty because different transport facilities. They fulfill travel related requirements and feel confidence to recommend this airport to others.

Ground transportation Burbank Airport

Hollywood Burbank Airport is linked to the popular Los Angeles International Airport by the land through the FlyAway express coach as well as Metrolink/Amtrak. You can use the Hollywood Way westbound, Hollywood Way exit off Interstate 5, or Pass Avenue eastbound way out off State Route 134. You can also use the Victory Boulevard way out State Route 170. Passengers here access the car and pedestrian access facilities to the terminal provided at Empire Street that is one block west of Hollywood Way and Thornton Avenue. Enough possibilities to get to the airport before Burbank flight departures.


The two asphalt runways in the Hollywood Burbank Airport are 15/33 at 6,886 by 150ft and 8/26 at 5,802 by 150ft for all BUR departures. All airlines take off on the Runway 15 because wind from the south as well as the land crosswind on Runway 8. This runway is with ILS and also clear terrain for the easy approach when having Bob Hope airport departures.

Hollywood Burbank Airport Terminals

Hollywood Burbank Airport has the Terminal A with 9 gates from A1 to A9 and Terminal B with 5 gates from B1 to B5. These two terminals are joined together as part of the same building to have Burbank airport flight departures.


Airlines that use that airport often

The main airlines which are most often see with Burbank airport departures are JSX, Southwest, Spirit, American, and United.

Destinations from that airport

The main destinations from this airport are:

Passenger statistics

In 2020, almost 2 million passengers traveled by using the Hollywood Burbank Airport. That are a lot less Burbank departures than 2019 when almost 6 million passengers used the airport.