Charlotte Douglas Airport Departures CLT

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Address: 5501 Josh Birmingham Pkwy, Charlotte, NC 28208, United States
Departments: Visitor Info Center – Charlotte Douglas International Airport Baggage Claim
Code: CLT
Height: 228 m
Phone: +1 704-359-4013
Node for: American Airlines
Serves: Charlotte Metropolitan Area

About Charlotte Douglas Departures

The Charlotte Douglas International Airport is ranked 34 busiest airports in the world and averaging 1000 day to day CLT flight departures. This airport actually serves approximately 178 non-stop destinations across the world and also invites over 50 million passengers per year. This airport also received the most prestigious Eagle Award in the year of 2010 from the International Air Transport Association for the best airport. Moreover, it is considered as a most distinguished of the awards in an aviation industry. The Charlotte Douglas Airport was recognized for its economic value as well as best quality service to the airline customers. Passengers just love the Charlotte airport departures.

The vision of CLT airport is aiding as a monetary engine of the Carolinas, simplifying the undertaking of people and products, making jobs as well as enterprise and supporting the best quality of life. The mission of CLT is to become a most preferred airport as well as airline hub by offering the top quality product for the less possible rates. This airport is normally operated economically on the completely self-sustaining basis and no common fund incomes have been or are taken to the price of actions or amenities. The revenue of this airport include cargo area, parking, concessions, terminal area and airfield. It’s no surprise that because of the increase of Douglas airport departures that it is financially getting more wealthy.

Transportation to/from the airport

The Charlotte Douglas airport usually permits the Lyft and Uber vehicles at the pickup and drops off in front of the terminals. Before you head that way, there are dual rules you will need to know such as to improve earnings, which is essential to know how to navigate the airport, join the queue and legitimize your vehicle. They also have Douglas airport departures by train, which offers leisure travelers and business travelers a simple way to make their flight from the downtown. The CLT also views to expand its transit system in the upcoming decades and it has planned to build this airport rail line.



The following are lists of airlines will have Charlotte departures:

  • Spirit Airlines
  • Con Tour Airlines
  • Frontier Airlines
  • United Airlines
  • Air Canada Airlines
  • Jet Blue Airways Airlines
  • Delta Airlines
  • Volaris Airlines
  • American Airlines

Presently, the Charlotte Douglas airport is functioned by the American Airlines and has 16 terminals with CLT airport departures. This airport also features one crosswind and three parallel runways. These runways are designated as 18L/36R, 18C/36C and 18R/36L, which have a length of 8,676 ft, 10,000 ft and 9, 000 ft respectively. Totally, it has four runways and one passenger terminal with 115 gates separated between the five courtyards. Over the last year, the Charlotte Douglas International Airport had 27.7 million passengers 2020. There is a record shows that 46% reduction CLT departures from the 50.2 million passengers in the year of 2019.


As per the COVID-19 pandemic situation, this report has released by the airport. The Charlotte Douglas is an International Airport and serves the area of all over Charlotte in the United States. It has non-stop Charlotte Douglas airport departures scheduled to 185 destinations across 24 countries. Right now, there are 146 domestic flights from Charlotte. You can also able to fly to 177 destinations with 14 airlines in the scheduled passenger traffic. A route with most departure is a route to Atlanta with the average range of 109 flights from CLT every week.

Especially Charlotte Douglas international airport departures are having a hard time during corona. American Airlines that serves most routes to the Caribbean are temporarily cancelled or degraded. Think about Cancun Departures, Montego Bay, Punta Cana, Nassau, Aruba and Grand Cayman. There are also less departures from Charlotte Douglas to London, Toronto, Munich and Frankfurt. Luckily the domestic flights will still mostly go to Orlando, Baltimore, Fort Lauderdale, Miami, New York (Newark and JFK), Tampa, Atlanta, Dallas, Chicago O’hare and Philadelphia.