Chicago Midway Airport Arrivals (MDW)

Chicago Midway International Airport

5500 South Cicero Avenue, Chicago,
IL 60638, USA

Tel: +1 7 (0) 73 838-0600, +1 800 832-6352

Airport codes:
IATA code: MDW

MDW Arrivals today

Schedule Time Estimated Time Origin Airline Flight Status
07:05 AM February-28 Champaign (CMI) scheduled
07:10 AM February-28 06:54 AM Washington (DCA) Southwest Airlines (Maryland One Livery) WN263 estimated
07:22 AM February-28 Indianapolis (IND) Jet Logistics JLG297 scheduled
07:29 AM February-28 Burlington (BTV) Vista America VJA538 scheduled
07:35 AM February-28 07:28 AM New Orleans (MSY) Southwest Airlines WN2014 estimated
07:35 AM February-28 Omaha (OMA) Southwest Airlines WN2577 scheduled
07:40 AM February-28 Kansas City (MCI) Southwest Airlines WN1157 scheduled
07:40 AM February-28 07:20 AM New York (LGA) Southwest Airlines WN1379 estimated
07:45 AM February-28 Minneapolis (MSP) Southwest Airlines WN1233 scheduled
07:45 AM February-28 St. Louis (STL) Southwest Airlines WN2792 scheduled
07:46 AM February-28 07:16 AM Oxford (OXC) estimated
07:50 AM February-28 Nashville (BNA) Southwest Airlines WN961 scheduled
07:50 AM February-28 Grand Rapids (GRR) Southwest Airlines WN3609 scheduled
07:55 AM February-28 Birmingham (BHM) Southwest Airlines WN330 scheduled
07:55 AM February-28 07:41 AM Tampa (TPA) Southwest Airlines WN858 estimated
07:55 AM February-28 Memphis (MEM) Southwest Airlines WN1864 scheduled
08:00 AM February-28 Louisville (SDF) Southwest Airlines WN3831 scheduled
08:05 AM February-28 Columbus (CMH) Southwest Airlines WN1876 scheduled
08:16 AM February-28 Chicago (DPA) scheduled
08:25 AM February-28 Detroit (DTW) Southwest Airlines WN1345 scheduled
08:35 AM February-28 Buffalo (BUF) Southwest Airlines WN2078 scheduled
08:40 AM February-28 Windsor Locks (BDL) Southwest Airlines WN705 scheduled
08:40 AM February-28 Cleveland (CLE) Southwest Airlines WN915 scheduled
08:40 AM February-28 Rochester (ROC) Southwest Airlines WN938 scheduled
08:45 AM February-28 Baltimore (BWI) Southwest Airlines WN879 scheduled
08:45 AM February-28 Raleigh-Durham (RDU) Southwest Airlines WN2389 scheduled
08:50 AM February-28 Philadelphia (PHL) Southwest Airlines WN900 scheduled
08:50 AM February-28 Pittsburgh (PIT) Southwest Airlines WN1265 scheduled
08:50 AM February-28 Albany (ALB) Southwest Airlines WN3849 scheduled
08:55 AM February-28 Boston (BOS) Southwest Airlines WN1769 scheduled
08:55 AM February-28 Charlotte (CLT) Southwest Airlines WN2992 scheduled
09:00 AM February-28 Detroit (DTW) Delta Connection DL4047 scheduled
09:05 AM February-28 Fort Myers (RSW) Southwest Airlines WN3003 scheduled
09:05 AM February-28 Cincinnati (CVG) Southwest Airlines WN3425 scheduled
09:07 AM February-28 Teterboro (TEB) scheduled
09:10 AM February-28 Dallas (DAL) Southwest Airlines WN1519 scheduled
09:15 AM February-28 Fort Lauderdale (FLL) Southwest Airlines WN2163 scheduled
09:20 AM February-28 Orlando (MCO) Southwest Airlines WN137 scheduled
09:20 AM February-28 Denver (DEN) Southwest Airlines WN506 scheduled
09:24 AM February-28 Chicago (PWK) Flexjet LXJ465 scheduled
09:25 AM February-28 Houston (HOU) Southwest Airlines WN3177 scheduled
09:30 AM February-28 Silao (BJX) Volaris Y4942 scheduled
09:40 AM February-28 Atlanta (ATL) Southwest Airlines WN3053 scheduled
09:51 AM February-28 Atlanta (ATL) Delta Air Lines DL1063 scheduled
10:00 AM February-28 Naples (APF) NetJets EJA914 scheduled
10:15 AM February-28 Washington (DCA) Southwest Airlines WN557 scheduled
10:18 AM February-28 Toronto (YTZ) Av8Jet AJO263 scheduled
10:20 AM February-28 Toronto (YTZ) Porter PD2387 scheduled
10:25 AM February-28 San Antonio (SAT) Southwest Airlines WN1775 scheduled
10:30 AM February-28 Phoenix (PHX) Southwest Airlines WN2984 scheduled
10:36 AM February-28 Chicago (PWK) Red Wing Aviation LAK496 scheduled
10:37 AM February-28 Denver (DEN) Frontier (Rocky the Saw-Whet Owl Livery) F92210 scheduled
10:47 AM February-28 Minneapolis (MSP) Delta Connection DL3907 scheduled
11:00 AM February-28 New York (LGA) Southwest Airlines WN1674 scheduled
11:00 AM February-28 Orlando (MCO) Southwest Airlines WN1918 scheduled
11:10 AM February-28 Albuquerque (ABQ) Southwest Airlines WN683 scheduled
11:15 AM February-28 Salt Lake City (SLC) Southwest Airlines WN1545 scheduled
11:15 AM February-28 Guadalajara (GDL) Volaris Y4940 scheduled
11:20 AM February-28 Las Vegas (LAS) Southwest Airlines WN1006 scheduled
11:25 AM February-28 Nashville (BNA) Southwest Airlines WN849 scheduled
11:30 AM February-28 Austin (AUS) Southwest Airlines WN282 scheduled
11:45 AM February-28 Atlanta (ATL) Southwest Airlines WN2955 scheduled
11:53 AM February-28 Miami (MIA) Frontier (Jo Jo the Grizzly Bear Livery) F93179 scheduled
12:00 PM February-28 Denver (DEN) Southwest Airlines WN994 scheduled
12:00 PM February-28 Miami (MIA) Southwest Airlines WN4824 scheduled
12:00 PM February-28 Fort Lauderdale (FXE) scheduled
12:06 PM February-28 Miami (MIA) NetJets EJA668 scheduled
12:10 PM February-28 Grand Rapids (GRR) Southwest Airlines WN1272 scheduled
12:15 PM February-28 Columbus (CMH) Southwest Airlines WN665 scheduled
12:15 PM February-28 St. Louis (STL) Southwest Airlines WN2137 scheduled
12:15 PM February-28 Cleveland (CLE) Southwest Airlines WN2703 scheduled
12:20 PM February-28 Washington (DCA) Southwest Airlines WN2804 scheduled
12:25 PM February-28 Omaha (OMA) Southwest Airlines WN321 scheduled
12:29 PM February-28 Detroit (DTW) Delta Connection DL3792 scheduled
12:30 PM February-28 Ontario (ONT) Southwest Airlines (Lone Star One Livery) WN1927 scheduled
12:35 PM February-28 Baltimore (BWI) Southwest Airlines WN147 scheduled
12:35 PM February-28 Orlando (MCO) Southwest Airlines WN3848 scheduled
12:40 PM February-28 Minneapolis (MSP) Southwest Airlines WN538 scheduled
12:40 PM February-28 Myrtle Beach (MYR) Southwest Airlines WN574 scheduled
12:45 PM February-28 Cincinnati (CVG) Southwest Airlines WN1766 scheduled
12:45 PM February-28 Raleigh-Durham (RDU) Southwest Airlines WN3832 scheduled
12:50 PM February-28 Las Vegas (LAS) Southwest Airlines WN644 scheduled
12:55 PM February-28 Phoenix (PHX) Southwest Airlines WN1016 scheduled
12:55 PM February-28 Long Beach (LGB) Southwest Airlines WN1289 scheduled
01:00 PM February-28 San Diego (SAN) Southwest Airlines WN1968 scheduled
01:05 PM February-28 Oakland (OAK) Southwest Airlines WN1793 scheduled
01:12 PM February-28 Las Vegas (LAS) NetJets EJA436 scheduled
01:15 PM February-28 Dallas (DAL) Southwest Airlines WN1802 scheduled
01:15 PM February-28 Los Angeles (LAX) Southwest Airlines WN3792 scheduled
01:25 PM February-28 Philadelphia (PHL) Southwest Airlines WN1901 scheduled
01:30 PM February-28 New York (LGA) Southwest Airlines WN1528 scheduled
01:36 PM February-28 Columbus (CMH) NetJets EJA145 scheduled
01:45 PM February-28 Houston (IAH) Southwest Airlines WN936 scheduled
01:45 PM February-28 Sacramento (SMF) Southwest Airlines WN2856 scheduled
01:45 PM February-28 Portland (PDX) Southwest Airlines WN3055 scheduled
01:50 PM February-28 Denver (DEN) Southwest Airlines WN603 scheduled
01:50 PM February-28 Kansas City (MCI) Southwest Airlines WN1152 scheduled
01:50 PM February-28 Detroit (DTW) Southwest Airlines WN1416 scheduled
01:53 PM February-28 West Palm Beach (PBI) Flexjet LXJ554 scheduled
02:00 PM February-28 Houston (HOU) Southwest Airlines WN1998 scheduled

Experience Chicago Midway Airport Arrivals

Know more about Chicago Midway Airport and how varied its domestic Chicago Midway arrivals are. The airport is located in the state of Illinois about 12 miles from the Loop district. The airport has been around since the 1920s, well ahead of the other major international airport, Chicago O’Hare. It is one of the busiest airports in the US with an average of 20 million passengers per year. It is clearly the main airport for the carrier Southwest Airlines. More than 90 percent of the flights are operated by this airline. For the most part, the planes stay within the US with some to the Caribbean or Mexico. It uses 5 runways (3,850 – 6,450 ft) and there is 1 terminal with 3 concourses. This airport is an important point for commercial flights to Toronto, Detroit, Louisville, Seattle, and other parts of the US. Some other busy flight routes:

Some history

In Chicago, the Midway International Airport was originally called “Chicago Air Park” since it was founded in 1923 when the first Midway arrivals took place. This airport was built on more than 320 acres to have enough land to have several runways and terminals. For the year 1926, the airport took the name of “Chicago municipal airport.”

Between 1963 and 1993, a massive reconstruction was made at the airport to include new hangars and runways to increase the MDW flight arrivals. Many commercial airlines agreed with the airport to offer Chicago Midway flight arrivals from many US cities but also international ones.

In Chicago, the Midway airport began its last reconstruction in 2018 and is still in a state of repair. This construction focuses on the modernization of the airport so that passengers have greater comforts.

Ground transportation

For you to get to or from the Midway airport in Chicago, there is not much problem because you have different means of transportation. You will be only 8 miles from the Loop that constitutes downtown Chicago, Illinois. You can have MDW airport arrivals with public transport from the city in 20 minutes or a taxi if you want to be more comfortable. Taxi and Rideshare: from the baggage claim you walk through 2 (taxi) or 4 (rideshare). If you want to get to downtown Chicago by taxi the price will be about $40.

In general, the transport to the airport is very quiet and varied. If you take the bus that goes around the front of the airport, you will only pay 1 dollar to the Loop, which is not quite affordable. there are options to travel with different bus companies. Some of these include Chicago Transit Authority (CTA) and Pace buses. There is also a subway orange line that goes to downtown Chicago.

You can locate Chicago’s Midway Airport south of the city in Illinois, exactly a few miles from the Loop. This is the second-largest airport in the metropolitan city that you can locate within 8 miles of downtown for Chicago Midway arrivals.

Rental Cars: There is a Rental car facility at 5150 W. 55th St. Shuttles run from the airport from door 2 to this facility. These shuttles run every 15 minutes. Rent a car from Budget, Alamo, Dollar, and Hertz, among others.

If you are picked up by family or friends after arrival, you can board at lower level, outermost curb. The person can also use the Cell Phone Lot. Here you can temporarily park for free, which is located at 61st Street and Cicero Avenue.


You can park at various locations. The most obvious and used is the garage in front of the terminal. This way you are quickly at the direct location to check in. You can park Hourly or Daily in this garage. These are both short term parking options. A little further from the terminal are Daily and Economy Lot. Both options offer a shuttle service. Garage prices range from $4 per hour to a maximum of $64 per day. Daily Garage is slightly cheaper in the daily rate. Park at Economy Lot for only $15 per day.

Parking map

Chicago-Midway-Airport-arrivals MDW-terminal and parking area

Terminal of Chicago Midway Airport

At Chicago Midway Airport, you have five runways. There is a terminal which is divided into a 3-lob area. Lobby A has 19 doors, Lobby B has 26 doors, and the last lobby has three access doors to have Chicago Midway arrivals.

  • Concourse A: Allegiant, Delta, Porter, Volaris, and Southwest
  • Concourse B: Southwest
  • Concourse C: Avelo and Frontier
Airlines at Midway Airport

Among the airlines that you will have available within this airport are:

  • Allegiant Air
  • Delta Air Lines
  • Porter Airlines
  • Southwest Airlines
  • Volaris
  • Skywest
  • Endeavor Air
Chicago Midway Airport Destinations

You can take the most requested commercial flights in the United States. There are MDW arrivals from:

You can have some Midway airport arrivals from international destinations such as Mexico, Panama, Jamaica, Canada, Dominican Republic, among others.

For years the Midway airport in Chicago has dominated for its commercial Midway arrivals that will take you to:

These numbers where from 2019. This is because of the pandemic a  lot less in 2020 and 2021 but the amount of MDW flight arrivals will be definitely back in the near future.

If you want to take the most affordable cost airlines from Midway, you can choose Endeavor Air, SkyWest, Delta Airlines, and Southwest Airlines.


In Chicago there are many hotels to stay in. However, there are only a dozen that are also close to the airport and even fewer that also offer a shuttle service. To go to a Hilton Chicago, all you have to do is provide the reservation and your flight times. Some good options near Midway Airport:

  • DoubleTree by Hilton Chicago Midway Airport
  • Sleep Inn Midway Airport Bedford Park
  • Residence Inn Chicago Midway Airport
  • Holiday Inn Express & Suites Chicago-Midway Airport, an IHG Hotel
  • Chicago Marriott Midway