Fort Lauderdale Airport Arrivals FLL

FLL Arrivals today

Fort Lauderdale International Airport
B320 Terminal Drive, Fort Lauderdale,
FL 33315, USA

Tel: +1 (1) 954 3596147

Owner: Broward County Aviation Department

Airport Codes
IATA code: FLL

Fort Lauderdale International Airport Arrivals

The airport is still processing a lot of Fort Lauderdale arrivals despite the Covid crisis. Some new requirements have been introduced for passengers from Ft Lauderdale airport arrivals as security measures against the virus. Currently, all should have a negative Covid test in order to pass the control without any obstacles. Having pieces of evidence that you have already got a vaccine is a plus definitely. However, it is not a necessary requirement as long as you have a negative test.


A face mask is, on the other hand, an obligation for all FLL airport arrivals. It does not matter if you are coming from another country with an airplane or with your car from the neighborhood. You cannot enter the building without that requirement. Sometimes, you might be obligated by the rules to wear that piece of protective equipment in airplanes as well. Still, it depends on a particular situation.

The United States has introduced different restrictions for those who want to enter the country from abroad. Many cannot meet the requirements so the traveling is limited as well. That’s why Fort Lauderdale Airport works just partially. There are not as many Fort Lauderdale flight arrivals from foreign countries as there were before the crisis. Still, they are not totally forbidden and some airplanes have been constantly coming from various locations.

However, most FLL flight arrivals are from some cities and states within the United States because the restrictions are mild for those kinds of flights. As always, you can track the Ft Lauderdale arrivals on appropriate displays within the airport as well as online.

Flight routes Fort Lauderdale

For example, Spirit Airlines, Delta Air Airlines, JetBlue, Southwest Airlines, and American Airlines are some of the companies that have  frequently FLL arrivals. Their lines are usually within the United States, and they rarely fly abroad during this period of time. There are dozens if not hundreds of such flights on a daily basis.

There are frequently Fort Lauderdale airport arrivals from Houston, TX, Atlanta, GA, Detroit, MI as well as to all other big cities on the US territory like Newark, Charlotte, Dallas, Chicago ORD, LaGuardia, Boston, Baltimore, JFK and Philadelphia.. Different airline companies might use different terminals too. There are a total of 4 terminals at the airport, and the easiest way is by your vehicle. Some of the airline companies have their offices in the airport too so you can easily buy tickets or ask for any useful information or suggestions regarding the flights.

Fort Lauderdale Airport terminals


On time, delayed or cancelled

If you check the official website of the airport, you can find a lot of details about every flight-related to those destinations. Finding out  the current routes of today and see if they are cancelled, delayed or on time you can check the above scheme. That’s how you can find out if the airplane actually arrived or it is still in the air. There are also details for all canceled and delayed flights so you can check important details regarding that matter. It is pretty important during the Covid crisis because there have never been more troublesome flights than during the current crisis. Unfortunately, it happens very often that some FLL airport arrivals are delayed or canceled because of those problems. It often means you will have to wait longer, and your family and friends might have a problem visiting you in a normal way.

The details, however, might help you to find out more about the situation. If the flight is delayed, for example, you will know how many hours or days you have to wait until the airplane arrives at the destination. In the case it is canceled, you will also have a chance to find some valuable details regarding that matter.

There are also different characteristics about each particular airplane, and you sometimes have a chance to track them by seats. That’s definitely a good way to find out if your friends or family members are safe and fine and in case  of pick up at the airport you know the Ft Lauderdale airport arrivals exact timing.

The airport also has a professional staff that can help you with any kind of suggestions or advice about FLL flight arrivals. If you are unsure about anything, you can certainly ask them.