North Eleuthera Airport Arrivals ELH

Address: Airport Road, Lower Bogue, Bahamas
Airport Codes
IATA code: ELH

ELH arrivals today

Schedule Time Estimated Time Origin Airline Flight Status
09:49 June-5 09:45 June-5 Fort Lauderdale (FXE) estimated
10:30 June-5 Fort Lauderdale (FXE) Wheels Up WUP856 scheduled
10:47 June-5 St. Augustine (UST) Wheels Up WUP453 scheduled
11:15 June-5 Miami (MIA) American Eagle AA3699 scheduled
11:22 June-5 Tampa (VDF) scheduled
11:25 June-5 Rock Sound (RSD) Bahamasair UP363 scheduled
11:33 June-5 Savannah (SAV) scheduled
12:23 June-5 Pompano Beach (PPM) scheduled
12:30 June-5 12:37 June-5 Fort Worth (FTW) NetJets estimated
12:45 June-5 Hammond (QSH) scheduled
13:00 June-5 Governor’s Harbour (GHB) Southern Air Charter PL409 scheduled
13:09 June-5 Atlanta (ATL) Delta Connection DL5039 scheduled
13:48 June-5 Charlotte (CLT) American Airlines AA5267 scheduled
15:00 June-5 Fort Lauderdale (FLL) Silver Airways 3M86 scheduled
16:50 June-5 Nassau (NAS) Southern Air Charter PL405 scheduled
07:10 June-6 Nassau (NAS) Pineapple Air PNP970 scheduled
07:20 June-6 Governor’s Harbour (GHB) Southern Air Charter PL407 scheduled
08:50 June-6 Nassau (NAS) Southern Air Charter PL307 scheduled
10:05 June-6 Orlando (MCO) Silver Airways 3M149 scheduled
11:15 June-6 Miami (MIA) American Eagle AA3699 scheduled
12:10 June-6 Nassau (NAS) Pineapple Air PNP972 scheduled
12:20 June-6 Nassau (NAS) Southern Air Charter PL309 scheduled
13:00 June-6 Governor’s Harbour (GHB) Southern Air Charter PL409 scheduled
13:48 June-6 Charlotte (CLT) American Airlines AA5267 scheduled
15:00 June-6 Fort Lauderdale (FLL) Silver Airways 3M86 scheduled
16:10 June-6 Nassau (NAS) Pineapple Air PNP974 scheduled
16:20 June-6 Nassau (NAS) Southern Air Charter PL311 scheduled

Learn about North Eleuthera Airport and the airlines it serves

To finally organize your trip to the Bahamas, you will have to try to get to a good airport. You will have several airport facilities available in this small region, but the most famous is North Eleuthera Airport. It serves North Eleuthera arrivals by air that works for you to reach the Bahamas and the nearby islands like Harbor and Spanish Wells.

You can get into context and know a little about the history of the airport as well as how you can locate it. The airport is a small but important way for you to start your vacation in the Bahamas. Each of the airlines that the airport has are important for ELH airport arrivals, and you should not ignore them to book your flight now.

About North Eleuthera Airport

Tourists widely recognize ICAO or North Eleuthera Airport in the Bahamas for its international ELH arrivals. It is an airport that has been in operation for decades, has undergone a series of renovations and has been linked with several airlines who offer ELH flight arrivals. ICAO is of great importance to islands like Spanish Wells and Harbor Island that are very close to the Bahamas.

You can take this airport from almost any area of the United States, Canada or Europe with layover flights. The limited runways at ICAO make their landings challenging so they usually work with small aircraft for North Eleuthera airport arrivals.

North Eleuthera Airport Location

The airport is located in the Eleuthera Archipelago, the Bahamas in the North Eleuthera district. The airport covers a good part of the island so it will not be difficult for you to locate it.

Ground transportation

As the North Eleuthera airport is located on the island, you will not have to travel far to get to the center of the archipelago. You can take a rental bike or taxi if you want to get to your accommodation in minutes after your ELH arrivals. You can also walk from the airport to the place where you will be left without North Eleuthera is your destination.

On the other hand if you need to go to one of the islands near North Eleuthera you will have to go to the bay and take a cruise. These transfers between islands may take 5-10 hours depending on your point of North Eleuthera arrivals.


The airport has a single runway for ELH airport arrivals where it can accommodate average size aircraft but not commercial flights. The runway is 6,000 feet long and 150 feet wide for a comfortable landing.

Terminal at North Eleuthera Airport

You will not have a long stretch to travel at the ICAO terminal, although what little you have is well organized for North Eleuthera flight arrivals. The air terminal has several airlines, waiting rooms, commercial premises and a beautiful view of the Bahamas. You can be delighted with the facilities of the air terminal and its public attention is phenomenal.


North Eleuthera Airport has very few operating airlines for ELH flight arrivals, but among the most prominent are:

  • Pineapple Air
  • Silver Airways
  • Bahamasair
  • Delta Connection/Air Lines
  • American Eagle/American Airlines
  • United Airlines
  • JetBlue
  • Southern Air Charter
North Eleuthera Airport destinations

For you to get out of the North Eleuthera airport you can take some flights like:


If you want commercial North Eleuthera airport arrivals between the Bahamas you can take the one to Nassau, Rock Sound and Puerto Governador. You will not have to wait long to catch your flight, they usually leave on time.

North Eleuthera Airport stands out for accommodating more than two million passengers a year. Although it is a very small airport, it has shown that it is of great importance for tourism in the Bahamas.