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Airport: Ringway International Airport
IATA code: MAN
Address: Manchester M90 1QX, United Kingdom

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It is one of the busiest airports in the UK in terms of passenger numbers. With several terminals for passengers and a separate terminal for cargo, it is an important airport. There are 2 runways to ensure that everything runs smoothly. This is all located on the 1,400 acres of land.

The first Manchester flight arrivals already took place in 1938. It was then still called Ringway airport. It was taken over by the Royal Air Force during World War II for use with many MAN airport arrivals. Air France flights also started during the beginning of the war. This makes the airline the longest operating airport in history. The first transatlantic flight arrivals were in 1963 with a stopover via Prestwick. In order to be able to fly non-stop with a full load on board, the runway was extended. A few years later in 1971 there was a milestone because 2 million passengers made use of Manchester Airport. With many improvements to systems and expansions to the airport, the airport quickly grew to 12 million passengers in 1987. New terminals were opened in 1989 and 1993 to accommodate more Manchester Airport arrivals. The largest passenger plane, the Airbus A380, landed for the first time in 2010. Emirates flight had Manchester flight arrivals from Dubai International Airport. A new terminal (Terminal 2) partially opened in 2019. The remaining part would later open for MAN flight arrivals, but the corona virus threw a spanner in the works, causing delays.


The airport has three terminals, of which terminal 2 is enlarged and will be ready in 2024. Due to the limitation on how many aircraft can land and take off per hour, there is a limit to the number of passengers to be transported.

  • Terminal 1 is mainly used for scheduled and charter flights to destinations around the world. This is also the largest terminal that opened for flights in 1962. The terminal is widely used by Jet2 and Easyjet for European arrivals. Other carriers that offer flights in this terminal are Aer Lingus, Emirates, Etihad, TAP Air Portugal, Lufthansa, Turkish Airlines, Swiss Air Lines and a few more. There is a capacity of 11 million passengers in the year, departing and arriving through the 29 available gates.
  • Terminal 2 is the newest terminal to have Manchester Airport arrivals from destinations around the world. It is about half the size of terminal 1 in terms of area. There are 16 gates available that can handle a maximum of 8 million passengers per year. This will be expanded to 25 million when everything is finished.
  • Terminal 3 opened in 1989 and has undergone some expansions and improvements. This terminal is mostly used for domestic Manchester Airport arrivals.


There are also only 2 runways both of which are just over 3km.

Passenger stats and routes

Yet there are over 29 million MAN arrivals annually. This has fallen to approximately 7 million passengers in 2020 and the 29 million will not be achieved in 2021 either. Many of these flights are operated by Jet2, Easyjet, British Airways and TUI Airways. There are three main routes:

The top 10 is filled with Manchester arrivals from Tenerife-South, Palma de Mallorca, Alicante, Paris-Charles de Gaulle, Malaga, London-Heathrow and Faro.

In addition to the aforementioned airlines, the following will also operate regularly:

  • Aegean Airlines, Air Transat, Austrian Airlines, British Airways, Brussels Airlines, Cathay Pacific, Corendon Airlines, Eurowings, Finnair, KLM, Loganair, Norwegian Air Shuttle, Pegasus Airlines, Ryanair , Singapore Airlines, TUI Airways, Virgin Atlantic and Vueling.