North Eleuthera Airport Departures ELH

Address: Airport Road, Bahamas (F8G8+C9 Lower Bogue, Bahamas)
Airport code: ELH
Phone: +1 242-335-1242
Airlines: American, Delta, Silver, JetBlue

ELH Departures today

Schedule Time Estimated Time Destination Airline Flight Status
10:00 May-22 10:10 May-22 Fort Lauderdale (FXE) Aztec Airways AJ422 estimated
10:00 May-22 10:10 May-22 Fort Lauderdale (FXE) Makers Air WMA954 estimated
10:20 May-22 10:30 May-22 West Palm Beach (PBI) estimated
11:00 May-22 11:10 May-22 West Palm Beach (PBI) Wheels Up WUP826 estimated
11:30 May-22 11:40 May-22 St. Petersburg (PIE) estimated
11:35 May-22 11:45 May-22 Nassau (NAS) Bahamasair UP363 estimated
12:00 May-22 12:06 May-22 George Town (GCM) estimated
12:15 May-22 12:15 May-22 Miami (MIA) American Eagle AA3699 estimated
13:10 May-22 Nassau (NAS) Southern Air Charter PL409 scheduled
14:04 May-22 14:04 May-22 Atlanta (ATL) Delta Connection DL4920 estimated
14:36 May-22 14:36 May-22 Miami (MIA) American Eagle AA3570 estimated
15:40 May-22 15:50 May-22 Fort Lauderdale (FLL) Silver Airways 3M86 estimated
17:00 May-22 Nassau (NAS) Southern Air Charter PL406 scheduled
17:00 May-22 17:06 May-22 West Palm Beach (PBI) NetJets estimated
17:09 May-22 17:15 May-22 Miami (TMB) NetJets estimated
07:20 May-23 Governor’s Harbour (GHB) Pineapple Air PNP970 scheduled
07:30 May-23 Nassau (NAS) Southern Air Charter PL407 scheduled
09:20 May-23 Nassau (NAS) Southern Air Charter PL308 scheduled
12:15 May-23 12:15 May-23 Miami (MIA) American Eagle AA3699 estimated
12:20 May-23 Governor’s Harbour (GHB) Pineapple Air PNP972 scheduled
12:50 May-23 Nassau (NAS) Southern Air Charter PL310 scheduled
13:10 May-23 Nassau (NAS) Southern Air Charter PL409 scheduled
14:36 May-23 14:36 May-23 Miami (MIA) American Eagle AA3570 estimated
15:40 May-23 Fort Lauderdale (FLL) Silver Airways 3M86 scheduled
16:20 May-23 Governor’s Harbour (GHB) Pineapple Air PNP974 scheduled
16:50 May-23 Nassau (NAS) Southern Air Charter PL312 scheduled

Meet tiny North Eleuthera Airport and the available airlines

If you want to travel to the Bahamas and outlying islands like Spanish Wells or Harbor Island, you must go to North Eleuthera. This small airport is very functional for you to take as a reference and get there. You can start your vacation by arriving at this airport using the most popular commercial North Eleuthera departures.

Find out how distinguished the Bahamas airport is, how you can get there, and its available ELH airport departures. You could also discover some information about your air terminal, runways, and the exact location to board the facilities.


The airport was built more than a decade ago for ELH departures so that citizens and tourists can leave the Bahamas. Islands close to the country, such as Harbor Island and Spanish Wells, also benefit from this large airport.


You can find the airport in the North Eleuthera district in the Eleuthera archipelago in the Bahamas. It is a unique airport for the island to find a mini terminal and some international flights.

North Eleuthera Airport transportation

When you arrive at the distinguished North Eleuthera Airport, you can walk to the center of Eleuthera Island. The airport is located a few minutes from the tourist areas so you will not need special transport to get there. You could also pay for tax in case you don’t want to walk from outside the airport.


As the airport is so small, you will only see a single runway for ELH flight departures with the identification number 25/07. This asphalt runway is 6,002 ft and just 150 ft wide. It is a fairly small runway, so the plane pilots must experience this type of North Eleuthera Airport departures.

North Eleuthera Airport Terminal

North Eleuthera Airport has a single terminal for ELH departures where you can see all the international flights it offers. You will have around you some commercial premises, open areas to sit and a waiting room. Although you will be in the beautiful Eleuthera archipelago in the Bahamas, the terminal is not relevant at all.


With the North Eleuthera airport in the Bahamas, you can have some quality airlines with North Eleuthera departures such as:

  • Bahamasair, which is a national airline of the Bahamas.
  • Silver Airways, which is an American airline.
  • United Airlines
  • JetBlue Airlines
  • Delta Connection, which is a regional airline.
  • Southern Air Charter, which is a company for charter flights.
  • American Eagle/Airlines, which is a United States airline.
  • Pineapple Air, which is an airline based in Nassau in the Bahamas.
Destinations at North Eleuthera Airport

If you want to leave from the airport, you can take some incredible ELH airport departures to destinations such as:


You will have a minimal number of North Eleuthera flight departures to travel to the United States from the Bahamas using North Eleuthera Airport. You have to make a reservation in advance to take the flight whenever you want and reach your destination on time. The only airlines offering domestic ELH flight departures through the Bahamas are Bahamasair, Southern Air Charter, and Pineapple Air for you to take.

At the other airports in the Bahamas, you may have access to your final destination by stopover. This airport accommodates more than 2 million passengers a year, so it is quite busy.