London Gatwick Airport Departures

London Gatwick International Airport

Address: Horley, Gatwick RH6 0NP, United Kingdom
Phone: +44 344 892 0322
IATA airport code: LGW
Area: 8 ha
Elevation: 62 m
Opened: 1933
Serves: London, South East England
Runways: 2565 m and 3316 m

LGW Departures today

Schedule Time Destination Airline Flight Terminal Status
05:05 June-23 Corfu (CFU) easyJet U28211 N Estimated dep 05:05
05:30 June-23 Rhodes (RHO) easyJet U28227 N Estimated dep 05:30
05:35 June-23 Enfidha (NBE) easyJet U26445 S Estimated dep 05:35
05:35 June-23 Athens (ATH) easyJet U28181 N Estimated dep 05:35
05:45 June-23 Malaga (AGP) easyJet U28067 N Estimated dep 05:45
05:45 June-23 Thessaloniki (SKG) easyJet U28243 N Estimated dep 05:45
05:45 June-23 Nice (NCE) easyJet U28417 N Estimated dep 05:45
05:50 June-23 Reus (REU) TUI BY4524 N Estimated dep 06:10
05:50 June-23 Alicante (ALC) easyJet U28107 N Estimated dep 05:50
05:50 June-23 Zakynthos (ZTH) easyJet U28203 N Estimated dep 05:50
05:50 June-23 Palermo (PMO) easyJet U28321 N Estimated dep 05:50
05:55 June-23 Corfu (CFU) easyJet U28207 N Estimated dep 05:55
05:55 June-23 Venice (VCE) easyJet U28293 N Estimated dep 05:55
05:55 June-23 Naples (NAP) easyJet U28339 N Estimated dep 05:55
05:55 June-23 Faro (FAO) easyJet U28533 N Estimated dep 05:55
05:55 June-23 Malaga (AGP) Wizz Air W95723 S Estimated dep 05:55
06:00 June-23 Palma de Mallorca (PMI) TUI BY4514 N Estimated dep 06:00
06:00 June-23 Belfast (BHD) easyJet U2801 N Estimated dep 06:00
06:00 June-23 Split (SPU) easyJet U28595 N Estimated dep 06:00
06:00 June-23 Amsterdam (AMS) easyJet U28672 N Estimated dep 06:00
06:00 June-23 Marrakesh (RAK) easyJet U28705 N Estimated dep 06:00
06:10 June-23 Jerez (XRY) TUI BY4578 N Estimated dep 06:30
06:10 June-23 Seville (SVQ) easyJet U28005 N Estimated dep 06:10
06:10 June-23 Catania (CTA) easyJet U28285 N Estimated dep 06:10
06:15 June-23 Malaga (AGP) British Airways BA2714 S Estimated dep 06:15
06:15 June-23 Valencia (VLC) easyJet U28009 N Estimated dep 06:15
06:15 June-23 Kefalonia (EFL) easyJet U28195 N Estimated dep 06:15
06:20 June-23 Enfidha (NBE) Privilege Style BY858 N Estimated dep 06:40
06:20 June-23 Malta (MLA) easyJet U28761 N Estimated dep 06:20
06:20 June-23 A Coruna (LCG) Vueling VY6018 S Estimated dep 06:20
06:25 June-23 Mahon (MAH) easyJet U26493 S Estimated dep 06:25
06:25 June-23 Geneva (GVA) easyJet U28485 N Estimated dep 07:00
06:25 June-23 Gibraltar (GIB) easyJet U28791 N Estimated dep 06:25
06:30 June-23 Turin (TRN) easyJet U26407 S Estimated dep 06:30
06:30 June-23 Tirana (TIA) easyJet U28771 N Estimated dep 06:30
06:35 June-23 Naples (NAP) TUI BY4512 N Estimated dep 06:35
06:35 June-23 Agadir (AGA) easyJet U26469 S Estimated dep 06:35
06:35 June-23 Almeria (LEI) easyJet U28003 N Estimated dep 06:35
06:35 June-23 Dalaman (DLM) easyJet U28563 N Estimated dep 06:35
06:35 June-23 Antalya (AYT) Wizz Air W95707 S Estimated dep 06:35
06:40 June-23 Kos (KGS) British Airways BA2848 S Estimated dep 06:40
06:40 June-23 Corfu (CFU) Titan Airways BY5526 S Estimated dep 06:40
06:40 June-23 Rome (FCO) easyJet U28323 N Estimated dep 06:40
06:40 June-23 Berlin (BER) easyJet U28629 N Estimated dep 06:40
06:40 June-23 Palma de Mallorca (PMI) British Airways BA2880 S Estimated dep 06:40
06:45 June-23 Mahon (MAH) British Airways BA2566 S Estimated dep 06:45
06:45 June-23 Verona (VRN) British Airways BA2596 S Estimated dep 07:05
06:45 June-23 Mahon (MAH) TUI BY5536 S Estimated dep 07:05
06:45 June-23 Bilbao (BIO) easyJet U28001 N Estimated dep 07:30
06:50 June-23 Lanzarote (ACE) Avion Express BA2732 S Estimated dep 06:50
06:55 June-23 Lanzarote (ACE) easyJet (NEO Livery) U28121 N Estimated dep 06:55
06:55 June-23 Milan (MXP) easyJet U28301 N Estimated dep 07:00
07:00 June-23 Tenerife (TFS) easyJet U28033 N Estimated dep 07:00
07:00 June-23 Heraklion (HER) easyJet U28215 N Estimated dep 07:05
07:00 June-23 Milan (BGY) easyJet U28291 N Estimated dep 07:00
07:00 June-23 Sofia (SOF) easyJet U28755 N Estimated dep 07:00
07:05 June-23 Boa Vista (BVC) TUI BY378 N Estimated dep 07:25
07:05 June-23 Zurich (ZRH) easyJet U28471 N Estimated dep 07:05
07:05 June-23 Dubrovnik (DBV) easyJet U28601 N Estimated dep 07:05
07:10 June-23 Split (SPU) TUI BY4518 N Estimated dep 07:10
07:10 June-23 Jersey (JER) easyJet U2873 N Estimated dep 07:10
07:10 June-23 Verona (VRN) easyJet U28335 N Estimated dep 07:10
07:10 June-23 Barcelona (BCN) Vueling VY6008 S Estimated dep 07:10
07:15 June-23 Edinburgh (EDI) easyJet U26473 S Estimated dep 07:15
07:20 June-23 Catania (CTA) British Airways BA2842 S Estimated dep 07:20
07:20 June-23 Chania (CHQ) TUI BY5514 S Estimated dep 07:20
07:20 June-23 Pisa (PSA) easyJet U28315 N Estimated dep 07:20
07:20 June-23 Copenhagen (CPH) easyJet U28719 N Estimated dep 07:20
07:25 June-23 Thessaloniki (SKG) British Airways BA2640 S Estimated dep 07:45
07:25 June-23 Bodrum (BJV) easyJet U28551 N Estimated dep 07:25
07:30 June-23 Hamburg (HAM) easyJet U26485 S Estimated dep 07:51
07:30 June-23 Tenerife (TFS) easyJet U28035 N Estimated dep 07:30
07:30 June-23 Barcelona (BCN) easyJet U28055 N Estimated dep 07:30
07:30 June-23 Pafos (PFO) easyJet U28651 N Estimated dep 07:30
07:35 June-23 Santorini (JTR) easyJet (A321 NEO Livery) U28239 N Estimated dep 07:35
07:35 June-23 Marrakesh (RAK) easyJet U28707 N Estimated dep 07:35
07:35 June-23 Budapest (BUD) easyJet U28731 N Estimated dep 07:35
07:40 June-23 Bordeaux (BOD) British Airways BA2788 S Estimated dep 08:50
07:40 June-23 Ibiza (IBZ) TUI BY4532 N Estimated dep 08:00
07:40 June-23 Nice (NCE) easyJet U26433 S Estimated dep 07:40
07:40 June-23 Funchal (FNC) easyJet U28519 N Estimated dep 07:40
07:40 June-23 Faro (FAO) Wizz Air W95735 S Estimated dep 07:40
07:45 June-23 Dubrovnik (DBV) easyJet U26427 S Estimated dep 08:06
07:45 June-23 Mykonos (JMK) easyJet U28189 N Estimated dep 09:00
07:50 June-23 Bari (BRI) British Airways BA2810 S Estimated dep 07:50
07:50 June-23 Zakynthos (ZTH) TUI BY5538 S Estimated dep 07:50
07:55 June-23 Isle of Man (IOM) easyJet U2839 N Estimated dep 07:55
07:55 June-23 Amsterdam (AMS) easyJet (NEO Livery) U28674 N Estimated dep 07:55
08:00 June-23 Chania (CHQ) easyJet U28223 N Estimated dep 08:00
08:00 June-23 Paris (CDG) easyJet U28403 N Estimated dep 08:00
08:05 June-23 Antalya (AYT) TUI BY642 N Estimated dep 08:05
08:05 June-23 Alicante (ALC) easyJet U26431 S Estimated dep 08:05
08:05 June-23 Faro (FAO) easyJet U28531 N Estimated dep 08:05
08:05 June-23 Faro (FAO) easyJet Estimated dep 08:26
08:10 June-23 Malta (MLA) British Airways BA2646 S Estimated dep 08:10
08:10 June-23 Lyon (LYS) easyJet U28429 N Estimated dep 08:10
08:15 June-23 Dalaman (DLM) British Airways BA2660 S Estimated dep 08:15
08:15 June-23 Edinburgh (EDI) easyJet (NEO Livery) U2807 N Estimated dep 08:20
08:15 June-23 Glasgow (GLA) easyJet U2861 N Estimated dep 08:15
08:20 June-23 Basel (BSL) easyJet U28477 N Estimated dep 08:20

Discover London Gatwick International Airport Departures

Airport London Gatwick is located about 45 km south of the city of London. After London Heathrow it is the UK’s busiest airport, even though they only have 2 runways for Gatwick airport flight departures. This is often the reason why London Gatwick departures are delayed. Many major airlines such as British Airways and Emirates have Gatwick flight times over here, but also low budget airlines such as Easyjet and Ryanair. At the airport there are 2 terminals, called North Terminal and South Terminal. These are connected to each other via a monorail. This journey only takes a few minutes.


The first Gatwick departures took place in 1930 for a private club. This soon changed to a public airport with routes to Paris and Belfast, among others. A few years later, a terminal called Beehive was added. There was also a rail link which is today called Gatwick Railway Station. After the start of WW2, it temporarily became a base for the army that sent Gatwick airport departures with night-fighters into the air.

After the war, the airport had to be renovated considerably. Still, cargo and charter flights quickly returned. It immediately became the second largest airport in the city of London. Later in the 1950’s, the airport was even closed for 2 years to carry out renovations. New airlines and destinations were soon added. Many charter and leisure flights were transferred from Heathrow to Gatwick from 1963. The following year the runway was extended and the terminal enlarged to 9,300 square meters.

Ten years later, the runway was even extended twice to 2766 and then to 3098 meters. This also allowed larger aircraft to land and take off. Long-haul flights also became possible afterwards. In the 1980’s it even became one of the busiest airports in the world. The runway was extended again for a change and this time to 3316 meters. A new terminal, North Terminal, was also opened in 1988. As the London Gatwick departures continued to increase, the terminals had to be expanded. The baggage hall was enlarged and pier 6 was built.

In 2009 BAA’s airport was sold to GIP. There have been further innovations in the past ten years. It is so well organized that an airplane can take off or land every 63 seconds. To ensure that everything runs smoothly, airlines were placed in specific terminals. Both Easyjet and Virgin Atlantic offer flights in the North Terminal and British Airways in the South Terminal.

Flight routes

Most London Gatwick departures go to Barcelona Airport, followed by Dublin, Malaga, Amsterdam and Madrid. In 2019, there were 282,896 Gatwick departure times with a total of 46,574,786 passengers. With a 78% drop, the airport processed only 10,171,867 passengers in 2020. The year 2021 brought 6,260,072 passengers to the airport.

Top winter routes from LGW

Most flights are operated by the following airlines:

  • Aer Lingus
  • Ryanair
  • EasyJet
  • TAP Air Portugal
  • Vueling
  • Air Europa
  • TUI Airways
  • British Airways
Terminals London Gatwick Airport

Which terminal you need to be depends on your London Gatwick Departure flight. Most flights at the North terminal are flying with Easyjet and Virgin Atlantic. At Terminal North there are 33 gates for boarding. There is also a gate that even the Airbus A380 can connect to the terminal. Most popular airlines for checking in:

  • North Terminal: TUI and Easyjet (also South Terminal)
  • South Terminal: TUI and Easyjet (also North Terminal), Aer Lingus, Ryanair, British Airways, Vueling, Air Europa, Iberia, Aurigny Air Services, Wizz Air, Norwegian Air, etc.

To check in, you can do regular check-in at Terminal North on Level 20 and self check-in at Level 10. Check on the signs at which zone you need to be:

Map Terminal North Level 20

London Gatwick departures terminal north level 20

For Terminal South, you must be on Level 20 to check in. There are 32 gates available at Terminal South.

Terminal South Map Level 20

London Gatwick Airport Departures Terminal South

There is an automated people mover that drives between the terminals for an inter-terminal transit.

There are food and drink options at various locations in the terminal. If you want to stay a bit more luxurious, you can also use one of the lounges. In North Terminal you have NO1 Lounge, Plaza Premium, The Gateway and Clubrooms Lounge. In South Terminal you can also go to a Clubrooms, but also to NO1 Lounge.

Gatwick Airport Transportation

The airport is easily accessible by car or public transport. It is south of the town just above Crawley.

  • From most areas in and around London city center it is usually fastest to drive to the M25 motorway. You drive south from this highway. Once at Junction 7 you had to take the exit onto the M23 towards Brighton/Crawley/Gatwick Airport. After 6.5 miles (11 km) take the exit at junction 9 towards London Gatwick Airport.
  • Car rental: There are various car hire agencies such as Sixt, Enterprise, Hertz, National, budget etc.
  • There are Gatwick departures by train every few minutes. Many routes go to the center of London but also to other destinations in the area. Some examples are London Victoria, Portsmouth, Cambridge, Brighton and Southampton. Some companies to travel by train are Thameslink, Southern, and Gatwick Express. The train station is located at Terminal  South.
  • There are both coach and bus connections from the airport. The local buses travel to the surrounding villages and towns in the region. Then there are coach buses offering national destinations to central London, Brighton, Oxford, Norwich, Bristol, Birmingham and also London Heathrow airport. Ticket desks are available in the terminals.

LGW Airport transportation


There is ample space to park your car at both the North and South Terminals. There are various options for both short-term parking and long-term parking. There is also a premium parking location, also just in the parking garage, but located closer to the terminal, a 2-minute walk away. However, this is a bit more expensive than elsewhere in the garage. There is also an option for valet parking.

LGW departures parking map


There are several hotels on and near the airport grounds. Some very close by are at Terminal South: Bloc Hotel Gatwick and YOTELAIR Gatwick. Close by there are two other good options. These are Courtyard by Marriott London Gatwick Airport and Hilton London Gatwick Airport with good references.

There are also several choices at terminal North. Some hotels that are the most popular and also close to the terminal and garages: Hampton by Hilton London Gatwick Airport, Premier Inn London and Hotel Sofitel. Other good options near Terminal North:

  • Premier Inn London Gatwick Airport (A23 Airport Way) hotel
  • Travelodge Gatwick Airport Central
  • All Seasons Guest House
  • Holiday Inn London – Gatwick Airport, an IHG Hotel