Denver Airport Arrivals DEN

Denver International Airport

8500 Peña Boulevard, Denver,
CO 80249-6340, USA

Tel: +1 (0) 303 3422000

Airport codes
IATA code: DEN

DEN Arrivals today

Schedule Time Estimated Time Origin Airline Flight Status
06:18 AM April-17 05:39 AM Lihue (LIH) United Airlines UA1685 landed
06:37 AM April-17 06:04 AM Minneapolis (MSP) United Airlines UA2498 landed
06:37 AM April-17 06:31 AM Houston (IAH) United Airlines UA2617 estimated
06:42 AM April-17 06:17 AM Chicago (ORD) United Airlines UA1314 estimated
06:43 AM April-17 06:33 AM Wichita (ICT) United Express UA5275 estimated
06:44 AM April-17 06:50 AM Sheridan (SHR) United Express UA5093 estimated
06:45 AM April-17 Minneapolis (MSP) Southwest Airlines WN1715 canceled
06:47 AM April-17 Cheyenne (CYS) United Express UA5088 scheduled
06:49 AM April-17 06:21 AM Salt Lake City (SLC) United Express UA5340 estimated
06:50 AM April-17 Colorado Springs (COS) Southwest Airlines WN5027 scheduled
06:53 AM April-17 06:32 AM Lincoln (LNK) United Express UA4353 estimated
06:54 AM April-17 06:34 AM Omaha (OMA) United Airlines UA361 estimated
06:55 AM April-17 06:45 AM Milwaukee (MKE) Southwest Airlines WN1709 estimated
06:55 AM April-17 06:23 AM Riverton (RIW) United Express UA5130 estimated
06:57 AM April-17 06:37 AM Dallas (DFW) Mesa Airlines UA6069 estimated
06:58 AM April-17 06:19 AM Sioux Falls (FSD) United Express UA5701 estimated
06:58 AM April-17 07:02 AM Oklahoma City (OKC) United Express UA4751 estimated
06:59 AM April-17 Colorado Springs (COS) SkyWest Airlines UA5291 scheduled
07:00 AM April-17 06:48 AM Dallas (DAL) Southwest Airlines WN737 estimated
07:00 AM April-17 07:05 AM Billings (BIL) UPS 5X2591 estimated
07:01 AM April-17 06:38 AM Cincinnati (CVG) DHL 2I594 estimated
07:02 AM April-17 06:30 AM Honolulu (HNL) United Airlines UA383 estimated
07:02 AM April-17 06:35 AM Tulsa (TUL) United Express UA5450 estimated
07:02 AM April-17 06:28 AM Boise (BOI) United Express UA5572 estimated
07:03 AM April-17 06:43 AM Kansas City (MCI) United Airlines UA2391 estimated
07:04 AM April-17 06:35 AM Dallas (DFW) Frontier (Marshall the Ring-tailed Cat Livery) F91323 estimated
07:04 AM April-17 06:39 AM Hays (HYS) United Express UA5037 estimated
07:05 AM April-17 06:10 AM Anchorage (ANC) United Airlines UA1959 landed
07:05 AM April-17 06:39 AM Des Moines (DSM) United Express UA5253 estimated
07:05 AM April-17 06:52 AM Salina (SLN) United Express UA5052 estimated
07:05 AM April-17 06:48 AM Gillette (GCC) United Express UA5078 estimated
07:05 AM April-17 06:45 AM Rock Springs (RKS) United Express UA5084 estimated
07:05 AM April-17 06:43 AM St. Louis (STL) Southwest Airlines WN652 estimated
07:10 AM April-17 06:52 AM Columbus (CMH) Southwest Airlines WN2178 estimated
07:15 AM April-17 06:56 AM San Antonio (SAT) Southwest Airlines WN1798 estimated
07:16 AM April-17 06:43 AM Chicago (MDW) Frontier (Parish&Daisy the Burrowing Owls Livery) F92209 estimated
07:25 AM April-17 07:13 AM New Orleans (MSY) Southwest Airlines WN1724 estimated
07:25 AM April-17 07:09 AM Pittsburgh (PIT) Southwest Airlines WN1779 estimated
07:30 AM April-17 07:17 AM Raleigh-Durham (RDU) Southwest Airlines WN2464 estimated
07:35 AM April-17 07:22 AM Detroit (DTW) Southwest Airlines WN2821 estimated
07:40 AM April-17 Omaha (OMA) Southwest Airlines WN1306 scheduled
07:40 AM April-17 07:22 AM Nashville (BNA) Southwest Airlines WN2102 estimated
07:40 AM April-17 07:30 AM Houston (HOU) Southwest Airlines WN1625 estimated
07:40 AM April-17 07:24 AM Oklahoma City (OKC) Southwest Airlines WN1736 estimated
07:40 AM April-17 07:22 AM Indianapolis (IND) Southwest Airlines WN6100 estimated
07:45 AM April-17 07:34 AM Washington (IAD) Southwest Airlines WN5338 estimated
07:45 AM April-17 07:30 AM Austin (AUS) Southwest Airlines WN1447 estimated
07:50 AM April-17 El Paso (ELP) Southwest Airlines WN4413 scheduled
07:55 AM April-17 07:32 AM Houston (IAH) Southwest Airlines WN5657 estimated
07:55 AM April-17 Albuquerque (ABQ) Southwest Airlines WN5681 scheduled
07:55 AM April-17 Kansas City (MCI) Southwest Airlines WN2262 scheduled
07:55 AM April-17 Wichita (ICT) Southwest Airlines WN5386 scheduled
07:56 AM April-17 Salt Lake City (SLC) Delta Air Lines DL2268 scheduled
08:03 AM April-17 Colorado Springs (COS) United Express UA4711 scheduled
08:15 AM April-17 Kearney (EAR) Key Lime Air KG5530 scheduled
08:15 AM April-17 08:00 AM Atlanta (ATL) Southwest Airlines WN1530 estimated
08:15 AM April-17 07:43 AM Philadelphia (PHL) Southwest Airlines WN5198 estimated
08:18 AM April-17 Dallas (DFW) American Airlines AA1523 scheduled
08:20 AM April-17 07:47 AM Tampa (TPA) Frontier (Juan the Puerto Rican Parrot Livery) F91113 estimated
08:20 AM April-17 Boise (BOI) Southwest Airlines WN1865 scheduled
08:20 AM April-17 08:15 AM Tampa (TPA) Southwest Airlines WN572 estimated
08:20 AM April-17 Spokane (GEG) Southwest Airlines WN1614 scheduled
08:22 AM April-17 Williston (XWA) United Express UA5367 scheduled
08:24 AM April-17 Albuquerque (ABQ) United Airlines UA2014 scheduled
08:25 AM April-17 08:02 AM Cincinnati (CVG) Delta Air Lines DL1053 estimated
08:28 AM April-17 Minot (MOT) United Express UA5678 scheduled
08:29 AM April-17 Salt Lake City (SLC) United Airlines UA2087 scheduled
08:30 AM April-17 Alliance (AIA) Key Lime Air KG4120 scheduled
08:30 AM April-17 Chadron (CDR) Southern Airways Express 9X880 scheduled
08:31 AM April-17 Reno (RNO) United Airlines UA699 scheduled
08:32 AM April-17 Medford (MFR) United Airlines UA2185 scheduled
08:33 AM April-17 Grand Junction (GJT) United Airlines UA1877 scheduled
08:34 AM April-17 Spokane (GEG) United Airlines UA1460 scheduled
08:34 AM April-17 Missoula (MSO) United Airlines UA2255 scheduled
08:34 AM April-17 Ontario (ONT) United Airlines UA2730 scheduled
08:35 AM April-17 08:32 AM Baltimore (BWI) Southwest Airlines WN2011 estimated
08:36 AM April-17 08:17 AM Portland (PDX) United Airlines UA459 estimated
08:36 AM April-17 Los Angeles (LAX) United Airlines UA1339 scheduled
08:37 AM April-17 Boise (BOI) United Airlines UA1782 scheduled
08:37 AM April-17 Sacramento (SMF) United Airlines UA2601 scheduled
08:40 AM April-17 Jackson (JAC) United Airlines UA1378 scheduled
08:40 AM April-17 Des Moines (DSM) Southwest Airlines WN5220 scheduled
08:40 AM April-17 08:32 AM New York (LGA) Southwest Airlines WN5232 estimated
08:41 AM April-17 Santa Barbara (SBA) United Airlines UA2329 scheduled
08:41 AM April-17 Palm Springs (PSP) United Airlines UA2441 scheduled
08:42 AM April-17 Durango (DRO) United Airlines UA546 scheduled
08:43 AM April-17 Santa Fe (SAF) United Express UA4230 scheduled
08:44 AM April-17 Phoenix (PHX) Frontier (Flower the Hummingbird Livery) F91376 scheduled
08:44 AM April-17 Seattle (SEA) United Airlines UA1362 scheduled
08:44 AM April-17 Cody (COD) United Express UA4362 scheduled
08:44 AM April-17 Fresno (FAT) United Express UA4738 scheduled
08:45 AM April-17 St. Louis (STL) Southwest Airlines WN463 scheduled
08:45 AM April-17 Minneapolis (MSP) Southwest Airlines WN1716 scheduled
08:45 AM April-17 Montrose (MTJ) United Airlines UA719 scheduled
08:45 AM April-17 Casper (CPR) United Express UA4374 scheduled
08:45 AM April-17 Rapid City (RAP) United Express UA5417 scheduled
08:45 AM April-17 Portland (PDX) Southwest Airlines WN1757 scheduled
08:45 AM April-17 Tucson (TUS) Southwest Airlines WN2917 scheduled
08:46 AM April-17 San Antonio (SAT) United Airlines UA480 scheduled
08:46 AM April-17 San Luis Obispo (SBP) United Airlines UA2045 scheduled

Learn more about Denver International Airport arrivals

Denver International Airport, also known with abbreviation DIA, was opened in 1995 for its first Denver airport flight arrivals. The location of the airport is in the western United States. It is 33,531 acres and located 25 miles from downtown Denver by car. This airport has the longest runway in North America by land area for Colorado springs airport arrivals. It has service to 215 destinations on 23 airlines in North America, Latin America, Europe, and Asia.

Denver airport is known to be one of the busiest in the United States due to its location. Runway 6 added in September 2003 for DIA flight arrivals, the longest being 16,000 feet of pavement, which is about 4,000 feet more than the other runways. Due to their length, the Boeing 747-8 and Airbus A380 can have Denver airport arrivals without any problem.

The airport has a pointed roof that was designed by Fentress Bradburn Architects, who is internationally recognized. The shape of the roof resembles snow-capped mountains.

About Denver Arrivals

After all Denver flight arrivals, you must disembark from the plane and unload all your belongings. It would be best to go to the Denver airport baggage claim area to collect your bags. It is currently important that you review the requirements you need regarding COVID-19. Contact your airline to determine if it requires the negative real-time PCR test or if you need the vaccination certificate.

There are Denver Colorado airport arrivals possible by RTD Skyride transport network that transfers passengers from the airport to the city. If you have paid for a private service, you should know the signs with names that people have in the airport’s public area.


After late Denver international airport arrivals you can decide to stay in a hotel. Inside the airport, you can check the list of nearby hotels where you can spend the night. Most of them are 15 minutes driving at 7-8 miles. Most of them offer an airport shuttle service. There is actually one beautiful hotel at the airport which is The Westin Denver International Airport. This 4* hotel  offers everything you need. Spacious rooms, swimming pool, room service, bar, restaurant, gym. The location just couldn’t be better. It is not only useful to use the hotel the night before your early flight, but also if there is a delay or in case of a late arrival.

Denver Airport Terminal

There is a terminal that is called The Jeppesen Terminal for all Denver arrivals. It has three lobbies that are widely separated from each other. You can access lobby A through a pedestrian bridge that is in the terminal building. You can also access it via the subway system.

While accessing lobbies B and C, all passengers must use the train. Lobby A has 51 doors, Lobby B has 66 doors, and Lobby C has 29 doors.

Various pieces of art and murals can be seen in the terminal and lobbies. A painting makes the atmosphere in the terminals even more complete and it looks fantastic. Another piece of art is the horse standing outside. It is also known as the Blue Mustang. This is a 32 foot sculpture.

Terminal map


Ground transportation Denver Airport

Directions: The airport is located northeast of the city. If you want to travel directly to downtown, take ede Peña Blvd and exit onto I-70. On this road you can easily enter downtown. Continue on I-70 and you will arrive at White River National Forest and places such as Aspen. From this Forest there are ways out to other parking as well.

  • The airport has the Regional Transportation District (RTD), which has three bus routes called Skyride for DEN airport arrivals. This service also operates the A-line of the University of Colorado.
  • Denver Airport has accessible parking for all users and passengers. The largest parking spaces are divided into East and West which are located on the outside of the terminal. On both sides you have a Garage and Economy option. Garage parking costs $30 per day and Economy $16-18 per day. Garage also has short term parking for $7 per hour. Please note that there is a maximum height of the car of 8′ for parking in the garage. Economy parking can be used as long term parking, but there is a cheaper option. This location has Pikes Peak and is close to the car rental agencies a few miles from the airport. This is Shuttle Parking where shuttle buses run between the parking lot and the terminal. This parking costs $8 per day.
  • There are taxis outside the airport that can take you to any address you want. If you choose for a metered taxicab you often pay a little more. Some taxi flat rate prices:
    • Downtown – $56
    • Denver Tech. Center – $62
    • Boulder – $89
    • Tower Road – $29
  • Car rental: There are a dozen number of car rental agencies at the airport. The counters are near Island 4 – West and East. This is Outside Security Baggage Claim / Ground Transportation on Level 5 in Jeppesen Terminal. The car rental agencies are located a few miles away with all available cars. They offer free shuttle services to get there. Some well-known and lesser-known companies are Sixt, Fox, Avis and Hertz.
  • Cell Phone Waiting Lot: This is by E 78th Ave Connector near the Car Rental lots. Here you can wait to pick up passengers at the arrivals hall. You are not allowed to wait right in front of the terminal. Drive to Arrivals level 4 even though the baggage claim is at level 5. No public vehicles are allowed at that level.
Denver Airport airlines and destinations

The airlines that have Denver flight arrivals are: