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Boise Air Terminal or Gowen Field

3201 Airport Way, Suite 1000, Boise,
ID 83705, USA

Tel: +1 (0) 208 3833110

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IATA code: BOI

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About Boise Air Terminal/Gowen Field/Boise Airport arrivals

Boise Airport also has the different names like Boise Air Terminal, BOI, Gowen Field and KBOI. It is actually a joint civil armed forces airport in the western region of US. This airport is 3 miles south of downtown Boise in Ada County, Idaho. It is in operation by the Boise department of Aviation city and is managed by an Airport Commission. It’s the most popular and one of the busiest airports in the Idaho state of the United States. They are serving regularly more and more Boise arrivals as compared to other airports in the same state. Idaho’s second busiest airport is Idaho Falls Regional Airport. Boise is the landing rights aerodrome needing the general international aviation flights to get permission from the officer of Customs & Border Protection before there are Boise airport flight arrivals.

Boise Airport Terminal

When it comes to the Boise Airport, it has only one terminal and 2 concourses for all Boise flight arrivals. This single terminal is a 3 story building containing rental car counters, 4 baggage carousels, a consolidated security checkpoint and also the ticketing counters including some offices and TSA pre check. The two concourses of the airport have a combined 13 jetbridges, 23 gates and also 10 ground levels with BOI airport arrivals. If the passengers are considering the concourse B, it includes B10 (United), 11 gates, B11 (United), B21 (United) and also B22 (Delta).

Terminal map, first floor, baggage claim area


The concourse C includes totally eleven gates with Boise airport arrivals but all C12 and C8a don’t have the jetbridges. Such gates are all shared and sued with the Alaska airlines and C11 is also being shared with Allegiant. The entire construction of the new planned concourse A is expected to be finished only by 2035 to increase BOI arrivals and the first phase of the construction will be done by the year 2024. The construction is not yet started and the airport authorities planned to start the construction later at the end of 2022.

Jet service in Boise Airport:
  • Jet service is not a new thing to this airport because there were Boise arrivals already during the mid years of 1960’s.
  • In the year 1966, Boeing 727-100 jetliners had been operated by the United Airlines into this airport with the round trip routings of the Salt Lake of the city, Chicago, Boston and Seattle-Portland-Boise.
  • Then, it will go in the route of Salt Lake City-Denver-Chicago-New York.
  • It was also serving this airport with DC6 and DC6B Douglas Douglas DC-9-10 jet service was introduced by West Coast Airlines during the late 1960’s with Boise flight arrivals. In the year 1968, it was operating round trip routings of Seattle-Portland-Boise-Portland-Salt Lake City with DC-9.
  • In order to cover the West Coast regions, this Boise airport also had two jet aircraft in the year 1968 named Douglas DC-3 and Fairchild F-27 turboprops.
Destinations from Boise Airport

Every year, there were different aircraft and jet services handled by the airport authorities of Boise airport. Currently, there are more numbers of jet services given by this airport to give the best regional service in Oregon, Idaho, Montana, Washington, Nevada, and Reno connecting flights with the non-stop jet service.

Top destinations with most BOI airport arrivals are by far Seattle/Tacoma and Denver. Others are:

Airlines at Boise Airport

With a great year in terms of passenger numbers in 2019 there was a fall back of more than 50% because of the pandemic. Just under 2 million passengers went through the airport with

  • SkyWest
  • Southwest Airlines
  • Horizon Air
  • Delta Air Lines
  • American Airlines and other carriers
Ground transportation
  • Taxi/Rideshare – Lyft and Uber: ideal if you want a drop off or pick up. Order quickly via the app on your phone and it’s taken care of. Of course you can also take a taxi. On arrival, these are waiting outside just in front of the terminal.
  • Bus: you can also travel by bus to downtown Boise or the surrounding area. This happens with the organization Valley Ride. For long-distance buses you can travel with Greyhound. For many routes you have to go to the center of the city.
  • Car rentals: there are a handful of agencies at the airport. These have counters on the first floor. The cars are outside ready to go.
  • The cheapest option to park is at Economy Lot. This is a bit further from the airport and is mainly used as long term parking. It only costs $10 a day. The address is 5600 W. Victory Road. Shuttle buses run to and from the terminal every 15 minutes.
  • Long-Term Surface Parking is located on site. This is the orange part in the picture. Park your car here for $13 a day. This is within walking distance of the terminal.
  • Then you can also choose to park in one of the garages. In general, they call it long-term parking in the garages except for 1 part. That’s 1st floor of West Garage. The other floors are covered except for the top floor. Short term parking is $24 per day or $2 per hour. The hourly rate in the garage in the long term section is the same but the daily rate is a lot lower at $14.

boise arrivals parking map


Very close to the airport there are plenty of options. We will introduce to you the most popular:

  • Best Western Vista Inn At The Airport
  • Airport Inn
  • Hampton Inn Boise – Airport
  • Simple Suites
  • Holiday Inn Boise Airport, an IHG Hotel