Birmingham–Shuttlesworth Airport Departures BHM (US)

Birmingham–Shuttlesworth International Airport

Address: 5900 Messer Airport Hwy, Birmingham, AL 35212, United States
IATA airport code: BHM
Altitude: 600 ft
Phone: +1 205-595-0533
Node for: AirMed International

BHM Departures today

Schedule Time Estimated Time Destination Airline Flight Status
09:50 AM June-5 10:02 AM New York (JFK) estimated
10:00 AM June-5 06:21 AM Louisville (SDF) departed
10:27 AM June-5 10:27 AM Chicago (ORD) American Eagle AA6066 estimated
10:30 AM June-5 10:40 AM Pontiac (PTK) NetJets EJA694 estimated
10:40 AM June-5 10:40 AM Washington (DCA) American Airlines AA5332 estimated
10:40 AM June-5 10:51 AM Burlington (QQY) Labcorp SKQ65 estimated
10:45 AM June-5 11:36 AM Houston (IAH) United Express UA6061 estimated
10:55 AM June-5 11:40 AM Houston (HOU) Southwest Airlines WN3068 estimated
11:00 AM June-5 11:13 AM Atlanta (ATL) Delta Air Lines DL2199 estimated
11:00 AM June-5 11:17 AM Cleveland (CGF) estimated
11:00 AM June-5 11:16 AM New Orleans (NEW) estimated
11:24 AM June-5 11:34 AM New Orleans (NEW) NetJets EJA623 estimated
11:28 AM June-5 11:28 AM Charlotte (CLT) American Eagle AA5463 estimated
11:59 AM June-5 11:59 AM New York (LGA) Delta Connection DL4930 estimated
12:00 PM June-5 12:17 PM San Antonio (SAT) estimated
12:25 PM June-5 12:40 PM Dallas (DAL) Southwest Airlines (Colorado One Livery) WN353 estimated
12:35 PM June-5 12:46 PM Elko (EKO) estimated
01:25 PM June-5 01:35 PM Tampa (TPA) Southwest Airlines WN4725 estimated
01:39 PM June-5 04:11 PM Dallas (DFW) American Eagle AA5506 estimated
01:41 PM June-5 01:41 PM Atlanta (ATL) Delta Air Lines DL2899 estimated
01:45 PM June-5 01:45 PM Philadelphia (PHL) American Eagle AA5340 estimated
01:45 PM June-5 02:01 PM Pell City (PLR) estimated
02:20 PM June-5 02:20 PM Chicago (ORD) SkyWest Airlines UA5516 estimated
02:30 PM June-5 02:36 PM Dallas (DAL) NetJets EJA308 estimated
02:41 PM June-5 03:01 PM Charlotte (CLT) American Airlines AA5311 estimated
02:42 PM June-5 02:48 PM Chicago (ORD) NetJets EJA669 estimated
03:03 PM June-5 03:03 PM Houston (IAH) Mesa Airlines UA6048 estimated
03:10 PM June-5 03:10 PM Atlanta (ATL) Delta Air Lines DL2194 estimated
03:45 PM June-5 03:45 PM Denver (DEN) United Express UA4690 estimated
03:48 PM June-5 03:48 PM Dallas (DFW) American Eagle AA5316 estimated
03:55 PM June-5 04:05 PM Chicago (MDW) Southwest Airlines WN768 estimated
04:30 PM June-5 04:49 PM Destin (DSI) estimated
04:30 PM June-5 04:36 PM Atlanta (FTY) NetJets EJA394 estimated
04:40 PM June-5 05:01 PM Dallas (DAL) Southwest Airlines WN4542 estimated
04:53 PM June-5 04:53 PM Charlotte (CLT) American Eagle AA5487 estimated
05:02 PM June-5 05:02 PM Washington (DCA) American Airlines AA5147 estimated
05:05 PM June-5 05:05 PM New York (LGA) Delta Connection DL4938 estimated
05:15 PM June-5 05:25 PM Las Vegas (LAS) Southwest Airlines WN4714 estimated
05:45 PM June-5 05:55 PM Orlando (MCO) Southwest Airlines WN1384 estimated
05:49 PM June-5 05:49 PM Detroit (DTW) Delta Connection DL3832 estimated
05:53 PM June-5 05:53 PM Dallas (DFW) American Eagle AA3752 estimated
05:54 PM June-5 06:00 PM St. Augustine (UST) NetJets EJA374 estimated
06:06 PM June-5 06:06 PM Chicago (ORD) United Express UA4166 estimated
06:07 PM June-5 06:07 PM Atlanta (ATL) Delta Air Lines DL2484 estimated
06:24 PM June-5 06:30 PM Indianapolis (IND) NetJets EJA407 estimated
06:53 PM June-5 06:53 PM Miami (MIA) American Eagle AA3585 estimated
06:57 PM June-5 06:57 PM Houston (IAH) Mesa Airlines UA6081 estimated
07:08 PM June-5 07:08 PM Charlotte (CLT) American Eagle AA3571 estimated
07:40 PM June-5 07:40 PM Dallas (DFW) American Eagle AA3417 estimated
09:48 PM June-5 09:58 PM Louisville (SDF) UPS 5X1355 estimated
10:33 PM June-5 10:33 PM Memphis (MEM) FedEx FX1288 estimated
05:00 AM June-6 05:00 AM Dallas (DFW) American Eagle AA3356 estimated
05:20 AM June-6 05:33 AM Atlanta (ATL) Delta Air Lines DL2162 estimated
05:30 AM June-6 05:40 AM Orlando (MCO) Southwest Airlines WN469 estimated
05:37 AM June-6 05:37 AM Charlotte (CLT) American Eagle AA5253 estimated
05:55 AM June-6 06:05 AM Dallas (DAL) Southwest Airlines WN1255 estimated
06:00 AM June-6 06:00 AM Miami (MIA) American Eagle AA3423 estimated
06:00 AM June-6 06:00 AM New York (LGA) Delta Connection DL4924 estimated
06:02 AM June-6 06:02 AM Philadelphia (PHL) American Eagle AA5280 estimated
06:12 AM June-6 06:12 AM Washington (DCA) American Eagle AA5562 estimated
06:17 AM June-6 06:17 AM Dallas (DFW) American Eagle AA3434 estimated
06:30 AM June-6 06:40 AM Chicago (MDW) Southwest Airlines WN749 estimated
06:30 AM June-6 06:47 AM Atlanta (ATL) Delta Air Lines DL1618 estimated
06:38 AM June-6 06:38 AM Houston (IAH) United Express UA4242 estimated
06:46 AM June-6 07:03 AM Chicago (ORD) American Airlines AA6105 estimated
07:05 AM June-6 07:15 AM Denver (DEN) Southwest Airlines WN4312 estimated
07:30 AM June-6 07:45 AM Chicago (ORD) United Express UA5451 estimated
07:36 AM June-6 07:52 AM Atlanta (ATL) Delta Air Lines DL2971 estimated
08:05 AM June-6 08:20 AM Denver (DEN) United Express UA5295 estimated
08:30 AM June-6 08:47 AM New Orleans (MSY) estimated
09:00 AM June-6 09:14 AM Charlotte (CLT) American Eagle AA3733 estimated
09:20 AM June-6 09:34 AM Houston (IAH) United Express UA6170 estimated
09:32 AM June-6 09:46 AM Dallas (DFW) American Eagle AA3935 estimated
09:34 AM June-6 09:48 AM Atlanta (ATL) Delta Air Lines DL2502 estimated
10:27 AM June-6 10:27 AM Chicago (ORD) American Airlines AA6073 estimated
10:35 AM June-6 Tampa (TPA) Southwest Airlines WN1895 scheduled
10:40 AM June-6 10:40 AM Washington (DCA) American Airlines AA5332 estimated
10:45 AM June-6 10:45 AM Houston (IAH) Mesa Airlines UA6061 estimated
11:00 AM June-6 Atlanta (ATL) Delta Air Lines DL2199 scheduled
11:00 AM June-6 Dallas (DAL) Southwest Airlines WN2274 scheduled
11:50 AM June-6 11:50 AM Charlotte (CLT) American Airlines AA5463 estimated
11:59 AM June-6 New York (LGA) Delta Connection DL4930 scheduled
01:35 PM June-6 Las Vegas (LAS) Southwest Airlines WN3777 scheduled
01:39 PM June-6 01:39 PM Dallas (DFW) American Airlines AA5506 estimated
01:41 PM June-6 Atlanta (ATL) Delta Air Lines DL2899 scheduled
01:45 PM June-6 01:45 PM Philadelphia (PHL) American Airlines AA5340 estimated
02:20 PM June-6 02:20 PM Chicago (ORD) United Express UA5516 estimated
02:41 PM June-6 02:41 PM Charlotte (CLT) American Airlines AA5311 estimated
02:58 PM June-6 Atlanta (ATL) Delta Air Lines DL2194 scheduled
03:03 PM June-6 03:03 PM Houston (IAH) Mesa Airlines UA6048 estimated
03:20 PM June-6 Baltimore (BWI) Southwest Airlines WN1911 scheduled
03:45 PM June-6 03:45 PM Denver (DEN) United Express UA4690 estimated
03:48 PM June-6 03:48 PM Dallas (DFW) American Airlines AA5316 estimated
04:40 PM June-6 Chicago (MDW) Southwest Airlines WN1061 scheduled
04:53 PM June-6 04:53 PM Charlotte (CLT) American Airlines AA5487 estimated
05:02 PM June-6 05:02 PM Washington (DCA) American Airlines AA5147 estimated
05:05 PM June-6 New York (LGA) Delta Connection DL4938 scheduled
05:49 PM June-6 Detroit (DTW) Delta Connection DL3795 scheduled
05:53 PM June-6 05:53 PM Dallas (DFW) American Eagle AA3752 estimated
06:05 PM June-6 Orlando (MCO) Southwest Airlines WN2725 scheduled

Check out Birmingham Shuttlesworth International Airport departures

It is an international airport that currently does not offer international flights in 2021 since the pandemic in 2020. If you still want to travel internationally, you will often have to fly via one of the major airports such as Atlanta, Charlotte Douglas or Dallas Fort Worth. There are a total of about 40 direct flights within the US to carry 3 million passengers annually. With a relatively new terminal and two runways, everything is running smoothly.

The first BHM departures took place as early as 1928. With first flights to New Orleans, Dallas Love Field and Atlanta, more routes were slowly added. During the Second World War it was largely taken over by the Army Air Forces. As a result, expansions and innovations were added, such as an air tower and taxi runways. Today it is still a civil/military airport.


You can be at the airport from Birmingham downtown in less than 10 minutes. Use Interstates 20 (Atlanta) and 59 (Downtown, Tuscaloose) or you can use Interstates 459 and 65 (Huntsville, Montgomery).

  • Taxi: when you walk out of the terminal, taxis are waiting on the ground floor. An alternative is a Limousine or Hotel shuttle which in most cases requires a reservation. This also applies to a Rideshare provider. The organizations Lyft and Uber are active in the region to pick you up at lower level.
  • Car Rental: the car rental agencies are located opposite the terminal in the garage. The pick up and drop off parkings of these organizations are located a little further around 15th and 18th Ave.
  • Parking: the options are hourly or daily parking. Parking per hour is 1 USD and daily parking costs 12 USD per day. Hourly at level 3 and Over-sized parking at level 1 is $24 a day. To park a bit cheaper than Daily you could go for Economy Parking at Airline Drive. Valet Parking is also an option at the airport.
Birmingham Shuttlesworth Airport terminal

Check with which airlines you have Birmingham Shuttlesworth airport departures to arrive at the right place at the terminal.

  • Delta is located in Concourse A (ticketing in terminal across parking B)
  • American Airlines in B (ticketing in terminal across parking B)
  • Southwest and United Airlines in Concourse C (check-in at terminal across parking C)

The Shuttlesworth flight departures area for ticketing is at the upper level of the terminal.

Terminal map upper level


BHM Flight routes

Most Birmingham Alabama airport departures go to Atlanta, which is often used as a hub to other destinations in the US or abroad. The top routes from BHM:

  1. ATL Atlanta Jackson Hartsfield
  2. CLT Charlotte Douglas
  3. DFW Dallas Fort Worth
  4. IAH Houston George Bush
  5. DEN Denver International
  6. ORD Chicago O Hare
  7. DCA Washington Ronald Reagan Airport
  8. DAL Dallas Love Field
  9. MIA Miami – Florida
  10. PHL Philadelphia
There are some travel tips for BHM airport departures from the airport:
  • It is advised to arrive 90 minutes before Shuttlesworth departures.
  • Print out the boarding pass or keep it handy in your mobile phone.
  • Check out the restricted items on before you go.
  • Try as many cameras, jewelry, cash, and other valuables as possible in Carry-On.
  • The ticket counters and curbside services start between 4:30 AM and 5:00 AM.

If you want to stay close to the airport, you can do that at the basic hotels Ramada and Holiday Inn. These hotels don’t get great reviews but it can be useful. If you want more luxury you can stay in the center of the city. This is still a short distance away with a time of 10-12 minutes by car. Then stay in one of the following hotels:

  • Sheraton Birmingham
  • Hampton Inn & Suites Birmingham-Downtown-Tutwiler
  • Elyton Hotel, Autograph Collection
  • SpringHill Suites by Marriott Birmingham Downtown at UAB
  • Home2 Suites By Hilton Birmingham Downtown
  • Hilton Birmingham Downtown at UAB
  • Residence Inn by Marriott Birmingham Downtown at UAB