Milas–Bodrum Airport Arrivals BJV

Milas–Bodrum International Airport

Address: Ekinanbarı, Havalimanı Sk, 48200 Milas / Muğla, Turkey
Tel: +90 (0) 252 5230080
Fax: +90 (0) 252 5230082
Owner: DHMİ (State Airports Authority)

Airport Codes
IATA code: BJV

BJV Arrivals today

Schedule Time Estimated Time Origin Airline Flight Status
16:20 June-19 16:09 June-19 Istanbul (IST) Turkish Airlines TK2528 estimated
17:05 June-19 17:24 June-19 Amsterdam (AMS) Corendon Airlines CD341 delayed
17:05 June-19 16:56 June-19 St. Petersburg (LED) AJet TK3989 estimated
17:25 June-19 Istanbul (SAW) AJet VF3108 scheduled
17:37 June-19 17:47 June-19 Vilnius (VNO) SkyLine Express 4M938 estimated
17:40 June-19 Istanbul (SAW) Pegasus PC2252 scheduled
18:45 June-19 19:06 June-19 London (LHR) British Airways BA670 delayed
19:00 June-19 Istanbul (SAW) Pegasus PC2254 scheduled
19:00 June-19 Dusseldorf (DUS) scheduled
19:15 June-19 Istanbul (SAW) AJet VF3096 scheduled
19:20 June-19 Ostrava (OSR) Smartwings QS2687 scheduled
19:27 June-19 Northolt (NHT) NetJets Europe scheduled
19:35 June-19 Dublin (DUB) Ryanair FR5242 scheduled
19:35 June-19 Istanbul (IST) Turkish Airlines TK2518 scheduled
20:10 June-19 Kuwait City (KWI) Kuwait Airways KU195 scheduled
20:20 June-19 Istanbul (SAW) Pegasus PC2258 scheduled
20:45 June-19 Istanbul (SAW) SmartLynx VF3110 scheduled
21:05 June-19 Ankara (ESB) Pegasus PC2466 scheduled
21:15 June-19 Liverpool (LPL) Jet2 LS3211 scheduled
21:30 June-19 Istanbul (IST) Turkish Airlines TK2524 scheduled
21:40 June-19 London (LTN) easyJet U22553 scheduled
22:00 June-19 Edinburgh (EDI) easyJet (NEO Livery) U23283 scheduled
22:05 June-19 Riyadh (RUH) Flyadeal F3595 scheduled
22:05 June-19 Ankara (ESB) AJet VF4056 scheduled
22:15 June-19 Istanbul (SAW) Pegasus PC2266 scheduled
22:25 June-19 Istanbul (IST) Turkish Airlines TK2520 scheduled
22:50 June-19 Pardubice (PED) Smartwings QS3818 scheduled
23:10 June-19 Istanbul (SAW) Pegasus PC2262 scheduled
23:15 June-19 Istanbul (SAW) AJet VF3098 scheduled
23:20 June-19 Frankfurt (FRA) SunExpress XQ463 scheduled
23:30 June-19 Birmingham (BHX) Jet2 LS1247 scheduled
23:40 June-19 Istanbul (IST) Turkish Airlines TK2526 scheduled
00:17 June-20 Copenhagen (CPH) Freebird Airlines FH466 scheduled
00:40 June-20 Istanbul (SAW) AJet VF3102 scheduled
01:15 June-20 Ankara (ESB) AJet VF4052 scheduled
02:45 June-20 Istanbul (IST) Turkish Airlines TK2502 scheduled
03:05 June-20 Mineralnye Vody (MRV) Azimuth A49115 scheduled
03:45 June-20 Tehran (IKA) Iran Airtour B99712 scheduled
06:15 June-20 Skopje (SKP) AJet VF1026 scheduled
06:45 June-20 Moscow (VKO) Turkish Airlines TK3953 scheduled
07:40 June-20 Cologne (CGN) Pegasus PC5966 scheduled
07:45 June-20 Istanbul (IST) Turkish Airlines TK2504 scheduled
07:50 June-20 Prague (PRG) Smartwings QS2594 scheduled
08:10 June-20 Istanbul (SAW) Pegasus PC2242 scheduled
08:20 June-20 Sofia (SOF) Bulgaria Air FB8793 scheduled
08:20 June-20 Prague (PRG) Smartwings QS2696 scheduled
09:10 June-20 Moscow (VKO) Pegasus PC1457 scheduled
09:10 June-20 Ankara (ESB) AJet VF4054 scheduled
09:15 June-20 Amman (AMM) Royal Jordanian RJ6170 scheduled
09:30 June-20 Istanbul (IST) Turkish Airlines TK2508 scheduled
09:45 June-20 Munich (MUC) Discover Airlines 4Y1664 scheduled
09:55 June-20 Istanbul (SAW) AJet VF3092 scheduled
10:10 June-20 Warsaw (WAW) Smartwings 3Z7266 scheduled
10:25 June-20 Riyadh (RUH) flynas XY389 scheduled
10:45 June-20 Istanbul (SAW) Pegasus PC2244 scheduled
10:55 June-20 Baku (GYD) Azerbaijan Airlines J223 scheduled
11:00 June-20 Istanbul (IST) Turkish Airlines TK2512 scheduled
11:50 June-20 London (LGW) easyJet U28551 scheduled
12:05 June-20 Istanbul (IST) Turkish Airlines TK2510 scheduled
12:30 June-20 Dusseldorf (DUS) SunExpress XQ659 scheduled
13:00 June-20 Moscow (SVO) Aeroflot SU2120 scheduled
13:25 June-20 Istanbul (SAW) AJet VF3094 scheduled
13:40 June-20 Bahrain (BAH) Gulf Air GF33 scheduled
14:00 June-20 Amman (AMM) Royal Jordanian RJ6170 scheduled
14:20 June-20 Moscow (VKO) Azur Air ZF511 scheduled
14:35 June-20 Adana (ADA) Pegasus PC3620 scheduled
14:40 June-20 Dubai (DXB) FlyDubai FZ627 scheduled
15:00 June-20 Katowice (KTW) Smartwings Poland 3Z7272 scheduled
15:05 June-20 Istanbul (IST) Turkish Airlines TK2514 scheduled
15:25 June-20 Istanbul (SAW) AJet VF3106 scheduled
16:20 June-20 Istanbul (IST) Turkish Airlines TK2528 scheduled
17:06 June-20 Geneva (GVA) Silesia Air SUA602 scheduled
17:15 June-20 St. Petersburg (LED) Turkish Airlines TK3989 scheduled
17:25 June-20 Istanbul (SAW) AJet VF3108 scheduled
17:40 June-20 Istanbul (SAW) Pegasus PC2252 scheduled
18:30 June-20 Hannover (HAJ) Corendon Airlines XC2021 scheduled
19:05 June-20 Istanbul (SAW) Pegasus PC2254 scheduled
19:05 June-20 Manchester (MAN) easyJet U22155 scheduled
19:05 June-20 Istanbul (SAW) AJet VF3096 scheduled
19:35 June-20 Istanbul (IST) Turkish Airlines TK2518 scheduled
19:55 June-20 London (LGW) easyJet U28553 scheduled
20:05 June-20 London (LTN) easyJet U22559 scheduled
20:15 June-20 Bristol (BRS) Jet2 LS1813 scheduled
20:20 June-20 Bratislava (BTS) Smartwings Slovakia 6D6196 scheduled
20:20 June-20 Istanbul (SAW) Pegasus PC2258 scheduled
20:20 June-20 Istanbul (SAW) AJet VF3098 scheduled
21:05 June-20 Ankara (ESB) Pegasus PC2466 scheduled
21:30 June-20 Istanbul (IST) Turkish Airlines TK2524 scheduled
22:00 June-20 Istanbul (SAW) Pegasus PC2262 scheduled
22:05 June-20 Ankara (ESB) AJet VF4056 scheduled
22:25 June-20 Istanbul (IST) Turkish Airlines TK2520 scheduled
22:30 June-20 Bristol (BRS) easyJet U22853 scheduled
22:35 June-20 Glasgow (GLA) Jet2 LS123 scheduled
22:45 June-20 Manchester (MAN) Jet2 LS983 scheduled
22:55 June-20 Istanbul (SAW) Pegasus PC2266 scheduled
23:00 June-20 Gdansk (GDN) Smartwings Poland 3Z7290 scheduled
23:00 June-20 Minsk (MSQ) Belavia B28129 scheduled
23:10 June-20 London (STN) Jet2 LS1415 scheduled
23:15 June-20 Istanbul (SAW) AJet VF3090 scheduled
23:25 June-20 Istanbul (IST) Turkish Airlines TK2526 scheduled

Learn about Milas–Bodrum International Airport Arrivals

To get to know Turkey in-depth, you will have to visit one of the most emblematic airports in the region with Bodrum arrivals. The Milas-Bodrum airport is the only one that can take you to those small cities that belong to Turkey in the southwest. Although the airports are small, they work incredibly well so that you can get to know the whole country without hindrance.

Top routes from BJV

Milas – Bodrum airport has been operating since the beginning of the new millennium with BJV airport arrivals so that you will see modern facilities. This airport was built in its entirety for 2012 under the foundations of an old airfield. TAV airport can accommodate more than 2.5 million travelers per year. Most tourist will have Milas airport arrivals because of the very famous beaches.

At the moment, the airport is in expansion plans to accommodate more Milas Bodrum flight arrivals per year. This airbase also hopes to improve its service on commercial flights and add other international Milas flight arrivals.

Location for Bodrum airport arrivals

The TAV airport is located in the city of Bodrum, which is on the border of Turkey. This airport serves destinations such as Milas and Bodrum, which stand out for being a very active tourist area in the country.

Transportation at Bodrum airport

If you have BJV arrivals in Turkey and you want to get to the hotel that you previously booked, you can use the taxi service. This airport is very close to the tourist area of Milas and about 30 kilometers from the city of Bodrum. You can also request a hotel shuttle from your hotel or take low-cost public transportation.


In the airport facilities, you can see two runways for all Bodrum arrivals that are big enough for large airplanes. The direction of each runway is 10L / 28R and 10R / 28L, which are 9,842 and 8,202 feet long, respectively. Both runways have a concrete surface to process the BJV airport arrivals.

Bodrum airport terminals

In 2000, a terminal was built for the airport destined for national and international Milas airport arrivals, but later it was changed. This old terminal was used for commercial flights within the country, while in 2012, a new terminal was built for Milas Bodrum flight arrivals. The airport’s new facilities are more spacious; it has several services and cutting-edge technology that you should not miss.


The Milas – Bodrum airport has two terminals for Milas flight arrivals, one for national flights and one for international flights. In the domestic terminal, you will have some check-in positions and airlines such as EasyJet, Blue Air, etc.

You will have the smoking area in the international terminal and many check-in stations in the terminal. There are multiple baggage claim carousels for passengers with Bodrum airport arrivals.

Airlines with Bodrum arrivals

Inside the Milas – Bodrum international airport you can hire the following airlines:

  • Lufthansa
  • Luxair
  • Onur Air
  • Pegasus Airlines
  • Pobeda
  • Azur Air
  • Belavia
  • British Airways
  • Corendon Airlines
  • EasyJet
  • Air Serbia
  • Anadolujet
  • Edelweiss Air
  • Enter Air
  • Eurowings
  • Smartwings Poland
  • SunExpress
  • TUI fly
  • Turkish Airlines
  • Wizz Air
  • Ryanair
  • Smartwings
Flight routes Bodrum Airport

If you want to have Milas airport arrivals from other places, you can think about destinations such as: