Aberdeen Airport Departures

Aberdeen International Airport

Location: Dyce Aberdeen Scotland AB21 7DU
Phone number: +44 (0)344 481 6666
IATA airport code: ABZ
Web: aberdeenairport.com
Alias: Port-adhair Eadar-nàiseanta Obar Dheathain

ABZ Departures today

Schedule Time Estimated Time Destination Airline Flight Status
12:00 November-28 12:10 Sumburgh (LSI) Eastern Airways T31039 Estimated dep 12:10
12:35 November-28 12:35 Humberside (HUY) Eastern Airways T3711 Estimated dep 12:35
12:45 November-28 12:45 Amsterdam (AMS) KLM KL1446 Estimated dep 12:45
13:15 November-28 13:25 Sumburgh (LSI) Loganair Estimated dep 13:25
14:20 November-28 14:20 Manchester (MAN) Loganair LM25 Estimated dep 14:20
14:25 November-28 14:25 Sumburgh (LSI) Loganair LM78 Estimated dep 14:25
14:50 November-28 14:50 London (LHR) British Airways BA1309 Estimated dep 14:50
14:50 November-28 15:00 Stavanger (SVG) Wideroe WF369 Estimated dep 15:00
15:00 November-28 15:00 Teesside (MME) Loganair LM568 Estimated dep 15:00
15:00 November-28 15:00 London (LGW) easyJet U2858 Estimated dep 15:00
15:00 November-28 15:10 Sumburgh (LSI) Eastern Airways T31041 Estimated dep 15:10
15:35 November-28 15:35 Kirkwall (KOI) Loganair LM36 Estimated dep 15:35
16:00 November-28 16:00 Norwich (NWI) Loganair LM16 Estimated dep 16:00
16:30 November-28 16:40 Sumburgh (LSI) Loganair Estimated dep 16:40
16:45 November-28 16:55 Sumburgh (LSI) Loganair LM907 Estimated dep 16:55
16:50 November-28 16:50 London (LHR) British Airways BA1313 Estimated dep 16:50
16:55 November-28 16:55 Humberside (HUY) Eastern Airways T3715 Estimated dep 16:55
17:15 November-28 17:25 Sumburgh (LSI) Eastern Airways T31043 Estimated dep 17:25
17:20 November-28 17:30 Amsterdam (AMS) KLM KL1448 Estimated dep 17:30
17:50 November-28 17:50 Stavanger (SVG) SAS SK4616 Estimated dep 17:50
17:50 November-28 17:50 Wick (WIC) Eastern Airways T3567 Estimated dep 17:50
17:55 November-28 17:55 Bristol (BRS) Loganair LM45 Estimated dep 17:55
18:05 November-28 18:05 Birmingham (BHX) Loganair LM67 Estimated dep 18:05
18:10 November-28 18:10 Manchester (MAN) Loganair LM27 Estimated dep 18:10
18:10 November-28 18:10 Sumburgh (LSI) Loganair LM80 Estimated dep 18:10
18:25 November-28 18:25 Kirkwall (KOI) Loganair LM38 Estimated dep 18:25
18:35 November-28 18:45 London (STN) West Atlantic Estimated dep 18:45
18:50 November-28 19:00 Bergen (BGO) Wideroe WF399 Estimated dep 19:00
19:25 November-28 19:25 London (LHR) British Airways BA1315 Estimated dep 19:25
19:45 November-28 19:45 Newcastle (NCL) Loganair LM8 Estimated dep 19:45
19:45 November-28 19:55 Nottingham (EMA) West Atlantic D02877 Estimated dep 19:55
21:30 November-28 21:40 Nottingham (EMA) Loganair Estimated dep 21:40
21:50 November-28 22:00 Nottingham (EMA) West Atlantic Estimated dep 22:00
06:00 November-29 London (LHR) British Airways BA1301 Scheduled
06:10 November-29 Amsterdam (AMS) KLM KL1440 Scheduled
06:15 November-29 06:15 London (LGW) easyJet U2856 Estimated dep 06:15
06:30 November-29 06:40 Sumburgh (LSI) Loganair LM70 Estimated dep 06:40
06:40 November-29 06:50 Manchester (MAN) Loganair LM21 Estimated dep 06:50
06:40 November-29 06:50 Birmingham (BHX) Loganair LM61 Estimated dep 06:50
06:45 November-29 06:55 Norwich (NWI) Loganair LM12 Estimated dep 06:55
06:45 November-29 06:55 Sumburgh (LSI) Loganair Estimated dep 06:55
07:00 November-29 07:10 Sumburgh (LSI) Loganair LM901 Estimated dep 07:10
07:00 November-29 07:10 Sumburgh (LSI) Eastern Airways T31035 Estimated dep 07:10
07:30 November-29 07:40 Sumburgh (LSI) Loganair LM756 Estimated dep 07:40
08:20 November-29 Stavanger (SVG) Wideroe WF363 Scheduled
08:20 November-29 08:30 Oslo (OSL) Loganair LM1 Estimated dep 08:30
08:35 November-29 Bergen (BGO) Wideroe WF393 Scheduled
08:55 November-29 09:05 Kirkwall (KOI) Loganair LM32 Estimated dep 09:05
09:00 November-29 Amsterdam (AMS) KLM KL1442 Scheduled
09:20 November-29 09:20 London (LHR) British Airways (One World Livery) BA1305 Estimated dep 09:20
09:40 November-29 Wick (WIC) Eastern Airways T3561 Scheduled
09:45 November-29 Dublin (DUB) Loganair LM51 Scheduled
10:00 November-29 Stavanger (SVG) SAS SK4612 Scheduled
10:20 November-29 Esbjerg (EBJ) Loganair LM57 Scheduled
10:40 November-29 Manchester (MAN) Loganair LM23 Scheduled
10:45 November-29 10:45 London (LHR) British Airways BA1307 Estimated dep 10:45
10:55 November-29 Amsterdam (AMS) KLM KL1444 Scheduled
12:45 November-29 Amsterdam (AMS) KLM KL1446 Scheduled
12:55 November-29 Humberside (HUY) Eastern Airways T3711 Scheduled
13:00 November-29 Newcastle (NCL) Loganair LM4 Scheduled
13:05 November-29 13:05 London (LTN) easyJet U2618 Estimated dep 13:05
13:30 November-29 13:30 London (LHR) British Airways BA1311 Estimated dep 13:30
13:40 November-29 Tenerife (TFS) TUI Airways BY1322 Scheduled
14:20 November-29 Manchester (MAN) Loganair LM25 Scheduled
14:25 November-29 Birmingham (BHX) Loganair LM65 Scheduled
14:25 November-29 Sumburgh (LSI) Loganair LM78 Scheduled
14:40 November-29 Kirkwall (KOI) Loganair LM36 Scheduled
14:45 November-29 14:45 London (LHR) British Airways BA1309 Estimated dep 14:45
14:50 November-29 Stavanger (SVG) Wideroe WF369 Scheduled
15:00 November-29 Teesside (MME) Loganair LM568 Scheduled
15:00 November-29 15:00 London (LGW) easyJet U2858 Estimated dep 15:00
15:10 November-29 Dublin (DUB) Aer Lingus EI3243 Scheduled
16:00 November-29 Norwich (NWI) Loganair LM16 Scheduled
16:50 November-29 16:50 London (LHR) British Airways BA1313 Estimated dep 16:50
16:55 November-29 Humberside (HUY) Eastern Airways T3715 Scheduled
17:20 November-29 Amsterdam (AMS) KLM KL1448 Scheduled
17:50 November-29 Stavanger (SVG) SAS SK4616 Scheduled
17:50 November-29 Wick (WIC) Eastern Airways T3567 Scheduled
17:55 November-29 Bristol (BRS) Loganair LM45 Scheduled
18:05 November-29 Birmingham (BHX) Loganair LM67 Scheduled
18:10 November-29 Manchester (MAN) Loganair LM27 Scheduled
18:10 November-29 Sumburgh (LSI) Loganair LM80 Scheduled
18:25 November-29 Kirkwall (KOI) Loganair LM38 Scheduled
18:50 November-29 Bergen (BGO) Wideroe WF399 Scheduled
19:20 November-29 19:20 London (LHR) British Airways BA1315 Estimated dep 19:20
19:45 November-29 Newcastle (NCL) Loganair LM8 Scheduled

Discover Aberdeen Airport departures

Aberdeen International Airport is located in a suburb of Aberdeen, 9 km from the center, which its location in Scotland. The owner is AGS Airports which also manages Southampton Airport and Glasgow Airport. It is the Loganair base that operates most of the Aberdeen departures. The first Aberdeen flight departures started in the year of 1934. During the Second World War the airport was used by the Royal Air Force. After that there have been so many expansions and innovations that you can no longer see what it was like at that time. It has become one of the busiest airports in terms of helicopter departures. With a new master plan, regular flights will also have to increase. There is still only 1 runway of 1,950 meters long for Aberdeen flight departures in addition to the 3 helipads.

Aberdeen airport terminal

The main terminal is equipped with the most necessary supplies with some hotels nearby and of course some shops. When you enter the terminal, the check-in desks are on the left. In total there are 24 counters to check in and start your Aberdeen departures. Then you go through the Security Search to the departures lobby to board at one of the 13 available gates.

Terminal map

Aberdeen Departures Terminal Map

There are two lounges available at the airport. The airline British Airways has its own lounge for their members. This can be found on the first floor. There is access for passengers with fully flexible tickets and members of the BA Executive Club. Another lounge is the Northern Lights Executive. Here you have beautiful views over the runway and also tasty good and drink options. This is also available on the first floor in the departure lounge.

Aberdeen flight routes

In addition to Loganair, flights are also in operation by the following airlines:

  • Aer Lingus
  • British Airways
  • KLM
  • Scandinavian Airlines
  • Wizz Air
  • Wideroe
  • TUI Airways
  • Ryanair
  • Easyjet
  • Eastern Airways

Most Aberdeen airport departures remain in the UK with London-Heathrow Airport as the main destination. Other destinations in the UK are:

There are also ABZ airport departures outside the UK. Many flights go to Amsterdam Schiphol Airport with KLM. Other busy routes are going to:

When flying south you could go to Faro or the Spanish destinations:

Passengers statistics of Aberdeen Airport

If we look back at the annual passenger traffic in the 1970’s, we can see a nice growth from just 100 thousand to 3 million passengers annually that make use of the airport. Due to the pandemic, it went back to just 1 million passengers in 2020. The Aberdeen departures will start to slowly increase again in 2021.


Ground transportation Aberdeen Airport

The airport is located 11 km from the center of Aberdeen. The most obvious options for this journey are the bus or taxi.

Traveling further by bus is best with bus line 727. These have Aberdeen airport departures to the center every 10 minutes. They run less frequently in the evenings and weekends. Rather, think about every 25 minutes and once an hour at night. Buses start and end at Aberdeen Union Square Bus Station in the city center. The journey takes about 40 minutes, depending on traffic of course and whether you stay seated until the final stop. You can buy a bus ticket from the bus driver. This one is £3.50 and 50% off for children aged 5-15. Under 5 is free.

Another bus route is bus 747. This has Aberdeen airport departures to Ellon P&R, Kingswells P&R, Stonehaven and Montrose.

You could also travel by train. Then you will first have to take a taxi or bus because the train station is 2 miles away. Bus X27 runs to this train station in Dyce. The train journey is operated by ScotRail with destinations throughout Scotland and Aberdeen.

If you want to travel by taxi, you can arrange this at the airport, but you can also book a taxi via the Aberdeen Airport website. To the city center takes about 25 minutes. The price is £15 – £20 and from the train station £8. It will cost a little more if there is a lot of traffic and the drive takes longer. You can pay with cash or credit card.


There are three options to park your car. These are Priority, Short Stay and Long Stay. The closest is Priority Parking. Walk into the terminal within a minute after you have parked the car. Ideal for a few hours or days. However, Short Stay is the most popular parking option. Park here for just £59.99 for 5 days (other number of days is of course also possible). Perfect if you want a weekend away for example. If you want to stay for a week or longer, we recommend Long Stay Parking. This is the cheapest option to park your car. For this location there is a bus transfer available that will be at the terminal in a few minutes.


You don’t have to look far for a hotel. There are several options for staying at Aberdeen Airport. Some of these include Leonardo Inn Hotel, Crowne Plaza, Courtyard by Marriott and Moxy Aberdeen Airport Hotel.