Marsh Harbour Airport Arrivals MHH

Leonard M. Thompson International Airport

Phone: +12423675500
Serves: Marsh Harbour, Abaco Islands, Bahamas

Airport codes:
IATA code: MHH

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Discover Leonard M. Thompson International Airport arrivals

You may have heard many stories about the Bahamas and its beautiful beaches so you should have Marsh Harbour arrivals to experience it. It is time for you to go sightseeing in a region that stands out for offering great landscapes. For your objectives to be met and arrive in the Bahamas, you will have to have Leonard M. Thompson airport arrivals.

Before you organize your bags and head to the Bahamian airport, you can familiarize yourself with its facilities. Know the airport’s location, with which airlines you can have MHH airport arrivals, how to go to your hotel, etc.


Leonard M. Thompson International Airport or MYAM is one of the essential air areas for Abaco Island. Anyone who wants to tour the Bahamas will have to cross through the airport facilities. Previously you could identify the airport by its name “Marsh Harbor,” but a few years ago, it was replaced for MHH arrivals

This airport competes with the airport facilities in Nassau, located in the Bahamas center. This airport can offer you many international trips to take your flight to the United States or other parts.

Location for MHH flight arrivals

MYAM is located in the city of Marsh Harbor on Abaco Island in the northwest of the Bahamas. This airport is in the center of the island. You can travel throughout the island without problems.


Ground transport at Marsh Harbour Airport

As Abaco Island has 776 square miles, you don’t need a shuttle when you have Marsh Harbour airport arrivals. You can walk from the airport to the hotel where you will stay without problems.

However, if you want to pay for a taxi to the sides of the airport, you will have several lines available. You will not pay a lot of money for this taxi service after your MHH arrivals, and they will take you to the hotel in a matter of minutes.


As the Marsh Harbor airport is tiny, you will have only one runway. This track is 6,100 feet long, which would correspond to 1,859 meters with an asphalt surface to process all Marsh Harbour arrivals. Due to its short distance, the airport only receives smaller airplanes from Miami, Charlotte, and other areas in the United States.

Leonard Thompson airport terminal

You will arrive at a beautiful terminal if you give priority to MYAM to stay on Abaco Island. This terminal measures 51 thousand square feet. It’s large enough to accommodate more than a thousand passengers. Inside the airport, you will have 22 counters for ticket check-in, security, and several baggage carousels for MHH arrivals.

The airport stands out on the island for having a luggage scanning system, two exclusive restaurants, and several stores. You may be enchanted by the terminal that has an eye-catching theme that showcases the culture of the Bahamas.

Airlines with MHH airport arrivals

When you take to Marsh Harbor airport to travel, you can occupy the following airlines to achieve Marsh Harbour flight arrivals:

  • SkyBahamas, which has its base of operations in Nassau in the Bahamas who offer most Marsh Harbour airport arrivals.
  • Flamingo Air that provides operations from the Grand Bahama International Airport.
  • Silver Airways, which is a North American airline with some MHH arrivals.
  • WesternAir, which is a private airline located in the Bahamas.
  • Tropic Ocean Airways, a charter airline that operates from Florida in the United States.
  • Bahamasair, an airline that offers more than 32 destinations per stopover from the Bahamas.
  • American Eagle, which offers the most significant commercial Marsh Harbour arrivals from Miami, New York, Charlotte, etc.

You can also request cargo flights from companies such as IBC Airways based in Florida.


The few destinations that you will have available Marsh Harbour airport arrivals in the Bahamas are: