George Town Exuma Airport Arrivals GGT

George Town Exuma International Airport

Airport Codes
IATA code: GGT

GGT arrivals today

Schedule Time Estimated Time Origin Airline Flight Status
09:54 June-5 09:34 June-5 West Palm Beach (PBI) NetJets estimated
10:21 June-5 Pensacola (PNS) NetJets canceled
10:24 June-5 10:01 June-5 Orlando (MCO) NetJets estimated
10:30 June-5 10:24 June-5 West Palm Beach (PBI) NetJets estimated
11:45 June-5 Miami (MIA) American Eagle AA3315 scheduled
12:40 June-5 Fort Lauderdale (FLL) Silver Airways 3M72 scheduled
13:01 June-5 Charlotte (CLT) American Eagle AA5171 scheduled
13:23 June-5 Atlanta (ATL) Delta Connection DL5327 scheduled
15:11 June-5 Miami (MIA) American Eagle AA3381 scheduled
15:23 June-5 Denver (APA) scheduled
17:45 June-5 Nassau (NAS) Bahamasair UP374 scheduled
07:30 June-6 Nassau (NAS) Bahamasair UP370 scheduled
08:00 June-6 Nassau (NAS) Western Air WU800 scheduled
09:40 June-6 Fort Lauderdale (FLL) Silver Airways 3M72 scheduled
11:00 June-6 Nassau (NAS) Bahamasair UP372 scheduled
13:01 June-6 Charlotte (CLT) American Airlines AA5171 scheduled
13:23 June-6 Atlanta (ATL) Delta Connection DL5327 scheduled
15:10 June-6 Miami (MIA) American Eagle AA3381 scheduled
16:00 June-6 Fort Lauderdale (FLL) Bahamasair UP161 scheduled
18:55 June-6 Nassau (NAS) Bahamasair UP374 scheduled

Find Out George Town Exuma International airport arrivals

The Bahamas has to be one of those places that you should visit with your partner, go sightseeing and even ask for marriage. For you to fulfill these purposes, you will have to have George Town Exuma arrivals on the island. This area of the Bahamas is divided by several islands, but perhaps the Great Exuma interests you the most. This is one of the major airports in the area, and you have to find out what your reasons are.


The George Town Exuma airport in the Bahamas represents one of the best tourist spots that you will have in the area with GGT airport arrivals. This airport on Great Exuma Island gives you a warm atmosphere, relaxed George Town Exuma flight arrivals, and destinations to almost any area. This small airport has several operating airport companies, mainly from the United States.

You can also use the Great Exuma airport because of its high number of flights per layover. The one on Lihue Island supports this airport to take charter flights to any part of the world.

Location for George Town Exuma Airport arrivals

The airport is in the center Great Exuma Island and north of George Town. It is part of the many islands that make up the district of the Bahamas. In this region, you can have George Town, a few kilometers from Moss Town.

Exuma Airport  ground transportation

If you want to land at George Town Exuma Airport, you must understand that Great Exuma Island is not large. In reality, you will be located in less than 100 cubic miles of land to have the tourist areas within a few kilometers. You can rent a car in the area after GGT arrivals or take a taxi to get from the airport.

Many of the tourist destinations are close to the airport, so you can explore them after George Town Exuma arrivals. You can be enchanted with this island that is in Hawaii and gives it a priority for your next trip.


You can have GGT airport arrivals or take off in a runway area that includes the entire facility at the airport. The track heading 30/12 is the one that will receive you on the Great Exuma Island with a length of 7,051 feet. This runway is for smaller aircraft to have George Town Exuma flight arrivals.

Terminal at Exuma Airport

When you look at the George Town Exuma air terminal, you will be delighted by its functional facility when having George Town Exuma airport arrivals. This terminal was built for $ 44,000,000 that the Great Exuma island authority invested. The entire building is suitable to receive citizens of the United States or foreigners who need to stamp a passport.

On the one hand, you will have the offices to check-in tickets, baggage carousels for GGT arrivals, waiting for the area, and common area. In the square or common area, you will have several commercial premises around you in addition to the tourism agencies.

Airlines with George Town Exuma arrivals

You can contact the following commercial airlines from George Town Exuma Airport:

  • Air Canada, Bahamasair, Silver Airways, American Eagle, Delta Connection, Sky Bahamas Airlines, and Western Airlines.

These airlines can offer you directly or stopover GGT airport arrivals so that you can take the most convenient one. Companies like Bahamasair are dedicated to making flights through the Bahamas to not stop on the journey.

Exuma Airport flight routes

For you to fly from destinations and have George Town Exuma flight arrivals: