Cleveland Hopkins Airport Departures CLE

Cleveland Hopkins International Airport

Address: 5300 Riverside Dr, Cleveland, OH 44135, United States
IATA airport code: CLE
Surface area: 1.700 acres
Altitude: 790 ft
Phone: +1 216-265-6000

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Get to know Cleveland Hopkins departures

The first airport that the United States had was Cleveland Hopkins. This airport stands out for its age, large facilities that are divided into lobbies and airline services for Hopkins airport departures. You may know how important the airport is for domestic destinations and some notable foreign Cleveland departures.

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About Cleveland Airport

Cleveland Hopkins International Airport had its first CLE airport departures in 1925; it was a novelty because it was the first American airport. The airport was named after William Hopkins, who administered the city of Cleveland in Ohio. Cleveland Hopkins Airport stands out for being the main headquarters of United Airlines, but after some problems, its operations ceased. Nowadays Frontier Airlines have its base over there with most Hopkins departures.

You can visit the airport and be surprised by its breadth in addition to the commercial Cleveland flight departures it offers. This airport has become a landmark for the city, and in a few years, it will be in operation for its first century.

Ground transport Cleveland Hopkins Airport

If you want to go to the airport, you must know how to get there. This airport is located a few miles from the city of Cleveland, so you will not have an impediment in locating it. Don’t misuse it because traffic can be their and you need to be 2 hours prior Cleveland Hopkins departures. For you to get to the airport you can choose between these means of transport:

  • Cleveland Rapid Transit: This is a train line found at the airport, and you can take it under the terminal. The “red line rapid transit” station is the one that can take you downtown or other areas in Ohio when having CLE departures.
  • Car rental service: You will have CRCF services on your side to rent cars to take you around the entire city. These services are reliable and have the best drivers in the state.
  • Cab: If you want a transportation service with a lower cost than renting cars, you can take a taxi anywhere to be on time for Cleveland Hopkins airport departures. The area has over 100 taxi lines for you to choose the most convenient one upon departure.
Cleveland Airport Terminals

Inside the airport, you can enjoy a spacious terminal divided into four lobbies (A, B, C, and D) for all Cleveland departures. In each of these lobbies, you can see:

  • Zone A, you will have charter flights with Allegiant Air, Spirit, and Frontier with CLE flight departures. In this hall, you will also find the Customs and border protection area.
  • Zone B is the administration of Delta and Southwest.
  • Zone C is the “United” area for the largest commercial Hopkins airport departures. In this lobby, you can locate airlines such as American, JetBlue, and Air Canada Express.
  • The former United airport company used to be in zone D but is now used as a cargo zone for Cleveland flight departures. This part of the lobby is also used as a waiting room for passengers with connecting flights.


Location Cleveland Hopkins Airport

Cleveland Hopkins Airport is located on the south side of the city of Cleveland throughout the heart of Ohio. This airport is less than 10 miles from the city center for you to locate.


At the airport you can take national and international Cleveland Hopkins departures run by these airlines:

  • United Express
  • American Airlines
  • Allegiant Air
  • Air Canada
  • Spirit Airlines
  • Southwest Airlines
  • JetBlue
  • Frontier Airlines
  • Delta Airlines
Cleveland Hopkins airport destinations

When you have Hopkins flight departures, you can choose commercial flights that take you to:

For international flights from Cleveland Hopkins Airport, you can go to: