London Heathrow Airport Departures LHR

London Heathrow International Airport

Address: Longford TW6, United Kingdom
Phone: +44 844 335 1801
Number of runways: 2 (3,900 and 3,660 m)
Elevation: 25 m
Airport code: LHR
Area: 12.14 km²
Location: Hillingdon, Greater London, England
Focus city for: Virgin Atlantic Airways

LHR Departures today

Schedule Time Estimated Time Destination Airline Flight Terminal Status
06:00 November-29 06:17 Vienna (VIE) Austrian Airlines OS458 2 estimated
06:00 November-29 06:00 Lisbon (LIS) TAP Air Portugal TP1363 2 estimated
06:00 November-29 Zurich (ZRH) Swiss LX345 2 scheduled
06:05 November-29 06:05 Barcelona (BCN) British Airways BA472 5 estimated
06:15 November-29 06:15 Valencia (VLC) British Airways BA408 3 estimated
06:20 November-29 06:40 Lyon (LYS) British Airways BA360 3 estimated
06:20 November-29 06:20 Madrid (MAD) British Airways BA456 5 estimated
06:20 November-29 06:20 Glasgow (GLA) British Airways BA1472 5 estimated
06:20 November-29 Paris (CDG) Air France AF1381 4 scheduled
06:25 November-29 06:25 Edinburgh (EDI) British Airways BA1432 5 estimated
06:30 November-29 06:50 Brussels (BRU) British Airways BA388 5 estimated
06:30 November-29 06:30 Krakow (KRK) British Airways BA872 3 estimated
06:30 November-29 06:50 Amsterdam (AMS) KLM KL1000 4 estimated
06:30 November-29 06:44 Frankfurt (FRA) Lufthansa LH921 2 estimated
06:30 November-29 Warsaw (WAW) LOT LO286 2 scheduled
06:35 November-29 Munich (MUC) Lufthansa LH2485 2 scheduled
06:35 November-29 06:35 Istanbul (IST) Turkish Airlines TK1988 2 estimated
06:40 November-29 07:00 Copenhagen (CPH) SAS SK500 2 estimated
06:40 November-29 07:00 Stockholm (ARN) SAS SK1530 2 estimated
06:45 November-29 07:01 Milan (LIN) ITA Airways AZ229 4 estimated
06:45 November-29 06:45 Amsterdam (AMS) British Airways BA428 5 estimated
06:45 November-29 07:05 Zurich (ZRH) British Airways BA710 5 estimated
06:45 November-29 06:45 Copenhagen (CPH) British Airways BA812 5 estimated
06:50 November-29 07:10 Brussels (BRU) Brussels Airlines (Star Alliance Livery) SN2104 2 estimated
06:55 November-29 06:55 Geneva (GVA) British Airways BA724 5 estimated
06:55 November-29 07:15 Dublin (DUB) British Airways BA832 5 estimated
06:55 November-29 07:15 Munich (MUC) British Airways BA948 5 estimated
06:55 November-29 07:15 Aberdeen (ABZ) British Airways BA1304 5 estimated
06:55 November-29 07:15 Manchester (MAN) British Airways BA1370 5 estimated
07:00 November-29 07:20 Hamburg (HAM) British Airways BA964 5 estimated
07:00 November-29 07:00 Belfast (BHD) British Airways BA1414 5 estimated
07:00 November-29 Geneva (GVA) Swiss LX359 2 scheduled
07:00 November-29 07:00 Istanbul (IST) British Airways BA678 5 estimated
07:05 November-29 07:25 Rome (FCO) British Airways BA548 5 estimated
07:05 November-29 07:25 Oslo (OSL) SAS SK802 2 estimated
07:05 November-29 07:05 Lisbon (LIS) British Airways BA500 5 estimated
07:10 November-29 07:30 Brussels (BRU) Brussels Airlines SN2106 2 estimated
07:15 November-29 07:15 Vienna (VIE) British Airways BA696 3 estimated
07:15 November-29 07:15 Stockholm (ARN) British Airways BA776 5 estimated
07:15 November-29 07:35 Prague (PRG) British Airways BA854 3 estimated
07:15 November-29 07:15 Stuttgart (STR) British Airways BA918 3 estimated
07:15 November-29 07:35 Berlin (BER) British Airways BA990 5 estimated
07:20 November-29 07:20 Barcelona (BCN) British Airways BA478 5 estimated
07:20 November-29 07:20 Milan (MXP) British Airways BA572 5 estimated
07:25 November-29 07:25 Paris (CDG) British Airways BA304 5 estimated
07:25 November-29 07:25 Milan (LIN) British Airways BA564 5 estimated
07:25 November-29 07:25 New York (JFK) JetBlue Airways B62220 2 estimated
07:30 November-29 Malaga (AGP) British Airways BA412 5 scheduled
07:30 November-29 Madrid (MAD) British Airways BA458 5 scheduled
07:30 November-29 07:50 Reykjavik (KEF) British Airways BA894 5 estimated
07:30 November-29 07:30 Helsinki (HEL) Finnair AY1340 3 estimated
07:30 November-29 07:44 Frankfurt (FRA) Lufthansa LH923 2 estimated
07:35 November-29 07:55 Newcastle (NCL) British Airways BA1324 5 estimated
07:35 November-29 07:35 Jersey (JER) British Airways BA1340 5 estimated
07:35 November-29 07:35 Glasgow (GLA) British Airways BA1474 5 estimated
07:40 November-29 07:40 Toulouse (TLS) British Airways BA372 5 estimated
07:40 November-29 07:54 Munich (MUC) Lufthansa LH2487 2 estimated
07:45 November-29 Tel Aviv (TLV) British Airways BA165 5 scheduled
07:45 November-29 07:45 Marseille (MRS) British Airways BA366 3 estimated
07:45 November-29 08:05 Frankfurt (FRA) British Airways BA902 5 estimated
07:50 November-29 07:50 Athens (ATH) British Airways BA640 5 estimated
07:50 November-29 07:50 Basel (BSL) British Airways BA752 5 estimated
07:50 November-29 07:50 Edinburgh (EDI) British Airways BA1444 5 estimated
07:50 November-29 08:10 Dublin (DUB) Aer Lingus EI151 2 estimated
07:55 November-29 07:55 Gothenburg (GOT) British Airways BA790 3 estimated
07:55 November-29 08:15 Hannover (HAJ) British Airways BA976 5 estimated
08:00 November-29 08:00 Rome (FCO) British Airways BA554 5 estimated
08:00 November-29 Providenciales (PLS) Virgin Atlantic VS163 3 scheduled
08:00 November-29 08:00 New York (EWR) United Airlines UA883 2 estimated
08:00 November-29 08:20 Larnaca (LCA) One Air HC123 estimated
08:05 November-29 08:05 Budapest (BUD) British Airways BA868 3 estimated
08:05 November-29 08:25 Dusseldorf (DUS) Eurowings EW9469 2 estimated
08:05 November-29 08:28 Doha (DOH) Qatar Airways QR6 4 estimated
08:10 November-29 08:30 Manchester (MAN) British Airways BA1386 5 estimated
08:15 November-29 08:15 Nice (NCE) British Airways BA342 5 estimated
08:15 November-29 08:15 Lisbon (LIS) TAP Air Portugal TP1351 2 estimated
08:20 November-29 08:46 Dallas (DFW) American Airlines AA51 3 estimated
08:20 November-29 08:20 Madrid (MAD) British Airways BA466 5 estimated
08:20 November-29 08:40 Barcelona (BCN) British Airways BA476 5 estimated
08:20 November-29 08:20 Aberdeen (ABZ) British Airways BA1306 5 estimated
08:20 November-29 08:20 New York (JFK) British Airways BA117 5 estimated
08:25 November-29 08:25 Boston (BOS) JetBlue Airways B61621 2 estimated
08:25 November-29 08:25 Tirana (TIA) British Airways BA380 5 estimated
08:25 November-29 08:45 Amsterdam (AMS) British Airways BA430 5 estimated
08:25 November-29 08:45 Warsaw (WAW) British Airways BA846 5 estimated
08:25 November-29 08:25 Cologne (CGN) British Airways BA996 5 estimated
08:25 November-29 08:45 Dublin (DUB) British Airways BA830 5 estimated
08:30 November-29 08:30 Glasgow (GLA) British Airways BA1476 5 estimated
08:30 November-29 08:30 Nairobi (NBO) Kenya Airways KQ103 4 estimated
08:30 November-29 Frankfurt (FRA) Lufthansa LH925 2 scheduled
08:35 November-29 08:55 Paris (CDG) British Airways BA306 5 estimated
08:35 November-29 08:55 Copenhagen (CPH) British Airways BA814 5 estimated
08:35 November-29 08:35 Berlin (BER) British Airways BA992 5 estimated
08:35 November-29 Doha (DOH) Qatar Airways QR10 4 scheduled
08:40 November-29 08:40 Venice (VCE) British Airways BA578 5 estimated
08:40 November-29 Amsterdam (AMS) KLM KL1002 4 scheduled
08:40 November-29 09:06 Charlotte (CLT) American Airlines AA733 3 estimated
08:45 November-29 08:45 Edinburgh (EDI) British Airways (BA Better World Livery) BA1442 5 estimated
08:45 November-29 Munich (MUC) Lufthansa LH2471 2 scheduled
08:45 November-29 09:05 Londonderry (LDY) Loganair LM652 2 estimated

Discover London Heathrow international departures

Going to London? Then you probably fly to one of the many airports around the city. Most long haul flights have London Heathrow departures. A lot of the low cost airlines fly to those others like Stansted, Luton, Gatwick, Southend and City. Check out the up-to date status of yours today flight above. It is always updated because all pieces of information are automatically updated by the airline company. This is done to ensure that passengers will be given a 100% customer satisfaction.

Location of Heathrow Airport

London Airport, as originally called, is considered a major international airport in London, England. It is exactly be found in Longford TW6, United Kingdom. If you will look at the map, Heathrow Airport is 14 miles west of London, UK, to be exact.

Terminals with Heathrow departures

There are four terminal buildings in Heathrow Airport. These are terminals 2, 3, 4, and 5. Read the details below for you to know more about these terminal departures.


  • Heathrow Terminal 2 – Heathrow airport flight departures with European destinations and for long-haul endpoints is this terminal for. Some airlines included here are Air China, Air Canada, Lufthansa, and as well as German Wings. You can access terminal 2 even by just walking using the pedestrian lane that connects terminal 3. You can go there at an estimated time of only 10 minutes. Of course, terminals offer help for those who find it difficult to go there. If you are looking for check-in desks, just proceed to the top floor. Flight departures are located on level 5.


  • Heathrow Terminal 3 – This terminal handles also long-haul Heathrow flight departures. However, there are still flights for European places. Airlines that operate in terminal 3 are Delta Airlines, Virgin Atlantic, Finn Air, Cathay Pacific, Oman Air, and Emirates. Just like terminal 2, you can easily access terminal 3 using the pedestrian underpass which connects these two terminals. Check-in desks can be found on the ground floor in front of the building. London Heathrow departures (LHR) are located on the first floor after ticketing and security for your convenience.


  • Heathrow Terminal 4 – It is just like terminal 2 and 3 when it comes to destinations. Included in terminal 3 are the following airlines: Delta, Air India, and KLM. There are available free shuttle trains that operate between the Heathrow Central Station and Terminal 4. With every hour LHR flight departures, there are four trains which travel at an average time of 20 minutes. You can find the check-in desks in this terminal on the first floor, just the same as the Flight departures.


  • Heathrow Terminal 5 – This terminal is exclusively only for British Airways as well as Iberia Airlines to process London Heathrow airport departures. Travels from Terminal 2, 3 & 5 are free of charge using the Heathrow Express Trains. The travel time is around 20 minutes. Should anyone prefer a contactless payment card or via Oyster Card, you can also use Underground trains in London for free. Underground travel will take only around 16 minutes. For check-in desks, you can see them on level 3 to start your journey while the Heathrow airport flight departures are located from levels 2 and 4.


Transport to/from London Heathrow

There are several options for traveling from the airport to the center of London or the region.

  • One of those options is by train. There are many London Heathrow airport departures with the Express or the TFL Tail. Both travel to Paddington Station. The Express has LHR airport departures from terminal 2, 3 and 5 to this station without stops in 15 minutes. However, the TFL Rail does have several stops, but it takes longer. This one is cheaper too.
  • There are also LHR departures with the Metro. This inexpensive mode of travel travels through all terminals on the Piccadilly tube line. Travel all the way to the north of the city in an hour. There are Heathrow departures to the center every 5 minutes.
  • Another way of traveling is by bus. This is mainly used if you want to travel to other cities such as Reading, Windsor, Feltham and Watford. There is also an Express bus that travels to Victoria Coach Station. Travel to this major bus station in 60 minutes for 6 pounds.
  • If you still want to travel by taxi, you have to take into account a price of 70 pounds and 40-50 minutes travel time.

If you need to travel to another terminal or come from a car park, you can travel for free by underground, bus or train. You do need an Oyster Card for this. You can also get a free train ticket at the train stations. If you go by bus, you can also travel with a contactless payment card.

Heathrow Airport Free Travel


Each terminal has its own parking options. Therefore, first check carefully which terminal you are departing from. There are various short stay but also long stay parking options.

Parking Map London Heathrow Airport

Airlines and destinations
Domestic routes

In addition to the aforementioned airlines at the terminals, there are of course much more to see at the airport with destinations all over the world. For example, most domestic Heathrow flight departures are operated by British Airways to the north of the UK. Think of Aberdeen, Glasgow and top destination Edinburgh. Other frequently flown routes are Manchester, Newcastle and Belfast.

International flight routes

International routes are most popular at this airport. Many London Heathrow flight departures go to the US. The busiest route is to JFK New York, but other destinations such as:

Many passengers also like to fly to Dubai. Not always necessarily as a final destination, it is also an important hub to travel further to other destinations in Asia or Australia. Don’t forget the closer cities like Dublin (Aer Lingus), Amsterdam (KLM), Frankfurt (Eurowings / Lufthansa), Madrid (Iberia) and Munich. These are also excellent destinations for a short break. Other top European destinations are the following:

Air Canada also flies the Atlantic with London Heathrow departures to Calgary, Toronto, Vancouver and Montreal. Airlines that are less visible but have interesting destinations are the following:


There are many hotels to choose from near the airport. One of the most popular is on site near terminals 2 and 3. This is Hilton Garden Inn London Heathrow Terminals 2 and 3. Another good option is Aerotel London Heathrow.

If you fly from terminal 5, it goes without saying that you will spend the night there as well. That is possible at Hotel Sofitel London Heathrow. With many thousands of reviews, this 5-star hotel scores very well.

Then you can also stay at terminal 4. There are a few options such as: Holiday Inn Express IHG Hotel, Crown Plaza London, Hilton London and the Premier Inn London.