Boston Logan Airport Departures BOS

General Edward Lawrence Logan International Airport[

Airport Codes
International Air Transport Association (IATA): BOS
International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO): KBOS
Federal Aviation Administration (FAA): BOS abbreviation

Tel: +1 (0) 617 5611800

Address: Boston, Massachusetts 02128, United States
Airport code: BOS
Phone: +1 800-235-6426
Number of runways: 6

BOS departures today

Schedule Time Estimated Time Destination Airline Flight Terminal Status
09:55 AM June-19 09:55 AM Provincetown (PVC) Cape Air 9K2171 C estimated
09:55 AM June-19 09:55 AM Washington (DCA) JetBlue Airways B61655 C estimated
09:55 AM June-19 10:04 AM Denver (DEN) United Airlines UA662 B estimated
09:55 AM June-19 Provincetown (PVC) Cape Air 9K110 canceled
09:57 AM June-19 10:16 AM Orlando (MCO) JetBlue Airways B62051 C estimated
10:00 AM June-19 10:30 AM Seattle (SEA) Alaska Airlines (Oneworld Livery) AS537 B estimated
10:00 AM June-19 10:00 AM Austin (AUS) JetBlue Airways B61039 C estimated
10:00 AM June-19 10:18 AM New York (LGA) Delta Connection DL5744 A estimated
10:00 AM June-19 10:06 AM Morristown (MMU) NetJets EJA615 estimated
10:03 AM June-19 10:30 AM Dallas (DFW) American Airlines AA2997 B estimated
10:05 AM June-19 10:05 AM New York (JFK) JetBlue Airways B62417 C estimated
10:10 AM June-19 10:28 AM Atlanta (ATL) Delta Air Lines DL973 A estimated
10:10 AM June-19 12:14 PM New York (EWR) United Airlines UA592 B estimated
10:12 AM June-19 10:12 AM San Juan (SJU) JetBlue Airways (JetBlue Vacations Livery) B6731 C estimated
10:14 AM June-19 10:14 AM Mexico City (MEX) Aeromexico AM641 E estimated
10:14 AM June-19 10:25 AM Raleigh-Durham (RDU) Delta Air Lines DL2118 A estimated
10:15 AM June-19 10:35 AM Montreal (YUL) Air Canada Express AC8605 B estimated
10:17 AM June-19 10:43 AM Charlotte (CLT) American Airlines AA622 B estimated
10:20 AM June-19 10:20 AM Bermuda (BDA) BermudAir 2T302 E estimated
10:20 AM June-19 10:30 AM Toronto (YYZ) Air Canada AC769 B estimated
10:20 AM June-19 10:38 AM Norfolk (ORF) Delta Connection DL5688 A estimated
10:23 AM June-19 10:23 AM New York (JFK) American Eagle AA4369 B estimated
10:30 AM June-19 10:30 AM Los Angeles (LAX) JetBlue Airways B6687 C estimated
10:30 AM June-19 11:13 AM San Francisco (SFO) United Airlines UA1413 B estimated
10:30 AM June-19 10:41 AM Massena (MSS) Boutique Air 4B862 B estimated
10:30 AM June-19 10:44 AM Nantucket (ACK) Cape Air 9K795 estimated
10:33 AM June-19 10:33 AM Nantucket (ACK) Cape Air 9K5091 C estimated
10:34 AM June-19 11:30 AM Dallas (DFW) JetBlue Airways B6215 C estimated
10:35 AM June-19 10:41 AM Asheville (AVL) Allegiant Air G4226 E estimated
10:35 AM June-19 10:49 AM Baltimore (BWI) Southwest Airlines WN2011 B estimated
10:41 AM June-19 10:41 AM New York (EWR) Spirit Airlines NK933 B estimated
10:43 AM June-19 10:53 AM New York (JFK) Delta Connection DL5720 A estimated
10:45 AM June-19 10:45 AM Martha's Vineyard (MVY) Cape Air 9K3091 C estimated
10:45 AM June-19 10:45 AM Wilmington (ILM) American Eagle AA3883 B estimated
10:50 AM June-19 10:50 AM Nantucket (ACK) Cape Air 9K5011 C estimated
10:50 AM June-19 10:50 AM Jacksonville (JAX) JetBlue Airways B6109 C estimated
10:50 AM June-19 10:50 AM Cincinnati (CVG) Frontier (Manteo the Red Wolf Livery) F91007 E estimated
10:54 AM June-19 10:54 AM Philadelphia (PHL) American Airlines AA1776 B estimated
10:55 AM June-19 11:13 AM Los Angeles (LAX) Delta Air Lines DL317 A estimated
10:56 AM June-19 10:56 AM Charleston (CHS) Spirit Airlines NK2326 B estimated
11:00 AM June-19 11:00 AM Traverse City (TVC) American Eagle AA4387 B estimated
11:00 AM June-19 11:00 AM Washington (DCA) JetBlue Airways B61755 C estimated
11:00 AM June-19 11:00 AM Chicago (ORD) Delta Air Lines DL2679 A estimated
11:00 AM June-19 11:17 AM New York (LGA) Delta Connection DL5755 A estimated
11:00 AM June-19 11:24 AM Nantucket (ACK) Cape Air 9K1010 estimated
11:00 AM June-19 11:12 AM Bar Harbor (BHB) Cape Air 9K426 estimated
11:05 AM June-19 11:05 AM Bar Harbor (BHB) Cape Air 9K1835 C estimated
11:05 AM June-19 11:24 AM Seattle (SEA) Delta Air Lines DL332 A estimated
11:06 AM June-19 11:06 AM Oranjestad (AUA) JetBlue Airways B6573 C estimated
11:10 AM June-19 11:10 AM Raleigh-Durham (RDU) JetBlue Airways B62283 C estimated
11:10 AM June-19 11:10 AM Punta Cana (PUJ) JetBlue Airways B62895 C estimated
11:10 AM June-19 11:10 AM Cincinnati (CVG) Delta Connection DL5782 A estimated
11:12 AM June-19 11:22 AM Minneapolis (MSP) Sun Country Airlines SY252 E estimated
11:13 AM June-19 11:13 AM New York (LGA) American Eagle AA4470 B estimated
11:15 AM June-19 11:15 AM Nantucket (ACK) Cape Air 9K5171 C estimated
11:15 AM June-19 11:33 AM Minneapolis (MSP) Delta Air Lines DL1103 A estimated
11:15 AM June-19 11:15 AM New Orleans (MSY) Delta Air Lines DL1398 A estimated
11:20 AM June-19 11:20 AM Charlotte (CLT) Delta Connection DL5630 A estimated
11:20 AM June-19 11:20 AM Toronto (YTZ) Porter PD2940 E estimated
11:25 AM June-19 11:25 AM Augusta (AUG) Cape Air 9K1005 C estimated
11:26 AM June-19 11:26 AM New York (EWR) United Airlines UA2451 B estimated
11:28 AM June-19 11:28 AM Myrtle Beach (MYR) Spirit Airlines NK897 B estimated
11:30 AM June-19 11:30 AM Washington (DCA) Delta Connection DL5672 A estimated
11:36 AM June-19 11:46 AM Nantucket (ACK) Flexjet LXJ419 estimated
11:40 AM June-19 11:40 AM Doha (DOH) Qatar Airways (Oneworld Livery) QR748 E estimated
11:40 AM June-19 11:40 AM Denver (DEN) United Airlines UA414 B estimated
11:43 AM June-19 11:43 AM Syracuse (SYR) American Eagle AA5721 B estimated
11:45 AM June-19 11:45 AM Columbus (CMH) American Eagle AA3443 B estimated
11:48 AM June-19 11:54 AM Bedford (BED) NetJets EJA699 estimated
11:55 AM June-19 02:00 PM Martha's Vineyard (MVY) Cape Air 9K3331 C estimated
11:57 AM June-19 12:03 PM Morristown (MMU) NetJets EJA354 estimated
11:59 AM June-19 11:59 AM Indianapolis (IND) Delta Connection DL5627 A estimated
12:00 PM June-19 12:00 PM Martha's Vineyard (MVY) Cape Air 9K3131 C estimated
12:00 PM June-19 12:00 PM Washington (DCA) JetBlue Airways B6755 C estimated
12:00 PM June-19 12:00 PM New York (LGA) Delta Connection DL5754 A estimated
12:00 PM June-19 12:14 PM Baltimore (BWI) Southwest Airlines WN1470 B estimated
12:02 PM June-19 12:02 PM Charlotte (CLT) American Airlines AA901 B estimated
12:05 PM June-19 12:23 PM Orlando (MCO) Delta Air Lines DL1570 A estimated
12:07 PM June-19 12:07 PM Orlando (MCO) Spirit Airlines NK2068 B estimated
12:10 PM June-19 12:10 PM Porto (OPO) EuroAtlantic Airways S4272 E estimated
12:17 PM June-19 12:17 PM Chicago (ORD) American Airlines AA1457 B estimated
12:20 PM June-19 12:23 PM Nashville (BNA) Southwest Airlines WN1223 B estimated
12:21 PM June-19 12:21 PM Atlanta (ATL) Delta Air Lines DL376 A estimated
12:25 PM June-19 12:25 PM Bar Harbor (BHB) Cape Air 9K1839 C estimated
12:25 PM June-19 12:41 PM New York (EWR) United Airlines UA2067 B estimated
12:25 PM June-19 12:25 PM Charleston (CHS) Delta Air Lines DL2785 A estimated
12:30 PM June-19 12:30 PM Providenciales (PLS) JetBlue Airways B6453 C estimated
12:30 PM June-19 12:30 PM Toronto (YTZ) Porter PD2942 E estimated
12:30 PM June-19 12:36 PM Washington (IAD) NetJets EJA737 estimated
12:34 PM June-19 12:34 PM Nantucket (ACK) JetBlue Airways B62352 C estimated
12:35 PM June-19 12:35 PM New York (EWR) Delta Connection DL5829 A estimated
12:35 PM June-19 12:35 PM Reykjavik (KEF) Icelandair FI634 E estimated
12:36 PM June-19 12:42 PM St. Thomas (STT) NetJets estimated
12:38 PM June-19 12:38 PM Dallas (DFW) American Airlines AA2297 B estimated
12:40 PM June-19 12:40 PM Lebanon (LEB) Cape Air 9K1875 C estimated
12:41 PM June-19 12:41 PM Washington (DCA) American Airlines AA2134 B estimated
12:45 PM June-19 12:45 PM Chicago (ORD) United Airlines UA292 B estimated
12:55 PM June-19 12:55 PM Augusta (AUG) Cape Air 9K1003 C estimated
12:55 PM June-19 12:55 PM Indianapolis (IND) American Eagle AA4317 B estimated
12:58 PM June-19 12:58 PM Nantucket (ACK) Cape Air 9K5311 C estimated

Discover Boston Logan Airport Departures

Airport General Edward Lawrence Logan International Airport, is located in (or near) Boston. It is only 4 miles from the city center. It is a major international airport on the east coast of the United States. The airport has a fantastic location on the water and close to the center of the city. It is the largest airport in the New England region.

JetBlue Airways, American Airlines and Delta Air Lines offer the most flights with a total market share of almost 70 percent. United and Southwest also have many flight options. There are 6 runways from small to large (length 2,550 to 10,100 ft). Logan Airport uses 4 different terminals.

There was a stable amount of passengers at the airport for years. In the last 10 years, however, it has grown from 27 to 42 million passengers per year. It has fallen sharply due to the pandemic but it has found its way back up with an increase in Boston departures.

Busiest flight routes
Ground transportation Boston Airport

A good way for Logan departures to the center is to take the Subway with the Silver or Blue line. There are also regional but also express bus Boston airport departures for a more direct route. If you prefer to travel privately, you can continue the journey with limos, taxis or Uber / Lyft. At the airport itself there are Logan airport departures every 5 minutes with the On-Airport Shuttle connecting not only the terminal but also the subway station, rental car center and economy parking garage. Other parking options are in front of the terminals. Terminal B and E have their ‘own’ parking location but all the terminals are easy to reach from the Central Parking Garage as well.

Terminal and Parking map


Boston Airport terminals

There are Boston Logan international departures from five different terminals.

  • Terminal A is mainly used by Delta Air Lines and WestJet.
  • Terminal B has existed since 1974 and has been renovated and expanded several times and divides into north and south. Airlines that have Boston departures at terminal B are American Airlines, Alaska Airlines, Spirit, Air Canada, Boutique Air,  and Southwest.
  • Terminal C is the fourth terminal and smaller than the previous one and is use by TAP Air Portugal (departures only), Cape Air, Aer Lingus and JetBlue (International arrival in Terminal E).
  • The last terminal, Terminal E, has only 12 gates but expansions are on the way, adding 7 new international gates. Airlines that are located here include: Sun Country, British Airways, Air France, Lufthansa, Virgin Atlantic, TAP Air Portugal (arrivals only). Also American Airlines is located at terminal E for international flights at Logan Airport.

There are a total of 6 runways Boston Logan airport departures. Four of these can be used for the larger aircraft and two of them for smaller aircraft such as private jets.

Flight routes Boston Logan Airport

Most Boston Logan international airport departures belong to JetBlue Airways with a market share of more than 30 percent. The other airlines that follow are American, Delta, United and Southwest. Most flights are domestic and there are a number of popular destinations.

Domestic routes

Most Boston Logan departures go to Atlanta, Georgia, flown with Delta, JetBlue and Spirit. Not far behind are the busiest routes to

International routes

Due to corona, the international routes have shrunk considerably and the large numbers of passengers are still missing. The busiest route is to Europe: London-Heathrow in the UK. In most cases the flight is operated by BA, Delta or Virgin Atlantic. The following destinations are also options to consider:

Flying to the Caribbean and Latin America is also a popular choice. There are many options to choose from to enjoy a holiday in the area. Some destinations you could fly to:

Looking at cargo flights, most Boston flight departures are with UPS Airlines, FedEx Express, Ameriflight and Atlas Air.

History of Boston Logan Airport

The first Boston Logan airport departures took place in 1923. At that time it was mainly used by the Air National Guard and Army Air Corps. She also called it Jefferey Field. It was not until several years later before the first commercial flight took place to New York. About 10 years later, the airport was also used as a weather observation point. Due to the growth in the 1950’s, an extra piece of land was purchased. Several terminal buildings were also added, of which 2 are currently in use.

After the WW2 the airport became a transatlantic gateway with Europe. There were weekly flights to London with a stopover in Shannon. More and more routes were added with Pan Am and Air France. Due to the growth of the jumbo jets, another terminal was added. Terminal E opened in 1974 and was one of the largest arrival facilities in the US. After a long struggle for more land, the runway with the name 15R/33L could eventually be extended.

Runway 14/32 was built later with an opening in 2006. This eventually became the longest runway for the Logan arrivals of larger aircraft such as the Airbus A380. There were also more and more expansions with taxiways, parking lots, airport hotels and technological improvements to what it is today.


The most commonly used option is the Hilton Boston Logan Airport Hotel. It is located on the airport site just in front of the Central Parking Garage. Ideal if you want to stay nearby or rest in a hotel. Other options within minutes’ drive include Embassy Suites and the Hyatt Regency Boston Harbor.

There are still many options for staying close to the airport. The city center is close by. There are also options to the north and east, although to a lesser extent. Stay in city center:

  • The Newbury Boston
  • The Ritz-Carlton
  • XV Beacon
  • Canopy by Hilton Boston Downtown
  • InterContinental Boston, an IHG Hotel
  • The Westin Boston Seaport District