Trinidad Piarco Airport Departures POS

Piarco International Airport

Address: Golden Grove Rd, Piarco, Trinidad and Tobago
Departments: Airport Authority of Trinidad and Tobago
Airport code: POS
Elevation: 18 m
Phone: +1 868-669-4880
Owner: Trinidad and Tobago

POS departures today

Schedule Time Estimated Time Destination Airline Flight Status
10:00 PM June-22 10:00 PM Georgetown (GEO) Caribbean Airlines BW462 estimated
11:45 PM June-22 11:55 PM Miami (MIA) Amerijet International M6840 estimated
12:10 AM June-23 12:10 AM New York (JFK) Caribbean Airlines BW520 estimated
12:30 AM June-23 12:30 AM Houston (IAH) United Airlines UA1459 estimated
12:36 AM June-23 Caracas (CCS) DHL Aero Expreso D5323 scheduled
03:33 AM June-23 Panama City (PTY) Copa Airlines CM315 scheduled
04:43 AM June-23 04:43 AM New York (JFK) JetBlue Airways B61218 estimated
05:45 AM June-23 05:45 AM Scarborough (TAB) Caribbean Airlines BW1500 estimated
06:25 AM June-23 06:25 AM Scarborough (TAB) Caribbean Airlines BW1502 estimated
07:30 AM June-23 07:30 AM Point Salines (GND) Caribbean Airlines BW430 estimated
07:55 AM June-23 07:55 AM Kingston (KIN) Caribbean Airlines BW414 estimated
08:05 AM June-23 08:05 AM Scarborough (TAB) Caribbean Airlines BW1506 estimated
08:30 AM June-23 08:30 AM Orlando (MCO) Caribbean Airlines BW482 estimated
08:45 AM June-23 08:45 AM Scarborough (TAB) Caribbean Airlines BW1508 estimated
09:10 AM June-23 09:10 AM Miami (MIA) Caribbean Airlines BW484 estimated
09:30 AM June-23 09:30 AM Bridgetown (BGI) Caribbean Airlines BW410 estimated
09:45 AM June-23 03:10 PM Castries (SLU) Caribbean Airlines BW434 estimated
10:30 AM June-23 10:40 AM Miami (MIA) Caribbean Airlines BW790 estimated
10:35 AM June-23 10:35 AM Scarborough (TAB) Caribbean Airlines BW1512 estimated
11:10 AM June-23 11:10 AM Fort Lauderdale (FLL) Caribbean Airlines BW480 estimated
11:15 AM June-23 11:15 AM Scarborough (TAB) Caribbean Airlines BW1514 estimated
11:30 AM June-23 11:30 AM Georgetown (OGL) Caribbean Airlines BW464 estimated
01:25 PM June-23 Bridgetown (BGI) DHL Aero Expreso D5322 scheduled
01:50 PM June-23 01:50 PM Scarborough (TAB) Caribbean Airlines BW1520 estimated
02:00 PM June-23 06:50 PM Kingstown (SVD) Caribbean Airlines BW436 estimated
02:10 PM June-23 02:10 PM Willemstad (CUR) Caribbean Airlines BW400 estimated
02:50 PM June-23 02:50 PM Scarborough (TAB) Caribbean Airlines BW1522 estimated
03:13 PM June-23 03:13 PM Miami (MIA) American Airlines AA2703 estimated
03:30 PM June-23 03:30 PM Scarborough (TAB) Caribbean Airlines BW1524 estimated
03:35 PM June-23 03:35 PM Georgetown (GEO) Caribbean Airlines BW526 estimated
03:55 PM June-23 03:55 PM Toronto (YYZ) Caribbean Airlines BW600 estimated
04:10 PM June-23 04:10 PM Scarborough (TAB) Caribbean Airlines BW1526 estimated
05:00 PM June-23 Point Salines (GND) Amerijet International M6850 scheduled
05:05 PM June-23 05:05 PM Dominica (DOM) Caribbean Airlines BW246 estimated
05:10 PM June-23 05:10 PM New York (JFK) JetBlue Airways B61818 estimated
05:20 PM June-23 05:20 PM Scarborough (TAB) Caribbean Airlines BW1528 estimated
05:20 PM June-23 Amsterdam (AMS) KLM KL787 scheduled
06:00 PM June-23 06:00 PM Scarborough (TAB) Caribbean Airlines BW1530 estimated
06:40 PM June-23 06:40 PM Scarborough (TAB) Caribbean Airlines BW1532 estimated
07:50 PM June-23 07:50 PM Scarborough (TAB) Caribbean Airlines BW1534 estimated
08:40 PM June-23 08:40 PM Scarborough (TAB) Caribbean Airlines BW1540 estimated
09:50 PM June-23 09:50 PM Point Salines (GND) Caribbean Airlines BW438 estimated
09:55 PM June-23 09:55 PM Bridgetown (BGI) Caribbean Airlines BW448 estimated
10:00 PM June-23 10:00 PM Georgetown (GEO) Caribbean Airlines BW462 estimated
10:30 PM June-23 Paramaribo (PBM) Caribbean Airlines BW883 scheduled
12:01 AM June-24 Miami (MIA) Amerijet International M6850 scheduled
12:10 AM June-24 New York (JFK) Caribbean Airlines BW520 scheduled
12:30 AM June-24 12:30 AM Houston (IAH) United Airlines UA1459 estimated
01:36 AM June-24 Caracas (CCS) DHL Aero Expreso D5323 scheduled
03:33 AM June-24 Panama City (PTY) Copa Airlines CM315 scheduled
04:43 AM June-24 New York (JFK) JetBlue Airways B61218 scheduled
05:45 AM June-24 Scarborough (TAB) Caribbean Airlines BW1500 scheduled
06:25 AM June-24 Scarborough (TAB) Caribbean Airlines BW1502 scheduled
07:30 AM June-24 Point Salines (GND) Caribbean Airlines BW430 scheduled
07:30 AM June-24 Georgetown (GEO) Caribbean Airlines BW616 scheduled
07:45 AM June-24 Sint Maarten (SXM) Caribbean Airlines BW456 scheduled
08:00 AM June-24 Caracas (CCS) Caribbean Airlines BW300 scheduled
08:05 AM June-24 Scarborough (TAB) Caribbean Airlines BW1506 scheduled
08:15 AM June-24 Havana (HAV) Caribbean Airlines BW476 scheduled
08:45 AM June-24 Scarborough (TAB) Caribbean Airlines BW1508 scheduled
09:10 AM June-24 Miami (MIA) Caribbean Airlines BW484 scheduled

Discover Piarco international airport departures

The airport is located on the island of Trinidad. It is located in the town of Piarco, 18 miles east of the city of Port of Spain. It is one of the busiest airports in the Caribbean with many Piarco flight departures to the US, Canada and surrounding islands.Every year 2 million passengers come to Trinidad via this airport. The carrier Caribbean Airlines operates most of these flights. There are two terminals, 1 of which is for commercial passenger traffic. This is North Terminal. The airfield is located on an area of 1738 acres. There is a 10,500 ft. runway.

Piarco Airport terminals

The airport has 2 terminals for Trinidad airport departures. However, the South Terminal has changed from passenger terminal to terminal for cargo flight departures, helicopter and general aviation. In total there are 14 places to park for aircraft. The North Terminal is currently for regular passenger service.


Flight routes Piarco Airport

The Piarco departures go to destinations such as:

There are also many Piarco Airport departures with Caribbean Airlines to other Caribbean islands like:

There will be Trinidad flight departures to Amsterdam end of 2021 processed by KLM.