Glasgow Airport Departures

Glasgow International Airport

Address: Paisley, Renfrewshire PA3 2SW, United Kingdom
IATA airport code: GLA
ICAO airport code: EGPF
Alias: Glasgow Abbotsinch Airport and Glasgow airport

GLA Departures today

Schedule Time Estimated Time Destination Airline Flight Status
13:55 June-5 13:55 Dalaman (DLM) easyJet U23167 estimated
14:15 June-5 14:19 Benbecula (BEB) Loganair LM409 estimated
14:20 June-5 14:35 Reykjavik (KEF) Icelandair FI431 estimated
14:20 June-5 14:20 Pafos (PFO) TUI BY1352 estimated
14:25 June-5 14:25 Dalaman (DLM) TUI BY806 estimated
14:25 June-5 14:40 Larnaca (LCA) Jet2 LS141 estimated
14:35 June-5 14:35 Dubai (DXB) Emirates EK28 estimated
14:40 June-5 14:40 London (LHR) British Airways BA1487 estimated
14:40 June-5 14:40 Stornoway (SYY) Loganair LM476 estimated
14:55 June-5 14:55 Malaga (AGP) easyJet U23105 estimated
15:00 June-5 15:10 Dalaman (DLM) Jet2 LS151 estimated
15:00 June-5 15:10 Aberdeen (ABZ) Scottish Ambulance Service GMA3 estimated
15:20 June-5 16:03 Tenerife (TFS) Jet2 LS155 estimated
15:30 June-5 15:30 London (LHR) British Airways BA1489 estimated
15:30 June-5 15:41 Fuerteventura (FUE) Jet2 LS137 estimated
15:30 June-5 15:30 Kirkwall (KOI) Loganair LM432 estimated
15:45 June-5 15:45 London (STN) easyJet U2411 estimated
15:50 June-5 15:54 Amsterdam (AMS) easyJet U27836 estimated
16:00 June-5 16:10 Rhodes (RHO) Jet2 LS181 estimated
16:00 June-5 16:15 London (LGW) easyJet U2888 estimated
16:05 June-5 16:05 Dublin (DUB) Ryanair FR5150 estimated
16:05 June-5 16:15 Verona (VRN) Jet2 LS103 estimated
16:10 June-5 16:20 Pafos (PFO) Jet2 LS157 estimated
16:10 June-5 16:14 Belfast (BFS) easyJet U254 estimated
16:15 June-5 16:15 London (LCY) British Airways BA8725 estimated
16:15 June-5 16:25 Rotterdam (RTM) NetJets Europe estimated
16:20 June-5 16:24 Faro (FAO) easyJet U23163 estimated
16:30 June-5 16:30 Campbeltown (CAL) Loganair LM447 estimated
16:30 June-5 16:40 Isle of Man (IOM) IAS Medical MDI12 estimated
16:35 June-5 16:37 Tiree (TRE) Loganair LM457 estimated
16:50 June-5 16:50 Amsterdam (AMS) KLM KL942 estimated
17:05 June-5 17:05 Dublin (DUB) Aer Lingus Regional EI3227 estimated
17:10 June-5 17:10 Islay (ILY) Loganair LM427 estimated
17:30 June-5 17:30 London (LHR) British Airways BA1493 estimated
18:00 June-5 18:05 London (LGW) easyJet U2864 estimated
18:00 June-5 18:00 Stornoway (SYY) Loganair LM478 estimated
18:05 June-5 18:05 Palma de Mallorca (PMI) TUI BY1328 estimated
18:35 June-5 18:35 Bucharest (OTP) Wizz Air W43014 estimated
18:55 June-5 19:00 Belfast (BFS) easyJet U2421 estimated
18:55 June-5 18:55 London (LCY) British Airways BA8729 estimated
18:55 June-5 19:05 London (LCY) British Airways estimated
19:10 June-5 19:25 Krakow (KRK) Ryanair FR4204 estimated
19:15 June-5 19:15 Paris (CDG) easyJet U24644 estimated
19:25 June-5 19:25 London (LHR) British Airways BA1495 estimated
19:40 June-5 19:55 Malaga (AGP) Ryanair FR2609 estimated
20:10 June-5 20:14 Birmingham (BHX) easyJet U2431 estimated
20:10 June-5 20:21 Alicante (ALC) easyJet U25508 estimated
20:10 June-5 20:10 Dublin (DUB) Aer Lingus Regional EI3229 estimated
20:15 June-5 20:15 London (STN) easyJet U2413 estimated
20:15 June-5 20:15 London (LCY) British Airways BA8739 estimated
20:15 June-5 20:23 London (LCY) British Airways estimated
20:30 June-5 20:30 London (LHR) British Airways (Oneworld Livery) BA1497 estimated
20:50 June-5 21:00 Amsterdam (AMS) KLM KL944 estimated
20:55 June-5 21:20 London (LGW) easyJet U2866 estimated
20:55 June-5 21:05 Valencia (VLC) Iberia Regional estimated
21:40 June-5 21:40 London (LTN) easyJet U2614 estimated
21:50 June-5 21:50 Bristol (BRS) easyJet U2210 estimated
22:00 June-5 22:00 Dublin (DUB) Ryanair FR5564 estimated
06:00 June-6 Malaga (AGP) TUI Airways BY1456 scheduled
06:00 June-6 Dubrovnik (DBV) TUI Airways BY1458 scheduled
06:00 June-6 06:00 Barcelona (BCN) easyJet U23101 estimated
06:05 June-6 06:05 Belfast (BFS) easyJet U2417 estimated
06:10 June-6 Amsterdam (AMS) KLM KL934 scheduled
06:10 June-6 Corfu (CFU) Jet2 LS111 scheduled
06:10 June-6 Frankfurt (FRA) Lufthansa LH975 scheduled
06:30 June-6 London (LCY) British Airways BA8721 scheduled
06:30 June-6 Faro (FAO) Jet2 LS173 scheduled
06:35 June-6 Malta (MLA) Jet2 LS131 scheduled
06:35 June-6 06:35 London (LGW) easyJet U2868 estimated
06:45 June-6 Malaga (AGP) Jet2 LS133 scheduled
06:55 June-6 07:05 Stornoway (SYY) Loganair LM470 estimated
07:00 June-6 Palma de Mallorca (PMI) Jet2 LS189 scheduled
07:00 June-6 07:00 Birmingham (BHX) easyJet U2427 estimated
07:05 June-6 07:05 London (LTN) easyJet U2401 estimated
07:10 June-6 Dalaman (DLM) TUI Airways BY208 scheduled
07:15 June-6 Alicante (ALC) Jet2 LS177 scheduled
07:20 June-6 Zakynthos (ZTH) TUI Airways BY1474 scheduled
07:20 June-6 07:20 Enfidha (NBE) easyJet U23171 estimated
07:35 June-6 07:35 Dublin (DUB) Ryanair FR275 estimated
07:50 June-6 07:50 London (LGW) British Airways BA1481 estimated
08:00 June-6 08:10 Islay (ILY) Loganair LM421 estimated
08:00 June-6 Ibiza (IBZ) Jet2 LS119 scheduled
08:00 June-6 08:10 Campbeltown (CAL) Loganair LM443 estimated
08:15 June-6 Reus (REU) Jet2 LS121 scheduled
08:20 June-6 08:20 London (LHR) British Airways BA1491 estimated
08:30 June-6 Belfast (BHD) Aer Lingus EI3623 scheduled
08:30 June-6 08:40 Belfast (BHD) Aer Lingus Regional estimated
08:35 June-6 08:35 Southampton (SOU) easyJet U2415 estimated
08:35 June-6 08:45 Dublin (DUB) Aer Lingus Regional EI3221 estimated
08:35 June-6 Toronto (YYZ) Air Transat TS245 scheduled
08:50 June-6 London (LCY) British Airways BA8723 scheduled
08:50 June-6 09:00 Tiree (TRE) Loganair LM453 estimated
09:15 June-6 Amsterdam (AMS) KLM KL936 scheduled
09:30 June-6 09:30 London (LHR) British Airways BA1477 estimated
09:50 June-6 10:00 Benbecula (BEB) Loganair LM407 estimated
10:15 June-6 10:25 Barra (BRR) Loganair LM451 estimated
10:15 June-6 10:15 London (LGW) easyJet U2862 estimated
10:25 June-6 10:35 Sumburgh (LSI) Loganair LM437 estimated
10:25 June-6 Melbourne (MLB) TUI Airways BY742 scheduled
10:40 June-6 10:40 Paris (CDG) easyJet U23123 estimated

Discover Glasgow international airport departures

Airport Glasgow is located near the town of Paisley at a distance of 16 kilometers from Glasgow. Glasgow International Airport (Scots: Glesga Airport and in Scottish Gaelic: Port-adhair Eadar-nàiseanta Ghlaschu) in Scotland’s largest airport with nearly 9 million passengers annually using it. The owner of the airport is AGS Airports. The airport is largely used by the airlines Loganair, Easyjet and British Airways for Glasgow flight departures. With 1 runway, there are around 86,000 Glasgow Airport flight departures (total movements) annually. There are plans to expand the airport and to triple the number of passengers now by 2030.

Top flight routes from GLA airport

Many flights to mainland Europe are not available in winter. Some possibilities to fly to the south are Tenerife South, Malaga Costa Del Sol and Alicante. If you want to go to other countries, you can also fly to the major cities of Frankfurt or Paris. There are also some flights with Ryanair or Jet2 to Poland. One of the few intercontinental flights going to the Emirates. There is a daily flight connection with Dubai International Airport.

During summer more flight routes will start up to different holiday destinations throughout Europe.

There are also regular (almost daily) flights to the islands in Scotland. Glasgow airport is in many cases a hub to get to those islands. These options are: Campbeltown, Islay, Tiree, Barra, Benbecula, Stornoway, and Kirkwall.


The location where the Glasgow airport departures now take place started in 1966. Soon there were many connections within Europe. A year later, the first transatlantic flight was also a fact. After a few expansions, more and more large aircraft such as the Boeing 747 arrived. In 1976 the capacity of the airport had to be increased due to the high demand for flights. Easyjet, which still offers one of the most flights today, started the first Glasgow departures in 1985. In 1989 there were new plans for expansions. There had to be a new international concourse with associated baggage hall and immigration area. The final opening took place a few years later in 1992. In 2004 a second terminal was opened with new check-in desks and additional gates. With a few innovations in the years that followed, such as a Glasgow airport departures lounge, the amount of airlines, flights and passengers continued to increase. In the year 2017, it set a record in number of passengers. The airport received 9.9 million passengers that year with the most flights to London.

Terminal at Glasgow Airport

There are 2 locations to check-in. This depends on whether you have a domestic or international Glasgow Airport departures. You can easily walk from one side to the other if you are not in the right place. After checking in you go through customs and security to the departures hall. In this hall you can also look on the screens at which gate you have to board.

Terminal map


There are a number of lounges in the terminal. There’s the Champagne PIAFF at the Loch Lomond Bar. It is known for its view and premium service. Then there is the UpperDeck Lounge, British Airways and Emirates Lounge.

There are also several shops and restaurants. For example, you can look for nice accessories, beauty products, souvenirs, and fragrance. You can also enjoy a drink and snack at Beardmore Bar & Restaurant. Other places to eat are Burger King, Frankie & Bennys, Starbucks and others.

Glasgow airport transportation

The best option for traveling by public transport is the Glasgow Airport Express service 500. Travel easily to the city center in 15 minutes by this bus service. There are several stops in the center such as North Hanover Street and George Square. It is a comfortable bus with plenty of space for luggage. There is also WiFi and USB charging points available. The price for an adult is £8.50. Another option by bus with multiple stops is route 77. Two other bus routes go to Fort William (915) and Paisley Gilmour Street (757).

There were plans to make a train connection with the airport. These are again in doubt because there may be an invention with the Metro system to the airport. If you want to travel by train then you should travel via Paisley Gilmour Street train station.

Other options for having Glasgow airport departures are taxi and car hire. There are car rental agencies located next to terminal 2.


If you want to park the car at the airport, you can do so at short-term and long-term locations. Park short term in one of the two garages (Car Park 1 & 2) just in front of the terminal. In Car Park 2 there is also the possibility for a Fast Track parking location. This is the closest to the terminal at 1 to 2 minutes walk. The other short term spots are also only a 2-5 minute walk away. Next to Car Park 2 there is also a pick up and drop off location, but you are not allowed to stop there after or before boarding passengers. If you want to park for a long time, you can drive to Long Stay. This is less than ten minutes from the airport. There are free buses to the airport. There is a departure every 20-30 minutes. This is the cheapest way to park the car at an official location.

Glasgow Departures Parking and Airport Map


If you want to stay close to Glasgow Airport for an overnight stay, Holiday Inn Glasgow Airport is the most logical option. It is located opposite the terminal between the parking garages. Not much further there are a number of good hotels:

  • Courtyard by Marriott Glasgow Airport
  • Holiday Inn Express Glasgow Airport, an IHG Hotel
  • Travelodge Glasgow Airport Central
  • Premier Inn Glasgow Airport hotel

Are the aforementioned hotels full, are they too expensive or is there something else? Then there are a few possible options at a short distance:

  • Normandy Hotel Glasgow
  • Glynhill Hotel & Spa