Freeport Airport Departures FPO

Grand Bahama International Airport

Address: Freeport, Bahamas
IATA airport code: FPO
Elevation: 2 m
Owner: Hutchison Port Holdings
Hub for: Passenger: Bahamasair; SkyBahamas Airlines; Western Air
Phone: +1 242-352-6020

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Find Out Grand Bahama International Airport departures

One cost-effective way to get to the Bahamian district is by using the Grand Bahama Airport as your point of entry. If you travel you are ready for the first time, you must arrive at one of the most popular airports. You can look at the airport facilities and find out what advantages it offers you on domestic Freeport airport departures.

It is important that you also understand the airlines serving Grand Bahamas airport and their destinations. Finally, as the last objective, you must understand how to get out of the airport to start your vacation on this beautiful island and have your Grand Bahama departures.


The Grand Bahama International Airport or GBIA is one of the highest priority points in the Bahamian district. This airport is owned by Freeport, Bahamas, and has been operating Grand Bahama flight departures for a decade. It is undoubtedly a historic airport that accommodates a huge number of passengers for national and international Grand Bahama Freeport departures.

Within the air facility, you can find many services that make the airport unique in its category. For example, you can travel from the United States to the airport or to other distant destinations like Italy.

Location for Freeport flight departures

The airport is located on the island of Grand Bahama, so it adopted that name since its inauguration for FPO airport departures. However, you can locate the airport in Freeport, which is one of the most famous for tourists.


Freeport Airport ground transportation

Grand Bahama corresponds to one of the 365 islands of the largest Bahamian district for you to visit. When you leave the airport, you will have several transportation options such as:

  • Cab: You can order a taxi and have GBIA departures outside the airport to get you to the hotel you booked or tourist spots. These private car services are low cost, and you will not wait more than 1 hour to reach your destination.
  • Car rentals: Before you fly to Grand Bahama airport, you can rent a vehicle that will be dropped off at the airport parking lot for you to have Grand Bahama airport departures by car. These cars are useful because you decide where to go in the Bahamas without spending a lot of money. The only bad thing about this island in the Bahamas is that the traffic is heavy.

The aerial facility with more than 300 hectares of land has a single runway for FPO departures that has the direction number of 24-06. This terminal is 11,024 feet long by 60 feet wide and has an asphalt surface.

Terminal at Freeport Airport

The Grand Bahama International Airport presents some special characteristics in its terminal, such as:

  • It has several commercial premises.
  • Special area for cargo Freeport airport departures.
  • The entire terminal has air conditioning; the average temperature is 28 degrees Celsius.
  • Several carousels for luggage
  • A waiting room for Grand Bahama departures
Airlines with Grand Bahama flight departures

In this small airport, you can have at your disposal some great airlines such as:

  • Bahamasair, is a focus airline in Grand Bahama, is of national origin, and offers more than 32 Grand Bahama Freeport departures.
  • Occidental Air, airline is focused on the terminal and has been working since 2001.
  • Flamingo Air is a commercial airline with Freeport flight departures.
  • Neos is an Italian airline that has 73 international destinations.
  • American Eagle is an airline with regional FPO airport departures for the United States.
  • Silver Airways is a North American airline that has been operating since 2011 with GBIA departures.
Freeport Airport flight routes

At this airport, you can take commercial Grand Bahama airport departures on most of the airlines available to:

If you want seasonal Freeport airport departures to Milan, you can contact the Neos airline at the terminal. This airline can also take you to any destination in Europe.