Ankara Airport Arrivals ESB Esenboga

Ankara Esenboğa International Airport

Address: Esenboga, Ankara, TURKEY

Tel: +90 (0) 312 5904000
Fax: +90 (0) 312 5904041
Owner: TAV Airports Holding Inc.

Airport Codes
IATA code: ESB

ESB Arrivals today

Schedule Time Estimated Time Origin Airline Flight Status
16:00 May-22 15:48 May-22 Igdir (IGD) AJet VF4211 landed
16:10 May-22 15:58 May-22 Antalya (AYT) AJet VF4005 estimated
16:15 May-22 15:53 May-22 Istanbul (IST) Turkish Airlines TK2158 landed
16:30 May-22 16:07 May-22 Kirkuk (KIK) Iraqi Airways IA247 estimated
16:40 May-22 Antalya (AYT) AJet VF4013 scheduled
17:10 May-22 Istanbul (IST) Turkish Airlines TK2162 scheduled
17:20 May-22 Istanbul (SAW) AJet VF3010 scheduled
17:45 May-22 Istanbul (SAW) Pegasus PC2668 scheduled
17:45 May-22 Tehran (IKA) Sepehran Airlines IS7334 scheduled
17:55 May-22 Mus (MSR) AJet VF4243 scheduled
18:05 May-22 Ercan (ECN) AJet VF556 scheduled
18:35 May-22 Van (VAN) AJet VF4305 scheduled
18:50 May-22 Ercan (ECN) Pegasus PC1884 scheduled
18:50 May-22 Antalya (AYT) AJet VF4011 scheduled
18:50 May-22 Izmir (ADB) Pegasus PC3166 scheduled
18:57 May-22 19:56 May-22 Reykjavik (KEF) delayed
19:00 May-22 Istanbul (IST) Turkish Airlines TK2170 scheduled
19:00 May-22 Izmir (ADB) AJet VF4035 scheduled
19:00 May-22 Ercan (ECN) Pegasus PC1882 scheduled
19:05 May-22 Malatya (MLX) AJet VF4227 scheduled
19:20 May-22 Gaziantep (GZT) AJet VF4195 scheduled
19:35 May-22 Elazig (EZS) AJet VF4169 scheduled
19:45 May-22 Ordu (OGU) AJet VF4259 scheduled
19:55 May-22 Istanbul (SAW) Pegasus PC2670 scheduled
20:05 May-22 Batman (BAL) AJet VF4115 scheduled
20:10 May-22 Istanbul (IST) Turkish Airlines TK2174 scheduled
20:15 May-22 Istanbul (SAW) AJet VF3012 scheduled
20:30 May-22 Antakya (HTY) AJet VF4205 scheduled
21:45 May-22 Istanbul (SAW) Pegasus PC2672 scheduled
21:55 May-22 Baku (GYD) Azerbaijan Airlines J28003 scheduled
21:58 May-22 Budapest (BUD) Swiss Air Force SUI42 scheduled
22:10 May-22 Istanbul (IST) Turkish Airlines TK2182 scheduled
22:10 May-22 Adana (ADA) AJet VF4091 scheduled
22:15 May-22 Antalya (AYT) Pegasus PC8043 scheduled
22:15 May-22 Munich (MUC) AJet VF530 scheduled
22:30 May-22 Warsaw (WAW) Pegasus PC1744 scheduled
22:30 May-22 Kabul (KBL) Ariana Afghan Airlines FG713 scheduled
22:35 May-22 Frankfurt (FRA) AJet VF524 scheduled
22:45 May-22 Stuttgart (STR) AJet VF534 scheduled
22:50 May-22 Izmir (ADB) AJet VF4037 scheduled
22:50 May-22 Van (VAN) AJet VF4307 scheduled
22:50 May-22 Bodrum (BJV) Pegasus PC2467 scheduled
22:55 May-22 Ercan (ECN) AJet VF558 scheduled
22:55 May-22 Sanliurfa (GNY) AJet VF4181 scheduled
23:00 May-22 Rize (RZV) AJet VF4271 scheduled
23:10 May-22 Dalaman (DLM) AJet VF4075 scheduled
23:10 May-22 Adana (ADA) AJet VF4089 scheduled
23:10 May-22 Diyarbakir (DIY) AJet VF4137 scheduled
23:15 May-22 Trabzon (TZX) AJet VF4291 scheduled
23:15 May-22 Istanbul (IST) Turkish Airlines TK2184 scheduled
23:25 May-22 Antalya (AYT) AJet VF4007 scheduled
23:55 May-22 Bodrum (BJV) AJet VF4055 scheduled
23:55 May-22 Hannover (HAJ) SunExpress XQ789 scheduled
00:05 May-23 Erzurum (ERZ) AJet VF4161 scheduled
00:15 May-23 Istanbul (SAW) AJet VF3008 scheduled
00:35 May-23 Istanbul (SAW) Pegasus PC2676 scheduled
01:05 May-23 Istanbul (IST) Turkish Airlines TK2190 scheduled
03:10 May-23 Istanbul (IST) Turkish Airlines TK2192 scheduled
04:25 May-23 Tbilisi (TBS) Pegasus PC1751 scheduled
06:45 May-23 Gazipasa (GZP) AJet VF4189 scheduled
06:50 May-23 Samsun (SZF) AJet VF4279 scheduled
06:55 May-23 Antalya (AYT) AJet VF4009 scheduled
06:55 May-23 Izmir (ADB) AJet VF4039 scheduled
06:55 May-23 Gaziantep (GZT) AJet VF4197 scheduled
06:55 May-23 Ordu (OGU) AJet VF4261 scheduled
06:55 May-23 Trabzon (TZX) AJet VF4287 scheduled
07:00 May-23 Erzincan (ERC) AJet VF4151 scheduled
07:00 May-23 Elazig (EZS) AJet VF4171 scheduled
07:10 May-23 Ercan (ECN) Pegasus PC1880 scheduled
07:15 May-23 Istanbul (IST) Turkish Airlines TK2116 scheduled
07:20 May-23 Tehran (IKA) Turkish Airlines TK7881 scheduled
07:25 May-23 Izmir (ADB) Pegasus PC3160 scheduled
08:10 May-23 Istanbul (IST) Turkish Airlines TK2122 scheduled
08:35 May-23 Istanbul (SAW) Pegasus PC2662 scheduled
08:50 May-23 Antalya (AYT) Pegasus PC8041 scheduled
09:05 May-23 Moscow (VKO) Pegasus PC1781 scheduled
09:15 May-23 Tashkent (TAS) Uzbekistan Airways HY291 scheduled
09:15 May-23 Dubai (DXB) AJet VF550 scheduled
09:15 May-23 Istanbul (IST) Turkish Airlines TK2126 scheduled
09:30 May-23 Istanbul (SAW) AJet VF3000 scheduled
09:40 May-23 Canakkale (CKZ) AJet VF4127 scheduled
09:45 May-23 Rize (RZV) AJet VF4269 scheduled
10:30 May-23 Baghdad (BGW) Iraqi Airways IA201 scheduled
10:35 May-23 Gaziantep (GZT) AJet VF4193 scheduled
10:40 May-23 Sanliurfa (GNY) AJet VF4179 scheduled
10:40 May-23 Kahramanmaras (KCM) AJet VF4217 scheduled
10:40 May-23 Trabzon (TZX) AJet VF4285 scheduled
10:55 May-23 Adiyaman (ADF) AJet VF4103 scheduled
11:00 May-23 Istanbul (SAW) AJet VF3002 scheduled
11:00 May-23 Dalaman (DLM) AJet VF4071 scheduled
11:05 May-23 Diyarbakir (DIY) AJet VF4133 scheduled
11:10 May-23 Antalya (AYT) AJet VF4001 scheduled
11:10 May-23 Bodrum (BJV) AJet VF4053 scheduled
11:15 May-23 Izmir (ADB) AJet VF4029 scheduled
11:20 May-23 Istanbul (IST) Turkish Airlines TK2138 scheduled
11:20 May-23 Ercan (ECN) AJet VF554 scheduled
11:20 May-23 Erzurum (ERZ) AJet VF4157 scheduled
11:25 May-23 Van (VAN) AJet VF4303 scheduled
11:35 May-23 Istanbul (SAW) Pegasus PC2664 scheduled
12:10 May-23 Stuttgart (STR) SunExpress XQ791 scheduled

Discover Ankara Esenboğa international airport arrivals

Turkey is one of those countries that you should visit on your next vacation to enjoy its luxurious beaches and tourist areas. To fulfill your mission and go sightseeing in the beautiful Turkish lands, you will have to know how to get Ankara arrivals. One of the most cost-effective ways you can get to Turkey is by air using Ankara Airport as your access port.

Before you dare to organize luggage, you can get to know the facilities of the Ankara International Airport in depth for Ankara flight arrivals. You can envision what the airport facilities are like, its services, and how close the city center is.

Top routes from ESB

Read further to check out some international destinations.

About Ankara Esenboğa airport

Ankara Airport opened its doors in 1955 for the first ESB airport arrivals and has been a priority for Turkey’s capital city ever since. This airport offers hub Ankara Esenboğa airport arrivals with commercial airlines like Pegasus airlines and Anadolujet.

You can find many services in the airport facilities and a remote connection with the city of Kizilay.

This airport can receive more than 16 million passengers per year, and with this, it has gained much recognition. The international Ankara Esenboğa arrivals keeps increasing. The ACI of Europe awarded the air facility as the best point to travel to Europe.

Location for Ankara airport arrivals

The airport is located northwest of Ankara, roughly 17 miles from the city center in Kizilay. According to the Turkish government, this airport has an immense size, and according to the Turkish government, it would be awarded a third place among the most important.

Ankara airport Transport

You can get to Ankara TAV airport and have various means of transportation that will take you to the city or have ESB arrivals. You can take taxi services outside the airport to get to the hotel where you are staying as soon as possible. You can also take advantage of the public transport that passes through the airport to get you Ankara arrivals in the city in minutes.


At this airport, you will have two incredible runways for Ankara flight arrivals that comprise the same measurements. Both tracks are 12,303 feet long and have an asphalt surface that is rebuilt each year.

Terminal of Ankara Esenboğa airport

The airport has a terminal that was rebuilt in 2006 to accommodate more ESB airport arrivals. Some characteristics of the terminal are:

  • It measures around 168 thousand square meters.It has 105 counters for ticket billing.
  • More than 30 counters for the passport control
  • Parking to accommodate 4000 cars.
  • Open and green areas inside the terminal.

Ankara Esenboğa airport arrivals hall


Airlines with Ankara Esenboğa arrivals

In the terminal, you will have several airlines at your disposal; among the most relevant are:

  • Buta Airways, Anadolujet, Corendon Airlines, Azerbaijan, Saudia, Pegasus Airlines, Qatar Airlines, Mahan Air, Kam Air, Iraqi Airways, Turkish Airlines, fly Dubai, fly Baghdad, UR Airlines, Sun Express, Turkmenistan airlines, etc.

You can take some important destinations with Ankara airport arrivals such as:

You can also take seasonal Ankara arrivals distributed in the following airlines:

You can book your Ankara Esenboğa airport arrivals from the official website of Ankara airport or at one of the many airline websites. You can have an incredible vacation if you organize as soon as possible and fly from this distinguished airport in Turkey.